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Family Disconnection From the Second Chakra Energies
Establishing Appropriate Heart Chakra Connections.




Fig 1. All Family Members attached with Second Chakra Energy.

One of the second chakra attributes is the reproductive experience and function. So, Mum and Dad have explored this energetic connection and along comes the child. Here we find a typical family. To begin with the second chakra connection (orange lines) to the child is correct. Just like the sexual connection between Mum and Dad, the second chakra connection helps to target the family towards one another and ensure that the new born is fully catered for. It's an intuitive connection because nature needs the parents - especially the Mother - to be completely plugged in to the newborns moods and feelings, so that they can attend quickly to any problems with the child's overall safety and health. This is why Mothers sometimes act very intuitively with matters concerning their newborns. "I just felt that the baby was unhappy so I did so-and-so."

But as the infant becomes more capable, it is time for this connection to be cut and the crucially important heart chakra connection to be established.

Why do this? For the reasons outlined at the start of this document.

For those interested in SAFE AND HAPPY RITES OF PASSAGE through the generic stages of Human Development based on modern psychology and established techniques from cultures all over the globe, and the INNER CORE of ALL RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS then read on my friends, safe passage for you!

Ok, so if we leave the family in the state that we find them in figure 1, they are going to experience huge problems guiding the child through it's stages of development, and also safely minding their own development too. We need to do something about this situation, because if we don't then very soon the family will all start competing for this second chakral energetic connection.

Mum and Dad may want to continue with their enjoyable sex life, the child is going to enter the Electra/Oedipus stage, and other members in the family may also, quite mistakenly, start their own STRATEGIES FOR GAINING ATTENTION and ENERGY from each other. If Dad feels that he is not getting enough attention from Mum, as all her attention is going to the children (especially the newborn) then he too may begin his own strategies to get her attention.

Help! This family might well be heading for a difficult time.

We don't need them to go through this. We can take hold of the development of this family now.

Fig 2: Disconnecting from the second chakras of all family members
and establishing the appropriate heart chakra connection.

Ok, so we use the The Techniques of Energy Enhancement to Establish The Heart Chakra Connection and we disconnect from all the second chakras, especially the infant. Then we establish the appropriate heart chakra connection (the green connections) and we can see that this frees up all the second chakras, and Mum and Dad feel that hearty love for one another, just incase it got a bit lost with all the newborn's demands.

The family will still have to deal with the Electra/Oedipus Stage that is "coming down the line" but that won't be a problem now that we have got the family into this very healthy and hearty state. You will notice that the child's Third Chakra and other chakras can now begin to activate and this manifests as an exploration of it's new autonomy (later in adolescent phase the same child will feel more confident about their sexual development and discovery). The child is free to explore it's own higher chakras, a confident and balanced individualism, will power, feeling confident and secure about playing with other kids.

At the same time they feel safe and happy with the good and loving feeling of the appropriate Heart Chakra connection - as do Mum and Dad and the other kids.

We can see what goes wrong for the family - especially for the child - with the integration of the Third Chakra (and all future Stages of Development) when the expectations of the inappropriate second chakra connection are held onto beyond it's healthy usage, and the healthy and appropriate heart chakra connection has not been made. Look at the diagrams below.

The child is left in limbo. He cannot get back to that second chakra feeling of so-called security and love and because the heart chakra connection has not been firmly established, he feels too confused and afraid to go to the next stage - exploration of the chakras with his peers. The parents have not the "Heart" or the knowledge to help him, to guide him and assist him in this difficult time, usually because they themselves are also stuck at this stage. "The Sins of the Father's will be passed on..." This is the process of conditioning.

Eventually, the peer group gives up on the child and he is left only with derision and taunts for company. This alienation and separateness may become an integral part of the growing child's personality and will help the emergence of the attention seeking and narcissistic personalities.

The POSSIBLE FAILURE TO SAFELY PASS THIS STAGE may also lead to the child harbouring a deep and bitter subconscious resentment and hatred towards it's parents for failing to help it at this important junction - The beginnings of "The Nightmares of Yesod" (The Sefirah Yesod from the Kabbalah corresponds to the second chakra), in other words THE BIRTH OF THE NARCISSISTIC ATTENTION SEEKING STRATEGIES!

Yesod has the attribute of Foundation, and indeed the developing individual requires the successful foundation of its being in the healthy attribute of the second chakra which is sweetness. "The Nightmares of Yesod" refers to the individual or group which has all the symptoms and experiences - unfortunately often very unpleasant - of which the cause is FAILURE TO SAFELY PASS THIS STAGE.

We don't want people to unnecessarily experience this. We want all concerned to experience confidence, appropriateness, learning, and happiness.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, The Successful and Happy Family has LET GO OF INAPPROPRIATE SECOND CHAKRA CONNECTIONS. There will be very little competition for attention and energy and a vastly reduced tendency towards jealousy and fear between family members. The family will be happy to be happily getting along under the roof of the loving heart chakra.

Things are going well for our family.

Fig 3: Parents can re-establish their own private Second Chakra connection
without the Newborn feeling left out or jealous of lack of attention.

Read "Families and How to Survive Them", the number one best seller by Robin Skynner and John Cleese and you will see the stages of family development very nicely outlined and brought to our attention. One of the biggest problems that families of newborns face is the fact that if they are all connected by the second chakra, then it is very difficult for Mum and Dad to re-establish their healthy sex life again.

Because the second chakra is this intuitive/psychic connection, then it is very common for the child to feel very jealous when Mum and Dad are seen to be getting on with each other, even to the point of trying to sleep in the space between them in the bed!

Without second chakra disconnection, it is also difficult for the child to get into their Third Chakra and the experiences that this brings - healthy individualism, confidence, will power, positive social interactivity, assertiveness - because they will always be hanging around Mum and Dad, afraid to move onwards and this only leads to sadness and frustration for all concerned. We don't want this avoidable sorrow. Using a working knowledge of the chakras people can be happy, realising that the happiest person is the one who brings happiness to others.

Fig 4: Successful Interactions.

No one is to blame for this situation as it is a difficult one for all members of the family. But we can see from the evidences (and "Families and How to Survive Them" is full to overflowing with it) that this stage is a problem, and that we don't want anyone to get off to a bad start in the family life.

So, now that the family is established with the heart chakra connectivity, the parents can re-establish their romantic life, and the children will not feel that they are not loved, because the second chakra connection is in it's appropriate place and the heart chakra reigns supreme in the family. By the way, that is the symbolism of the Cross - the successful opening and functioning experiences of the heart chakra.

That is why some people have a cross in the lounge or other communal areas. It is placed there as a symbolic icon to constantly remind everybody of the infinite, appropriate, mature capacity of the loving heart chakra. Knowing this, you might want to use one yourself, but, of course, any icon will do, so long as it means something to you - that is what is important. After all, these deities and icons are just symbolic representations of aspects of life and psychological / emotional states. You need to know what they mean so that you can use them successfully.


So, what's next? Well the next important energetic stage of development for the child in relationship to the parents is going to be "The Electra and Oedipus Stage", and we can get you through that too!



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