Chapter 9

The Guru Within

Chapter 11

Please speak on feeling the Guru within us.

There is a Guru within you. As I said before, the Guru is the one who removes your darkness — somebody who throws light on your life, on your doubts. But removing darkness doesn't mean you take a knife and scrape it off or take a stick and beat it out. How can you remove darkenss? Can you come and shout, "Hey, darkness, get out!"? No. You just quietly bring in a light and the darkness goes away. So the one who throws light, one who enlightens you, is the Guru. He is the one who makes you know the Truth.

Now to get to the point of the Guru within. There is something in you which always seems to know what is happening in you, is it not? There is a knower in you who is "nosey" about everything. Suppose I ask you, "Do you know what's in my pocket?" "No, I don't know." "Are you sure you don't know?" "Yes, I positively know that I don't know." What kind of contradication is that? So there is a knowing even behind your not knowing. That knowing is common to us all; it is a constant in our lives. You never stop knowing. You are always a knower. There is no doubt about it, is there? And that knowing is the Light.

So as the person who knows everything, you are the Light, you are the Guru. Apply that knowledge to the things you do not know and that is using the Guru within. If you don't know how to apply your own knowing, then you go to somebody who has that capacity. You say, "Hey, how do you seem to know everything?" He will ask you, "What makes you think you don't know everything also?" See? He just helps you know your Self as the Knower of everything. You just take the help of somebody who has achieved that knowledge to help you know it too.

Otherwise you would be depending on an outside Guru always. Then he is not really helping you; he is probably making some business out of you. Whenever and wherever possible he should point out that you have it yourself: "Don't run after things here and there." It's like the example of the lady who buys a necklace. She puts it on and then forgets it. All of a sudden she remembers, "I bought a necklace, but I don't know where I put it." She runs around searching for it. "Where is it?" she cries. It's around her own neck but she can't see it. All of a sudden she comes across a mirror. "Ah, there it is!" Then she stops crying because she knows she has it.

The Guru's duty is just to show you that you have the necklace. That's all. He is not going to give you a necklace; he cannot. He will just tell you that you have it yourself. So this explains a little about both the Guru outside and the one within. And ultimately, know that they are one and the same.

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