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Dealing With The Negativity Of Others.

  1. Acknowledge and respect the right of the other to experience their own reality - whether pleasant or unpleasant.

  2. Acknowledge and respect your right not to be abused - used as a scapegoat, punch-bag, or unpaid counselling service.

Again, a good way with dealing with situations where the other party is depressed, negative, or simply suffering, is to find the balance between the two points above.

If you find yourself slowly becoming the proverbial "shoulder-to-cry-on", the unpaid counselling service where other people dump their emotional, mental, or physical garbage, then you are not respecting yourself enough. Likewise, if you have no time or energy at all for other people and become continually angry at any show of negative feeling, then you are not acknowledging and respecting others.

We need to be professional with all relationships. We need to understand that all people - until enlightened - have within them a deep, negative storehouse of pain and illness. We must always allow ourself the necessity of being to be professional, critical, honest, and defensive - when we feel threatened (mentally, emotionally, or more obviously physically). If someone ran at you with a long, sharp knife and threatened to kill you, you would not feel guilty about defending yourself. We need to learn to feel perfectly justified in defending ourselves mentally, emotionally, and energetically too!

We need to learn "The Art of Successful Self Assertion." We need to be able to assert ourselves in energetically too! The Synthesis of Light will teach you all of these important techniques with it's excellent self-development and enlightenment system; The Techniques of Energy Enhancement. (The Energy Enhancement Book, The Human Aura, The Chakra System.)

Another successful way of dealing with a negative relationship, is to perform the Healing Exercise in the healing directory. You can use this process from the safety of your own home, and the relationship will improve, or gradually cease. Either way is an improvement upon a negative and abusive relationship. You can also you the healing exercise to heal your inner self, simply replace the other person in the visualisation with one of your inner components - inner child, inner adolscent, inner twenties, etc...


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