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The Family, Cultural Conditioning, and Inherited Belief Systems


I have included the process of Cultural Conditioning and Inherited Belief System as part of the base chakra attributes because "the Tribe" (important influences in childhood) can be defined as that which we are born into without any conscious choice. This corresponds to the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sefirah of Shekhinah (Creation) - acknowledgment of entering the Tribe - and all the difficult issues and life experiences that arise from this beginning. Issues such as;

In brief, we inherit deeply ingrained attitudes, opinions, and behaviour patterns from the influences of our childhood, adolescence, and other strong and influential relationships - partners, employers, friends, mentors, leaders. These "life-programs" enter our system when we are very open and vunerable, and are then actively run in our chakras and this produces our overall behaviour and responses to life. Some programs, although dormant in childhood, become activated later on in life especially in times of change like the adolescent stage, and this is when we experience their influence upon our total system. Programs can be beneficial and harmonious or detrimental and conflicting. The negative programs lead to illness and the positive ones lead to health. Programs can be changed, but first we need the humility, honesty and awareness to realise that we are running them. We can begin to understand our mind by examining our attitudes towards the functions of each of the seven major chakras.

Before we become conscious of this process then we are very much reacting robotically from these programs. We can change these programs, we can rid ourselves of robotic and inherited behaviours, we can learn to respond to life in a more life-affirming and wise manner.



It is primarily from the family and its belief systems and attitudes to life, that we deeply absorb so many personality traits which can and often do produce many problems in life. On the other hand, we also inherit from this situation many good and useful qualities too. 

The old saying "Show me the boy of seven and I shall show you the man" has much truth about it, although I personally disagree with it's fatalistic ring. As most intelligent people realise, the Tribal Values and Attitudes do not necessarily need to control a person's life forever. Conscious transformation and change is always possible.

That which is laid down in the family (the first Tribal group that the individual is part of ) can affect you for the rest of your life, and is the foundation stone of your growing and developing personality. Problems at this stage, may well result in the sabotage of later stages of development, the emergence of depressive (mental) illness, the emergence of physical disabilities (related to the conditioning process inherent in the Tribe) and the ability (or disability) to integrate with groups and societies outside of the family situation.

As Louise Hay points out in her book "You Can Heal Your Life" there is no point blaming people in our past for behaving in a negative way towards us. They too are victims of their own conditioning process. They too were in pain. It is better to forgive and move on.

The family is the first community that the individual inhabits. The learned behaviour that the individual inherits from this community will strongly influence it's relationship to all other communities that it meets in it's life. We can see this process very clearly, when members of a family who are used to getting away with certain egotistical behaviour (see: The Egotistical Strategies of The Narcissistic Personality), find themselves in much confusion when faced with communities - schools, groups, work places, etc.. - that will not accept or allow this type of behaviour. The individual who is faced with this confusing dilemma is not entirely to blame, because they do not fully understand their behaviour, and very rarely is there available to them, somebody who does, somebody who can help to guide the developing individual out of this infantile state of relationships, so that everybody benefits.

Group guardians, such as Parents, Teachers, Church Leaders, and Youth Leaders, really need to know about "The Egotistical Strategies of The Narcissistic Personality" so that they can act as proficient mentors to assist this painful transition that so many developing individuals experience. Those suffering from a personality built upon these misconceived strategic behaviour patterns really need mentorship from wise and compassionate adults.



Another good term for the conditioning process is - TRANSFER. Emotional, mental, and physical postures and attitudes are transferred from the culture - the tribe - to the individual, and then these become the active chakra programs of the individual.

The programs in the parent's chakras are directly transferred to the offspring chakra to chakra via the aura.

The child also picks up attitudes by copying the adult, but there is also this direct transfer of chakra programs - like psychic copper - which we could call "being imprinted by the overall atmosphere of the parents."


Further Study.


Other Common Problems with The Base Chakra.

  1. Chakra Too Open - Bullying, over materialistic, self centred, physically centred personality.

  2. Chakra Too Closed - Fear, anxiety, and neurotic worry about life's basic needs, self-destructive behaviour, reluctant to be physical, problems with work and money, tendency towards physical illness, hypochondria.


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