The Spirit and the Soul by Miles Mathis improved by Satchidanand Part One

“Traditional Meditations have been Designed to Fail” Satchidanand

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Miles Mathis. This augmentation of your work is a letter of admiration of you and of your body of work. I do not like to waste my time on idiots so this augmentation, whilst not at the same level intellectually is a little further along imaginatively and intuitively. In particular meditatively giving the psychic powers of the opening of the third eye and visions of the Truth.

My apologies to the Soul, whose beauty I could not begin to approach with the works of art used to illustrate this paper. I tried to call up my own Soul's advice in the choices, but she only recommended I avoid the nudes. She knows I would not nix those for my own reasons, but she tells me they don't put the petitioner in the right frame of mind. Nothing wrong with nudes, but not here. For myself, I found all historical depictions far too manly, partially nude or not. Something worth commenting on there, but I will save it for another time.

As for nudes, the whole of humanity is kept breeding for the next generation by nudes. Without nudes, the beauty of nudes, humanity would not exist. And not only nudes, God created humanity with Energy cords. Where the umbilical cord enters into the baby, when it is gone an energy cord takes its place and through that cord the baby receives the energy which as well as food, keeps it alive.

Energy cords are fundamental to the connection, to the attraction, to the sex between us, to the whole area of relationships, to good relationships which last, to bad relationships which fail. Do not give me the claptrap about how we weren't compatible.. A human being can stay together forever with their dog.

Energy cords between the chakras of two people form a relationship and are fundamental to good relationships. One can project and Energy cord by the use of your awakened Third Eye - Awakened by projecting Spiritual Energy from God down along the Energy Cord of the Antahkarana into the center of the Earth there to burn up all your negative energy, negative emotions, evil energy blockages.

The Antahkarana is an Energy cord, a column of Energy projected by God, an infinity of chakras above your head, through you and down into the center of the Earth. The reflection of your Energy projection, along the Antahkarana God projection is the burning up of all the negative energy in the center of the Earth at 5000C which flares up to your base chakra - RECTIFICANDO , up your spine and upwards back to God.

This Energy is Kundalini Energy which illuminates your head and opens the Third Eye of Psychic vision.


It is the secret of Alchemical VITRIOL - a Latin Acronym showing the antiquity of Alchemy - Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem

The Energy Enhancement Level 1 Streaming Video Meditation Course Guided Meditation


giving the living Secret of the Philosophers Stone which transmutes base metal - lead - into Gold. Lead is negative energy, Energy Blockages, Gold is purified Spiritual Energy.

It is the Secret of how to take your messy karmic painting and turn it into a clean white sheet again.


As well as Spiritual Energy, Energy Blockages migrate along these connections passing disease, old age and death into all and sundry.


Black magicians project cords into your base chakra - directly into the unconscious and subconscious parts of the mind - and implant Sexual and Drug Addiction Energy Blockages into you.

Energy Connection is the Secret of Seduction.


By investigating and healing energy cords - projecting energy cords - cutting energy cords - transmuting and removing the sexual and drug addiction implant energy blockages - by means of Level Four of Energy Enhancement Meditation we can heal all our relationships.

Many of my readers have asked me for more commentary on spiritual matters. Although I worry when I include my little sermons in papers, I find that a certain segment of my audience likes those parts the most. I am sure others like them the least, but that is how it goes. Here, the entire paper will be on those topics, so those who like them the least can bow out now.

Up to now, I have been mostly silent on these things because my Soul has told me to be. I have been told that it is not proper to speak of such things, or that it is unseemly to say you know what you cannot know. I have even gotten the impression it is bad luck to talk of certain things, but possibly I was misreading the signs. I am certain it is best to listen closely to your Soul, but maybe it was not speaking of these things in general that was frowned upon, but speaking of them at too young an age. Possibly I was not ready to speak of them. I needed to learn more. But now the ban seems to be lifted, so maybe my thoughts and words have reached a point where they can be shared, or must be shared. We will see. If I feel any pushback from within, I will stop.

I want to start with a broad observation, one gifted me by my Soul. Talk of spiritual matters has historically been couched in unnecessary mystery, complexity, nebulosity, and mumbo-jumbo. As with science and some other fields, anytime anyone has anything to say about spirituality, he feels the need to go cloudy, approaching every question from the side in great circles of fluff, instead of simply and directly. Even Jesus spoke in parables, though we are never told exactly why.

Nothing has caused more confusion over the millennia than religions. Just as I have tried to cut through the lingo of Science and Art, - you can see all my papers solving the problems created by Einstein, Bohr and Plank on my website - I will try to cut through the lingo of religion, simplifying things as much as possible for easiest comprehension. I do this not because I think I am talking to dummies who can't comprehend anything but the Cliff Notes, but because after three millennia or more some of these questions could use a good scrubbing.

Most are so overgrown with addenda, accretions, asides, and tangential matters, that even the smartest of us can't make heads or tails of them. Since we may assume a lot of that schist was later added for the express purpose of creating confusion, it would be helpful to strip down to essentials, getting down to bare skin, if you will. I am advised that there is no reason we can't speak plainly and sensibly about these matters.

I suspect that in trying to get to the heart of the matter here, I will be accused of being reductive. But reductive means oversimplifying a problem to the point the essential character of the subject is lost. The dictionary definition also uses the word “crude”. A reductive analysis is considered crude, which may explain why religious commentary so pointedly avoids being pointed: it is running from the epithet “crude”. Better to be windy and cloudy in the extreme rather than risk being called crude. I think I will be able to avoid that claim, since it is precisely the essentials I am after. I am also not interested in turning religion to black and white. In fact, it is the true colors I am most interested in: the ones veiled or muted by brown patina after brown patina.

Here is an example, which I take from the Wikipedia page on Lurianic Kabbalah. You would think that an encyclopedia entry would attempt to make its subject somewhat comprehensible, but that is not what we find. Instead, we find this:

Religious Kabbalists see the deeper comprehensiveness of Lurianic theory being due to its description and exploration of aspects of Divinity, rooted in the Ein Sof, that transcend the revealed, rationally apprehended mysticism described by Cordovero.[2] The system of Medieval Kabbalah becomes incorporated as part of its wider dynamic. Where Cordovero described the Sefrot (Divine attributes) and the Four spiritual Realms, preceded by Adam Kadmon, unfolding sequentially out of the Ein Sof, Luria probed the supra-rational origin of these Five Worlds within the Infnite. This revealed new doctrines of Primordial Tzimtzum (contraction) and the Shevira (shattering) and reconfguration of the sephirot. In Kabbalah, what preceded more deeply in origins, is also refected within the inner dimensions of subsequent Creation, so that Luria was able to explain messianism, Divine aspects, and reincarnation, Kabbalistic beliefs that remained unsystemised beforehand.

Now, I am considered a pretty smart guy, but if there is any meaning or content there, I missed it. You may think I chose the worst paragraph on the page, but I didn't. Visit that page and see for yourself: the whole thing reads like that. It is like swimming in a vat of cold green jello and cottage cheese. So we can't blame the Wikipedia editors for not making sense of it: such a thing is not possible. It was written to confuse, and has been overwritten thousands of times since first creation by people also hired for the jumble in their heads. Luria may have been listening to his Soul when he wrote, put he impresses me as the sort of person who could mistranslate a grocery list. I simply don't trust anyone who talks like that. In every case I later found they were trying to scam me.

But let's move on, lest you think I am picking on Kabbalah. I'm not. It was just the obvious example in illustrating my point about clarity. In my previous papers on the Buddha and Buddhism, I have shared my discomfort with the worldview presented there as well. But Buddhism happens to be a useful lead-in here, since — like all other religions — it seems to me to be partly right. In Buddhism, we are taught that the meaning of this life is to escape it through perfect renunciation of all energy blockages.

Only in perfect renunciation can we achieve Nirvana, and avoid infinite rebirth. It is not hard to see the perversity in that idea, especially when it is stated so baldly. It is illogical on the face of it. Why would our spirit be placed here, and then be instructed to renounce everything?


We must renounce everything which is evil. The next step in the evolution of humanity is the ability to alchemically transmute the evil trauma and remove the energy blockages which is only possible using the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step Process of Level 2.

If we should renounce anything, shouldn't that be only the bad things? This is Perfect Renunciation. Why renounce the good things? Yes, this life is corrupt, but it seems a wise person would renounce only the corruption. This life is also beautiful and miraculous, so why renounce that? Shouldn't we embrace that? What could we possibly learn as spirits by renouncing the good and beautiful?

No, it won't do. But the reason I think Buddhism is seductive and widespread is that it is partially correct. This life IS very corrupt, and we should renounce the corruption, the lies, the Energy Blockages, the Evil!

We can very easily do that by learning Energy Enhancement Meditation. By grounding negative energies by using the technique of Alchemical VITRIOL we just ground and transmute the negative parts, leaving the good parts behind. We can very easily ground and transmute Energy Blockages by the use of the Energy Enhancement Seven Step process transmuting the pain, the trauma-formed negative karmic mass and leaving the trapped angel at the core of the blockage behind so that we can augment, expand and increase the size of our Psychic Bodies by absorbing the Angel.

The purpose of our sojourn of about five hundred lifetimes on this planet is to evolve to the point where we no longer need to learn anything more. When we have passed every test. When we have evolved sufficiently. When our psychic body is so large, so evolved that we only have the power to do the right and good thing, not because we have been told to do this, not because we are following a rule book, not because our intellect says to do this, but because the heart has been opened, because the psychic body has been sufficiently increased and structured that this is the case.

This is the purpose of Energy Enhancement Meditation transmuting evil energy blockages and absorbing the angels at the core of them. To evolve our psychic body to become so large, so evolved that we only have the power to do the right and good thing, not because we have been told to do this, not because we are following a rule book, not because our intellect says to do this, but because the heart has been opened, because the psychic body has been structured that this is the only thing that is possible.. . That we only have the power to do the right and good thing.

This evolution is not just intellectual. It is also a process of the evolution of imagination, intuition, opening the heart, opening the third eye, the ability to transmute negative energies, the ability to absorb positive energies, the ability to remove evil subpersonalities in ourselves - the poor me, the violator, the selfish competitive black star - and thus become One Soul infused personality. That we only have the power to do the right and good thing. As we evolve we gain the power to do these right and good things, gooder and righter!

To crystallise and order the psychic body making it more efficient. To fuse with the Soul, Monad, Logos higher and higher in the chakras above the head. Closer to God. To become One. To become One Soul infused personality. To become One Monad infused personality. To become One Logos infused personality. To hear and see the word of God. To feel the connection with God every moment of every day. To become the embodiment of Not my will, but thy Will be done! As we evolve we gain the power to do these right and good things, gooder and righter!

Life is indeed a sort of test, and that is part of it. And the goal of this life IS to escape it, in a way. The goal is to transcend and dissolve the corruption and to find or create a better existence.

This you can do only by passing the tests that are put to you in this life. But your reward for that is not Nirvana (bliss in the lap of God or something) or Heaven (perfect and easy existence of some sort), it is your spirit being passed to the next level.

In this way, the Earth is a sort of testing ground for mid-level spirits. Even the atheist Christopher Hitchens roughly put it that way, though he called it a dumping ground for poor spirits. [Strange statement from an atheist, regardless.] It could also been seen that way, I guess, especially from the point of view of a poor spirit like his. He will be back, we can be sure. But from the point of view of somewhat richer spirits, the Earth is simply a step on the ladder, one that all spirits have to take at some point. It would seem that most spirits spend many lifetimes here, getting it wrong. I now assume most get it right eventually, moving on to the next level. As for the time tables, none of us are privy to them.

It helps to look at it from the point of view of the next level. Imagine a planet not too far away—it could be in our own Solar System for all we know, hidden from view. This planet is the next step in the ladder. Well, those folks don't want your corruption. They have a system that works very much better than ours, and they don't need us there clogging it up. So until we prove we can live there without causing mayhem, we aren't welcome. If we insist on being nasty, we can do that very well here.

And why do I believe this? Has my Soul told me so directly? No. I am not claiming divine inspiration of any sort. I am not channeling an entity because my Soul is me! I come to it from my own experience, though I think part of this experience is a schooling by the Soul. I feel constantly tested in just this way. Some of the tests I have failed and some I have passed. I continue to fail, and I continue to pass. I am in no hurry. I am not claiming I will pass at the end of this life: I probably won't. But I am confident I am moving forward. I am not moving backward and I am not just spinning. That is the thing.

I can tell you that the main reason I am optimistic — despite my growing awareness of the corruption around me and in me — is that I can hear the instruction and follow it (for the most part). I don't need to read religious texts, because I can hear the instruction directly from the source. I know when I have done wrong, and I have the discipline to stop doing it. And I know when I have done right, and I have the courage to keep doing it. May that courage continue for the larger tests that are sure to come.

So we are not damned spirits, and we are not “dumped” here. There is no such thing as a damned spirit. There are only unpassed spirits. Yes, unpassed spirits can feel damned, but that is why they are unpassed. To pass the blame for their own actions, they claim the gods have cursed them. But God has cursed no one. God simply doesn't pass the unworthy.

Remember that. You belong here (for the time). If you didn't belong here, you wouldn't be here. None of us are too good for the Earth. This is our current level, which should be a cause for humility.

Which is not to say there aren't differences. Some spirits here are very near being passed and some are very far from being passed. I would say the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires are very far from being passed, since they aren't even aware of the rules of life anymore. They seem to think they get extra points for piles of cash or for 20-car garages or for titles. While in truth they are simply stacking up demerits for those things.

The Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires expect you to play by their rules, but they forget that they themselves are bound by rules. And while their rules are arbitrary and false, the higher rules are true and immutable. They know this, since we are all born knowing the rules. True morality, true Goodness, is like language: it is innate. It doesn't have to be taught. . . it has to be untaught. Most of your vulgar modern education is an unteaching of this innate morality, to make you more pliable for the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires. Your innate knowledge gained over many lifetimes is a nuisance to them, and so they try to squelch it. . . just as they have squelched their own.

We all have our hills to climb, but just imagine the hill in front of a rich man. He has not been given the easiest test, but the hardest. Who knows what he did to deserve such a test, but we can be sure he does deserve it.* He must find a way to force the camel through the needle. We see the famous rich failing the tests in spectacular fashion, falling down the hill in the ugliest manner possible. Some of them are so wretched by the end I suppose they don't even qualify to be reborn here on this beautiful Earth. They have to go back a step. And I don't mean being reborn as a dog or something. I suspect dogs and other animals are not back a step from us. More likely they are forward a step. I mean the rich must go back to the planet beneath the Earth, wherever that is.

Of course I mean all these things figuratively. I don't know where these planets are, or even if they are planets. I am stripping this all down for the easiest comprehension.

Now, what of the Devil, or devils? I have said I don't believe in Satan and Angel rebellious to God, thrown out of heaven. I don't even think the most evil Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires qualify as Satanic. Satan is not a God.

What do I mean by that? I mean that the idea of an evil god is illogical. Who knows at what level your spirit, being passed many times, becomes godlike, but we may assume you don't get there by being evil. Being evil is what keeps you from being passed. But that doesn't mean there aren't fallen spirits like Satan. If you can move a step up, you can also move a step down, and devils are simply spirits that have passed to the next level, then been thrown back to our level.

But since they are now at our level, they aren't gods by any stretch of the imagination. They are no more powerful than you or me but they have been trained in psychic powers that we all can learn in Energy Enhancement Meditation. Just as we can learn to transmute Energy Blockages in ourselves and others with Energy Enhancement Meditation, so evil people learn to create Energy Blockages and implant these Energy Blockages in others to Steal, to vampirise their energy systems.

Just as they learned to project themselves out of the body using censored meditation techniques many thousands of years ago and to live outside of the body in private universes on the Astral plane as Dark Gods, eternally, immortally - but only by cutting themselves off from the energy of God, only by cutting off the energy of the Heart as the "Cremation of Care" Ritual at Bohemian Grove, burning the image of a baby in front of a 40ft high statue of an owl symbolising Molech attended by Presidents, captains of industry and media symbolises.


So with no energy from God, they need to steal, to vampirise energy from humanity by means of implant sexual and drug addiction blockages, and to keep humanity from throwing off the yoke by means of techniques like "the Principle of Poverty", poison, deathvaxxes, fake media, fake elections, and the proven Elon Musk revelations of censorship at Twitter, Google and Facebook.

And if they stick to their bad ways after the step down, they aren't as powerful as you or me, since they are continuing on their way down. Which is precisely why the “evil ones” are so pathetic. They exist almost entirely on bluff, since they aren't gods and aren't praying to any evil gods. There are no evil gods, by definition. So these fallen spirits aren't tapped into any dark force. There is no dark force. You are either tapped into the light, or you are untapped. If you are untapped, you are on your own, since the Soul cannot help you, since they have disconnected themselves from the energy of God, so they must perforce, steal vampirise the energy of humanity.

Thus the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires who have worshiped Baal for 10,000 years. Thus the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires who take hallucinogens to talk to the evil human beings who have learned how to cut themselves of from God using Energy Blockages. Thus the evil human beings who have learned how to close down their hearts using energy blockages. Thus the Satanic Ritual of the Cremation of Care at Bohemian Grove where captains of industry, politicians, media types, prime ministers, presidents get together to worship Satan or Lucifer, burning the image of a young boy in front of a 40ft statue of Molech, in order to close down their hearts, to reduce their empathy, so that they can continue to create the wars, poison the people, kill two hundred millions of people in the 20th century like Satanists Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

Thus the evil human beings who have learned how to leave the body and live out of the body like Sauron for thousands of years and then to enter, take over, to possess the body of another human being in order to manage their farm of human cattle. To control humanity by stopping their evolution through the oligarchic Principle of Poverty, by poison, by censorship, by total media control. By Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism and slavery.

Christianity was the religion of one God and our Lord Jesus Christ which destroyed the Old Pagan Religions of Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism and slavery!

The point is that Satan and Lucifer were thrown out of Heaven and thus have been cut off from the energy of God. The Demons demand pain and death so as to harvest the spiritual energy of the suffering and the death so they can continue to live eternally, out of the body. Sexual ritual to harvest the spiritual energy of the orgasm. Drug ritual to harvest the energy of the drug induced burning of the candle at both ends.

These Satan and Lucifer Demons and others like them have taught the spiritual meditational technology - Satanic Rituals - of how to leave the body and live eternally in private universes on the astral plane by cutting off from the energies of God and vampirising humanity for their energy - and this has been going on for thousands of years.

These Demons and others like them have taught the spiritual meditational technology of how to take over and possess people during Satanic Rituals designed for that purpose. Some people suggest that the heads of each Infil-Traitor Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Royal or Aristocratic family are such downloaded demons sent down from time to time from their private universes on the Astral plane to manage their World plantation.

Because in order to live forever they need to cut themselves off from God, they need to close down their Hearts. Their whole life cycle so they can continue to live eternally, out of the body depends on the harvesting of spiritual energy from their human cattle. In the same way the Masai live by drinking the blood of their cattle, the Infil-Traitor Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires are minions kept in order by Satanic Rituals to manage the human population by Dumbing them down.

The main method of retaining control, so as to steal their energy, of dumbing down the human population is poison. As well as the 10,000 year Principle of Poverty, the poisonous fluoride in the water, the poisonous Aluminium and Barium Geoengineering chemtrails in the air, the poisonous pesticides and GMO in the food, the poisonous Deathvaxx, and the poisonous lies like Global Warming and LGBTP of their fake Politicians and fake media are the weapons which the Infil-Traitor Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires use to Dumb Down aspirational populations in order to maintain their control.

But also humanity is Dumbed down and weakened by corruption and perversion. Blackmail, corruption by accepting the shilling of being bought off or just accepting wages working for the Corporations of the Infil-Traitor Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires.

Feminists, Trannies, Communists, Fascists, Economists are all corrupted by low level lies created to deceive. Fabulous created lies of the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires for people who do not understand that Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires are the creations of people who live out of the body like Sauron who are the top of the hierarchy which need to be removed..

Transhumanism proposes the ability to upload consciousness into objects like computers and to download that consciousness into bodies so as to live eternally, immortally, for ever is one of the ways billionaires are offered immortality by Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires are the creations of people who live out of the body like Sauron - but they are all deceived!

The ability to live immortally is the sweetie Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires and the people who live out of the body like Sauron offer to the billionaires to importune them to join their Illuminati secret societies. Secretive groups like the Jesuits, 33rd Degree Masons and the Masonic Palladian sexual ritual also show the management structure of the elite.

The ability to live immortally is the sweetie Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires and the people who live out of the body like Sauron offer to the billionaires to importune them to join Aleister Crowley's OTO and it's Dog Priest homosexual rituals and Whore of Babalon sexual rituals based on the absorption of demons, being taken over by Demons, through sexual congress with demon possessed prostitutes.

The ability to live immortally is the sweetie Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires and the people who live out of the body like Sauron offer to the billionaires to importune them to join Jeffrey Epstein's farming of underage boys and girls to service high level Pedophile Elite's Sexual Rituals and Human Sacrifice Rituals as well as to induct high level minions into the World management structure by proving how bad they are by blackmail through videoing them murdering children - very much how the Mafia test their applicants through asking them to murder someone and so, "make their bones".

The Souls only have good advice or none, so there are no dark spirits from a higher level helping these people. If they are talking to dark spirits, those are dark spirits like them—at this level.

Which isn't to say they cannot cause major trouble. Spirits even at our level are quite powerful, though they are nothing like gods. As such spirits, they are capable of major mischief. You yourself are capable of major mischief, much more than you know. But that is not why you are here. If you would move up, you are here not to destroy, but to create.

If we think of one of the most powerful white magician poets, Tolkien, his power was that of truth. His power of poetry was of the ability to channel the energy of God into his words.

Tolkien said there was a fallen Angel like Morgoth or Sauron who was jealous of the creation of God. When he cut himself off from God he tried to emulate the creation of God but instead could only copy, badly. Thus Elves "tortured and mutilated" became Orcs and Uruk Hai. The Energy of God became lesser chakras reflecting the glory of God like Silmarils, or infused by his hatred and evil, The One Ring.

Fallen Angels, fallen Spirits, can live out of the body, eternally, immortally, as long as they can steal our energy. Fallen Angels, fallen Spirits are cut off from the Energy of God and thus perforce must vampirise the energy of God from God's creatures, humanity.

Fallen Angels, fallen Spirits, can live out of the body, eternally, immortally, as long as they can steal our energy because they are cut off from the Energy of God and thus perforce must continuously dumb down and mind control humanity by means of poison, fluoride in the water, GMo and pesticides in the food, medical drugs, black market drugs, chemtrails of aluminium, barium, viruses and MRNA, poison vaccines containing cancer forming SV40 green monkey virus in all vaccines since 1950's, creating the cancer industry from scratch and nano heavy metals and MRNA poison spike proteiin the latest Deathvaxx.

Fallen Angels, fallen Spirits, can live out of the body, eternally, immortally, as long as they can steal our energy because are cut off from the Energy of God and thus perforce must continuously dumb down and mind control humanity by means of mind poison media, newspapers, magazines, television, internet, google, twitter, facebook, hollywood to create lies like divide and conquer, feminism, transexuality, LGBTP, Men and women are pigs, women are all leaders and warriors, global warming, covid, carbon footprints, vaccines, Rockefeller Big Pharma, Drugs, fentanyl, ayahuasca, LSD, Mescalyn, genetically modified marijuana.

And that brings us to the next major point. To prove yourself worthy, you don't renounce life. That is only a sign of weakness or inversion, and they have no need for that at the next level. No spirit advances on weakness. Spirits expand by taking on more light. In this way they grow and become more powerful. As larger light bodies they have more strength. So that, as a reversal of Buddhism (and in some ways a reversal of Christianity), you advance by embracing the good things of this life, and by destroying the bad, the Energy Blockages through the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step process.

Some have thought that because this life is corrupt, the spiritual thing to do is flee it, keeping your eyes on the next life, the next step, or the next incarnation. No. Yes, you do flee or fight the corruption, but part of your test here is how much you help your fellow beings. They are on the same ladder you are on, but you cannot advance by pushing them off or ignoring them. As you help them, you help yourself. This is because in order to help them, you have to create or channel more light. That channeling is not a loss of light for you. You do not lose what they gain. In learning to channel more light, you become larger at the same time by transmuting their energy blockages, By absorbing the Angels at the center of the Energy Blockages thus increasing the size and function of your Energy Body.

Now, I want to say something about sleep, not only because it ties in here, but because it is far more important than most people understand. As is obvious from the things I have said above, I believe in a real spirit. I see (and have discovered myself) lots of scientific evidence that the spirit is a real thing, made of real photons. It really does inhabit your body, just as the religions have taught. The body is not eternal, but the spirit is.

Light, like matter, cannot be destroyed. It can only dissipate or expand. Not only will your spirit maintain itself after death, it can free itself from your body anytime it likes. In fact, it does so every single day. Or night. Scientists admit they don't understand why we sleep, but it is quite simple: although the spirit requires a body to do some of the things it must do, including being tested, it cannot abide being trapped in a body for very long. After 16 or 20 hours, the trapping becomes intolerable, and it must escape.

So it puts its body to sleep and leaves. Where does it go? I don't know. Maybe it just flies through the air for hours, thrilling in its freedom. Maybe it joins the cosmic charge field and sighs. Maybe it travels higher up the Antahkarana into the chakras above the head and rests in the arms of God.

Most people visit the Astral plane in sleep, a soap opera filled with negativity. As we evolve, transmute our negativity and become more pure, more filled with energy, so we travel higher, into the Soul, Monad, Logos, Sirius, Avatar of Synthesis. As we use Energy Enhancement Meditation to get charged up with the charge of the Soul, so we need to sleep less in order to get that charge, to be filled, constantly, with the energy of God.

But I would assume the spirit has things to attend to, and those things may be more important than what goes on here. The Natives believe that your life in sleep is more important than your waking life, and I would say that is probably true. There are some things your spirit can only achieve with a body; but, likewise, there are other things it can only achieve without one.

Likewise, the body cannot stand the spirit for too long if it is filled with Energy Blockages. The Energy Blockages know that the energy of God dissolves them. The energy of God is their death. Thus the Energy Blockage Demons avoid the light. The Energy Blockage Demons direct us to avoid the people who emanate the light in their auras. The Energy Blockage Demons direct us to avoid people who have managed to purify and augment their Energy bodies using Energy Enhancement Meditation.

Yes, the spirit animates the body, giving it a single direction, but it burns too brightly for the energy blockages. The pain body tires. Like the spirit, it must return to a ground state every day. The exception is the mind, which is electrical signals. It has to remain on, as the link between the body and the absent spirit. So the spirit leaves behind just enough energy to keep the mind going—which is, in part, what we call dreaming.

You would think this would be a very precarious situation, and in a way it is. But remember that the spirit, being made of light, is a very fast being. It can return in a split second if you need to wake up for any reason. Just think of how fast the internet is. When I upload a new paper with Filezilla, I don't have to wait any time at all for it to appear. It is up in a split second, even if my server is on the other side of the world. A photon moves 300,000km/s, which means it can circle the Earth 6 times in a second. Your spirit could be playing on the Moon when someone shakes you to wake up, and would still be back in just over a second. So you see how it is.

The Wormhole Antahkarana Energy Cords are instantaneous. There is no lag in your connection with God. Faster than the speed of light!

But why do I mention it? Because most people don't treat sleep with the sanctity it deserves. It is the first part of spirituality, because it is the first rule of spiritual health. It is also the first rule of bodily health, since a tired spirit will cause a tired body. A body filled with energy blockages is a resistance to the light and thus needs to sleep longer. Sleep as long as is necessary, but know that removing the energy blockages using Energy Enhancement Meditation will enable you to have more energy, to go higher into more intense energies in the chakras above the head, to sleep less yet channel higher frequency intense energy.

Those who want to be healthier or live longer should look at their sleep first. Yes, food is hugely important, but sleep is even more important. Food feeds the body, but sleep feeds the soul. If you don't sleep long enough, it means your spirit has been starved of its quality time; and if your spirit is starved, your body is starved to the same extent. When I wake up too early, I feel like I have a hole in my spirit. It is as if part of my spirit is still out there, trying to drink the last few drops of freedom. When I wake up, I feel as if I have just returned from a long journey, probably because I have.

Miles says, "I don't meditate because I don't need to: I get all my sleep. I am not trashing meditation, understand. I assume it is quite useful for those who don't sleep long enough or well enough. It acts as a partial substitute. But in my opinion they would be better to fix their sleep. Your spirit can fly much further away during sleep than during meditation" and he is correct but low level energy blockages are preventing him removing the energy blockages using Energy Enhancement Meditation which would enable him to have more energy, to go higher into more intense energies in the chakras above the head, to sleep less yet channel higher frequency intense energy..

If you are awake too long, your spirit starts to eek away bit by bit, leaving your body without its normal fire. The body makes up for that by burning itself, which causes tiredness and eventually premature aging. But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to look bad beyond 50 or 60. Some people look quite good at 60, and you can be one of them if you take care of yourself and get all your sleep. But you have to start early and keep it up, everyday. In fact, it is not one of the things you can do, it is one of the things you should do. Or, to say it another way, it is not optional, it is required. You weren't assigned this body so that you could pollute it and mistreat it. You were assigned this body as a caretaker. So Good, non poisonous GMO or pesticided, food from primary materials, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Colloidal Minerals, Fasting, The Energy Enhancement Streaming Video Course. I am constantly amazed this isn't taught as primary knowledge.

The body, like the Earth, is a temple, and it is to be treated as such at all times. Any failure to do so is a failure of the test. At the next level, such failures will not be tolerated. I know that sounds kind of military, but there it is.

But when we add up the hours of sleep, we don't just look at how much rest the body has gotten. We look at how much time your spirit has spent in the spirit realm, away from the corruption, and in the perfection that is the raw charge field. While there, the spirit can reorder itself. It may be there that it speaks most directly to what I am calling the Soul. All spirits, great and small, crisscross the ether in their various errands, and we may assume help is there if you seek it.

So in my opinion, these small spirits from the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Families who are always talking about living forever are on the wrong track. First of all, no one lives forever, and the wise do not wish to. But if they wish to age more slowly or look better, it can be done. But not with drugs and other fads. As usual, the answer is much simpler than most humans make it: more sleep, cleaner foods, plenty of water, daily moisturizer, no drugs, smoking, alcohol.

And, finally, avoidance of corruption. The cleaner your spirit is, the fresher your face will look. Evil shows as in the Picture of Dorian Grey. Your first face you are born with, your second face you have to earn. "Everyone is responsible for their face after the age of forty" said Abraham Lincoln, meaning, your bad deeds will imprint on your face and body. If you are an evil bastard, you will soon look like one. The spirit always shines through.

Which is why watching these sad spirits from the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Families talking about reversed aging is doubly pathetic. Because they are bad eggs inside, they look like crap by the time they are 30 or 40, never mind the picture of Dorian Grey. By the rules of the game, it will take many lifetimes to reverse that. You can't clean up your spirit by tweaking the DNA of the body, you fools! The only way to do that is to make better decisions, to transmute and remove their energy blockages using Energy Enhancement Meditation and by the look of it they won't be doing that this lifetime.

Energy Blockages make us dissatisfied with things we should not change. We can dissolve that energy blockage dissatisfaction with using Energy Enhancement Meditation. A problem we face here is that many of us don't like the body we have been given. Much spiritual rebellion stems from that alone. In some cases, it is understandable: it is clearly part of the test, and a difficult part. But it happens to even the beautiful and hale, who seem to be as prone to dissatisfaction as anyone. They purposely refuse to care for their bodies, for whatever reasons they have. This is always a failure of the test. Your job is to do the most with what you were given, and some are given more. Some less.

Energy Blockages make us dissatisfied with things we should not change. We can dissolve that energy blockage dissatisfaction with using Energy Enhancement Meditation. In extreme cases, this discomfort causes gender dysphoria. We may suppose the spirit was not given the gender it wanted, or was accustomed to in a past life. Again, understandable. As spirits, we are all dysphoric in the body to a lesser or greater extent. But I would assume the sexual assignment was done for a reason, and was part of the test. And I would assume that refusing the assignment is the best way to fail the test. I say that because I trust God. I do not think they made any assignments just to be cruel. As I said above, I don't believe in evil or cruel gods. I only believe in evil or cruel people.

There are a lot of things I don't like about my body. I would change any number of things immediately if I could. But I consider the possibility that these things are outward manifestations of my spirit. If I were a more beautiful or perfect spirit, I would have a more beautiful or perfect body. So I strive to deserve it. When I pass to the next level, maybe then I will have fewer bad hair days, straighter teeth, better legs, etc.

Who knows? But what I do know is that trying to radically change my body won't work. It will only make a bad situation worse. As is clear from watching other people like movie stars, it is a guarantee of a spiral down into some sort of misery. My job is to care for the body I have been given, not to remake it.

In the same way, blaming God for my test won't work. Rather than assume God is cruel, I should assume I have been given this test for a reason. I should assume I dug my own hole, and that God has given me a large enough shovel to dig my way out, if I dig right.

But let us return to the spirit. If the spirit maintains its form with or without the body, it should have a memory of its own. This explains a lot of things that were previously unexplainable — as I have said in previous papers — but it also begs many questions. One of those is why the spirit's memory is wiped or partially wiped at birth. That is not hard to answer if you think about it. If your spirit carried all the memories of all its lives into its newest life, it could never get on. It would be crippled by nostalgia, good and bad because normal human memory is suffused with negative emotion. Only after transmuting that negative emotion, sadness, depression, anger, jealousy using Energy Enhancement Meditation can we bear to look at our memories in this lifetime.

Even more difficult is to view our memories from previous lifetimes. Only after using Energy Enhancement Meditation to transmute the negative energies on our timeline in this lifetime and then the timeline in all our previous lifetimes using Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 3 can we gain the experience of viewing all our lifetimes of all our memories held in arrays of lifetimes of memory in the Soul Chakra in the chakras above the head.

Even in this short life, the spirit clings to recent memories, and by the time we are 60, most of us will be well nigh overcome by good and bad memories. The past daily threatens to swamp us with sadness. Just think if you had thousands of lifetimes of that in your head. You would do nothing but cry a puddle of tears all day long. You couldn't learn or do a thing.

The Tibetans say that seeing the memories from all our previous lifetimes is the dawn of Enlightenment. This is only possible using Energy Enhancement Meditation Alchemical VITRIOL and the Energy Enhancement Seven Step process to remove evil energy blockages and emotions from our memory lifetime and past lifetimes timelines.

Which explains why the spirit needs to flee the body, and why it needs to return to a body. It needs to flee because despite the sadness, it is defined by and connected to its past. The spirit needs its memories, to remind it who it is. But it also needs the body to give it relief and respite from those memories. It knows the wiping at birth is a partial blessing. Only within the limitations of the living can it continue to progress.

You will say there is far too much death, misery and unfairness on this planet to assign to humans. God must be perverse to allow such a place to exist at all. But God creates the problem not amenable to solution by intellect but only solvable by means of psychic powers. You need to evolve beyond the intellect to gain those psychic powers. To gain those psychic powers to transmute the negativity, the negative emotions, the trauma-formed negative karmic mass from this lifetime and all our previous lifetimes you need Energy Enhancement Meditation Alchemical VITRIOL and the Energy Enhancement Seven Step process to remove evil energy blockages and emotions from our memories as we do in the Karma Cleaning Process of Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 3.

God must be perverse to allow such a place to exist at all. But in saying so, you underestimate the human capacity for mistakes, and overestimate the responsibility of God. It is not for God to ride in and and solve all your problems for you. No one learns anything from that. As a spirit, you are responsible for your own actions, and your own level of advancement. As I said, if you are here, you can be sure you deserve to be. This should tie you to your fellow Earthlings if nothing else does.

Actually, God is far kinder than he might otherwise be, since it is easy to imagine some scheme of things where he left us with no oversight or help at all. God has his own life to attend to, after all. And yet God does take the time to be the Soul or Guardian Angels or whatever you wish to call them. No, God doesn't ride in and take over, since that would undercut the entire ladder and entire hierarchy. You can't grow if God does everything for you. But God is there to give you limited amounts of good advice, supposing you ask for it and supposing you listen.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Alchemical VITRIOL - a Latin Acronym Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem giving the Alchemical Secret, a guided meditation, the Secret of transmuting Base metal into Gold, transmuting Energy Blockages into Pure Spiritual Energy, and the Energy Enhancement Seven Step process to remove evil energy blockages and emotions from our memories has been available for hundreds of years. You just need to read the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus as a guided meditation. You just need to read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. You just need to listen to me, Satchidanand, one who has been there, done that and got the T shirt!

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Each desire seed when watered can addict us to the desire it contains.

In the Yoga Sutras they talk of the method of roasting the seeds - removing the addiction,
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So this blaming God really doesn't fly. If you wish to pass to the next level, it is the first thing you should knock off. I don't know that it makes God angry, since God probably has better things to do than get angry with us. But it is, how shall I say, a first disappointment. I don't see God screaming at us, but God may roll his eyes at this primary stupidity. I know I roll my eyes whenever I hear that argument, and I am just a stupid human myself.

Some will still not see the point. Why should smaller spirits become larger ones? Why not have all spirits the same size from the beginning? Why have spirits at all? Why have anything? I don't know. I am just a little spirit. Ask a bigger one, though I don't think you will get an answer. It is one of the things you must learn on your own. But if I had to guess, I would say it is because growth is more interesting than stasis, and the biggest gods like to keep things interesting.

This Planet is a factory for the production of Enlightened beings.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Burning, we burn our negative energy to create pure positive Golden Spiritual Energy. Because without burning there's no purification.
Whoever is interested in purifying oneself should accept suffering. If it comes, accept it. Or while trying to relieve others' sufferings, if you face suffering, accept it.

Thiruvalluvar - One of the Tamil Siddars - gives the example of gold.
How is golden ore purified?
How do you get 24 carat gold?
By constantly melting it and relieving it from all unnecessary sediments, mixtures.
This is done with a lot of burning.
The gold undergoes a lot of burning.
Every time it's heated, it is raised one more carat.

TAMIL: Sudachudarum Ponnpole. 'GOLD, The more you heat it, the more it shines.'

Because Alchemically, all the dross, the unnecessary carbon and other things are burnt out.
Like that, the more you get heated the more you shine.

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