Chapter 4: Trust cannot be betraye, Question 5



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Question 5


Don't be too hard on people. And it is none of your business. If they don't want to see it, that is their decision and their freedom. Don't even call it stupidity, because if you call it stupidity, a subtle ego will arise in you: that you can see and they cannot see, that you are intelligent and they are stupid. No, this is not good.

It happened once...

Mohammed went to the mosque to say his morning prayer, and he took a young man with him who had never gone to the mosque before. While coming back -- it was a summer morning and people were still asleep -- while coming back, the young man said to Mohammed 'Hazrat, look at these sinners still asleep. Is this a time to sleep? This is time to pray!' And this was the first time that he himself had gone to pray.

Do you know what Mohammed said? Looking at the sky, he said 'Sorry.'

The young man said 'To whom are you saying this?'

He said 'To God. And I will have to go back to the mosque. And please don't come this time. It was good that you had not gone to the mosque before; I have done something wrong by taking you. It was good that you were also asleep -- at least you would not have gathered this ego. Now you are a saint just because you have made one prayer, and these people are sinners. And because I took you with me, my own prayer is spoiled, so I am going back. And please, never come again. At least I'm not going to take you with me.'

And he went back to pray and to ask forgiveness from God. And he was crying, and tears were rolling down his face.

A few days ago you took sannyas -- or a few weeks -- and you think that others are stupid? That is not right, that is not right at all. In fact, a sannyasin is one who stops interfering in other people's lives. This attitude is an interference. Why? If they don't want to see me, if they don't want to listen to me, if they don't want to understand what is happening here, then that is their freedom. They are not stupid; this is simply their freedom. They have to be themselves.

If you gather such attitudes -- that's how fanaticism is born -- then one day you can become a fanatic, then you can force them to come. 'You will have to come.' Out of compassion, you have to force them. That's what religions have been doing down the centuries: Mohammedans killing Hindus, Hindus killing Mohammedans, Christians killing Mohammedans, Mohammedans killing Christians. For what? Out of compassion. They say 'We will take you on the right path. You are going astray. We cannot allow you to go astray.'

Freedom means total freedom. Freedom means to go astray too. If you don't allow a person to go astray, then what type of freedom is this? If you tell a child 'You are only free to do the right, and I am deciding what is right; you are not free to do the wrong, and I am deciding what is wrong' -- what type of freedom is this? Who are you to decide what is right? Let everybody decide for themselves.

It is very easy to gather such attitudes. That's why, down the ages, this foolishness has happened: millions of people have been killed in the name of love, in the name of God. How was it possible? Christians were thinking that they were doing a great duty, because they thought 'Unless you come through Jesus, you will never come to God.' If you look at their logic, it seems very, very compassionate. If this is really the case -- that you can come to God only through Jesus -- then those people who were burning and killing and punishing people were really great saints.

But that is the problem. Mohammedans think that you can only come through Mohammed -- Mohammed is the latest prophet; Jesus is out of date already. God has sent another message, more improved; a new edition has come. So why bother about Jesus when Mohammed has come? Certainly, the latest one should be the best, so you have to come through Mohammed. Now there is only one God and there is only one prophet of God, and that is Mohammed. And if you don't listen, they are ready to kill you -- just out of love -- for your own good.

And listen to the Hindus. They say that this is all nonsense. The first edition is the best: the Vedas. Why? Because God cannot commit any errors, so he cannot improve. The first is the best! He cannot commit any errors, so how can he improve? The first is the last, the alpha is the omega. God has given once and for all, then why these other editions? These are for stupid people who cannot understand the original. If you can understand the Vedas then there is no need to understand the Bible and the Koran; they are just meaningless. The first was the best; God trusted that man would understand. But then he found that man was very foolish: only a few wise people could understand. Then he had to lower himself down a little. It is not improvement, it is just getting down to where man is, so he gave the Bible. But still it was not understood, so he gave the Koran. Still it was not understood, so he gave the Guru Grantha -- that's how man has been falling. In the Hindu concept, perfection was in the past. Since then man has been falling. This is the most stupid age. Man has not been evolving, man has been falling down. It is not an evolution, Hindus say, it is an involution. So the later the book, the more ordinary it has to be because it is meant for the ordinary people. The perfect people were in the days of the Vedas.

Now, there are three hundred religions on the earth -- and each one claiming, and each religion ready to kill the other. They are at each other's throats continuously. Something basic has gone wrong.

This is what has gone wrong: you are asking me to allow you to become a fanatic. -No, this is not going to happen with me at least -- at least while I am here. Others are free to do whatsoever they like, to see as they like, to interpret as they like. You are not to take it for granted that they are stupid. They have their own mind: it is beautiful.

A Negro boy came home painted white and said 'The kids at school painted me white all over.' So his mother beat him for getting messed up.

Father came home and said 'What is going on?' So Mother told him that the kids at school had painted our Sam white. So father gave him another thrashing for not standing up for himself.

Shortly afterwards, a small voice was heard 'I have only been a white boy for two hours, but I already hate you black buggers!'

And you have been an orange man for just a few weeks... Please be patient, be intelligent and respectful of others' freedom, and others' being, and their way, their style.


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