Yuko Sato Ninth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on Sitting in Sirius Chakra, the Red Lipstick, and Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon's Satanic Organisation


Previously in the Eighth episode, after all the work of clearing out the psyche of Energy Blockages connected to and supported by Black Magicians. The Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon - see the following episode - was complicated by it's connection with an Ancient Satanic Organisation also controlling evil subpersonalities within Yuko Sato and controlling subpersonalities in all the people around Yuko Sato - all relatives and friends -  trying to control her, pervert her, degenerate her, deflect her from her mission on this planet - Mother Father, husband, daughters, Aunts, Uncles in this lifetime and in all previous lifetimes.

The Satanic Phoenician Mega-Trillionaire minions of the Dark Gods they worship who live out of the body and live eternally by consuming the spiritual energies of humanity.

Here we see their advanced spiritual technology... The ritual creation of demons like the Bloody Red Witch Demon programmed in Ritual to pervert and deflect the spiritual direction of their victims like Yuko Sato into jealousy and revenge on the people they interact with and to vampirise their spiritual energies. The evil satanic connection and control of every subpersonality to pervert and deflect the spiritual direction of their victims like Yuko Sato and by extension - EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET!

It would seem that the purpose of being planted on this Planet - after learning how to control the physical body, the emotions, the intellect, and the intelligence is to learn to use Meditation - Energy Enhancement Meditation - to open the Third Eye through advanced Meditational Techniques like the Kundalini Kriyas, Alchemical VITRIOL, and the Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism to protect against the perversion of the Energy Body through the implantation of Energy Blockages by the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Elite minions of the Dark Gods.

Only by the purification of the Energy Body by removing All Energy Blockages can we learn Only to do the good and right thing. Through constant testing. By constant rejection of the Dark Side who offer the World at the cost of your Soul. Only by all this can God learn to trust you. So that he can entrust higher and more important missions to his beloved sons and daughters to help with the evolution of humanity.


No other Meditation Course other than the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course teaches the Spiritual Techniques necessary to clean the psyche of Energy Blockages, Demons, and Subpersonalities necessary to evolve sufficiently to defeat the Satanic Dark Gods who live out of the body, Eternally, by stealing Your Spiritual Energy and the Spiritual Energy of All Humanity.

Cleaning the Logos part 1 Yuko Sato 2nd MARCH 2023

Dearest Satchi,

How are you? I had several new happenings in my real life and a bit of difficulty to clean my Antahkarana, especially the Logos chakrs, third above the head, in meditations. I have just finished cleaning my Logos this morning. It took a week! I will report a half of this process as a Part 1. But all are positive and good!! How is yours?

Firstly, the truly incredible happening is that I’ve already seen my daughter 6 times since I meditated on her as the Petty Tyrant and cleaned all connections between us using the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 4 techniques and following your advice. I think it was at the beginning of February. During several sessions of meditations, I also felt Karmic mass from many life times. When I fought against the Bloody Red Witch, my mind computer showed me that this Karma had influenced my daughter and far more in my future. As I wrote the review to you, I cleaned all blockages related to Lipstick in my timeline by time slam. Through meditations, I started to wonder what I should learn from this long Karma. Then, the result of the tarot I picked rang a bell in my head.

I picked the III Empress card as an answer for my Karma related to the Lipstick.

9. Karma: III.Empress
Upright Meaning-Nurturing-Giving-Connection with Earth
A woman rises above a field, arms flung wide, receiving and reflecting the raw energy of the natural world. The Empress is a subtle ruler and she is Gaia, Mother Earth, Queen of fertility and womanhood. Crowned by stars she pervades the abundance of life and creation. My Karma is connect back to Mother Nature, back to Kundalini Chakra in the center of the Earth which alone can ground the deepest Karma..


The Empress represents the Feminine Archetypes in the Tarot and teaches the daughter the true meaning of being a woman. I as the Maternal Mother carefully watched my creation grow and develop until the time comes for my daughter to stand on her own two feet. Like all Mothers, I did find it difficult to let go of my creation and hard to deal with, my negative aspect could become possessive, smothering, controlling and manipulative. I had been struggling badly last year. My ego with negative aspects attracted my daughter’s ego like magnet.

But finally, I succeeded in this letting go process through meditations with the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 4 techniques. Thank you so much, Satchi. It was a miracle. The Empress of this card showed that she was free from her Karma, at least I could feel it. Then, the relationship changed dramatically.

My daughter spontaneously started learning Kendo, Japanese swordsmanship, with me and she seems to like it. It is an amazing change which I couldn’t have imagined this situation last year. Also, my mind and feeling have changed. My emotion stopped reacting to the past happening and small inconveniences and negativity. So I feel relaxed with her as an adult woman. And I am free from the delusion of what an ideal mother should be by old custom, education and society. I can’t explain it well, but feeling, emotion, thought and intellect act independently without Ego or blockages. I feel very different from myself I used to be before.

For instance, my ex-husband recently changed his photo on Whatsapp, he wore a red T-shirt written “Fxxk off” with a red cap written with some letters which ended KO (I can’t see other words) If I were I before, I felt nervous because the red colour reminds me of the Bloody Red Witch and I know he has only one friend who communicates in English, which is me. So, surely I would have taken it personally and felt negative. But after meditating about him with the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 4 techniques, I don't react to his photo. I could not feel the same as I felt before. It is also an amazing change in me.

Secondly, on February 26 last Sunday, I joined the first official tournament in Kendo. I won the first match and lost the second one. It was a new experience and I sensed my EGO which I wanted to win and my twisted STAR which I was a special person than anybody else, still inside me somewhere. I will meditate about them and apply the 7 steps. But I could think about the lost match and my mistakes positively and could learn a lot from it. I trust that I (or my soul) am mentally working hard enough to assimilate this information. I will have absorbed much knowledge at this stage and hopefully, I (or my mind computer) will be analysing its meaning and how it should be applied to life. Moreover, I could find leftover my EGO and my twisted STAR. They (my EGO and twisted STAR) would have blamed me for my shortcomings and fault and felt offended by myself. I used to do that in the old days.

However, I do now understand that to be complete, to be whole and fulfilled within and without I must remove blockages and strike the correct balance and understanding of not just my own Element but also of other Elements. I am a just small part of the gigantic mechanism. Only then will true enlightenment come, I learnt from my meditations. Without this stage, I was confused in thought, lack of clarity and things not being straightforward or there is a slant to what is being seen, experienced or perceived. It was also a big change for me.

Even my inner self is constantly evolving. Life is surely in constant motion and what I experience at any given moment in time, is, in the grand scale of things, only fleeting. I can not stop the Wheel of Life from rotating no matter how much we want a particular situation to remain intact or to remain as it is. Perhaps, won't the Universe or God give you permission for permanence for that only leads to stagnation and lack of spiritual growth?

OK. Let’s review my meditation journey now.

I have been working on my chakras above the crown chakra after removing the small man at the centre of my head since I sent you the last review on February 22. I have started to see different visions, especially of my soul and logos. I had a concrete vision of my former soul which was built with materials, such as crystal, gemstones, water, and wood… even I built a spa bath of Shakti. However, now I could see it as an energy field which is alive. It is an extension of the crown chakra and has rainbow colours. Even my mind computer was fused with it. I just order it and it works faster. But it speaks and changes colour and illuminations. I tried to find blockages there for 3 days, but I could not find any so far.

Monad stayed the same. I could see it as an energy field which contains several passages to different worlds where angels, fairies and unusual creatures live. It seems like a dream world. I could see it as a vision or I could experience it there. I came across the big scary swan in the Nine of Swords card which I picked last week. I applied the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level  technique of the 7 steps and a released angel told me to pick one more card as a result after I completed the Nine of Swords challenge. I picked the card “X. Wheel of Fortune”.

It was so strange to say that I knew this result. Of course, X, ten is after the nine, but I had conjured an image of this card, something related to Karmic mass. I will attach the card. Then, the angel stayed there to help to grow this chakra.

Let's look at this card in my first expression. A white peacock with multiple coloured long wings which reminds me of my soul chakra and a greenish-blue serpent which reminds me of the colour of my throat chakra are locked in vicious combat. A second orange serpent which reminds me of the second chakra is entangled beneath, looking victorious but biting its own tail in confusion. Second peacock is about to streak vertically in from above determined to take part in the eternal, desperate struggle for dominance. This is showing the battle of my Karma in my current life. Regarding Karma, I had already picked the III. Empress. It was interesting that the X. Wheel of Fortune and III. Empress are both linked to the XXI. World.

This constant vying for power may seem like a futile pursuit, but it is in fact a simple, blessed characteristic of life that it is never at a standstill, like my life so far. I think that It teaches me the lesson of impermanence – nothing lasts forever. The picture of Wheel of Fortune shows the perpetual shifting in the balance of powers, manifested infinitely within every aspect of my life.

Life is like a flow of rivers and what I experience at any given moment in time, is, in the vast scale of things, only momentary. The Wheel is constantly moving in the river of life so wherever I am on it, I realise that this time too will pass, the Wheel will turn once more and what is in the now will soon become the past. I saw a similar thing on my timeline in the meditation. My mind computer saves all as it was, but I can remember it with feeling and emotion. This is a problem because I even can’t feel or think the same way as I did in the past. How can I remember it as it was? It helped me to let go of the past happening, anyway, the truth I called is just existing as a combination of light and shadow. As the earth is rotating, it is moving. I understood through meditations that the Universe will not permit permanence for that only leads to stagnation and lack of spiritual growth. This card suggests a change is coming. Within me it has come, the old belief and patterns of thoughts are dead, when I removed the small man in my head, he said that he was a generator of thoughts. A positive change in circumstances is indicated in its stead.

Next day on February 23rd 2023, Thu. I did the cleaning between Monad and Logos. At first, I looked at Logos from Monad. There was nothing there. I could see the Sirius high above illuminating white, silver and a bit of gold, not so big but there was. Anyway, as you said, I circled the empty space and grounded. Then, out of the blue, the winged big man came out. He was holding a trident, a stick with three prongs. I knew this man because I met him in my strange lucid dream a month ago, I revealed the past life I was sold to him by my father in an ancient city somewhere Mediterranean. He came to my house afternoon in my dream. But, this time he looked like an angel because he had wings and I was not frightened by him. He flew up to the space where Logos was supposed to be. He started to stir in space with his trident in the space, and then, water welled up there. The water was flowing in a circle and getting bigger. It became an ocean.

I swam in it for a while. There were various colourful creatures and plants. It looked like the red sea where I did scuba diving. My logos chakra was the ocean, isn’t it nice? Or strange? After a little while, I realized that I was in deep and dark. I sensed there were some blockages because I felt a sudden distraction and my crossed legs became painful. I was attacked by a sudden attempt of finishing the meditation, but I stopped it. From my experience, after the unwanted distraction, I often found the big blockage or the inner child.

So, I stayed focused on removing the pain in my legs. All of sudden, a big shark appeared and tried to bite my leg. There was nothing I could do, I stopped time. I circled the shark and cut the top and bottom. His teeth were so scary and they reminded me of the big swan on the Nine of Swords of the tarot card I picked. Those teeth represented my unconscious fear to bite me any moment. The fear bit me many times last year in my dreams. I woke up in the middle of the night and my heart chakra was filled with the various delusions of fear I could imagine. I meditated and applied the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 2 technique of the 7 steps and made my heart chakra empty, then I could go back to sleep. But it bit me again a few days later. I wonder why fear came back after removing. Because the source of this fear in my Logos. Now I faced it and it was a high time to be able to remove it completely. Then, I could say “Good bye!” with a happy smile. It sounded good, let’s do it!

I applied the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 2 technique of the 7 steps on the shark and ground it. It transformed an angel. The minions were again sharks. So many sharks were approaching me. I stopped time and created a fisherman’s net made of iron and threw it to gather all. Once I sensed these came from my past life, my mind computer showed me the timeline. Yes, it came from a long time ago, the century before Christ.

I used the Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 2 technique of the time slam. I threw the shark to the wall of the past, then I did to the wall of the future. I repeated it a couple of times. I felt really good, but they were really heavy, though. Then, I put it all into the spiritual washing machine which I used for Karma cleansing including a whole timeline. I pushed the button of intensive wash with Shakti and golden energy from high above. Done! I dried the clean timeline in my soul and drain it all into the centre of the earth. Thousands of angels turned up. I asked them to keep an eye on a string, the energy cord, of the track toward the BM for the next step. Because I will be back later. They said that they would. Then, I finished this long meditation.

Next day, on February 24th on Friday, it was an interesting day. Suddenly, three of female friends contacted me. First one was my Chinese Language exchange partner. Unlike her usual thoughtfulness, she was very angry and upset about the behavior of her student's father. She is a teacher. While listening her story, I identified that it was obvious that she was dealing with EGOs, which was his EGO, a selfish competitive EGO and her Ego was reacting to it. My soul told me that I must stay away from EGO and just listen to her while cleaning the connections toward her chakras. If she was matured or wise enough, she would realise it on her own. Thank you, Satchi, to teach me this. I have another lucky chance to meditate about her.

Second one was English friend who came to see me last month. She was complaining about her external circumstance in England. Because when she was in Prague with me, she didn’t feel any stress, but she feel excessive stress now. So, she complained a lot and was planning to move to Bristol. When I was with her in Prague, I meditated a lot in front of her. I was not trying to remove her blockages, but probably, my connected energy was naturally giving positive energy to her. It was nice to hear that. I could cleanse the place to help others. Then, she started talking about her ex-boyfriend who was creating a statue of Neptune now. I am not familiar with the statue of Neptune, so I asked about it. She sent me a picture. Oh my God, Satch! It looks so similar to the winged male angel with a trident in my meditation previous night.

Third one was my best friend. She is more spiritual than me and connects to the earth stronger than I do. We went to the sauna together. During enjoying 100 degree Finnland sauna, we were meditating. I could burn blockages in my cells, body, chakra and aura while connecting to the centre of the earth better. After that, she started to talk about a dragon. She felt like she was a dragon, a noble moon dragon. She is an artist and has a creative imagination. It reminded me the meditation session in which I came across a fire dragon after burning blockages and it helped my Kundalini chakra to clean and activate. And it stayed in my chakra system to maintain it like my guardian spirit, of cause in the meditation in the sauna. Then, she said she would give a tattoo of the snake which bit its own tail to her friend. She is also tattoo artist. She showed me her design which looked like the orange snake on the tarot card of “X. Wheel of Fortune”.

Then, I went to bed early. Because next two days, I had Kendo event including my first match. So, I decided to continue my seven step of the shark after the Kendo event.

I will finish my part 1 now. I kept meditating and writing the rest.

Love and Light


Yuko Sato - Cleaning the Logos part 2 10th March 2023

Dearest Satchi,

Thank you for links. I watched it! It was so nice to see you talking. And it was well edited. Well done! I enjoy meditating under the blue sky after a week of snowing days and heavy cloudy days. It will be Part 3 of logos cleaning. Because during the 7 steps, I found additional blockages and inner child. I had to apply extra
Energy Enhancement Video Course Level 2 technique of the 7 steps for each blockage. I feel great to be cleaning my Antahkarana and the world.

Let’s start Part 2 of cleaning LOGOS!
I woke up at 5:55 in the morning of my first official Kendo event. Five is pronounced Go in Japanese, so 555 is Go Go Go! It sounds very positive, right? I didn’t have any dream after the meditation in a hot sauna and connected to Sirius, probably. I dripped a strong coffee and I looked at outside of the window. Wow, it was snowing! I experienced 100 degree sauna last night and now I could breath super fresh cold air. It was also good for my throat and heart chakra. I would head to Prague earlier.

When I arrived in the gym in the high school, there were around 200 people all over the Czech Republic. Everybody wore dark navy hakama which was a traditinal Japanese outfit for Kendo. It was a sight to see. I could see many Kendo fellows I met last year when I started practising Kendo. Suddenly, laud voice raised “Seiretsu” It means “Lining up”. All Kendo practitioners sat on their heels on the wooden floor. After greeting from Sensei who were teachers with 7 dans, we, 200 people, meditated all together for a while. I quickly created protections with Merkaba and Pyramid and connected to the centre of the earth and the universe. Then, I cut the cords of connections of these 200 people and put it the soggy end into the centre of the earth. I was ready. I learnt something from last week. I had to protect myself from unhealthy excessive Ego. It might attack my second chakra.

Before the tournament, we practiced all together and fought against sensei one by one. After fighting together, sensei could give us individual advice. Everybody get down on their hands and knees and beg the advice to Sensei. I was only Japanese in this event, therefore, for me, it was incredible moment to see the traditional Japanese custom following by European people with full of respects. I appreciated them and gratitude will be naturally overflowing from me. I was so lucky to be there. My ancestors were so pleased to know this. My ancestors were samurai. I bowed to my Sensei and ancestors too.

Advice to me was the following.
Relax my arms and pull my shoulders back. Stand straight like somegody pulling you up from the top of my head. It makes me taller and stronger. Contract abdominal masle and squeeze anal. I need to anchor my awareness of this posture during fighting. It was the same posture when I do meditation, right? Satchi! It accesses deep within me. Even a woman can win against a man in Kendo based on its strategy.

He taught me the Kendo strategy which was “一眼二足三胆四力: Ichigan Nisoku Santan Shiriki”. It means that firstly, “眼-Gan” is the ability to see through the opponent's eyes, the ability to detect the opponent's thoughts, movements and techniques. Secondly, “足-Soku” is footwork. As the saying goes, "Don't look at the technique, look at the feet", the fundation of the techniques is the feet. The way to strike with the hips and body weight is born from the way the feet are firmly stepped on and properly used. Thirdly “胆-Tan” is gallantry, or courage. A strong mind unperturbed by anything gives rise to composure and calmness, which in turn leads to decisiveness. Fourthly, “力-Riki”is power. It means that the physical strength and muscular power to perform bold techniques. Power is not so important in Kendo.

He said that I have good eyes and fighting spirit. So, now I should practice my legs more. Then, I could fight well.

After early dinner, I went back to hotel. I was tired and I felt dull pain in front and back of my second chakra. Quickly I took a hot shower, I sat and crossed my legs on my bed. I was so pleased to meditate. Firstly, I focused on removing pain and applied the 7 steps. Secondly, I reviewed today’s Kendo practice. I made mistakes and felt negative feeling such as confusion, doubts and disappointment a couple of times. I grounded them and applied the 7 steps. The minions were people who practised in this Kendo event. I meshed them and grounded them. Unexpectedly, angels took wings. They looked genuinely happy and this happy vibration started shaking the power tower of my chakras.

I let the happy vibration resonating through my body for a while. I started identifying something was not resonating. I tried to focus on it, but I was distructed by various negative feelings with random past memories. Even they were quite painful. It meant that the memories must be neglected for a while. I tried to turn Merkaba in the middle of the storm of memories. It was a bizarre technique that I could do several layers of processing at the same time recently. I was enjoying resonating through happy angels while cutting the top and bottom of memories with my spiritual sword while focusing charging energy by turning Merkaba. A lot of things were going on simultaneously. But I just trusted my mind computer and resonated happy feeling. They clarified the end. Just kept closing my eyes from any doubts, I opened my third eye and my heart. I learnt this technique through regular meditation.

Eventually a small child appeared. She had several leads. All of a sudden I was dropped into a pond of negative emotions which I didn't like and until now I had tried not to be felt, forbidden or hidden by other emotions. I couldn't believe the negative emotions still remained inside me after many applications of the 7 steps to burn them. “Maybe did I failed? Or Am I doing something wrong?”

They all mixed up with me in confusion. Doubts fell on me. I was not the only one person who was special and couldn’t do everything so well. And I was not a star. Because I failed again. Shame and regret overwhelmed me when I realized this. I was stuck with my usual pattern of thoughts which I removed by 7 steps. Then, I felt like a small child, withdrawn into my shell, drunk with a sense of loss. I gave up thing I engaged for a while and convinced myself that it was the right thing to do and looked for the next chance without completing it. This was repetition. I was now in this crisis again.

I asked the small child what she was doing there. She was desperately shy and vulnerable. She answered me in a weak voice that she had been protecting me in this comfort zone in my subconscious. She was pulling me to return to it because I couldn't overcome fear. Suddenly, I felt genuine compassion because she did to protect me from fear. I knew fear. I poured love into her and showed her gratitude. I held her hand and hugged her, then I told her that I was strong enough and you didn't protect me anymore. comfort zone together and fly up to our souls. She nodded and her shyness vanished. I cut the top and bottom of her and jumped into the centre of the earth.

It was high time to transform together. We would have the first match in Kendo tomorrow! I was holding her until she transformed into a lovely angel. We flew up to the soul and jumped into it. Wow… we were melting. the soul and collapsed on the bed. I was exhausted.

On February 26 Sun,
I had a dream. I was in the same scene as I saw the red lipstick. I was with the same friend. He was naked and his pale white skin was shining. There was neither lipstick nor his pepis.

When I woke up, I thought my Karma was gone. I tried to remember the worst experience I had with him. My emotion didn’t move. On the contrary, I felt gratitude to meet him and gave me this experience to face his Ego. Without him, I couldn’t have removed the Bloody Red Witch and my Karma. It was the gifts from God that I didn't realise until now.

I had breakfast and left the hotel. It was snowing outside. I arrived at the Kendo tournament at 10:00. When I arrived there, the staff was looking for me. Because my match would be start in 3 mins. Oh my God, how come? Because my teacher put me in an universal competition, not in lady’s. I rushed to put on traditional Kendo wear called Hakama and two people helped me to put amour and helmet on. This activity which people dressed me before a battle highly tuned me. It was engraved in the memory of the distant long past. When I entered the gymnastic hall, I was surprisingly calm. I didn’t know whom I was going to fight, but he was waiting for me wearing a helmet and armour.

We bowed in formal crouch manner performed at the beginning of a kendo match. It called “Sonkyo:蹲踞”. I heard the strong voice, “Hajime” meaned “Start”. I yelled “Kiai” which means “unite energy”. I was in a state of being full spirit and at the same time, I was fully connected to my soul. It helped me to look at the opponent’s move. I felt something so new. I striked and he blocked. We repeated a couple of times. My soul had been learning so quickly and it grounding negativity. It showed me how to fight. Suddenly, my opponent started to move backward. In Kendo, we don’t move backward. We inches forward to plan next movement and detect the perfect timing. But my opponent started move backward and focused on defending in poor manner. I was confused. When I was confused, doubts arose like the meditation last night. But I grounded the spring of doubts and united my inner-child in the soul.

I trusted my soul. It immediately grounded my confusion into the centre of the earth. I yelled Kiai and inched forward. When I yelled Kiai again, I connected to my Kundalini chakra and energy came up. I felt the adrenaline and energy rush. It allowed me to attack with full spirit in the whole body and fully united with my mind. Then, I heard the voice, “Yame” which meaned stop. Then, I looked at the red flag rose. Red was my colour. We bowed in formal crouch. My first match ended.

The second match started. We bowed in formal crouch and stand up. My opponent was big. I yelled Kiai and inched forward. We both waited for the perfect moment. He knew how to fight. I stroke a planned move and he did too. No point. I yelled Kiai again and focus on breathing. I felt fire in my breathing and kundalini energy rose through my spine. He stroke first and I did. He got a point from me. I was surprised that he could move quicker than me. I sensed fear, which I might lose this match. Then, immediately, distructed and my ego raised its head. It wanted to win to be better than anybody else. It didn’t wait for the perfect timing, I failed to get point. The failing drove my ego and fear badly. I heard the voice of “Yame”. The match ended. I lost.

I meditated at night. I was exhausted and my mind and thoughts were quite full. I just sat on the bed and connected to the universe and the centre of the earth. I let energy flow and counted breathing. I developed great trust of both power today’s matches. I thanked them sincerely. I had a precious experience. Then, I fell into sleep.

On February 27th, Mon
I had a dream. I was a spy and I worked with 3 more agents. We were about to finish a difficult mission. Then, one female agent I knew her in the real life put a gun on my stomach and fired. A burning hot bullet entered into me.

When I woke up, I was a little shocked to dream that my friends betrayed me and killed me. I clearly remember the feeling of a bullet lodged in my stomach. It was just below the navel, the place of the second chakra. I had three other concerns. One, she fired a bullet at me without anyone else knowing. The second is that it was not a lucid dream, but I remembered vividly. Third, I've been having frequent dreams lately that I'm a spy and failed in my mission. Based on my brief meditation experience, I thought it was likely a track from subconscious mind in order to clearing karma from past lives. So, I wrote it down in my diary, and time passed while I was thinking about it. Let's meditate on that tonight.

I meditated at night and applied her 7 steps to this female agent. I set her on fire, but strangely, nothing came out even after seven steps.

A few days passed quietly, like “the calm before the storm”. I just sat and meditated. I concentrated on recharging my energy. Experience in the Kendo match taught me to wait for the perfect timing. Then I woke up in the middle of the night. I was overwhelmed with a sense of loss and isolation. My heart chakras were filled with fear. Yes, it came. The best timing had come. My blockage might set up an attack.

Lately, Sachi, I feel like I know what you were talking about that the students stop meditating in the middle of good progress. Brockages are smarter than I thought and it was not easy to keep up with the same degree of passion. Because I started meditating with the realization that something was wrong with my life. Once I started meditating and removing blockages, I experienced dramatic emotional stability and positive changes in my life. After achieving a certain amount of positive changes in my life, the need for meditation fades away. At the same time, blockages become more difficult to find and remove it. Moreover, blockages will return. I came across the blockage that I discovered more than ten years ago. It reminded me that I won’t be free from fear unless I eradicate the blockage. The blockage could sabotage my life again. I really want to prevent it. Because I am keenly interested in the state that comes after that.

Lucky me! this blockage attack must be a track of fear. I immediately sat crossed my legs and closed my eyes on the bed. One of my mottos is "Make hay while the sun shines". First, I made protection and spun Merkava as fast as possible. I connected high above, I blew away the cloud of fear in my heart chakra and solidified it with my hands. I pinned the fresh track of minion-finding in place and grounded the fear to the centre of the earth. This time an angel appeared. He looked glad. We opposed our palms and I asked him for help. He quietly nodded. We smiled together and followed the track of the minions. They were ever-moving like black smoke. They were shadows cast on the walls of Plato's cave. They were formless minions. It must have been collective fear manipulated by delusion. Who created the delusion? I was watching shadows projected on the wall. Who was in front of a fire behind me? Who was the true form of fear?

I turned my head. There was a dancing person with long, big wild hair. I couldn’t see her face in front of a torchlight, but I recognized that she saw me. The atmosphere grew tense. The moment I decided to stop time, she flew away. The angel responsed quicker than I did and followed her. He left a trail of glowing powder. I picked up the shining trail and flew up higher and higher. I reached the Logos which was a massive beautiful ocean. The angel was waiting for me above it. He said she disappeared here. I thanked him and I jumped into the sea.

The sea was very clear and there were no other creatures. Suddenly a sea snake appeared and tried to bite me. I dodged and clutched my dagger which was given by my great gran mother. Suddenly thousands of sea snakes attacked at once. Surprisingly, a woman was floating beside the thousands of snakes. I remembered the woman's face. I met her once when I meditated with you in Spain in 2006. Of course I was grounded in the center of the earth and doing the 7 steps. There was a picture I drew at that time. Interesting to her, even then I met her after visiting Logos. I wrote that the Logos at that time was cracked and dry like a red desert.

I surrounded by thousands of sea serpents under the water. I could feel the movement of slithering across my entire body. Oh, my God. I faced a considerable challenge. However, once I gained crystal clarity about what was being fed into my subconscious I was better able to understand my motives and actions and recognise the connection between action and reaction. I feared snakes since I was small. Subconsciously, I sensed a growing vague unease to my father who was born in year of snake in Chinese zodiac and my exhusband who liked snake so that he wanted it as a pet. Last summer I woke up beside a small snake only 30cm apart when I had an afternoon nap along the Danube in Budapest. After that, I had an argument with my friend who had red lipstick in my dream. These things explained why inevitably my Karmas reacted upon me. Yes, it was crystal clear. I couldn’t prevent the consequences because the subtle tracks or blockages or traumas of my actions had been imprinted upon my subconscious, and therefore the effects are “pre-programmed”.

I grabbed her neck. I push her away. I needed to get well-spaced. I relaxed my arms and pulled my shoulders back. I stood tall and used my third eye, just like before the Kendo match. I got visions that she was manipulating snakes in me for a long time. I saw an orange snake in my second chakra and a blue turquoise snake in my throat chakra like a Wheel of Fortune card I picked.

The orange snake tangled entire my second chakra and was squeezing it. This is the reason that I had a dull pain in my second chakra after Kendo practice in which I faced my fears and complexes. At the same time, I bowed to the wisdom of Kendo, teachers and practitioners so many times in order to express my gratitude for giving me opportunities to release my own fear and complexes. It was an inescapable fact that this BM, the snake hair woman, didn't like such activities at all. She fought with all possible means to retain her supremacy. As a meditation practitioner with Satchi, I have learnt to question everything that occurs within the consciousness. Then, I could recognise the causes for the emotions and reflexes that surface from the subconscious, such as snakes. Therefore, now I am able to cope with them. The easiest way is to remove them with 7 steps technique. Otherwise, I fall helplessly from one emotion into another, and for a long time, I would have been unable to find my way out of the “blind alley” of this Medusa organization. It was enough. I stopped time.

Then, I renounced fear of snakes from my subconscious mind by 7 steps. I began 7 steps in the middle of 7 steps, as if I was looking at a mirror within a mirror. It took concentration, self-contorl and disciplin to complete all 7 steps in each mirrors. Don't worry, my mind computer made it possible, just aske to stop time and put a tag in each process. The orange snake is intricately wrapped around my second chakra, and this snake was biting its own tail. How could I entangle it? Yes, I will try a new way. I tickled the orange snake. As hard as it was to believe, the orange snake was terrible shy of tickling. It stopped squeezing, haha, tried to ran away behind the Medusa, like a small child. I circled it before it reached to Medusa. I tagged it. I had learnt through fighting this Medusa organization if I fought against them forcefully, they will either persist even more stubbornly, or recede into the depths of the subconscious and hide.

Then, I found a inner child in my second chakra. She was squeezed by the orange snake for a long time. Her body had marks of being strangled by the snake and she didn’t move at all. Was she alive? I projected energy and held her. I washed her with energy from the universe and the centre of the earth. She opened her eyes. Hello! We talked for a while. She was holding complexes I swallowed since I was very small. I thanked her and clearly told her that she didn’t need to do anymore. I asked her to come with me. She smiled. I circled her. I stopped time again.

A blue snake was about to bite my soul. I grabbed it and pulled it out. I circle it and threw it to the Medusa. It made a small gap in the Medusa women. I cut her head off. Then I put together, a head, body and two snakes.

My mind computer had already showed the time line. I would use the time slam technique. I threw them on the past and future walls together with the black blockages which were my accumulated negative feelings such as envy, desire, jealousy, rage and greed displayed on the timeline. After several bangs, they shattered and grounded itself in the centre of the earth. Thousands of angels were transformed. I was relieved to be able to feel their happy vibrations through my breathing. They flew up to Logos and dive into it. A dazzling light swirled around and created a powerful tornado. The sea water blew up high into space and turned into beautiful light flakes. They poured all at once into the Antahkarana. The bottom of the sea appeared. It was a brilliant crystal Logos and there was a glimmering fountain in the middle.

I tagged it. I would return the next step to find a controller tomorrow. I felt great, but my legs were completely numbed. I fell into sleep.

I will send Part 3 soon.

Love and Light

On 3. 3. 2023, at 15:45, Swami Satchidanand <> wrote:

Hi Yuko,

Your meditation looks good with good results.

Continue cleaning the antahkarana to infinity.

Remember, fusion with the soul after removing subpersonalities is the First Dan.

Later you can fuse with Monad, Logos, Sirius, Avatar of Synthesis and higher.

There is no standing still.

There is only rising.

Or falling...

We are in Rosario Argentina and busy.

Here is our latest video with english transcript...

Devi Dhyani on Sacred Pink Floyd - Part 2
I’ve been mad for fucking years. Because he is dissociated.


Mar 1
Transcript of How Devi Dhyani made Pink Floyd Sacred - Part 2 - Incredible talk with Satchidanand


Sacred Dance by Devi Dhyani Sacred Pink Floyd Part 2

Video of How Devi Dhyani made Pink Floyd Sacred - Part 2 - Incredible talk with Satchidanand



Yuko Sato Report Feb 16 Lipstick 3

In this Ninth Report - Lipstick 3 - is the Yuko Sato Experience of Sitting in Sirius Chakra - I got the white messages in white voice, perhaps which was not voice, maybe telepathy, in the morning. I wrote them down immediately.

In a past life the Bloody Red Witch said to the woman with henna tattoos on her hands, “This lipstick contains poison to kill your enemy and to implant your Energy Blockage grudge Demon which could curse her for a long long time, many lifetimes, as Karma. Use it to fulfill your wish. Then, you must work for us - the Red Witch Satanic Organisation”


I sensed that I was poisoned by this lipstick. I saw the scene I was dying slowly by poison and this long-standing grudge.

This is the meaning of the Red Lipstick...

So, I asked, “How can I defeat the Satanic Bloody Red Witch Organisation on this planet?” She answered “Pick up cards of visions and read the answer by yourself.” I said “Thank you.”

It was an interesting result. How to defeat the Satanic Bloody Red Witch Society is by being the Hermit of the Tarot, Meditation!!

And this is what I want to pass on to you too, oh observer. You will not defeat the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires only by information.

You too need to learn and practise the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course. There are so many fires on this Planet and everyone is going around trying to put them out with petrol instead of water.

Remove the Demons. Remove the Karma. Come back to that clean white sheet again.

Restore the Planet...

Only with the the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course... 

Energy Enhancement Video Course and Video Site

Against Satanism and the Against Satanism Video Site



This is the story of Yuko Sato who came to see us for the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in 2004 whilst we were teaching in Escala a small coastal village in the sight of the Pyrrenees just north of Barcelona.

So far there are eight experiences of meditation, this is the ninth.

Yuko Sato does the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in Spain 2004


Yuko Sato First Report - Energy Enhancement Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, and the Removal of Addictions in herself and in Others by Energy Enhancement Spiritual Healing.,Yuko-Sato-report.htm

Yuko Sato Second Report -  Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, and the Removal of Addictions in herself and in Others by Energy Enhancement Spiritual Healing[[firstname]],Yuko-Sato-Energy-Enhancement-Meditation-Course-Report-on-the-Opening-of-the-Third-Eye-the-Removal-of-Blockages-2.htm

Yuko Sato Third Report - Energy Enhancement Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, and the Removal of Addictions in herself and in Others by Energy Enhancement Spiritual Healing.


Yuko Sato Fourth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, Karma Clearing Process and the access to the chakras above the head, the Soul Chakra

Yuko Sato Fifth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Succubus Sexual Addiction Implant Blockage and the Karma Cleaning Process


Yuko Sato Sixth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family


Yuko Sato Seventh Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family

Yuko Sato Eighth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon,  Removing the Subpersonalities and Mastering Relationships with the Family

Yuko Sato Ninth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on Sitting in Sirius Chakra, the Red Lipstick, and Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon's Satanic Organisation

Yuko Sato Tenth Report -  Cleaning the Logos - The Third Chakra Above the Head in the Antahkarana.

"At the end of the assembly, a woman was approaching me. She introduced herself as a friend of my great-grandmother who had the same dagger I had. She was not here today, but she would come for practice sometimes. I lost my words and my intuition told me I should shut my mouth. I met my great-grandmother in meditation two years ago. She ordered me to learn the great spirit of the Samurai.

Because I was totally pathetic when I left my previous marriage.

Then, I came across Kendo. After I started practising Kendo, she disappeared." - Yuko




"The golden angel who helped me to ground the controller said that they started to design the path to the Avatar of Synthesis. Because the Avatar of Synthesis was a really powerful being, the Will of God.

So, I need to create strong golden spiral steps to reach there. It would be difficult, not straightforward and it would take time. After removing a certain amount of half transparency, and camouflage blockages, the golden angels would build it with golden dust step by step." - Yuko

Everyone is Already the victim of these Implant Addiction Energy Blockages.



Here is one of our Students Yuko Sato working with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Advanced Meditational techniques using the Kundalini Kriyas, Achemical VITRIOL, and the Taoist Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi to increase her Spiritual Energy, Open the Third Eye to see Energy Blockages on the Astral Plane and by Using the Seven Step Process and Merkaba Psychic Protection remove Energy Blockages and implant addiction blockages from the Psychic Body and All of her Past Lifetimes.

The Astral Plane is a Psychic Plane of Virtual Reality which is viewed through our cultural lenses. As Sosan the third Zen Patriarch says, "They Know!" and our students are not beginners, they have many lifetimes of experience navigating the Astral Plane. Many Times my students teach me!

Many times we get help on the Astral Plane from Spiritual Teachers and Angels as we remove our Traumatic experiences so our messy history painting can become a clean white sheet..

"This afternoon, I invited my ex-husband and my daughter for Sushi brunch at my place. I was amazed at how much I was calm and relaxed this time.

Because I had removed huge blockages from both my ex-husband and myself from our throat chakras I also seemed to have removed my self-importance. Also, because I had removed blockages from my past and future timelines on which my daughter was there I was able to have a  relaxed conversation with my teenage daughter!

I was Impeccable!

Any of their negative attitudes didn’t affect my mood at all. They were quite the same as always, for instance, my ex-husband often used his iPhone and my daughter sometimes didn’t reply to me.

I had just changed somehow by using Energy Enhancement Meditation.

I could see the situation above, objectively from a different perspective without the trauma from previous memories. I focused on their presence when I enjoyed making Sushi for them and spending time with them. I stopped thinking about myself and why they did such things.

It was pretty good."  And now in this 8th episode, "Yesterday, my kendo teacher said to me, I have a great spirit in fighting recently. It surprised me. And my daughter started learning Kendo with me. I had a great talk with her after the Kendo lesson yesterday. Finally it made me so happy. Meditation lead me to the new direction."

Utilising the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step Process to remove energy blockages and the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Karma Cleaning Process Yuko has cleaned her Antahkarana, all her previous lives and made contact with the Buddha Maitreya and his monks living in the chakras above the head whose aim is to help all meditators who come to them.


The next morning, I meditated about the lipstick which the Bloody Red Witch Queen put on. I received your email which reminded me of it at the same time.

I will write it later.

Love and light



Hi Satchi,

I had an amazing experience this morning.

I must tell you because God told me to do so. Wow….

First of all, thank you for your advice. I acknowledge indebtedness to it. I would like to utilise it fully and effectively, so I might make a checklist! I like ticking each task.

I will review the most prodigious experience I’ve ever had.

Last night, before I went to bed, I meditated. I was tired after Kendo's lesson and it was 23:00 already. I made protections and put myself in a Merkaba.

The use of Energy Enhancement Techniques in Removing Blockages during Sitting Meditation, Shikantaza, just sitting, really speeds up the process of finding and removing blockages.

So, use the techniques of Energy Enhancement to Speed Up! the Traditional sitting process.

Sit a little, every day.

Yes! I think I did this Shikantaza meditation. I went up to Sirius chakra and just sat there. I focused on receiving energy from above and from the centre of the earth. I breathed powerfully and I felt energy go up and down dynamically through all my chakras. I closed my third eye. I was there for a while and I decided to sleep in Sirius chakra.

So, her controller lived in the Sirius chakra. Is it possible?
Alice Bailey talks of the Black Lodge on Sirius.

Is there the White Lodge on Sirius? - Of course, that is where the Christ and Swami Satchidananda live with their white shining auras, blessing all humanity who respond to their Love! -

Because during the night, I remembered awakening twice and I received very white messages. I didn’t have any dreams, but I remembered everything was white, like the room in Matrix movie. Do you know what I mean? Then, I got the white messages in white voice, perhaps which was not voice, maybe telepathy, in the morning. I wrote them down immediately.

1. Be full of determination to follow your teachers, Follow Satchi. Follow Jindra. (Jindra is my Kendo teacher’s name.) - I saw your face with glowing white light, it was very bright.
2. Connect to Sirius, then you don’t have disturbed dreams. Your doubts allow enemies to disturb your dreams. Control your dream. Because this is a communication tool.
3. Be strong and take charge of yourself
4. Everything is what you created in your mind. Be certain.
5. You are a storyteller. Tell your story.

I had a cup of strong coffee and sat in front of the rising sun covered by a thin layer of clouds like mist in the morning. It was very unusual light coming through. It was a mysterious and awe-inspiring soft light. Then, I received your email and read it.

Have you done this? Clearing the Antahkarana in 7 steps.
As you seven step the space and the chakras, any blockages there will become visible to ground.
1. Circle in white light from Sahasrara to the Soul and 7step.
2. Circle in white light from Soul to monad and 7step.
3. Circle in white light from monad to logos and 7step.
4. Circle in white light from logos to sirius and 7step.
5. Circle in white light from sirius to avatar of synthesis and 7step.
6. Circle in white light from avatar of synthesis to one million chakras above the head and 7step.
7. Circle in white light from one million chakras above the head to an infinity of chakras above the head and 7step.

So, I determined to clean my Antahkarana. I sat and crossed my legs. I fitted in the right posture immediately. I didn’t feel my legs which were buried underground. I felt I was a part of the earth.
Before you start to remove a blockage use one of the protections around yourself.. whichever you like and works best for you. Columns, pyramid, merkaba. Personally, I now like the extended protection I call the Construct

The Construct.
Create a pyramid protection with infinite golden spheres around it. Compress the infinite spheres to the thinness of a razor blade. Then create an infinity of infinite golden spheres and compress these also. Count them up as the columns of Protection, the power Towers Initiation of Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 1. Charge it with energy. This is your new crucible which you can clone. The Construct.

I created the Construct. It took a quite long time to charge with energy.

1. Circle in white light from Sahasrara to the Soul and 7step.
I found a blockage underneath the Soul chakra. I removed it carefully. I cut the bottom and above and sent energy up and down. I applied 7 step. I saw beautifully dressed women as minions and AGAIN! I saw a different red witch as a Black Magician! There was a string, an energy cord, to Sirius. I found a small bit of controller in Sirius chakra. I circled it and cut the bottom and above, and sent energy through the brow and heart chakra. Then, I saw a vision.

The woman was walking to the woods. At long last! The vines of her jealousy have spread and multiplied, growing rapidly over the woods, where flowers were blooming at night. I could see the palace over the hill under the crescent moon. She wore a long mantle and I could see henna tattoos on her hands which were holding a lamp.

It told me that she lived in harem. She entered into a stone house after a harrowing journey. In there, a Bloody Red Witch sat at the heavy wooden table. In front of 3 big old candles, the Bloody Red Witch shuffled cards.

The henna tatoo woman passed a small drawstring pouch which was red with delicate embroidery. The Bloody Red Witch drew cards and spread them on the wooden table. She read them. The henna tattoo woman was listening to her reading and nodded to her.

The Bloody Red Witch passed a lipstick to the henna tattoo woman. She bore a deep-rooted grudge against the woman who was in Enperor’s favour - ME! I could see a flame of resentment in her.

The Bloody Red Witch said to her, “This lipstick contains poison to kill your enemy and to implant your grudge - an Energy Blockage Demon created by Ritual - which could curse her for a long long time as Karma. Use it to fulfill your evil dream. Then, you must work for us.”

I sensed that I was poisoned by this lipstick. I saw the scene I was dying slowly by poison and this long-standing grudge.


I stopped time. I circled both of them and the lipstick.

Put the construct around any blockage and it will immediately help the grounding process, automatically starting the grounding process.
Yes, I placed the constructs around.

We have found through experience that all of the seven steps need to be grounded thoroughly. Rather than using a hospital, now we ground each of the seven steps thoroughly ourselves..

I lined up all circled blockages in all 7 steps horizontally. There were 3 sources, the blockage from my soul chakra, the woman and the Satanic Bloody Red Witch in the vision. I double-checked whether I had done 7 step for these three. OK, checked, I did it thoroughly.

Otherwise they can re-attack!!

The blockage, the group of minions, the Black Magicians, the 4th level to infinity.

All supports to the Blockage have to go!!
There was an enormous space full of blockages. I absolutely determined to burn all blockages and imagined all purified.

2. Place a construct around each of the seven steps and use the techniques to ground each of the seven steps. As you ground using light from the third eye and heart to provoke the grounding. As you ground using the time slam and compression to increase the energy density to provoke the grounding. See the negative karmic mass going down to be burnt up. See the released Angels going up to be incorporated into your psychic body.

I cloned constructs and placed them around these blockages on the edge of infinity which I could not see. Then, I created an atomic bomb with anti-protection for blockages. I dropped it.

Another method is the ground the seven steps all at once!
See your blockage on a horizontal line. As you 7step it see the seven steps as seven lumps to the right of the blockage on the line. After you have shocked and encapsulated them all. All in their little constructs - I put the 7 of them along a horizontal line - you can ground them all at the same time using the time slam or other techniques - it is good to vary techniques, vary the attack, one at a time or all at once. Put the construct around any blockage and it will immediately help the grounding process. Just do a thorough job.

I tried this method using an atomic bomb with anti-protection. Because I didn’t use the time line in this meditation. When I asked my mind computer to show the Karmic mass in the time line, I use the time slam technique.

I observed until it turned full of angels. Especially, two strong beautiful angels released. They looked at me with smiling faces.

At the center of every blockage is a trapped angel.
Release the angel and it will be glad to augment, join, your spiritual body, one of the infinity of chakras, to make it bigger, stronger, more talented, more evolved.

So, I asked them a question. I knew from my experience, an indirect question brings an obscure answer. A direct question brings a concrete answer. So, I asked, “How can I defeat the Satanic Bloody Red Witch organisation on this Planet?”

She answered “Pick up cards of visions and read the answer by yourself.” I said “Thank you.” The Angels smiled and said, “I am curious about your card reading, so I will join your spiritual body to see the result."

I opened my eyes. I have the Prisma Visions Tarot Cards which were given to me on my birthday. I became hooked on learning tarot reading for a year. But I did not feel like picking cards this year. I prepared the deck, sorted out the Fool which is the card of 0 and purified it by the smoke of sage and sunlight on January 1. Then, I put it inside my desk until now.

As the white message I receive in this morning, I must be certain what I would ask and how many shuffles to give. I wrote down all in my notebook.

Bloody Red Witch Society poisoned me by red lipstick. Then, they cursed me with an Implant Energy Blockage Demon created by Satanic Ritual - a long-standing karma grudge. Tell me my past life related to the lipstick.

I will reverse three cards before shuffling.
I will shuffle 3 times.
I will divide into three piles by one by one.
Finally, I will shuffle 33 times.

Then, I drew 11 cards as the past life spread.

This is the result.


Childhood: Queen of Wands
Upright Meaning-Charisma-Radiating Energy-Inspirational
The Queen of Wands represents a confident, enthusiastic woman with great inner strength and courage. In this card, the Queen directs her energy so that she dances gracefully atop the geyser of fire. She manifests a shimmering white flower in her wholesome joy and the flame wraps around her alluringly, rejoicing in her rapturous existence. In my past life, I had a great childhood. It made me happy.

Family Life: I. The Magician
Upright Meaning-Bold-Self-Determined-Skilled
A giant of a man stands and manipulates a figure between his fingers. His translucent silhouette and enormous moon ruling the background suggest the realm of the inner landscape. It is obvious that I was born of the Magician’s family.

Relationship: IV. The Emperor
Upright Meaning-Power-Focused Growth-Influential
When you exude the Emperor’s energy, you might naturally fall into a position of power. So, I had a relationship with the Emperor as I see my vision. The Emperor is God!

Obstacles: VII. The Chariot
Upright Meaning-Will Power-Self Assured-Confidence Moving Forward
The Chariot as a car roars down the road, headlights blazing. Even in the midst of a heavy midnight downpour a bird leaps into flight off its hood, jubilant in its path to victory. The Chariot overcomes every obstacle. In my past life, I found myself a victor. I have every right to be proud of my accomplishments.


5. Achievement: Queen of Swords,
Upright Meaning-Intelligence-Truth-Mental Clarity
Queen of Swords, quick minded, chatty, organised with a tendency to be self-critical. The Queen has bound the beast’s beak, concealing its cruel, gnashing teeth. Her crown is made of feathers and her skirt is lined by swords, indicating the supple power of the blade the it is used astutely. This is me! In my past life, I no longer have the excuse of in experience, ignorance, or even fear.


6. Spirituality: Two of Wands
Upright Meaning-Planning-Looking Ahead-Clear Mind
A woman stands on the opposite side of the river, looking at the the crescent moon. She is holding a wand in her hand and one in her satchel. The wands resemble an open gate, drawing the potent energy inward toward her heart. This card is very similar to the vision I saw in my meditation. The henna tattoo woman wore a mantle and holding a lamp instead of a wand. There was the crescent moon and colour of the sky was alike.

7. Death: Five of Wands
Upright Meaning-Conflict-Tension-Compromise
This card explained that in my this past life, I had five enemies and I was killed.

8. Lessons Learned: 0.The Fool
Upright Meaning-New Beginning-Spontaneity-Leap of Faith
A pelican is perched upon an ocean post, illuminated by a waning crescent moon. He piercingly regards a sodden lone wolf, cast among the waves, paddling through unfamiliar territory. Hoping for an easy dinner, he has foolishly swum out beyond the cautious trappings of his solid world. Gazing up at the stoic pelican, the wolf realises he has departed on a journey that could easily result in his own demise. That is my current life. But I learnt EE technique to remove blockages. The Fool is your Soul, Only with connection to the Soul can anyone succeed!

9. Karma: III.Empress
Upright Meaning-Nurturing-Giving-Connection with Earth
A woman rises above a field, arms flung wide, receiving and reflecting the raw energy of the natural world. The Empress is a subtle ruler and she is Gaia, Mother Earth, Queen of fertility and womanhood. Crowned by stars she pervades the abundance of life and creation. My Karma is connect back to Mother Nature, back to Kundalini Chakra in the center of the Earth which alone can ground the deepest Karma..


10. Past life Purpose: VI. The Lover
Upright Meaning-Partnership-Individualism-Blossoming Relationship
In my past life, I lived for love.

11. Current Life Takeaway: IX. The Hermit
Upright Meaning-Searching Within-Solitude-Self Exploration
This card shows that the reason why I am meditating. The Hermit stands on a bridge overlooking a stream. The moon, ruler of the subconscious rises full behind him. With a lucidity born of silence he looks within. Current situation of myself, relationships with others are essential, but before we can communicate with others we must be able to communicate with ourselves. Communicate along the Antahkarana with Higher Chakras, with my Soul, with Sirius Chakra, with God! Search within myself for answers, and I may be surprised by what I find.

Yuko Sato Ninth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on Sitting in Sirius Chakra, the Red Lipstick, and Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon's Satanic Organisation


It was an interesting result. How to defeat the Bloody Red Witch society is by being the Hermit, Meditation!!

Now I will meditate and go back to the stage for 2. Circle in white light from Soul to monad and 7step to keep cleaning my Antahkarana.

Thank you for your great help.
Love and Light


Swami Satchidanand, Feb 16
Hi Yuko,

I read your email.

It was very moving.

I was always intending to create a book out of your experiences.

I am up to 8 chapters already!

It seems that God wants your story to be told.

I am sure that you have many chapters to follow.

It is up to us and to God to give this book it's best chance of success!

Also, I am very grateful to God and to you for being there, doing what you do, not giving in!

Especially to God for noticing our humble efforts to help his great wish.

My dream is that Energy Enhancement Meditation will be effective in helping humanity to avoid, "The pain which is about to come" - Patanjali - and become Enlightened.

"Not my will, but thy Will be done!"

Very grateful!


I was enjoying this I found last time we visited India










Nick K Progress and gratitude
Sat, Feb 13, 2021, 10:04 AM
to sol

Hi Swami, Devi, Ganesha

I'm just messaging to first say thankyou to all of you! And to give an update of my progress. I'm a month in to the course now and continue to experience profound results.

I have been doing the yoga DVD every other day and this has brought a great self awareness to my bodily condition. I'm starting to open up, my squashed spine is being freed! Some of the energy surges have been immense. I'm becoming more aware of just how many of the various pains in my body all stem from base Chakra blockages. I never knew just how much I was holding in there until now.

During a meditation last week my attention went to my solar plex and I visualised a bright golden light but surrounded by snake, twisted up in a knot. A few days later a severe blockage manifested around the solar plex and there were some bad energies surrounding me/emanating from me etc. Enough to send everybody near me into strange moods, directing the energy at me and sending any nearby technology into disarray!

I've experienced this before but never so profoundly. I have been directing energy through the solar plex, using the heart sutra morning and night, Energy Enhancement Meditation and all the tools so far picked up on the Energy Enhancement course and I'm now feeling a flow of energy through the solarplex I haven't felt before! I havent cleared the blockage completely and some has moved up to the neck and shoulder, but I'm confident that once I enter level 2 I will be able to deal with these.

Regular psychic occurences; had an incubus in a dream (occured during the profound solarplex blockage), received an email from you guys following day RE. psychic attack! Then was contemplating yesterday regarding the fact we are entering a new renaissance (energy awareness, psychic abilities etc.) and then receive an email from you the following day, the title of which is the new renaissance!!

Its funny, I've had these sort of things my whole life but currently my days are so full of them they've become more my reality than a mere interesting 'synchronicities'. I see the interwoven nature of things, the feeling of oneness has become extremely tangible. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy!! I feel more in touch with GOD than ever before and have a wonderful sense of hope, inner joy, strength, courage and all that good stuff!

The blockages still come back, I get the occasional day where helicopters and planes seem to surround me which I've always found a bit odd, attack helicopters in pairs etc. Even had a chinook hanging about over the top of the house the other day, I put up the merkaba or a golden pyramid but it can be energy zapping as they just come back. I'm sure there's something deeper within me linking to these and once I clear out the inner it should deal with all that. The two certainly go hand in hand - Big blockage when I wake, lots of flying things in the day!

Anyway I'm waffling on so will leave it there but Blessings and thanks to all of you for your very being and I look forward to going through level 2 very soon! Off to do your Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 0 yoga DVD now!

Best Regards

Hi Nick,

Here's a student, Yuko.

We go to India April, May and June.

Read and get back to me...

My substack has a lot of good stuff...

Nick K
Mar 4, 2023, 3:03 PM (4 days ago)
to me

Hi Swami
Pretty amazing really! Especially now I am hearing from you!
I have been thinking about you for the last few days actually. Feeling lots of love and gratitude and really happy you have contacted me.

The timing couldn't be more significant but I'm sure you probably know that. Something in my being seems to have shifted, lots of revelations, letting go and clarity on the nature of Self, the changeability of it all, the powers that work on us and through us, and many other things where language fails me!

I got pulled back into a religious/conservative christian frame of mind for some time and really went quite a long way down that road. Guilt, repentence, forgiveness etc. Possibly something I needed to go through on the Journey (a little bit of the monastic path) certainly a lot learned and observed.

I've been drawn to visit lots of energy centers in England recently. Every week I end up at one. It feels to me again as if something is happening, an outpouring of knowledge. The recent Jupiter Venus conjunction seems to have had a powerful affect also. My wife and I have made lots of progress in our relationship which I feel is a major challenge we have been given to overcome in this life.

I am still aware that my Astral rerquires some healing, there were a lot of internal issues over the last year to do with the liver, the kidneys and the gut. I had been doing everything quite well on the physical plane with organic good quality diets etc, but these things still manifested so I feel something obviously on the emotional level needed resolving and beyond this there are clearly some Astral things to work on.

I have become aware of having quite a lot of power, both in the way of 'manifestations', in physical reality and in the energetic realm and in the way of imagination etc. Are you able to speak to this? I'm not looking for an ego boost but more for a sober appraisal of what actually is the case. If theres something there it seems to me that I should up my game, channel my energies and focus into using that power and developing the spiritual gifts I may have.

I hope you are well and enjoying life. Are you still in South America? How have the travel restrictions affected the students able to visit you?


Yes, the progressive stages of the Opening of the Heart.

The Removal of Karma..

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Nick K
Tue, Mar 7, 6:11 PM
to me

Wow I feel for Yuko, I hope she overcomes all of that.

I can relate with the sub-personalities. I had that happen with everybody around me. I used to work with my parents and it got to the point where they were being used all of the time, it got so much that I could actually predict the sub-personality I was going to get that day and the tactics they were going to use to attack me. I could always feel the particular energy.

Very sad to see when it's your parents. It broke my heart at the time and when it came time to leave it was hard to cut the cords but it was the best thing I did, I have been using Energy Enhancement Meditation to clear the blockages and subpersonalities created by this difficult time. Its working great too, sending love and light to them and clearing memory loops etc.

The same happened with friends and relatives to the point I decided to separate myself completely to do the work. Just the act of doing that made the entities back off, now friends and relatives are more encouraging, helpful etc. But I am wise enough now to know that these entities will back off and lure with the carrot!! Lots of subtlety involved also.

Funny though how quickly one loses sight of things when immersed in other peoples energies. That's one area where elements of what I supposed to be Christianity weren't good for me, one can try to be too MEEK and PASSIVE!

I have come to understand the importance on the development of personal WILL, taking the spiritual quest into the material world and making things happen, becoming an active force for light. There's too much to say on the matter I'll end up waffling more than I have already. The last decades been wheels within wheels but suffice it to say God has really looked after me!

Love n light


We go again to India April - June 2023!














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Kerala and Ayurveda

Taj Mahal

Energy blockages are innumerable.
Let us vow to end them all!!!!!
Zen Vow

Take good care of yourself and Devi
I attach the photo of the handwriting Heart Sutra in calligraphy by my mother. I am thinking to do the same. I am trained to handwriting in Calligraphy. It will protect you from evil spirits.

Love and light


The easy blockages go first. The big blockages have more energy to hide!

Blockages are endless
Let us vow to end them all!
Zen vow

Great Vows for All
However innumerable all beings are,
We vow to enlighten them all;
However inexhaustible our Energy Blockages are,
We vow to end them all;
However immeasurable the Dharma Teachings are;
We vow to master them all;
However endless the Buddha's Way is,
We vow to follow it.
May you find Love, Light and Realization


Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .
Dearest Satchi and Devi,
















It has been almost five months since I said good-bye in the airport in Crete. There are several bits of writing that I owe you and that will come your way eventually. I am in transition between my touring job and my theatre camp. Now that I am done with the tour I have had a few minutes to reflect on what I brought away with me from Greece. (Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.)

When I went looking for an intensive yoga or dance training program one year ago I hoped that I would be able to direct my life down a more positive path, learn to focus my emotions in a positive way, learn to use my empathy as a tool and not as a crutch, improve my physical health, and refine my yoga teaching skills.

I accomplished all of those things with you! While I feel a little half baked on some points I can safely say that the test drive of 5 months on the road has proved the difference in my interaction with the world.

I can only imagine that, had I been able to spend the entire 9 months with you this year I would feel even more solid in the skills I have learned. When I decided to fly half way around the world to study for 9 months with people I had never met before, or even talked to on the phone, my friends said I was a little crazy but encouraged me to follow my heart. (Thank goodness I have open-minded friends.)

My gut instinct told me that you were both good people and that you would help me with my goals. Here is my advice to anyone who is unsure if it is wise to fly half way around the world to join you:


You are two of the most compassionate and supportive people I know. You challenged me exactly the way I needed to be challenged.

When I look back on my time with you I often tell people that I flew half way around the world to be with my parents.

While I mean this factiously because of your similarities to my parents in your effect on me I also mean that.....

You stirred as much change in me as someone a close as a parent can.

So, back to what I walked away with. From 3 months I took a deeper understanding of most aspects of yoga, the knowledge that I can now offer my students a greater range of exercises and a more complete picture of yoga.

Many physical and spiritual techniques for keeping my mind, body and spirit in alignment, a feel for reiki, and, most importantly, all of the things I hoped I would take away.

To begin on a more superficial level, physically I lost some weight, gain muscle mass, strengthened my lungs and straightened my back.

These changes are still evident 5 months later, despite my job prohibiting me from eating as well or getting as much movement as I would like.

My friends all tell me that I have bloomed, that I seem more confident and that I look healthier. I feel healthier and I feel good about the way that I look. I am not in as good of shape as I was when I left you but I still can feel the benefits of my time with you.

Now, on a deeper level, I have gone through some difficult times this spring and found that I am more emotionally quipped to handle them then ever. As you know, I am prone to tears and can let small things overwhelm me at times.

While I was still studying with you I knew that I was shaking the foundation of those behaviours but, since they were rearing their ugly heads in the shaking, they didn't seem to be vanishing.

They are still with me but have diminished into something that I can notice and deal with well before they get out of control.

During this tour I had a large angry man scream in my face, a member of my cast tell me that he didn't feel I was capable of being his boss and many a little frustration that would have sent me into the depths of a panic attack or other emotional tumult if it had happened a year ago.

While I did go through a period of depression about a month ago I also discovered that I truly have the skills to control my own mental health. When the mirror was slammed up to my face to make me realize that I was descending into an emotionally unhealthy space I took a step back, renewed my meditation practices, put up a circle of protection, practiced yoga, did self-reiki and remembered to breathe every day.

Almost like magic I was back to feeling healthy, confident and together.

The best part about this experience was that it showed me that the training I received from you can both be a preventative and a Band-Aid.

If I practice regularly I feel great.

If I don't make the time to do that and I start to feel a little out of sorts, a short meditation session can generally put me back on the right track. While I would never want to trade my ability to cry when I need to, it really does do wonders for my stress relief, I am thrilled to announce that I haven't had a moment of even the desire to cry for 3 weeks! I have to wrap this up as duty calls.

I just want to emphasize that my goals for my training with your, despite it being shorter than expected, were met. I know that there is more work to be done but I am thrilled with the results.

I am in the process of putting together the next year for myself. Where will you be January through May?

Much love, light and learning,

Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .


For an Energy Enhancement Example, one beautiful young lady came on the Energy Enhancement Course with relationship and stress problems. From the age of 16, from her first period she had felt intense pain in the abdomen during that and every period since for many days. She went white with the pain and nothing had been able to diminish the problem days every month so all she did was go to bed for a few days and dosed herself with the most powerful analgesics, pain killers, she could find. Now the abdomen is Swadhisthan Chakra, the relationship chakra and a pain there points out energy blockages in the abdomen which probably came from implants or painful relationship partings, death, bereavement and painful breaking ups like divorce in this and in previous lifetimes.

Because of these traumatic memories fulminating in the abdominal psyche it is not possible to have a perfectly good relationship with anyone, they need to forgive you so many bad ways of acting, so much so that after a few painful tries at a normal relationship with prospective husbands she had decided to try out lesbianism. I told her that she would have no better luck with lesbianism because if your relationship chakra is blocked, it is not possible to have perfectly good relationships with anyone.

And stress was there in her life which was seriously affecting her work. Because the pain caused blockages were filling up her abdomen, she had no room for storing more pain and stress, so she just could not deal with it and it was becoming more and more of a problem with each passing year.. Further, because of the pain inside of the abdomen sometimes people do not want to go close to that pain. They do not want to move the abdomen at all because it disturbs the pain. Therefore they do not breathe into the abdomen and this lack of correct breathing further reduces their energy and their ability to handle stress. Statistically 30% of all people are like this. Although we can learn to breathe into the abdomen, unless we remove the pain filled blockages the problems will persist.

So, knowing the above I went into the abdominal chakra; by pushing energy down the right and feeling no flow coming back along the left channel from the chakra I was able to locate three energy blockages there. Using the techniques of Energy Enhancement APPRENTICE LEVEL 2, The mastery of Energy Blockages, and APPRENTICE LEVEL 4, The Mastery of Relationships, I grounded, Transmuted and sent on the Perverted Negative Energy inside the three energy blockages and the living energies which were maintaining them, one by one with great concentration.

The results were that next period and for every period afterwards our client had no more pain. She later reported by email that she was going out with a nice boyfriend again and her resistance to stress was vastly improved, particularly using the techniques of Energy Enhancement which we taught her on the course. 
More Trauma Pain and Relationships? Click Here

Instead, We give you ENERGY and the ability to give that ENERGY to Others!!.



Now she is planning to get married to a nice young man. Problem solved!!

Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .
Dearest Satchi and Devi,


I was talking yesterday about the movie, Jupiter Ascending,

You can see the excerpted scenes here..


I was saying that in the movie one family owned the earth, there are thousands of planets, and thousands of Families of black magicians each owning a planet.

If we say that this family in the movie who own the earth called Abrasax are really the Abraxas demon then if they are people who learned to leave the body and live in private universes on the Astral plane, then these dark god black magicians vampirise the people of the Earth so they can live.

The only way to become free is to become enlightened, no energy blockages, fused with higher and higher chakras..

Strong enough to defeat any demon.

Strong enough to eventually live out of the body as an Angel.

This we are learning to do!


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Love and Light





















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Carl Jung says.. “There is no generally effective technique for assimilating the shadow. It is more like diplomacy or statesmanship and it is always an individual matter. First one has to accept and take seriously the existence of the shadow. Second, one has to become aware of its qualities and intentions. This happens through conscientious attention to moods, fantasies and impulses. Third, a long process of negotiation is unavoidable.” (Carl Jung)

As Jung notes in the passage above, he thought there is no general technique to integrate the shadow, even though the Buddha and Jesus Christ exemplified the Ancient Meditation Technology which is the only means for removing the Shadow. For thousands of years great souls have come to earth to demonstrate otherwise, that enlightenment is, "Tat tvam asi" Thou art that!! You are a part of the Universe and have nothing else to seek.

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Because the Shadow Subpersonalities are the Source, the Fount, of All Evil on this Planet.

The Shadow Subpersonalities are essentially Evil because they are cut off from the energies of God and thus from Good, because Only God is Good!!

Shadow Subpersonalities are virtual machines existing within the mind computer but with no access to God, "They are minds of metal and wheels" - Tolkien, with no access to genius because the geni etymologically, is the Soul.

Shadow Subpersonalities, cut off from the energies of God, can only live off the Soul infused Personality or the Essence within themselves or that Energy within other people.

Shadow Subpersonalities Vampirise the Energy of God and devise Evil schemes to get it.

Strategies, - the Strategies of the Vampire are all Attention Seeking schemes to Vampirise your Energy. The Poor Me Addictions, the Violator Bullying, the Selfish Competitive Black Star, the Sabotaging Self Destructor, are all Drama Queens - just a little Evil to destroy lives - Your Life, the Lives of your family, your City, and your Country.

You can see all these strategies busily at work in the people around you. You might even see them at work in yourself. Know that these strategies are even now turning you against the One Course which can Remove them.


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Most people are just a little evil, but over many lifetimes, as the number and power of Subpersonalities grow within you, so that the Demon on your left shoulder, debating with the Angel on your right shoulder becomes so powerful that you become more and more Evil.. Until you are entirely taken over by Evil.. Possessed by Evil, a Servant of Satan!!


You can see in the picture below that most people are controlled by Shadow Subpersonalities. As we remove All Subpersonality Energy Blockages and Fuse them with our Soul we understand - THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE SOUL INFUSED PERSONALITY, And that personality in the Enlightened Personality - it is very strong!

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These Evil Shadow Subpersonalities band together to take you over and repress the Soul infused Personality. They are then Evil psychopaths and this is bad enough.

But when these Evil Shadow taken over people band together into groups, Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires, Satanic Evil Religions, Bloodline Families and Bloodline Races, Secret Societies, Cartels, Banksters -


erforming Satanic Rituals - the SS Fascist Sodomy Rituals of the Yale University Skull and Bones Society and the 33rd Luciferian Freemason Degree and the Illuminati who become Illuminated by Sodomy- Human Sacrifice - Murder! The Burning of the images of children at Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Rituals in front of a 40ft statue of Molech attended by the elite of USA Society on how to repress further the soul infused personality - how to become even more Evil - then this is what and why I write in my Against Satanism series of Books - currently Eleven volumes available for FREE!! when you sign up for the newsletter at

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The New World Religion, defined by Satanic Ritual.


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Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over. Eventually a Satanist becomes King Emperor President. LGBTP - The Satanist Ritual Pillars of Homosexuality, Pederasty, Pedophilia, Drugs and Ritual Sodomy Sex - both Hetero and Homosexual - are introduced overtly as a prelude to Ritual Human Sacrifice and Ritual Baby Sacrifice. Christianity and Judaism - the bulwarks Against Satanism - are destroyed and then society destroyed through the fear of mandatory Ritual Human Sacrifice.

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The Ancient Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, International Companies, Eugenics.

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72 Empires have been recorded and every one of them has failed in the same way. The facts have been recorded that a totalitarian and satanic elite infil-traitored and took over all these Empires and that 72 once free, flourishing and rich republics were destroyed from within by Satanic Ritual - read Toynbee.

Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over. Eventually a Satanist becomes King Emperor President. LGBTP - The Satanist Ritual Pillars of Homosexuality, Pederasty, Drugs and Ritual Sodomy Sex - both Hetero and Homosexual - are introduced overtly as a prelude to Ritual Human Sacrifice. Christianity and Judaism - the bulwarks Against Satanism - are destroyed and then society destroyed through the fear of mandatory Ritual Human Sacrifice.

The Ancient Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, Facebook, Twitter, International Companies, Vatican, Transhumanism, CRISPR Androids, Eugenics..

The key is that the Satanic Religion and is current recruiting cults of 33rd Degree Sodomy Ritual Freemasonry and the Crowlean Sexual Sodomy Ritual OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis - are Fake Gangs, created by men as a 10,000 years old technique to create psychopathic leaders and their minions AND THIR BIG PHARMAS, THEIR GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS, THEIR UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS, THE NAZI DOCTORS, THEIR KINGS, THEIR PRESIDENTS, and thus conquer the world.

All Rituals, Religions, Education, Secret Services and Political Movements have been scientifically Engineered to create Fake Gangs for 10,000 years. It's what the old Roman Empire, The Babylonian Empire of Satanic Nimrod, and the Cult of Apollo and the Byzantine Empire did before.

As you know, every Gang has Blackmail Rituals before you can join. Making your Bones with the Mafia means you must murder someone before you can join. Drug Cartels like MS13, secret groups within the Masons, the Hellfire Club, all have their Video'd Epstein Pedophile and Human Sacrifice Rituals before you can progress.

Epstein did not kill himself. He videoed Scientists from MIT and Harvard, Oligarchs, Politicians etc, Pedophiling young girls then Blackmailed them into doing the work of his Trillionaire sponsors - MKULTRA, Transhumanism, CRISPR Androids. As their willing victims are given access to stealing higher quantities of money, so they must go to the next level of Ritual. First it is 15 year old girls who look 25. Then it's 12 year olds, 5 year olds, and then its the murder of children, babies!

All to create a Satanic Society of Total Control through Perverted Sex, Human Sacrifice, poverty, lack of education, poison in the air, water and food, poisonous vaccines, the fentanyl and opioid prescriptions epidemic by Psychopathic Nazi Doctors who get 40% of their salaries from drug and vaccine commissions. Lack of infrastructure, education and Total Control of the Media, Twitter, Fookcbook and Google.

All of them Censoring Worldwide, Advanced Meditation techniques - Alchemical VITRIOL, the Kundalini Key and Energy Blockage Removal from every Meditation Program.. EXCEPT ENERGY ENHANCEMENT!!

The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society JFK (27 April 1961)

The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings… For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

JFK (27 April 1961)

What We See when we Remove an Energy Blockage is the Secret of Infinite Energy, Secret of Eternal Life, the Secret of Immortality. Energy Blockages are Satanic being connected directly to the people, BM's who made them to vampirise your energy back to them along energy cords, and it is this we see directly with our Energy Enhancement Powered Third Eyes when we transmute and remove the blockages with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step Process.. 

Energy Blockages do not exist alone, they are part of a network of evil, a network of control, which is designed not to allow people to understand the nature of that control, the purpose of that control, so as to maintain that control and the flow of energy - stolen from all human beings - to allow an elite of Black magicians, Sorcerers, Enchanters, Warlocks, Witches, Necromancers, Devils, Dark Gods... to live forever, Immortally, in private Universes, outside the body and then to download into a body from time to time, to maintain their Plantation, their Farm, their Property, to maintain the flow of stolen spiritual energy to them from every human being on this planet - Eternally.

This is why I wrote Eleven Volumes of Against Satanism..
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In order to remove blockages using the Level 2 Seven Step Process, Internally, we teach you how to Ground every trace of Satanic Energy which makes you sick, which perverts, which degenerates!

Externally we see the effect of Satanic Energy Blockages and their creators, on the World.. This is why I wrote Eleven volumes of Against Satanism..