Self Realisation by Amoraea Dreamseed

With the final dissolution of the Ego, we awaken the Godself within and achieve absolute Synergenesis with the Divine. Through the enlightened Self Realised state is born the realization of inseparable union with all Consciousness.

The Mind remembers once again what the Spirit knows forever - that it is eternally interconnected through the Antahkarana to all Life within this universe and beyond. As we bow in the prayer of Namaste, we are recognizing this Holy Cosmic Design which we are one and a part of, and acknowledging 'All Our Relations' as reflections of our own Self Realisation.

Surrounding the mirror of our Self in this painting are intricate geometric designs called fractals. Notice that no matter what part of the design you peer into, you will see the same self-repeating pattern as the whole. Fractals are how all of nature is ordered and remind us of the interconnectedness of all things through the Antahkarana - from whirling subatomic particles to vast spiraling galaxies.

Everything is infinitely interlaced and reflected, just as the fractal identity of the Self is reflected in the forehead of this being. Circling his head like a halo is an ancient Tibetan sanksrit mantra, pronounced 'Om Mani Padme Hum' which translates as "I am the Jewel within the Lotus that is the Source of all Creation - I Am That I Am." We are connected to THAT by the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge.

In the background is the Antahkarana spectrum of Light that we know as the rainbow, formed as a perfect Golden Mean Spiral, drawing our vision inward towards the center as well as expanding our vision outward through the Cosmos.

This vision is a mandala to awaken the memory of our Oneness … a prayer for our collective ascension. Through prayer and meditation, may we feel our sacred connection to All That Is…




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 Happy Meditation!

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