JULY 25TH - AUGUST 23RD 2007




Tlalpan - The National Park and Mountain in South Mexico City


Tlalpan is the largest of the 16 boroughs into which Mexico's Federal District (Mexico City) is divided. Tlalpan is home of Ajusco, a volcanic mountain peak and National Park, one of the highest mountains in Mexico City.

Nino Jesus, Jardines en la Montana, Miguel Hidalgo, Santa Arsula Xitla and Pedregal de San Nicolas are some of the "colonias" (neighborhoods) into which Tlalpan is divided. In Tlalpan the main indigenous language was Nahuatl, but it is rarely spoken nowadays because of the cultural development and expansion of Mexico City, which has forced out most farming activity and indigenous settlements.


Culture and Entertainment

Six Flags Mexico is located inside Tlalpan (Carretera Picacho-Ajusco). Inside Bosque de Tlalpan is "La Casa de la Cultura" (House of Culture), a museum and theater where different cultural shows and exhibits are continuously presented. The world's largest Mexican restaurant, Restaurante Arroyo, is located in Tlalpan.


Outdoor Recreation

Bosque de Tlalpan features many jogging and hiking trails, as well as numerous newly-constructed picnic shelters throughout this beautiful forest. Spring-time blankets the forest floor with dozens of varieties of colourful wildflowers.



Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de Mexico (Monterrey's Technology Institute, Mexico City Campus), a large private university, is located inside Tlalpan. It has around 12,000 students.

U.P.N., the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional is located in Tlalpan's north-west section on Blvd Picacho al Ajusco, next to the smaller Colegio de Mexico. UPN is the country's national university for training teachers, and has more than 50 campuses nationwide; this campus in Mexico City is UPN's largest, with over 25,000 students. It is currently in the process of being separated from S.E.P. and becoming autonomous.



:: Bienvenido a Hotel Real del Sur ::

Comentarios y Sugerencias


Situado al Sur de la Ciudad de México a 20 minutos del
Aeropuerto Internacional

Con una arquitectura moderna y funcional el Hotel Real del Sur le ofrece el confort y la exclusividad para su viaje de placer o de negocios. Contamos con 120 Suites, 13 de ellas Senior Suites con jacuzzi, aire acondicionado individual, TV con sistema vía satélite, camas king size, cajas de seguridad, secadora de pelo, tres canales de FM. Además de Lavandería y Tintorería, Agencia de Viajes, Renta de Autos, estacionamiento con servicio de valet, Tabaquería, Estética, Regalos, Artesanías, Servicio Médico, Sitio de Taxis y Servicio de Niñera.



Abierto diariamente de
6:00 p.m. a 2:00 a.m.

Con música en vivo, rodeado de palapas y cascadas en un ambiente natural y distinguido.

Planta Baja

Abierto de Lunes a Sábado
de 5:00 p.m. a 12:00 p.m.

Para ese momento de distracción, mesa de billar, futbolito, dardos, dominó y los videos del momento


Abierto de Lunes a Sábado
de 1:00 p.m. a 12:00 p.m.

Restaurante de especialidades con una excelente selección de platillos y vinos

Planta Baja

Abierto diariamente de
7:00 a.m. a 11:00 p.m.

Desayuno Buffet y servicio a la carta, con lo mejor de la cocina Nacional e Internacional

Planta Baja

Abierto diariamente las 24 hrs.

Le lleva los más exquisitos platillos y bebidas Nacionales e Internacionales a la intimidad de su habitación

Abierto de Jueves a Sabado
de 9:00 p.m. a 3:00 a.m.

Disfrute de las espectaculares luces, el sonido y video para bailar en el más sofisticado ambiente del sur de la Ciudad.

Planta Baja


We have been invited to give a course in SOUTH Mexico City in July 2007








It will take from the 26th of July 4 hours and 27th of July another 4 hours in the morning from 9 to 13 hours - given by Swami Devi Dhyani.


The course of self healing is composed of three parts and each part will be useful during the following energy enhancement course...

SELF HEALING COURSE PART One is Balance of the emotions through the Meridian pulses of Acupuncture;

SELF HEALING COURSE PART Two is Self massage with the acupressure points.

SELF HEALING COURSE PART Three Technique of Metamorphosis, this technique work with very gentle touch on points on the feet, hands and head which can reacommodate the patron of gestations on the time of the formation in the tummy of our mother.

It can give a very deep effect of relaxation in our system and through this process can modify wrong patrons of formations to the correct way.


The initiations in
Reiki One will take from the 19th of July in the afternoon 15 hours to 20 hours. Also will take Reiki One 26th of July in the afternoon from 15 hours to 20 hours.

It is possible the booking of initiations in
Reiki One and Two, but Reiki One needs to be done at the start of the course of Energy Enhancement on 26th of July,  and Reiki Two at the end of the course of Energy Enhancement, around the 23RD of August .

The prices are for Reiki One, 150 UK POUNDS and Reiki Two 250 UK POUNDS.



THE EVENT Starts on the 28th of July with a talk of Swami Satchidanand about ENERGY ENHANCEMENT THE BEST TECHNIQUE OF SELF HEALING IN THE PLANET in the morning from 12 to 14 hours

Performance of Swami Devi Dhyani on SACRED DANCE from 16 hours to 17.30 hours

On the 26th of July OPTIONAL Self Healing Course of two days duration of 8 hours in the morning time

OPTIONAL Reiki One Initiations on 26th and 27th of July in the afternoon from 15 hours to 20 hours

Each day of Energy Enhancement will take 7 hours of tuition


The participants will be given free, the Streaming DVDS with 8 first initiations, Advanced Yoga, Dance Performances plus support online.




Start on the 28TH of July finish on the 23RD of August

The participants will be given free, the Streaming DVDS with 8 first initiations, Advanced Yoga, Dance Performances plus support online.




 Start on the 28TH of July

The participants will be obtained the DVDS with 8 first initiations, Yoga plus support online.




Start on the 28TH July

The participants will be given free, the Streaming DVDS with 8 first initiations, Advanced Yoga, Dance Performances plus support online.





 Start on the 28TH of July

The participants will be given free, the Streaming DVDS with 8 first initiations, Advanced Yoga, Dance Performances plus support online.

The payment need to be three months in advance previous to the Start of the course.




EMAIL sol@energyenhancement .org for details




With the Energy Enhancement DVD or Online Meditation Course we can learn how to Transmute Aches and Pains, Traumatic Emotional Memories and Negative Thoughts.  With Energy Enhancement Ground Negative Energies and learn The Mastery of Relationships, Increase your Good Luck, Happiness and Purpose.



Some of the course members from The Energy Enhancement September 2005 Course with Satchidanand. Jean, Thomas, Amy and Vanessa.








My name Is Don Minihane and I live in South East Kent England and I want to share with you the experiences I have had on the E E course here in Rosario Argentina with Satchi and Devi on the four week course which I started on the 7-1-07.


I need to make this clear from the outset. I have no vested interest in giving this testament nor have I been badgered into writing this nor have I received any payment for it. I am doing this because I am aware that those of you that take the time to read this will instinctively know the truths written within it. I do not like bullshit nor have I any desire to add to the already gigantic mountain of bullshit that we are expected to swallow on a regular basis from so called experts and masters on these matters like the ones all over the place giving Reiki initiations in one go and masters in a few days.


If you consider carefully that Dr Usui was a devout Buddhist dedicated to meditation, learning and teaching and spent some 20 years in pursuit of the truth before he rediscovered Reiki, then you know that there is a lot of bullshit going on and these people are doing terrible damage to the beauty and the dedication of a master like Dr Usui.


If that strikes a chord please read on.


First a little background on me to give you an idea as to where I am coming from and why I am here in the first place. I am 46 years old married for 25 years with two grown children and have recently become a grandfather to a beautiful boy. I have had an interest in martial arts since I was a very young lad and have indulged in several different styles over the years. I have also had an on and off interest in Chi Kung and have practiced the art of chi breathing now for a number of years without much success in the movement of energy throughout the body system.

I also have an interest in Reiki and have already been attuned in level one and two in the Usui Reiki system in England by a decent honest and spiritual Reiki master seven years ago. I practice on friends and family and on anyone that asks me for a treatment. I have had some wonderful and humbling experiences while doing Reiki however I do not ask for or make money from the treatments I give. I have a small business that makes me my money.


I have also had several experiences in my life that are not common to most people which defied explanation throughout my life and no matter who I asked about these experiences I was never supplied with a satisfactory answer to any of it that made sense to me. These experiences were of a very frightening and disturbing nature and not of this world. At this point all I am willing to say is that the level of fear I experienced was light years beyond the fear of loosing your physical life here on this plane. These attacks began when I was a very small child and continued into my adult life and those closest to me were also targeted. You can believe me when I tell you that I do not frighten easily and am made of sturdy stuff and have survived against incredible odds with my physical and mental abilities intact. I can assure you that there is far more to this existence than even I suspected and this physical life experience here is only the tip of the iceberg and the rest is the best kept secret in the entire universe while at the same time common knowledge to those who are in the know. It was while searching for the answers to my many difficult and seemingly crazy questions that I came upon Satchi and Devi.


I first contacted Satchi just over one year ago and hit him immediately with a big question that I knew would either get a real answer or a load of waffle or bull shit like all my previous attempts over the years or no reply at all as they dived for cover. I had by now got most of the bull shit answers you could possibly get so I became expert in smelling shit at every corner and knew exactly what to ask to eliminate the idiots and charlatans of this world. At this point I was expecting more of the same.


Satchi wrote back to me and the answer he gave me was the first real and tangible result I got in over 35 years of searching. I was so shocked that it took me a long time to assimilate the answer as the implications were so profound it shook me to the very foundations of my existence and I knew for the first time in my life that what I was experiencing was real as he described in detail what I knew, citing his own experiences as example. It would appear that I had found someone who really knew what they were talking about.


Over the following months I tested him again with yet more of my questions and got a proper answer every time, answers that you instinctively know to be true and correct. Bit by bit my life began to make sense and the reasons for my rather unique experiences became clear to me. I began to understand this life of mine and resolved to go and see this man and his amazing wife Devi to undergo the energy enhancement course that you are looking at so I flew half way around the world to spend a month in the home of these very special people who welcomed me with open arms and much warmth even though I arrived at their door at 3am in the morning.


Now for what happened in my first weeks here in Rosario.


On the first day of the course I worked with Devi and we did some grounding of the negative energies within me and as we rotated anticlockwise I noticed the energy in the room was changing and within a few minutes it began to rain energy all over us. I had this experience before while doing a Reiki session but nothing like this; this was like an energy storm in the room, absolutely amazing. Day one was off to a flying start, literally. That evening Satchi began the first initiation in EE and showed me how to sit correctly and explained why, aligning me with the energies of this beautiful planet we inhabit. The experience was profound and I understood for the first time where I was and more importantly why I was here.


At the point of writing this I am now in the second week of the course with two and a half weeks still to go. I feel like I am in a time warp so much has happened. On day four of the course I was sitting meditating trying to circulate the energy up the spine and over the head and down the front when I started to vibrate at a tremendous pace. I honestly thought, any minute now and I am going to take off across the floor or shoot up into the ceiling such was the force of the energy trying to get through the blockages in my spine. I started to experiment with this, lean ever so slightly forward, vibration stops, get back into right angle with the ground, vibration starts again. I was vibrating like a pneumatic drill, lean forward it stops get in the upright position off we go again. I had read about this in books by Mantak Chia in the teaching of Chi Gung but was never able to get anywhere and here I am in day four vibrating like a flying yogi, far out.

I feel like I have been living in ignorance my whole life. The blockage in my spine was very strong and Satchi said don’t worry we will soon get rid of that and you know what? I have no reason to doubt him. He said that will be number one of many blockages implanted in my energy body over many lifetimes. There is much work to be done but it will be done he assured me. He was right.


On day five we learned a technique for spotting food and drink with pesticides in it and Satchi and Devi told us about the way pesticides react with the body making us tired and energy less slowly killing us off. This was quickly brought home to me when I later ate some fruit that had been contaminated with pesticides and felt totally drained of energy afterwards. I had to go and lie down and promptly fell asleep for two hours. The effect of the pesticides in the food staggered me and made me realise that we go through our lives trusting these sons of bitches that make vast fortunes feeding us mass produced crap.

In reality what is happening is we get used to the shit in the food and the body does its level best to try to compensate. They are giving all of us the death of a thousand cuts.

No wonder we get cancers and every other god forsaken disease on the planet. O what it is to be waking up.


I also had my first re initiation to Reiki today from Devi, one of four in level one. Devi told me that there has to be four initiations in level one to make sure that the attunements are solid and will remain with me. This is for all you people that have had Reiki attunements or are thinking about it. Do not throw away your money and energy on garbage one day affairs with a touch on the body with your eyes tightly shut wondering what is going on and feeling little or nothing, the placebo effect I call it. I am paying for it so it must be happening.

The lead in to the initiation was very intense, lots of meditation, chanting sutras and energy enhancement techniques to make one ready for this most wonderful of gifts and when it came it was most profound A real and tangible experience. Devi is one powerful woman and is immersed in respect for what she does. Defiantly no bull shit here, just pure unadulterated energy, blesses you Devi, it’s your birthday today and you have my complete respect and trust, what a woman. Happy birthday Devi may the cosmos smile on you forever.


At this point I have to deviate slightly so you can share with me  something that happened last night that has blown me away and here I am hoping that you will respect whole heartily this most personal and staggering experience which I am about to tell you.

Please feel free to comment on this or recount any of your own similar experiences.

I have been awake most of the night wondering if I should write about this or not and I have come to the decision that it should be told because it must be told. It has huge implications for anyone wondering what is really going on in this existence of ours.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of this energy enhancement course then this will set your minds straight and that’s for sure.


To fully appreciate the implications of this account I am going to have to give you more private information about my life so you can see how things pan out over eons and multiple lifetimes and why and how things happen.


I was born in Highgate in London in 1960 the year of the rat, of Irish and Scottish decent; mother Irish and father Scottish neither of which I have ever seen. I was born out of wedlock so I was considered a bastard and was given up to the catholic nuns in London and was removed from my birth country to a catholic adoption home in Ireland to be adopted in to a nice catholic family. I was just one year old. This was a horrifying experience as I spent the first ten years of my childhood being kept and treated as an animal being severely abused both mentally and physically, battered like a rag doll which left me with many physical scars to this present day, specifically so, to the base chakra the crown chakra and the throat chakra. I looked like a famine victim.

Despite the horror and against all odds I survived and retained most of my grip on my mental and physical health and I managed to escape at the age of twelve with the help of a kind local farmer who gave me shelter protection and a home for a number of years. I then made my way alone in the world and have never seen a single blood relative in my entire life to date.


I arrived here in Rosario and met the other course members and one, a lady of Irish decent, whose family came here in 1850, three years after the great famine in Ireland seemed familiar to me and she also looked me up and down and I could see there was some kind of connection here. She was roughly the same height and when younger would have had the same kind of hair and I noticed that her hands were the same size as mine. She is twelve years older than me and also born in the year of the rat. I dismissed it as nothing as you do.


Then two nights ago we were all meditating with Satchi and Devi looking for energy blockages in ourselves and I had a realisation of how traumatised I was as a baby and began to feel a great sadness so began to weep a bit and this woman came to my assistance and helped me through it giving me this love I have not experienced before stroking my head and treating me like a small child and I let her do it because it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. I didn’t feel embarrassed about it because it felt so right in its place. She has only a few words of English and I have only a few words of Spanish but it didn’t seem to matter. There was no need for communication, and then later on she said that I felt like her son and we laughed and joked that she could adopt me.



Then last night we were all with Satchi and Devi again, meditating, looking for energy blockage in ourselves and specifically so in areas that were hurting or where we had hurt ourselves in the past or where we were hurt by others and this lady had decided to deal with a pain in her abdomen she felt from time to time. We were using the seven step technique given by Satchi to ground and destroy the energy blockages which is a very effective and powerful way of ridding oneself of the blockage. After we do the exercise Satchi gets everyone to recount the experience and this lady who is very psychic and has great visionary ability began to describe what happened. She said that she found herself back some 400 years in Ireland as a very young and beautiful girl with long blond hair who painted played the harp and was riding and hunting.




I had brought with me from England a set of water colour pencils given to me by my wife to doodle with. As I don’t paint I had given them to this lady as a present on the second day of knowing her.


She had a very lovely young suitor whom she was going to marry and was totally in love with this man. Then she said there was another powerful man a provincial governor who wanted also to have her and he had killed her chosen suitor and had also killed his own wife so he could be free to marry her, a dowry of 100 head of cattle was paid to her father.

Her own father in this life time was the bastard priest (the words of the man who married her) who married her off in that time. In effect she was sold and two people were murdered so this could take place.

On her wedding day to this monster she took the dagger they used for killing the pigs and plunged it into her self and committed suicide.

This was the pain she was feeling in her side.

Satchi asked why this had happened and to go back and find out some more.

She went back and saw an image of me and asked why I was there and was told by the governor that I was programmed to be her son in that lifetime and her murdered love was to be the father.


Since then she has never had any children in her life for 400 years and it seems that I have never had a mother in 400 years either.

She cried and I cried and we hugged and cried in each others arms and then we started to laugh and laugh and cry and laugh and laughed some more and there was such a release of energy and everything became so clear.

I had come 12000 miles around the world to find the last mother I was supposed to have and Satchi said, O that is quite normal on energy enhancement courses.

It happens a lot. It appears we have healed the ancestral line going back 400 years in one sitting. Now I and this woman can move on to new families in the next life or maybe if I go for it I will reach for enlightenment and finish the journey.

We were both destroyed by nasty black people for 400 years who have stayed with us and continued to have their black tentacles rooted in us both for all of this time.

Now after this I asked where this happened and she said in the south west of Ireland. I nearly fell over I was taken to the south west of Ireland and there I was nearly destroyed as a child.

We looked at the map of Ireland and I asked her where. She pointed to a place and then I got pictures off the internet and she recognised the little island in muckross Lake near Killarney in county Kerry where her love was murdered and I have married a woman from a few miles from there who is also born in the year of the rat and we have been there often as a couple.

Even our children have been there. You can look this up for yourselves and view the lake and the little island and muckross house. What a story and she has never been anywhere near this place in her life. So you see, nothing is quite what it seems and we go on and on forever...


















Whether you are a Management Corporate Executive, any sort of Alternative Practitioner, meditator, yogi or anyone who wants to evolve, - become better, smarter, more evolved, more empathic, more successful; this course will enable direct experience of superior life performance.






Siva Samhitã, iii, 10-19: "Now I shall tell you how easily to attain success in Yoga, by knowing which the Yogis never fail in the practice of Yoga. Only the knowledge imparted by a Competent Teacher through his lips is powerful and useful; otherwise it becomes fruitless, weak and very painful.


 And this is why - by coming into the Buddhafield of Energy surrounding Energy Enhancement Satchidanand obtained through many years of meditation with many enlightened masters, you obtain Shaktipat- an infusion of energy to help you get into a permanent state of meditation.




Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes. We had pizza on the beach and a wonderful afternoon.


After the EE course 3 years ago I kept doing the meditation excersises I had learnt there.

I am normaly a happy person, except from this deep life crisis coming sometime without warning- always with an overtaking feeling of There Is No Meaning With My Life.

My experienses, after Satchis suggestion that I look in the past lifes for the reason to my depressions, was as follow:

I went back to a past life, and got a very clear picture of a woman sitting in a dark, cold, cavelike cell chained up. Me. I´ve been sitting there for
years, every day being the same and with a strong despair and an overwelming feeling of; really there is no meaning with my life...

I healed that past life using the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Level 2 and felt much better- but still, there was something more...

In to another past life, this time I was another woman, in Amerika during the Wild West time. Me and my husband lived on a farm far away out in the dry country side, no neighbors, no real road out to the farm, so  nobody passing by. It was a lonely life, no children, my husband and I didn´t speak much. Every day the same- I was filled of the feeling-; really there is no meaning with my life...

Do I need to tell you that since then I havn´t had any more of those depressions...!




Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes

Well, in the middle of a Three Level Energy Enhancement Course and Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training Course we had some experiences with Lisabeta from Sweden. She is an incipient Priestess with psychic energy gifts which can be amazing until training makes them useful.

Lisabeta has been to Peru for Training with a Shaman on the Inca Trail.

Yesterday she had a wonderful experience after the Yoga session. I was playing the Gyuto Monks from Tibet whose job it is to use their Chanting of Prayers and Mantras to expel and exorcise entities and negative energies from the surroundings.

The recording was made in Saint John the Divines Cathedral in New York in the presence of the Dalai Lama. The beautiful Digital Recording was paid for and organized by Richard Gere the actor and Mickey Hart, the drummer from the Grateful Dead. The disk is available on rykodisk.

Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes. We had pizza on the beach and a wonderful afternoon.

It is interesting that there in the Cathedral talked my teacher Swami Satchidananda on many occasions. He was invited to talk there because he so impressed the rector of the Cathedral with his presence and Energy of Enlightenment but also because he received the Martin Buber award for World Peace due to his efforts in the Ecumenical field.

How can this World come together as One, in Peace and Harmony, if the Religions of this world are still fighting one another?

The Truth is One, He said, The Paths are many.

We use the energy of the Gyuto Monks whose heartfelt prayer, Negative Thoughtforms, entities and human delusions are endless, we vow to end them all!! and so they stay on this planet from lifetime to lifetime, dedicated to the Enlightenment of all beings. We use their chanting to clear the negative energies released from the energy bodies of our clients through the Energy Enhancement purification process.

So after the yoga we were meditating with the chanting of these monks in the background and the Energy Enhancement techniques in the foreground.

Lisabet reported that she felt the energies coalescing in her Solar Plexus going round and around, and then they shot down into a blockage she felt for the first time in her Abdominal Chakra. Then the Kundalini Energy started to travel powerfully all around her body up into the center of the Universe and down into the center of the Earth.

She felt goose pimples all over her skin. The energy was coursing and rushing through her body in very strong waves for at least 30 minutes and when it was time for lunch she did not want to come out of it, she was laying on her back and couldn´t stop laughing of happiness!

Usually such Kundalini experiences are just adjuncts to the process of clearing energy blockages.

Said Sufi Master Saadi, When the energy is flowing correctly, there is no movement!

And these powerful sensations are just Kundalini energy flowing through a blockage resistance as the blockage is in the process of being removed.

We tend to remove Energy Blockages in waves. At first we remove all the easy blockages and then as we go deeper into Energy Enhancement we raise our energies higher and stronger, deeper blockages become candidates for expulsion. Like the layers of an onion we expel all blockages. The more powerful blockages hide until sufficient energy is there to remove them. The last and most powerful blockage is removed just before enlightenment. And that one is a Doozy!!

And when we gain energy enough Energy Enhancement Energy, up pop the blockages.

And when you feel them, that is when we can heal them!!

When you see them, you can free them!

So, the next day this abdominal blockage came to the presence of our minds by creating all sorts of negative energies and thoughts.

Abdominal blockages are caused by disappointment in relationships in this and past lifetimes. They travel with us from lifetime to lifetime until we learn how to heal them, They draw similar experiences to you until the negative energy of the blockage becomes insupportable.

To those that have, more will be given.

Until the blockages are removed through evolution and training. And eventually these blockages become a matter of life and death.

Until, To those that have not, it will all be taken away!

All your blockages are removed.

Blockageless you become a serious candidate for the Third Initiation of Enlightenment. You get energized through Initiation and then become Enlightened. This is the Energy Enhancement process.

Not only through the first initiation of Opening the Heart. Or the Second Initiation of the Mastery of Relationships and the Third Initiation of Enlightenment itself, becoming a Soul Infused Personality. But also further initiations of the Fourth Initiation, becoming a Monad Infused Personality. And more!!

Enlightenment is only the first Dan. You then become fit to learn by

This is the Energy Enhancement Process of progressive blockage
removal and Initiation.

We meditated the next day and I felt a painful Vitriolic ball of fire in my belly. I was feeling the Energy Blockage of Lisabet which was just waiting for time, place and energy for it to become available for removal.

And Lisabet became so tired and painful she lay on her side in a Foetal position.

As our other student and I continued to meditate we used Second Level Energy Enhancement techniques to Ground and remove Lisabetas Abdominal Energy Blockage. She actually saw an angel in her mind coming to help her remove the strong anger she felt, so she was delighted when she found out that the "angel" was Satchi

A good training for our other student as all teaching comes through psychic experiences like this on the course. Things just happen and through the experience of doing, because as we are just reminding you of what you already know, you Grow.

Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes. We had pizza on the beach and a wonderful afternoon.

Eventually on the Energy Enhancement Course we move on into enlightenment experiences like Lisabeta from Sweden.

In one of the last mailing list broadcasts I told of Lisabeta's process for getting rid of one of her energy blockages. Usually the first energy blockages on the energy enhancement course are the easiest. The one we described last time was heavy but manageable, and came towards the end of the course after many similar experiences, particularly when you see what this blockage removal led to...

On the last day of her course, after 4 weeks of Energy Enhancement blockage removal, Lisabeta was getting ready for her Yoga Teacher Training tryout. She was going to give another lesson in Yoga to us.

Well as she was preparing she decided to do a little meditation and when she sat, she just felt all this energy which made her want to sit even more.

She felt herself ascending higher and higher like her head was going up into the center of the universe and she was breaking through one of her old barriers, like her head was pushing through the top of an egg.


As she broke through this barrier, she felt fingers brushing through her hair with a sweet indescribable energy for what seemed like a long time. Well, we were trying to get her to come to the yoga class. Talking to her and telling her to come out of it. But she could not hear us, she did not want to. She was in bliss. Gentle fingers brushing slowly through her hair.  

She stayed in this state for two hours without moving!

Please remember that Lisabeta had done meditation before coming on the Energy Enhancement course but never been able to sit for more than 45 min, and Swami Sivananda used to say, if you can sit still without moving for three hours, the chances are that you are enlightened.

Well, perhaps Lisabeta is not enlightened, but if you see her now as we did when we met again, last week, one year after her course with us, you would definitely see an energy glow around her. She looks just glowing with energy, relaxed and wonderful. A big smile all over her face!






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  1. Meditation: Stopping the mind and squaring the circle
  2. Energy Circulation: Microcosmic Orbit, Kundalini Kriyas
  3. The Grounding of Negative Energies: Alchemy, Vitriol and Earth Connection
  4. Accessing the Universal Energy Source: Macrocosmic orbit, Advanced Kundalini Kriyas.
  5. Grounding Toxins in Food: Re-awakening our psychic ability to detect poisons.
  6. Psychic Protections: Power Towers
  7. Psychic Protections: Pyramid Protection
  8. Psychic Protections: Merkaba, Columns of Protection and Pyramids of Protection.




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- Initiation 1. The Opening of the Heart. Solar Plexus to Heart Chakra. Initiation 2. The Mastery of Relationships, Abdomen to Throat Chakra. Initiation 3. Enlightenment, Base to all the Head Chakras which is taught on the Energy Enhancement Course plus many other Initiations.


 At the Very Center is the Heart Chakra radiating Peace and Light outwards.. like the Sun...

"The day is short and the work is Great and the workers are Lazy. But the reward is Large and our Master urges us to make Haste."

Writings of the Abbod of Halmyrach


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The eight limbs of yoga



Energy Enhancement Enlightened Texts Yoga Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Book 2, Sutra 28


Book 2, Sutra 29


THE light that you seek is within you. So the search is going to be an inward search. It is not a journey to some goal in the outer space; it is a journey in the inner space. You have to reach your core. That which you are seeking is already within you. You just have to peel the onion: layers and layers of ignorance are there. The diamond is hidden in the mud; the diamond is not to be created. The diamond is already there -- -only the layers of mud have to be removed.

This is very basic to understand: the treasure is already there. Maybe you don't have the key. The key has to be found, but not the treasure. This is basic, very radical, because the whole effort will depend on this understanding. If the treasure has to be created. then it is going to be a very long process; and nobody can be certain whether it can be created or not. Only the key has to be found. The treasure is there, just nearby. A few layers of locks have to be removed.

That's why the search for truth is negative. It is not a positive search. You are not to add something to your being; rather you have to delete something. You have to cut something from you. The search for truth is surgical. It is not medical; it is surgical. Nothing is to be added to you; rather on the contrary, something has to be removed from you, negated. Hence, the method of the Upanishads: neti, neti. The meaning of neti, neti is: go on negating until you reach to the negator; go on negating until there is not any possibility to negate, only you are left, you in your core, in your consciousness which cannot be negated -- because who will negate it? So go on negating, "I am neither this nor that." Go on. "neti, neti...." Then a point comes when only you are, the negator; there is nothing else to cut anymore, the surgery is over; you have come to the treasure.

If this is understood rightly, then the burden is not very heavy; the search is very light. You can move easily, knowing well all the time on the way that the treasure may be forgotten, but it is not lost. You may not be able to know where exactly it is, but it is within you. You can rest assured; there is no uncertainty about it. In fact even if you want to lose it you cannot lose it, because it is your very being. It is not something external to yoU; it is intrinsic.

People come to me and they say, "We are in search of God.' I ask them, "Where have you lost him? Why are you seeking? Have you lost him somewhere? If you have lost him somewhere, then tell me where you have lost him, because only there will you be able to find him." They say, "No, we have not lost him." Then why are you seeking? Then just close your eyes. Maybe because of the search you cannot find him. Maybe you are much too concerned with seeking; you have not looked at your own inner being: that the king of kings is sitting there already, waiting for you to come home. And you are a great seeker so you are going to Mecca and Medina, Kashi, and Kailash. You are a great seeker. You are going all over the world, except one place -- where you are. The seeker is the sought... when one is quiet and still.

Nothing new is achieved. One simply starts understanding that looking out was the whole point of missing. Looking in, it is there. It has always been there. There has never been a single moment when it was not there -- and there will never be a single moment -- because God is not external, truth is not external to you: it is you glorified; it is you in your total splendor; it is you in your absolute purity. If you understand this, then these sutras of Patanjali will be very simple.


He is not saying that something is to be created; he is saying something is to be destroyed. You are already more than your being -- this is the problem. You have gathered too much around you, the diamond has gathered too much mud. The mud has to be washed away. And, suddenly, there is the diamond. "By practicing the different steps of yoga for the destruction of impurity...." It is not a creation of purity or holiness or divineness; it is just a destruction of impurity. Pure you are. Holy you are. The whole path becomes totally different. Then a few things have to be cut and dropped; a few things have to be eliminated.

Deep down this is the meaning of sannyas, renunciation. It is not to renounce the house, not to renounce the family, not to renounce the children -- that looks too cruel. And how can a man of compassion do it? It is not to renounce the wife, because that is not the problem at all. The wife is not obstructing God; neither are the children creating barriers nor the house. No, if yoN renounce them you have not understood. Renounce something else that you have been gathering within yourself.

If you want to renounce the house, renounce the real house; that is, the body in which you live and reside. And by renouncing I don't mean go and commit suicide, because that won't be renouncing. Just knowing that you are not the body is enough. There is no need to be cruel to the body also. You may not be the body, but the body is also of God. You may not be the body, but the body is alive on its own. It also partakes of life; it is part of this totality. Don't be cruel to it. Don't be violent to it. Don't be a masochist.

Religious people almost always become masochists. Or they were already -- religion becomes a Rationalization and they start torturing themselves. Don't be a self-torturer. There are two types of torturers and violent people: one, sadists who torture other -- the politicians, Adolf Hitlers; and then there are self-torturers -- so-called religious people, saints, mahatmas, who torture themselves -- they are masochists. Both are the same: the violence is the same. Whether you torture anybody else's body or your own makes no difference -- you torture all the same.

Renunciation is not self-torture. If it is self-torture it is only politics standing on its head. It may be you are so cowardly you cannot manage to torture others, so you can torture only your own body. Ninety-nine out of one hundred so-called religious people are self-torturers, cowards. They wanted to torture others, but there was fear and danger and they couldn't do it. So they have found a very innocent victim, vulnerable, helpless: their own body. And they torture it in millions of ways.

No, renunciation means knowledge; renunciation means awareness; renunCiation means realization -- realization of the fact that you are not the body. It is finished. You live in it knowing well that you are not it. Unidentified, body is beautiful. It is one of the greatest mysteries in existence. It is the very temple where the king of kings is hiding.

When you understand what renunciation is, you understand this is neti, neti. You say, "I am not this body, because I am aware of the body; the very awareness makes me separate and different.' Go deeper. Go on peeling the onion: "I am not the thoughts, because they come and go but I remain. I am not the emotions... " They come, sometimes very strong, and you forget yourself completely in them, but they go. There was a time they were not, you were; there was a time they were, and you were hidden in them. There is again a time when they have gone and you are sitting there. You cannot be them. You are separate.

Go on peeling the onion: no, body you are not; thinking you are not; feeling you are not. And if you know that you are not these three layers, your ego simply disappears without leaving a trace behind -- because your ego is nothing but identification with these three layers. Then you are, but you cannot say "I." The word loses meaning. The ego is not there; you have come home.

This is the meaning of sannyas: it is negating all that you are not but are identified with. This is the surgery. This is the destruction.

"By practicing the different steps of yoga for the destruction of impurity...." And this is impurity: thinking yourself to be that which you are not is the impurity. Don't misunderstand me. because there is always a possibility you may misunderstand that the body is impure. I am not saying that. You can have pure water in one container and pure milk in another. Mix both: now the mixture is not doubly pure. Both were pure: water was pure. was exactly from the Ganges, and the milk was pure. Now you mix two purities and one impurity is born -- not that the purity is doubled. What has happened? Why do you call this mixture of water and milk impure? Impurity means the entering of the foreign element, that which does not belong to it, which is not natural to it, which is an intruder, which has trespassed its territory. It is not only that the milk is impure, the water is also impure. Two purities meet and become impure.

So when I say renounce the impurities, I don't mean that your body is impure, I don't mean that your mind is impure, I don't mean even that your feeling is impure. Nothing is impure -- but when you get identified, in that identification is impurity. Everything is pure. Your body is perfect if it functions on its own and you don't interfere. Your consciousness is pure if it functions on its own and the body does not interfere. If you live in a noninterfering existence you are pure. Everything is pure. I'm not condemning the body. I never condemn anything. Make it a point to be remembered always: I am not a condemner. Everything is beautiful as it is. But identification creates the impurity.

When you start thinking you are the body, you have intruded upon the body. And when you intrude upon the body, the body immediately reacts and intrudes upon you. Then there is impurity.

Says Patanjali, "By practicing the different steps of yoga for the destruction of impurity...." For the destruction of identity, identification; for the destruction of the mess that you have got in -- the chaos, where everything has become everything else. Nothing is clear. No center is functioning on its own; you have become a crowd. Everything goes on interfering into each other's nature. This is impurity.

".. for the destruction of impurity, there arises a spiritual illumination.. " And once the impurity is destroyed, suddenly there is illumination. It doesn't come from outside; it is your innermost being in its purity, in its innocence, in its virginity. A luminosity arises in you. Everything is clear: the crowds of confusion gone, the clarity of perception arises. Now you can see everything as it is: there are no projections. there is no imagination, there is no perversion of any reality. You simply see things as they are. Your eyes are vacant, your being silent. Now, you don't have anything in you, so you cannot project. You become a passive onlooker, a witness, a sakshin -- and that is the purity of being. "... there arises spiritual illumination which develops into awareness of reality."

Then, the eight steps of yoga. Follow me very slowly, because here is the central teaching of Patanjali:

Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyan. samadhiya ashto angani.


The eight steps of yoga. This is the whole science of yoga in one sentence, in one seed. Many things are implied. First, let me tell you the exact meaning of each step. And remember, Patanjali calls them steps and limbs, both. They are both. Steps they are because one has to be followed by another, there is a sequence of growth. But they are not only steps: they are limbs of the body of yoga. They have an internal unity, an organic unity also, that is the meaning of limbs.

For example, my hands, my feet, my heart -- they don't function separately. They are not separate; they are an organic unity. If the heart stops, the hand will not move then. Everything is joined together. They are not just like steps on a ladder, because every rung on the ladder is separate. If one rung is broken the whole ladder is not broken. So Patanjali says they are steps, because they have a certain, sequential growth -- but they are also angas. Limbs of a body, organic. You cannot drop any of them. Steps can be dropped; limbs cannot be dropped. You can jump two steps in one jump, you can drop one step, but limbs cannot be dropped; they are not mechanical parts. You cannot remove them. They make you. They belong to the whole; they are not separate. The whole functions through them as a harmonious unit.

So these eight limbs of yoga are both steps, steps in the sense that each follows the other, and they are in a deep relationship. The second cannot come before the first -- the first has to be first and the second has to be second. And the eighth will come to be the eighth -- it cannot be the fourth, it cannot be the first. So they are steps and they are an organic unity also.

Yam means self-restraint. In English the word becomes a little different. Not a little different, really, the whole meaning of yam is lost -- because in English self-restraint looks like suppressing, repressing. And these two words, suppression and repression, after Freud, have become four-letter words, ugly. Self-restraint is not repression. In the days when Patanjali used the word yam it had a totally different meaning. Words go on changing. Even now, in India also, samyam, which comes from yam, means control, repression. The meaning is lost.

You may have heard an anecdote. It is said about King George I of England that he went to see St. John's Cathedral when it was built. It was a masterpiece of art. The builder, the architect, the artist, was present there; his name was Christopher Wren. The king looked at him and complimented him. He said three words: he said, "It is amusing. It is awful. It is artificial." Christopher Wren was so delighted with the compliments... but you will be simply surprised. Those words don't have the same meaning anymore. In those days, three hundred years before, amusing used to mean amazing, awful used to mean awe-inspiring, and artificial used to mean artistic.

Each word has a biography, and it changes many times. As life changes, everything changes: the words take new colors. And, in fact, the words which have the capacity to change, only they remain alive; otherwise they go dead. Orthodox words, reluctant to change, they die. Alive words, who have the capacity to collect a new meaning around them, only they live; and they live in many, many meanings, for centuries. Yam was a beautiful word in Patanjali's days, one of the beautiful.... After Freud, the word has become ugly -- not only the meaning has changed, but the whole flavor, the whole taste of the word.

To Patanjali self-restraint does not mean to repress oneself. It simply means to direct one's life -- not to repress the energies, but to direct, to give them a direction. Because you can live such a life, which goes on moving in opposite directions, in many directions -- then you will never reach anywhere. It is just like a car: the driver goes a few miles to the north, then changes the mind; goes a few miles to the south, then changes the mind; then goes a few miles to the west, then changes the mind; and goes on this way. He will die where he was born. He will never reach anywhere. He will never have the feeling of fulfillment. You can go on moving in many ways, but unless you have a direction you are moving uselessly. You will feel more and more frustrated and nothing else.

To create a self-restraint means, first, to give a direction to your life energy. Life energy is limited. If you go on using it in absurd. undirected ways, you will not reach anywhere. You will be emptied of the energy sooner or later -- and that emptiness will not be the emptiness of a Buddha; it will be simply a negative emptiness. nothing inside, an empty container. You will be dead before you are dead. But these limited energies that have been given to you by nature, existence, God, or whatsoever you like to call it; these limited energies can be used in such a way that they can become the door for the unlimited. If you move rightly, if you move consciously, if you move alert, gathering all your energies and moving in one direction, if you are not a crowd but become an individual -- that is the meaning of yam.

Ordinarily you are a crowd, many voices inside. One says, "Go to this direction"; another says, "That is useless. Go to this." One says, "Go to the temple"; another says, "The theater will be better. And you are never at ease anywhere because wherever you are, you will be repenting. If you go to the theater the voice that was for the temple will go on creating trouble for you: "What are you doing here wasting your time? You would have been in the temple... and prayer is beautiful. And nobody knows what is happening there -- and, nobody knows, this may have been the opportunity for your enlightenment and you have missed." If you go to the temple, the same -- the voice that was insisting to go to the theater will go on saying: "What are you doing here? Like a foolish man you are sitting here. And you have prayed before and nothing happens. Why are you wasting your time?" And all around you you will see fools sitting and doing useless things -- nothing happens. In the theater who knows what excitement. what ecstasy was possible? You are missing.

If you are not an individual, a unitary being, wherever you are, you will always be missing. You will never be at home anywhere You will always be going somewhere or other and never arriving anywhere. You will become mad. The life which is against yam will become mad. It is not surprising that in the West more mad people exist than in the East. The East -- knowingly, unknowingly -- still follows a life of a little self-restraint. In the West to think about self-restraint looks like becoming a slave; to be against self-restraint looks like you are free, independent. But unless you are an individual you cannot be free. Your freedom will be a deception; it will be nothing but suicide. You will kill yourself, destroy your possibilities, your energies; and one day you will feel that the whole life you tried so much but nothing has been gained, no growth has come out of it.

Self-restraint means, the first meaning: to give a direction to life. Self-restraint means to become a little more centered. How can you become a little more centered? Once you give a direction to your life, immediately a center starts happening within you. Direction creates the center; then the center gives direction. And they are mutually fulfilling.

Unless you are self-restrained, the second is not possible -- that s why Patanjali calls them steps. The second is niyam, fixed observance: a life which bas a discipline, a life which has a regularity about it, a life which is lived in a very disciplined way, not hectic. Regularity... but that too will sound to you like slavery. All beautiful words of Patanjali's time have become ugly now. But I tell you, unless you have a regularity in your life, a discipline, you will be a slave of your instincts -- and you may think this is freedom, but you will be a slave of all the vagrant thoughts. That is not freedom. You may not have any visible master, but you will have many invisible masters within you; and they will go on dominating you. Only a man who has a regularity about him can become the master someday.

That too is far away still, because the real master happens only when the eighth step is achieved -- that is the goal. Then a man becomes a jina, a conqueror. Then a man becomes a Buddha, one who is awakened. Then a man becomes a Christ, a savior, because if you are saved, suddenly, you become a savior for others. Not that you try to save them: just your presence is a saving influence. The second is niyam, fixed observance.

The third is posture. And every step comes out of the first, the preceding one: when you have regularity in life, only then can you attain to posture, asan. Try asan sometimes; just try to sit silently. You cannot sit -- the body tries to revolt against you. Suddenly you start feeling pain here and there. The legs are going dead. Suddenly you feel, on many spots of the body, a restlessness. You had never felt it. Why is it that just sitting silently so many problems arise? You feel ants are crawling up. Look, and you will see there are no ants; the body is deceiving you. The body is not ready to be disciplined. The body is spoiled. The body does not want to listen to you. It has become its own master. And you have always followed it. Now, even to sit silently for a few minutes has become almost impossible.

People pass through such hell if you tell them to just sit silently. If I say this to somebody he says, "Just to sit silently, not doing anything?" -- as if "doing" is an obsession. He says, "At least give me a mantra so I can go on chanting inside." He needs some occupation. Just sitting silently seems to be difficult. And that is the most beautiful possibility that can happen to a man: just sitting silently doing nothing.

Asan means a relaxed posture. You are so relaxed in it, you are so restful in it, that there is no need to move the body at all. In that moment, suddenly, you transcend body.

The body is trying to bring you down when the body says, "Now look, many ants are crawling on," or you suddenly feel an urge to scratch, itching. The body is saying, "Don't go so far away. Come back. Where are you going?" -- because the consciousness is moving upwards, going far away from the bodily existence. Hmm?... the body starts revolting. You have never done such a thing. The body creates problems for you because once the problem is there, you will have to come back. The body is asking for your attention: "Give your attention." It will create pain. It will create itching; you will feel like scratching. Suddenly the body is no longer ordinary; the body is in revolt. It is a body politics. You are being called back: "Don't go so far away, be occupied. Remain here" -- remain tethered to the body and to the earth. You are moving towards the sky, and the body feels afraid.

Asan comes only to a person who lives a life of restraint, fixed observance, regularity; then posture is possible. Then you can simply sit because the body knows that you are a disciplined man. If you want to sit, you will sit -- nothing can be done against you. The body can go on saying things... by and by it stops. Nobody is there to listen. It is not suppression; you are not suppressing the body. On the contrary, the body is trying to suppress you. It is not suppression. You are not saying anything for the body to do; you are simply resting. But the body does not know any rest because you have never given rest to it. You have always been restless. The very word asan means rest, to be in deep rest; and if you can do that, many things will become possible to you.

If the body can be in rest, then you can regulate your breathing You are moving deeper, because breath is the bridge from the body to the soul, from the body to the mind. If you Can regulate breathing -- that is pranayam -- you have power over your mind.

Have you ever watched that whenever the mind changes, the rhythm of the breath immediately changes? If you do the opposite -- if you change that rhythm of the breath -- the mind has to change immediately. When you are angry you cannot breathe silently; otherwise the anger will disappear. Try. When you are feeling angry your breath goes chaotic, it becomes irregular, loses all rhythm, becomes noisy, restless. It is no longer a harmony. A discord starts being there; the accord is lost. Try one thing: whenever you are getting angry just relax and let the breath be in rhythm. Suddenly you will feel the anger has disappeared. The anger cannot exist without a particular type of breathing in your body.

When you are making love the breath changes, becomes very violent. When you are very much filled with sexuality, the breath changes, becomes very violent. Sex has a little violence in it. Lovers are known to bite each other and sometimes harm each other. And if you see two persons making love, you will see that some sort Or fighting is going on. There is a little violence in it. And both are breathing chaotically; their breathings are not in rhythm, not in unison.

In tantra, where much has been done about sex and the transformation of sex, they have worked very much on the rhythm of the breath. If two lovers, while making love, can remain in a rhythmic breathing, in unison, that both have the same rhythm, there will be no ejaculation. They can make love for hours, because ejaculation is possible only when the breath is not in rhythm; only then can the body throw the energy. If the breath is in rhythm, the body absorbs the energy; it never throws it out. Tantra developed many techniques of changing the rhythm of breath. Then you can make love for hours and you don't lose energy. Rather on the contrary you gain, because if a woman loves a man and a man loves a woman, they help each other to be recharged -- because they are opposite energies. When opposite energies meet and spark, they charge each other; otherwise energy is lost and, after the lovemaking, you feel a little cheated, deceived -- so much promise and nothing comes in hand, the hands remain empty.

After asan comes breath regulation, prarayam. Watch for a few days and just take notes: when you become angry what is the rhythm of your breathing -- whether exhalation is long or inhalation is long or they are the same, or inhalation is very small and exhalation very long, or exhalation very small, inhalation very long. Just watch the proportion of inhalation and exhalation. When you are sexually aroused, watch, take a note. When sometimes sitting silently and looking at the sky in the night, everything is quiet around you. just take note of how your breath is going. When you are feeling filled with compassion, watch, note down. When you are in a fighting mood, watch, note down. Just make a chart of your own breathing. and then you know much.

And pranayam is not something which can be taught to you. You have to discover it because everybody has a different rhythm to his breathing. Everybody's breathing and its rhythm is as much different as thumbprints. Breathing is an individual phenomenon, that's why I never teach it. You have to discover your own rhythm. Your rhythm may not be a rhythm for somebody else, or may be harmful for somebody else. Your rhythm -- you have to find.

And that is not difficult. There is no need to ask any expert. Just keep a chart for one month of all your moods and states. Then you know which is the rhythm where you feel most restful, relaxed, in a deep let-go; which is the rhythm where you feel quiet, calm, collected, cool; which is the rhythm when, suddenly, you feel blissful. filled with something unknown, overflowing -- you have so much in that moment, you can give to the whole world and it will not be exhausted. Feel and watch the moment when you feel that you are one with the universe, when you feel the separateness is there no more, a bridge. When you feel one with the trees and the birds. and the rivers and the rocks, and the ocean and the sand -- watch You will find that there are many rhythms of your breath, a great spectrum: from the most violent, ugly, miserable hell-type, to the most silent heaven-type.

And then when you have discovered your rhythm, practice it -- make it a part of your life. By and by it becomes unconscious; then you only breathe in that rhythm. And with that rhythm your life will be a life bf a yogi: you will not be angry, you will not feel so sexual, you will not feel so filled with hatred. Suddenly you will feel a transmutation is happening to you.

Pranayam is one of the greatest discoveries that has even happened to human consciousness. Compared to pranayam, going to the moon is nothing. It looks very exciting, but it is nothing, because even if you reach to the moon, what will you do there? Even if you reach to the moon you will remain the same. You will do the same nonsense that you are doing here. Pranayam is an inner journey. And pranayam is the fourth -- and there are only eight steps. Half the journey is completed on pranayam. A man who has learned pranayam, not by a teacher -- because that is a false thing, I don't approve of it -- but by his own discovery and alertness, a man who has learned his rhythm of being, has achieved half the goal already. Pranayam is one of the most significant discoveries.

And after pranayam, breath regulation, is pratyahar, abstraction. Pratyahar is the same as I was talking to you about yesterday. The "repent" of Christians is, in fact, in Hebrew "return" -- not repent but return, going back. The toba of Mohammedans is nothing; it is not "repenting." That too has become colored with the meaning of repentance; toba is also returning back. And pratyahar is also returning back, coming back -- coming in, turning in, returning home. After pranayam that is possible -- pratyahar -- because pranayam will give you the rhythm. Now you know the whole spectrum: you know in what rhythm you are nearest to home and in what rhythm you are farthest from yourself. Violent, sexual, angry, jealous, possessive, you will find you are far away from yourself; in compassion, in love, in prayer, in gratitude, you will find yourself nearer home. After pranayam, pratyahar, return, is possible. Now you know the way -- then you already know how to step backwards.

Then comes dharana. After pratyahar, when you have started coming back nearer home, coming nearer your innermost core, you are just at the gate of your own being. pratyahar brings you near the gate; pranayam is the bridge from the out to the in. Pratyahar, returning, is the gate, and then is the possibility of dharana, concentration. Now you can become capable of bringing your mind to one object. First, you gave direction to your body; first, you gave direction to your life energy -- now you give direction to your consciousness. Now the consciousness cannot be allowed to go anywhere and everywhere. Now it has to be brought to a goal. This goal is concentration, dharana: you fix your consciousness on one point.

When consciousness is fixed on one point thoughts cease, because thoughts are possible only when your consciousness goes on wavering -- from here to there, from there to somewhere else. When your consciousness is continuously jumping like a monkey, then there are many thoughts and your whole mind is just filled with crowds -- a marketplace. Now there is a possibility -- after pratyahar, pranayam, there is a possibility -- you can concentrate on one point.

If you can concentrate on one point, then the possibility of dhyan. In concentration you bring your mind to one point. In dhyan you drop that point also. Now you are totally centered, nowhere-going -- because if you are going anywhere it is always going out. Even a single thought in concentration is something outside you -- object exists; you are not alone, there are two. Even in concentration there are two: the object and you. After concentration the object has to be dropped.

All the temples lead you only up to concentration. They cannot lead you beyond because all the temples have an object in them: the image of God is an object to concentrate on. All the temples lead you only up to dharana, concentration. That's why the higher a religion goes, the temple and the image disappear. They have to disappear. The temple should be absolutely empty, so that only you are there -- nobody, nobody else, no object: pure subjectivity.

Dhyan is pure subjectivity, contemplation -- not contemplating "something," because if you are contemplating something it is concentration. In English there are no better words. Concentration means something is there to concentrate upon. Dhyan is meditation: nothing is there, everything dropped, but you are in an intense state of awareness. The object has dropped, but the subject has not fallen into sleep. Deeply concentrated, without any object, centered -- but still the feeling of "I" will persist. It will hover. The object has fallen, but the subject is still there. You still feel you are.

This is not ego. In Sanskrit we have two words, ahankar and asmita. Ahankar means "I am." And asmita means 'am.' Just "amness" -- no ego exists, just the shadow is left. You still feel, somehow, you are. It is not a thought, because if it is a thought. that "I am," it is an ego. In meditation the ego has disappeared completely; but an amness, a shadowlike phenomenon, just a feeling, hovers around you -- just a mist-like thing, that just in the morning hovers around you. In meditation it is morning. the sun has not risen yet, it is misty: asmita, amness, is still there.

You can still fall back. A slight disturbance -- somebody talking and you listen -- meditation has disappeared; you have come back to concentration. If you not only listen but you have started thinking about it, even concentration has disappeared; you have come back to pratyahar. And if not only are you thinking but you have become identified with the thinking, pratyahar has disappeared; you have fallen to pranayam. And if the thought has taken so much possession of you that your breathing rhythm is lost, pranayam has disappeared: you have fallen to asan. But if the thought and the breathing are so much disturbed that the body starts shaking or becomes restless. Asan has disappeared. They are related.

One can fall from meditation. Meditation is the most dangerous point in the world, because that is the highest point from where you can fall, and you can fall badly. In India we have a word, yogabhrasta: one who has fallen from yoga. This word is very, very strange. It appreciates and condemns together. When we say somebody is a yogi, it is a great appreciation. When we say somebody is yogabhrasta, it is also a condemnation: fallen from the yoga. This man had attained up to meditation somewhere in his past life and then fell down. From meditation the possibility of going back to the world is still there -- because of asmita, because of amness. The seed is still alive. It can sprout any moment; so the journey is not over.

When asmita also disappears, when you no longer know that you are -- of course, you are but there is no reflection upon it, that "I am," or even amness -- then happens samadhi, trance, ecstasy. Samadhi is going beyond; then one never comes back. Samadhi is a point of no return. From there nobody falls. A man in samadhi is a god: we call Buddha a god, Mahavir a god. A man in samadhi is no longer of this world. He may be in this world, but he is no longer of this world. He doesn't belong to it. He is an outsider. He may be here, but his home is somewhere else. He may walk on this earth, but he no longer walks on the earth. It is said about the man of sAMADHI he lives in the world but the world does not live in him.

These are the eight steps and eight limbs together. Limbs because they are so interrelated and so organically related; steps because you have to pass one by one -- you cannot start from just anywhere: you have to start from yam.

Now a few more things, because this is such a central phenomenon for Patanjali you have to understand a few things more. Yam is a bridge between you and others; self-restraint means restraining your behavior. Yam is a phenomenon between you and others, you and the society. It is a more conscious behavior: you don't react unconsciously, you don't react like a mechanism, like a robot. You become more conscious; you become more alert. You react only when there is absolute necessity; then too you try so that that reaction should be a response and not a reaction.

A response is different from a reaction. The first difference is: a reaction is automatic; a response is conscious. Somebody insults you: immediately you react -- you insult him. There has not been a single moment's gap to understand: it is reaction. A man of self-restraint will wait, listen to his insult, will think about it.

Gurdjieff used to say that his whole life changed because when his grandfather was dying, Gurdjieff was just nine years of age, he called him and told him, "I am a poor man and I have nothing to give to you, but I would like to give something. The only thing that I have been carrying like a treasure is this, this was given to me by my own father.... You are very young, but remember it. Someday you will understand -- just you remember it. Someday you will understand. Right now I don't hope you can understand, but if you don't forget, someday you will understand." And this is the thing he told to Gurdjieff "If somebody insults you, answer him after twenty-four hours have elapsed."

It became a transformation, because how can you react after twenty-four hours? Reaction needs immediacy. Gurdjieff says, "Somebody will insult me or somebody will say something wrong, and I will have to say, 'I will come tomorrow. Only after twenty-four hours am I allowed to answer -- and I have given a promise to my grandfather and he is dead, and the promise cannot be taken back. But I will come.'" That man should be taken aback. He will not be able to understand what is the matter.

And Gurdjieff will think about it. The more he will think, the more useless it will look. Sometimes it will be felt that the man is right, whatsoever he has said is true. Then Gurdjieff will go and thank the man, "You brought to light something of which I was unaware." Sometimes he will come to know that the man is absolutely wrong. And when the man is absolutely wrong, why bother? Nobody bothers about lies. When you feel hurt, there must be some truth in it; otherwise you don't feel hurt. Then too there is no point in going.

And he said, "It came to pass that many times I tried my grandfather's formula, and by and by anger disappeared" -- and not only anger -- by and by he became aware that the same technique can be used for other emotions: and everything disappeared. Gurdjieff was one of the highest peaks that has been attained in this age, a Buddha. And the whole journey started with a very small step, the promise given to an old man dying. It changed his whole life.

Yam is the bridge between you and others -- live consciously; relate with people consciously. Then the second two, niyam and asan -- they are concerned with your body. Third, pranayam is again a bridge. As the first, yam, is a bridge between you and others, the second two are a preparation for another bridge -- your body is made ready through niyam and asan -- then pranayam is the bridge between the body and the mind. Then pratyahar and dharana are the preparation of the mind. Dhyan again, is a bridge between the mind and the soul. And samadhi is the attainment. They are interlinked, a chain; and this is your whole life.

Your relation with others has to be changed. How you relate has to be transformed. If you continue to relate with others in the same way as you have always been doing, there is no possibility to change. You have to change your relationship. Watch how you behave with your wife or with your friend or with your children. Change it. There are a thousand and one things to be changed in your relationship. That is yam, a control -- but control, not suppression. Through understanding comes control. Through ignorance one goes on forcing and suppressing. Always do everything with understanding and you never harm yourself or anybody else.

Yam is to create a congenial environment around yourself. If you are inimical to everybody -- fighting, hateful, angry -- how can you move inwards? All these Things will not allow you to move. You will be so much disturbed on the surface that that inner journey will not be possible. To create a congenial, a friendly, atmosphere around you is yam. When you relate with others beautifully, consciously, they don't create trouble for you in your inner journey. They become helps; they don't hinder you. If you love your child, then when you are meditating he will not disturb you. He will say to others, "Keep quiet. Pop is meditating." But if you don't love your child, you are simply angry, then when you are meditating he will create all sorts of nuisances. He wants to take revenge -- unconsciously. If you love your wife deeply, she will be helpful; otherwise she won't allow you to pray, she won't allow you to meditate -- you are going beyond her control.

This I see every day: The husband takes sannyas. The wife comes crying -- "What have you done to our family? You have destroyed." I know the husband has not loved the wife; otherwise she would have been happy. She would have celebrated that her husband has become meditative. But he has not loved her. Now, not even has he not loved, he is moving inwards; so there will be no possibility in the future also of any love coming from him. If you love a person, the person is always helpful for your growth because he knows, or she knows, that the more you grow, the more you will be capable of love. She knows the taste of love. And all meditations will help you to love more, to be more beautiful in every way. But this happens every day.

It happened to Sheela's sister. She was in a camp and she wanted to take sannyas, but the husband was not willing. The husband is a very, very educated man, hmm?... director of a research institute somewhere in America. Then she went home. There was constant fight. She wanted to take sannyas, she wanted to be initiated, but he wouldn't allow. Then he came to see me -- "Who is this man who has been disturbing our life?" And he took sannyas. Now the wife is creating trouble! Now the wife is absolutely against. And he is a very simple man, really beautiful. And he goes on writing to me: "What to do? -- because I love her, but she has completely changed since she has heard that I have taken sannyas." This is how things go. Everybody is making an effort to control the other.

A man of yam controls himself, not others. To others he gives freedom. You try to control the other and never yourself. A man of yam controls himself, gives freedom to others -- loves so much that he can give freedom, and he loves himself so much that he controls himself. This has to be understood: he loves himself so much that he cannot dissipate his energies; he has to give a direction.

Then, niyam and asan are for the body. A regular life is very healthy for the body because the body is a mechanism. You confuse the body if you lead an irregular life. Today you have taken your food at one o'clock, tomorrow you take at eleven o'clock, day after tomorrow you take at ten o'clock -- you confuse the body. The body has an inner biological clock; it moves in a pattern. If you take your food every day at exactly the same time, the body is always in a situation where she understands what is happening. and she is ready for the happening -- the juices are flowing in the stomach at the right moment. Otherwise, whenever you want to take the food, you can take, but the juices will not be flowing. And if you take the food and the juices are not flowing, then the food becomes cold; then the digestion is difficult.

The juices must be ready there to receive the food while it is hot, then immediately absorption starts. Food can be absorbed in six hours if the juices are ready, waiting. If the juices are not waiting, then it takes twelve hours to eighteen hours. Then you feel heavy, lethargic. Then the food gives you life, but does not give you pure life. It feels like a weight on your chest; you somehow carry, drag. And food can become such pure energy -- but then a regular life is needed.

You go to sleep every day at ten o-clock: the body knows -- exactly at ten o'clock the body gives you an alarm. I'm not saying become obsessive -- that when your mother is dying then too you go at ten o'clock. I'm not saying that. Because people can become obsessive....

There are many stories about Immanuel Kant. He became obsessive about regularity; it became a madness. Don't create an obsession. He had a fixed routine, so fixed, second to second, that if somebody, a guest has come, he will look at the clock and he will not even say anything to the guest, because that saying will take time -- he will jump into the bed, cover himself with the blanket, and he has gone to sleep and the guest is sitting there. The servant will come and say, "Now you go, because that was his time." The servant became so atuned to Kant that there was no need to say, "Your food is ready," and no need to say. "Now you go to sleep." Only the time had to be said. The servant will come in the room and say, "lt is eleven o'clock, sir." So he will follow immediately because there was no need to say anything.

He was so regular that the servant became the dictator -- because he will always threaten him, "I will leave. Raise my pay." immediately, the pay has to be raised because another servant, a new man, will disturb. Once they tried also: a new man came, but it was not possible, because Kant was living second to second.

He would go to the university; he was a great teacher and a great philosopher. One day the road was muddy and it was raining, and one of his shoes got stuck in the mud -- so he left it there. Otherwise he will be late. So he went with one shoe on. It was said in the university area of Konigsberg that people looking at him would fix their watches, because everything was absolutely clock wise.

A new neighbor purchased the house adjacent to Kant's house and he started planting new trees. Every day at exactly five o'clock in the evening, Kant used to come to that side of the house and sit near the window and look at the sky. Now the trees covered the window and he could not look at the sky. He fell sick. He fell so sick... and the doctors could not find anything wrong with him, because he was such a regular man. He was really tremendously healthy. They could not find anything; they couldn't diagnose. Then the servant said, "You don't bother. I know the reason. Those trees are intruding on his regularity. Now he cannot go to the window and sit there and look at the sky. Looking at the sky is no longer possible." The neighbour had to be persuaded. The trees were cut, and he was okay; the illness disappeared.

But this is obsession. No need to become obsessive; everything has to be done with understanding.

Niyam and asan, regularity and posture: they are for the body. A controlled body is a beautiful phenomenon -- a controlled energy, glowing, and always more than is needed, and always alive, and never dull and dead. Then the body also becomes intelligent, body also becomes wise, body glows with a new awareness.

Then, pranayam is a bridge: deep breathing is the bridge from mind to body. You can change the body through breathing; you can change the mind through breathing. Pratyahar and dharana, returning home and concentration, belong to the transformation of the mind. Then, dhyan is again a bridge from mind to the self, or to the no-self -- whatsoever you choose to call it, it is both. Dhyan is the bridge of samadhi.

The society is there; from the society to you there is a bridge: yam. The body is there; for the body: regularity and posture. Again there is a bridge, because of the different dimension of mind from the body: pranayam. Then, the training of the mind: pratyahar and dharna, returning back home and concentration. Then again a bridge, this is the last bridge: dhyan. And then you reach the goal: samadhi.

Samadhi is a beautiful word. It means now everything is solved. It means samadhan: everything is achieved. Now there is no desire; nothing is left to achieve. There is no beyond; you have come home.


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