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The Energy Enhancement Home Study Course One

by Satchidanand

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Symptoms of Energy Blockages.

It is nice to know the symptoms of Energy Blockages. Sometimes through the visualisation of pushing the breath through the blockage we can remove them and this is what we teach at this first Level of Energy Enhancement. For an invincible method of removing Energy Blockages we need the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

1. Aches and Pains in the body. As energy is slowed down through and Energy Blockage so toxins and impurities are deposited in the body at these points. Eventually the body breaks down at these points necessitating medical intervention of Medicine or Surgery. Best you remove them psychically before it's too late. A little pain is good as it helps to focus on the blockage to remove it. When the blockage is gone, the pain is gone!! Too much pain will damage the body so you will need to move eventually. Do not damage the body!! A little pain also shows the body is strengthening and your strength is shown by how long you can remain still without moving. If you can remain still for 3 hours perhaps you have become enlightened!! No Pain, no Gain!! Circle the area of pain in white light and breathe through the image of it. For an invincible method of removing Energy Blockages we need the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

2. When you see the blockage.

3. When you feel the blockage.

4. When you feel a Point of Tension, a Point of Focussed, Imoveable Will, dissolve that Energy Blockage. All paths to God should be freely transversable. Blockages stop the Path, stop the influx of energy from God.

5. When you get negative emotions like Anger, Depression, Sadness, Fear, Manicism, the necessity for attention from others. Imagine an image of the emotion you are feeling. Circle it in white light and breathe through the image of the emotion. For an invincible method of removing Energy Blockages we need the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

6. A disturbance in the force. When you are breathing golden light around the body, or through the Chakras above the Heads to God, sometimes you can feel that it is not flowing freely and straight and that it is flowing around, is diverted to and not piercing the blockage. Energy Blockages divert from the straight and narrow path in order to connect you with evil, a point of demonic tension, rather than with the free flowing, straight flowing, righteous flowing energies of God. Imagine an image of the blockage you are feeling. Circle it in white light and breathe through the image of the blockage. For an invincible method of removing Energy Blockages we need the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

7 Unwanted/Negative thoughts. Imagine the thought. Circle it in white light and breathe through the image of it. For an invincible method of removing Energy Blockages we need the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

8. Heat/Cold. Circle the area in white light and breathe through the image of it. For an invincible method of removing Energy Blockages we need the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

9. Distraction from your aim is caused by an Energy Blockage.

10. Sleep.

11. A Loss of Power, purpose or will. Despair is not a viable/reasonable. We are all destined to become saints. It is a matter of time, will, intensity of purpose to overcome the obstacles between where you are and where you want to be..

12. Negative Voices. Yes, blockages talk to you and feed you all the reasons why you should not be meditating, why the teachers are no good, the accommodation, the food, the noises - anything to stop you - because Energy Enhancement is death to all the sabotaging Energy Blockages in your life.

13. Directed memory Loss - Amnesia.

14. When you cannot see the Golden Light of Initiation 2. Breath golden or silver light through the darkness.


As you go through Initiations 1, 2, 3, and 4 the energy flowing through your body with increase immensely. With each gain in energy, more blockages will be thrown out.. It's your job to facilitate this process by grounding the blockage, using the Seven Step Process of EE Level Two to remove the energy blockage demon.

The purpose of the first four initiations is to raise your energy, plug you in to the energies of the universe thus increasing your psychic vision which is absolutely necessary, and to give you experience of energy blockages.

Using these techniques people many have removed their blockages and one of the ways of the past was to go through the process you are going through. What you have at the moment is powerful enough to remove 50% of your blockages but you may find the other half difficult.

By using the Seven Step process of Level 2 you can remove dense and difficult blockages much more easily. Don't get me wrong, to dissolve, transmute all these dense negative energies is never going to be easy, but you can do it much more easily and effectively in Level 2.

The Level One course is to give you effective techniques which have been used for thousands of years, to Power Up, Plug in to the Universal Energies of the Chakras outside the Body connected with God, and teach you effective Psychic Protection, but also to make you understand the pain, trauma and negative karmic Mass, the Energy Blockages which you and every other member of humanity are holding inside and destroying your lives, lifetime after lifetime.

I am giving you indisputable proof of this, and I am also giving you a first taste that what we are saying may be absolutely true. We can remove all of our blockages. We can remove all of our pain. We can come to harmony again.

During our full time course we go through Level 1 (Gain Energy) - 8 initiations  and Level 2 (Remove Blockages) and we spend the rest of the time working effectively to remove blockages and then practise, practise. The blockages will gradually dissolve.

Best to go through Level 1 Quickly and then spend more time as necessary on Level 2 - The Removal of Blockages.

However, whatever you do, you need to remove the blockages. Get rid of as many blockages as you can at each initiatory level before moving on to the next if you have not Level 2. And a little pain now in return for removing the blockages is well worth while. No Pain, No Gain!!

However, when you get Level 2 you can move much more quickly, effectively and painlessly..

What brought me to this work in the first place was seeing the total pain in which humanity is living as all they do is live and express that pain to each other every day. It is an expression of the Heart to want to help all of humanity. It is an expression of Will and of Purpose to find an effective way of doing that. Now with Energy Enhancement that pain can be released and everyone brought back to normal very quickly.

It is the work of your blockages to try to stop your process and as Blockages evolve they can become powerful. It is my job to help you to proceed so please email me with any problems.

It is always better to come on a course with us in Brazil or India. And if this is absolutely impossible then you need to get the Level One and Two Video DVDs which contain all the initiations.

Initiation 1 text backup

 - See Blockage Symptoms here!!

Right Click on the audio and video files below - then, "save target as.."

You will need a player which can handle real media files, .rm - vlc video player is usually good.

Text of the Heart Sutra which will develop correct breathing, energy and heal the throat chakra, at


1. Heart Sutra Chant by Devi and Satchi


2. Heart Sutra Chant by Zen Master Hogen


3.Devi and Satchi, Om Shanthi and Ha Ri Om


4. Devi Om Namaha Shivaya

Energy Enhancement Satchidanand Talk on Patanjali

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Contents-Click on the Star at the end of any of the contents to go there.

Introduction *

The Brain and it’s Functions with regards to Meditation. *

Chakras and Computer Processors *

Chakras and Communication, the Ancient Symbol of the Tower of Babel or Babble *

The Antakarana *

GooRoo *

The Light of the Soul *

The Integration of the Chakras I *

The following Zen story illustrates this integration of the functions: *

Intellect is not Intelligence *

Pressing the "Mind Off" Button *

The Staff of Aescepulus and Jacobs Ladder. *

The Pyramid and the Om or AMEN. *

The Ankh, Squaring the Circle, the Sword in the Stone and the myth of King Arthur. *

Energy Enhancement Meditation and The Squaring of the Circle *

A partial teaching of Meditation 1- the Spine must be in Alignment. *

Another Partial teaching on meditation- 2 - Sitting and Grounding in Meditation – The meaning of the Sword in the Stone *

The Sword in the stone *



This work has been written with the aim of introducing the Techniques of Energy Enhancement to the world.

This New Course of Energy Enhancement is really only an Integration and a slight improvement on Ancient Techniques over 5000 years old with the best track record of success in producing a movement in the Evolution of those partaking of them.

Are only some of the Benefits accorded to those who work at Energy Enhancement Techniques.

I want to thank my Mother, My Father who gave me the best they were capable of giving me. I want to thank the intervention of my Soul, Zen Master Hogen and Swami Satchidananda for coming at the right time. I want to thank my Ascended Master for trusting me with this job of bringing the Advanced Techniques of Energy Enhancement to Earth.

But what makes me think I am doing anything....


The Brain and it’s Functions with regards to Meditation.

Chakras and Computer Processors


Chakras.jpg (7400 bytes)The Brain is made up of what are called in India "chakras". Chakras contain various functions, which the total brain uses. Chakras are Parallel processors within the super-computer of the "normal" human brain which act independently yet in concert, in real-time, to perform the functions of a "normal" human being. The more these little "chakras" we can get working, the more our intelligence can expand - exponentially!

Normally each chakra can work in parallel with other chakras, yet independently. To help understand this, imagine three builders. One has the job of carrying bricks. One makes the cement. One lays the bricks and cement. All three work totally independently but at the same time (in parallel). Houses get built quickly when all three work together and continuously communicate to see how they are getting on. Houses get built slowly when only one builder works, when they start doing each other's jobs or the communication breaks down. Then surpluses build up and go to waste, the cement dries up without being used, or nothing arrives making the others idle.

The home computers we use have only one processor, or one chakra. They are a little slow and have no intelligence whatsoever. They work on the GIGO system - garbage in, garbage out! They can not discriminate as to what is important and what is not.

The Functions of the Chakras comprise control of the Body, the Emotions, the Intellect and the Spirit.

The Functions of the Chakras comprise the Unconscious, the Subconscious, the Conscious and the Trans-conscious components of the Total Mind.

Note that the intellect is only one small part of the whole, only one of the seven chakras yet we think that this comprises everything. We get confused when we are destroyed by our emotions because the emotions do not act intellectually. The intellect cannot control them without correct communication.

These Chakra components other than the intellect are each independent mechanisms which in most people hardly function at all and almost never together, due mostly to bad communication. Most human beings use only one chakra function at a time and rarely in parallel. The single function very rarely works to its ultimate potential. The various functions work together to different levels in different people.

Chakras and Communication, the Ancient Symbol of the Tower of Babel or Babble

The tower of Babel is the synonym in the Bible for a human being.

In a "normal" human being every part works and communicates together.

The brain, spine and connection with the Soul, the Antakarana, comprise the tower. Along the spine are the Seven Major Chakras or parallel processors. As I said, these chakras rarely communicate. They rarely work together. The parable goes that because God was afraid that the Tower of Babel would be built so high as to reach heaven, he purposefully created different languages amongst the various people building the tower. Because of the lack of communication the tower never got built to Heaven.

The lack of communication between the chakras, or the people building the Tower, symbolises their lack of integration. Because we are not integrated our psychic bodies will not reach up to heaven. We never managed to contact our Higher Selves. We are not Enlightened.

The Enlightened have built a Tower of communication "Twixt Heaven and Earth".


The Antakarana

SolChakra2.jpg (68009 bytes)


In the Ancient Sanskrit this Tower has been given the name "The Antakarana".

It is the psychic wiring, created in mental matter. A thoughtform created dually by the Soul and the aspirant to connect the Crown Chakra through to the Soul and then to the spiritual triad and then the Monad.

Your evolution is the height of your Antakarana.

The Astral plane is not flat. Although most people inhabit the psychic slums in the basement of the astral plane in their dreams, when they go to sleep.

sleep.jpg (35665 bytes)

It is the "Rainbow Bridge" whereby the Higher frequencies of the energy of the Soul are stepped down to that of the Earth, so that the Earth itself can raise its frequencies, can evolve. We have been created to help in this creative act.

These frequencies are stepped down Octave by Octave through each Chakra which are really Way Stations in the Energy System of the Soul. This is the "Music of the Spheres" of Pythagoras. Because The Enlightened Master Pythagoras was indeed talking of Chakras when talking about the Spheres or the Planets. Each Chakra as it evolves corresponds to one or more of the Planets. This is the secret of Astrology. This is the means whereby the Seven Sacred Suns and the Seven Sacred Constellations in this Sacred Universe affect us.

Each Chakra, when working correctly, acts like a Transformer in an Electrical system to halve the Energy Frequency of God. The frequency drops Chakra by Chakra, "Station by Station" as said David Bowie, on its way down to this planet because as Gurdjieff said "Normal Human Beings are transmitters of Cosmic Energy". And this is the function of Normal Human Beings. Those who are Enlightened. To transmit the Energy of The Soul. Whereby the higher energies of Truth, Prophesy, Intuition and Initiation are sent down towards this Planet.

Where the Higher Energy Frequencies of God create the Higher Energy Thoughtforms towards which the Median of the Masses are moved as they evolve and as the Earth Spirit Evolves.

Because the Energy Transmitted by the Enlightened is used to raise the frequency level of the Earth itself and all the people on it. To transmit the Light of Love down on to this planet of Love. To dissolve the Selfishness of the separated selves, those "Law of the Jungle" Egos who cannot communicate with The Higher Self. Who think of themselves as Separate. Who think themselves Apart. Who do not know that they too are A Part of the Universe of God Itself. Those who are not connected. Those who have not been touched by God. Those who are not "Made".



The Enlightened exist to bring light into darkness. To dissolve the darkness and this itself is the meaning of the Sanskrit word "Guru". A person who dissolves or Transmutes Goo is a GooRoo.


The Light of the Soul

And this is done through the Light of the Soul. Brighter than Ten Thousand Suns it exists alone. Unchangeable. Like Fire it lights everything with which it comes into contact. And once you are lit, you too burn with the Fire of the Soul. Like Prometheus you bring down the Fire of God onto the Earth, for the Benefit of every living being.

Hari OM Tat Sat.

This is Sat Chid Anand.


The Integration of the Chakras I

In the past, normal people, - like Jesus Christ (Christian), Shakyamuni Buddha (The FirstMaster.jpg (27182 bytes) Buddhist Master), Bodhidharma (The First Zen Master who synthesised the neurological technology of Buddhism and Taoism), Jallaluddin Rumi (A Sufi Master, one of the Mystics of Islam called the Persian Shakespeare. Sufism itself, synthesises Hinduism and Islam.), Mahavir (Jain Master), etc; - through training and a lot of hard work actually got the human mechanism to work as it should. They reached their potential as "normal" human beings and really impressed the rest of us, even after a thousand years.

As we know, most people function at a very low level only using perhaps 5% of their potential brain power. Most studies of human beings by behaviourists like Pavlov or psychologists like Freud actually point out the mechanical or robotic nature of most people. They never studied a "normal" human being. Most of us are "wolf-children", brought up in a very primitive and one-sided way.

So a study of the various elements of the brain, the chakras, with a proviso that the map is not reality, can be very helpful in elucidating the functions of a normal human being. An integration of all these functions is necessary so that they can act in parallel. Each function of the brain should work to its limit and is necessary to the super functioning of the whole. One function working alone is very little. Two functions squares the response of the system. With three functions working together the response is cubed!

To be said to have Control of something we must be able to stop it - Similarly with Chakras.


The following Zen story illustrates this integration of the functions:

Tsu Hsia asked the Master

‘What sort of a man is Yen Hui?’

‘For kindness he is a better man than I am.’

‘What about Tsu Kung?’

‘For eloquence he is a better man than I am’

‘Tsu Lu?’

‘For courage he is a better man than I am’

‘Tsu Chang?’

‘For dignity he is a better man than I am’

Tsu Hsia rose from the mat and asked

‘Then why do these four serve you?’

‘Sit down, I will tell you.

Yen Hui can be kind but cannot check the impulse when it will do no good. Tsu Kung can be eloquent but cannot hold his tongue. Tsu Lu can be brave but cannot be cautious. Tsu Chang can be dignified but cannot unbend in company. Even if I have the virtues of all the four men together, I would be unwilling to exchange them for my own. My virtue is the Mastery of the functions. The ability to stop as well as to start each function. That is why they serve me without misgiving.’

Karl Popper, the famous philosopher of science, stated that in order for science to be able to prove a theory, one must be able to perform an experiment, which could potentially disprove that theory.

To have power one must be able to stop the source of that power....

The Master in the story, like all Buddhas, demonstrates his integration of all the functions, real intelligence and not just one-sided functionality. The reason why he is a Master. The message is that the master is not attached to any one talent, any one function, and therefore can stop any function at will. He can stop his mind, his emotions, his spirit or any of the talents above. This is true mastery.

Intellect is not Intelligence

Also, it is important to note that our much-vaunted intellect, though important, is only a small part of the whole, the gestalt. The intellect is only one function of the greater whole. One Chakra amongst seven. It is of great importance to know the intellect is not intelligence. Intellect is of the mind; it depends on memory, it functions through borrowed knowledge.

All of our educational systems in the world are rooted in intellectual development; hence they all depend on memory. The examinations in our schools, colleges, universities, are not of intelligence. Memory is mechanical. A computer can have a better memory than a man of genius, but the computer has no intelligence.

Intellect is the faculty of knowledge. Intelligence is the faculty of knowing.

Knowledge is always dead; it is information. All of our educational institutions are doing with students exactly what we are doing with our chakra computers, just feeding them more and more information. No computer can answer a question for which it has not already been prepared. Intellect can only answer that which it already knows; it is stale, it is of yesterday.

Intelligence is responsibility, it is a response to a new situation, not out of your past memories but from your present awareness, this very moment. You don’t function as a computer, you don't search for the answer in your memory; rather you simply open your consciousness to the situation with your totality, the gestalt, and allow the spontaneous response, in real time.

Intelligence is response - ability; the ability to respond. The response is going to surprise even you, because it is so new - you are not repeating anything from the past.

There has been a perennial conflict between intelligence and intellect. The man of intellect thinks the he is intelligent because he knows so much. He has accumulated a great heritage of knowledge; he is burdened with all kinds of information, which he cannot get rid of. He does not have the possibility of being able at will to lay down his burden, to stop the fears of the past, the worries of the future, his life programming given to him by his reaction to his parents. Because he wants their attention. Because he wants their Love. Because he wants their Energy he programs himself as a child with selfish strategies to obtain all these things. In this way is created Selfishness and the thoughtform of "The Law of the Jungle" - Kill or be Killed. In this way is programmed selfishness. The whole of our lives can be destroyed by adherence to this thoughtform and the strategies we program ourselves to use in this selfishness. These hopeless, destructive strategies are depicted on three parallel levels by Eric Berne of "Transactional Analysis" fame who wrote "The Games People Play."

The man of real intelligence is innocent; he functions from moment to moment. His functioning has a freshness and beauty but to find intelligence one has to go beyond the intellect.

The intellect is just one function in one Chakra. It works better when it is integrated with the whole. With all Seven Chakras functioning perfectly together. The movement of the body as in the martial arts or in dancing. The emotions as in will power or love. Every improvement of each function. The ability to stop any function at will. Each step towards functional integration adds to our total intelligence. To our Wisdom.

In the ancient texts the mind is likened to a mad monkey which leaps here and there, totally out of control. Our painful memories which we cannot get rid of are the problem; our worries and cares; each negative and uncontrolled thought causes a part of our mental capacity to be blocked.

"And we are here as on a darkling plain

Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,

Where ignorant armies clash by night."

Matthew Arnold

In a computer, what happens when it has too many programs running at one time? - It slows the whole thing down tremendously. It eventually locks up.

It is the same thing with thoughts. The mind's capacity is used up by useless fears and negative thinking. It eventually locks up.

Pressing the "Mind Off" Button

The same thing happens in the human brain as in computers. If we cannot press the ‘OFF’ button. If we cannot consciously purge the useless programs which slow down the conscious and unconscious mind, then eventually the brain gets clogged up.

It stops in a nervous breakdown. Various types of mental breakdown are endemic in our modern high-pressure society. Most of us have seen some of the symptoms within ourselves at some time in our life. The statistics say that 30% of us will have at least one nervous breakdown in our lives.

The same Energy Enhancement techniques which act as a fast for the mind to expel the ancient long running useless programs and programming, also act to integrate all the functions within the brain giving an exponential increase in Brain Power and awareness. They are simple and of ancient origin.

The Pyramid and the Om or AMEN.

T_CHAK3.GIF (12996 bytes)The pyramid has a square base remenicent of the hindu and Tibetan symbol of the Base chakra. The hindu symbol for the base chakra has 4 petals. To the left are Tibetan symbols for the Base Chakra. It could also be a plan drawing, looking down from above, of the Pyramid.

However, a pyramid also has hight. Each corner travels up to one point which symbolises the Soul or the monad. And the thoughtform of hight shows the guided meditation for the Antakarana. The connection, the tower, the rainbow bridge. Crossing the abyss between the crown chakra and the Soul or the monad.



VAIRCANA.JPG (103148 bytes)The symbol is used in Energy Enhancement Techniques sometimes in Level One when Necessary. And always in Level two.











SPHINX.GIF (37919 bytes)The Pyramid is a very ancient and potent symbol used in many religions.

The Pyramid is also used as a visual psychic symbol whose potency is that of the OM or Christian Amen. The OM is the sacred word of the Hindus but is also a major teaching, guided meditation,  on enlightenment. It is composed of three syllables, AUM.

As taught to me by Swami Satchidananda, when chanted with visualisation it becomes Mantra Yoga whose aim is the energetic understanding of Enlightenment.

He jokes that this is a ladder, Jacobs Ladder, which can take us up to heaven. Unfortunately the literal minded are the ones who put these Ladders, the Bible or the Sacred OM on the Holy altar and chant "Oh Holy Ladder, Please take me up to Heaven." These techniques are not intellectual. They lead to a right apprehension of energy. They must be used correctly.

A, in a deep voice. Feeling the vibration deep in the base chakra, and visualising the position of the base chakra. This note is the fundamental. Never lose it whilst entering into the other notes.

U, move the energy, the vibration, the visualisation, into the heart.

M, to the nasal cavity, just behind the nose. To the forehead or Ajna Chakra. The top of the head or the crown chakra.

As your breath fails you send the energy up into the centre of the universe and down into the centre of the earth.

The pyramid has a four-sided, square base. The base chakra is always symbolised as having four petals or sides. As it rises higher, the pyramid comes to one point, symbolising the Crown Chakra. Thus, it is a visual representation of the OM.

For thousands of years, the visualisation of the pyramid with this understanding, has been done by advanced initiates of the race. Leaving the pyramid as a potent thoughtform to be used in meditation.


Squaring the Circle, the Sword in the Stone and the Ankh.

The Ankh

ankh.jpg (3250 bytes)The Ankh, ancient symbol of Egyptian times, is updated in the symbol of the Sword in the Stone. The two obviously look alike. The Ankh has no shaft to the sword and shows just a circle symbolising the Earth with a tangent to the Earth with a perpendicular arising out of it. Whereas the Sword in the Stone shows a cross or sword whose tip is plunged in to the surface of the  Stone. The   Stone, the Circle, symbolises the Earth itself.




ankh_in_stone.jpg (40146 bytes)Energy Enhancement Meditation and The Squaring of the Circle

The Squaring of the Circle is an ancient Masonic phrase whose meaning, hidden, is seen, once one understands a little about meditation. It means that which is always square, at 90 degrees, to the earth, again symbolised by a circle. Why has 90 degrees always been called "The Right Angle?" Why does the word angle resemble Angel?













SquareCircle.jpg (10334 bytes)There is a energy in the centre of the Earth  which is always travelling outwards in every direction from the centre of the Earth. This Energy Is Kundalini Energy.

When it comes out of the surface of the Earth it is always at "Right Angles" to the surface. "Squaring the Circle" is a verbal representation of the Ankh symbol. Since most of the lore of the Masons was passed down from the symbolism of Egyptian times, is it strange that the symbol of the Ankh should be used?


However, until we meditate regularly, our spines are very rarely exactly at right angles to the earth. We have not squared the circle.

No amount of intellectual knowledge will compensate for not learning how to meditate and regularly, every day, practicing meditation. Getting our bodies and nervous systems used to the high voltage electricity, which emanates from God. The energy which attunes us to our soul and our soul path. That task we are meant to perform in this lifetime. That which gives meaning to our life. That path with heart which evolves and mutates every day as we become stronger and more capable. As our energy systems become more evolved and transparent to the higher and higher frequencies which flow through this multiverse.

Striving towards our evolution. Because it is possible to evolve, to get better, to learn to become better than that which we are. Away from the limited wolf children which we were born. To grow our acorns, which we were born, towards the oak trees, we are meant to become. Towards the rose trees, which the rose hips, can become. From the seed towards the perfume of the flower, which spreads outwards to attract the people who can receive that fragrance. Those of you who have noses to smell let them breathe in the perfume of Enlightened Beings. Those of you who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Not to be satisfied with all your talents, your jobs, your houses and your cars. But to strive ceaselessly for a higher meaning. A higher frequency. A higher energy. A higher capacity to do and to be.

There is a Zen story about the student climbing up a 100-foot pole. And no element of these teaching tales should be missed. Please notice the similarity of the 100-foot pole to the Ankh or the Sword in the Stone. The 100 foot pole is really the Antakarana - The psychic connection or tower, connecting your crown chakra with higher energies. After many arduous efforts he eventually gets to the top and looks down at the Master sitting in Meditation below. He asks what next? The Master replies, "Take one step higher!"

We can strive towards the ideal of the Bodhisattva, the enlightened being, unafraid of death, who remains behind on this planet to give the chance of enlightenment to the others who remain here. Those like the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and all the thousands of unknown enlightened beings who regularly pass though this caravanserai, this temporary encampment, which we call life.

A partial teaching of Energy Enhancement Stage One A. -Meditation  The Sitting Position

Chair Meditation.jpg (24004 bytes)The legs represent the Base Chakra and should be flexible and strong. Our sitting position is only there to strengthen and cleanse the Base Chakra through the legs. When the Base chakra has no more blockages, then the legs will be able to sit, without any pain for hour after hour. This is the secret of Hatha Yoga. Each Asana or posture works on one or more of the chakras. As we are able to hold the postures without any pain, so we know that the chakras are losing their burden of negative energy.

This is the reason for a careful upgrading of the difficulty of Meditation positions.

First is the Chair Meditation Position. This provides very little stress for the legs and is usually easy to hold. However the venous return of blood up the legs from the feet to the hips is difficult. The blood may become turgid and not flow there so easily due to the pressure differences.

Note, sit on a small cushion at the edge of the front of the chair, so that you can get the spinal position correct. The knees should be slightly below the level of the hips to allow the spine to move forwards from the hips. The feet firmly grounded although to get the knees lower you may need to move the feet a little backwards.

Because there is so little stress on the legs it provides very little reduction in the negative energy held in the Base Chakra through this sitting position.

If we do not push ourselves just a little, then we will never get better.

Second is the Kneeling Position. Kneeling, a cushion is between our legs and we are sitting on it. If we sit on our heels then the blood may stop flowing in the legs. This posture is usually easier for most people but will not open the hips. thus it does not remove as much Negativity from the base Chakra as...

Third is the "Easy" Position as we teach in our Energy Enhancement Stage One Video and recommended for beginners if they cannot manage the Lotus posture. This posture will move you on faster than any other. This is the method of sitting taught to me by Zen Master Hogen - a traditional Zen Sitting position. Zen practise only Sitting Meditation, the meaning of Zazen. Thus the sitting position, over 600 years of Zen learning how to sit, is one of the best postures in the World.

Cushion Meditation.jpg (16808 bytes)In this posture the legs are carefully apart and not touching. One heal is into the perineum or the vulva. The trigger point for the base chakra.

A beginner usually has an enormous cushion because the bigger the cushion the less stress on the knees and also the knees being below the level of the hips allows the base of the spine to move forwards like a snake. The spine arches forwards a little allowing the belly to move forwards as you breathe. Forward from the coccyx moving the belly forwards, backwards over the heart and shoulders making the chest and heart centre open more, forwards at the neck bringing the chin down, backwards at the base of the skull pushing the back of the head up towards the center of the universe.

As we heal our base chakra, the cushion gets smaller and smaller. And we can sit longer and longer. As you practise day by day, so you will notice that you can sit longer without pain. As you sit, usually the pain in the legs gets more and more. This pain is negative energy being released by the sitting position. Like weight training, muscles are built by many repetitions and a little pain. A little pain is fine. It shows that we are working. However too much pain is damaging and is not recommended. It is fine to move the legs. When we do the pain goes away. Where does it go?

When we move our legs it is best to straighten the legs in front of us and keep them there without moving until all the negativity has flowed out of the feet and the blood has started to flow again. If we move them more we build up more of an oxygen debt if we have stopped the blood flow. As we strengthen the legs so the blood flows more strongly. It rarely stops. However if it does, then it is usually due to a long straight edge on the front of our cushion. Have a narrow cushion. Sometimes we sit on the corner of a large foam cushion. A Zen cushion is round in shape for this very reason. So that it does not cut into the leg muscles and stop the flow of blood.

Do not point your feet in the direction of anyone or you will give them all of your negative energy as it flows out of the feet. In India they say it is bad manners to point your feet towards the Guru. This is the reason why.

Then if you wish, fold your legs in front of you again and try to attain a state of meditation with no thoughts in the mind.

Fourth is the Half Lotus. One heel into the Perineum or vulva. The other on the opposite thigh. Usually we push ourselves with a more difficult posture at the beginning of our practise and then move back to an easier posture for the end of our meditation period.

Fifth is the Lotus Posture itself. The real Zen sitting position. As we progress to more flexibility in the legs we start putting the legs on the opposite thigh in the Lotus posture or Padmasana, again, on a cushion. This is the recommended way to sit after we have strengthened ourselves. My personal experience is that this posture automatically feeds energy up the spine and somehow straightens it out. It reduces the build up of energy in the lower chakras as it feeds the energy onto higher planes up the spine much better than all the other postures.

A Master only has a very thin cushion. Hogen recommended that if the legs started to hurt, then we should swap our feet from over the other leg, to under the other leg!

One day we were in seshein - a time when we try harder. A Zen retreat when we meditate for 6 hours per day. My friend, Granville, was rubbing horse linament into his legs. "Ah" said Master Hogen. "I see that your legs are in pain. Would you like to know how to stop this pain?" We all cried "Yes, please tell us Master Hogen. We really want to know."

"Well," said Hogen " The secret is, practise a little every day!"

A partial teaching of Energy Enhancement Stage One B.- the Spine must be in Alignment.

Whenever I teach meditation, I always ask the people to get their spines exactly at right angles to the earth. I say, imagine that there is a stream of energy flowing out from the centre of the earth, at right angles to the surface of the earth reaching out towards the Centre of the Universe, the Universal Spirit or the One God who has 10,000 names.

Then, sitting straight, I say sway backwards and forward just two centimetres and feel when the energy flowing in your spine is in alignment with this energy at right angles to the earth. When your spine crosses this energy it is in alignment with this energy. Then you will feel something in your spine. A zap of electricity. Heat. A ping at the base of your spine. A flow of the energy from God.

And when you feel it, I say, stay there in this flow and you are already in meditation.

Then sway your spine from side to side and feel for the same energy. When you find it rest there again and feel the flow. Then your head. When your spine is in alignment with this energy. Then sway your head to get the neck and the back of the head into alignment with this energy. Just a centimetre. Pushing the back of the head up towards the sky. And then from side to side, just a centimetre Do you feel the flow?

Then you have squared the circle.

There is a story about the rain which always flows from heaven. It rains down upon the worthy and unworthy. Both. Some people are like pots. Some of them are broken and sick. Some of them are lying on their side. But only those pots who are upright, gather in the living waters from God.

The quality of mercy is not strained.

It droppeth as the gentle dew from heaven.

Upon the Earth beneath.

It is twice blessed

First by he who gives

And then by he who receives. - William Shakespeare

Meditation is a great blessing, if you too can learn how to receive.


The Techniques of Energy Enhancement.

Finding the Central Energy Flow.


The above animation requires Shockwave plug ins. If no picture occurs after a few minutes then download shockwave plugs FREE. Just click the button below.



Another Partial teaching on Energy Enhancement Stage One, C. Meditation - Sitting and Grounding in Meditation – The meaning of the Sword in the Stone


The Sword

The Sword Symbol has been used psychically for thousands of years. Not only in the ways above. The Sword of Manjushri is that which has purified many an aspirant. Zen Master Hogen threatened to cut off my head with a Sword! - I think he was referring to a way of stopping all my thoughts.

But also in Western Magic the Sword is used in psychic ways. These ways are one of the sources of the techniques used in Energy Enhancement Level Two.

The Sword in the stone

excalibur01.jpg (194995 bytes)


Grounding is the meaning behind the symbolism of the Sword in the Stone. This later symbol is an evolution of, is higher than, The Ankh, The Sword and the image of St Michael and symbolises the awakened energies running up and down the spine also symbolised by Mercury - the winged messenger of the Gods and the Staff of Aescepulus - symbol of healers and medical Doctors. Moreover, the sword also encompasses the cross also used in Christianity and the awakening of the Heart.

Further to this, now the Sword is plunged into the stone. The energies are grounded in the earth,SwordStone.jpg (13394 bytes) symbolised by the circle, founded in the land. This symbol gives further information on how to overcome the lower self and awaken the Heart. This is a further meaning behind mastery and also majesty including the symbol of VITRIOL.

It means that once you are sitting in meditation and your spine is square to the Earth, then, the energies aroused can be directed through the heart, leading to the first initiation on the path of enlightenment, The Opening of the Heart. When we start to open the heart we become less selfish. We start to think of others instead of only ourselves.

This work is helped by the Second Level of Energy Enhancement which utilises this flow to get rid of, to dissolve, negative energies which exist between people. In all our relationships. The relationship we have with our parents. The relationship we have with our husband or wife. The relationship we have with our children, all the way down through our boss, our friends and the person we meet in the street.

This negative energy causes us to accept or reject all manner of people. It does not allow us to have a fresh relationship with a person, without any holdover from the past. Many people have difficulties with some of the relationships mentioned. These are the strong relationships. The hot fires which test our emotional IQ. Gurdjieff said that it is every human beings duty to love their parents. Until we can do this, he said, we are not truly human. We are not Healed.

SWORDCOLOR.JPG (24456 bytes)And why does every Master of meditation say to his students that they must sit in meditation in these stupid, uncomfortable poses called the lotus posture or the "Easy" pose.

They say that eventually you must be like them, in a state of meditation 24 hours a day, whilst washing the dishes and doing your normal daily life. So why do they say that you must practise getting into a state of meditation in this silly sitting position? Why not meditate in the bath? Why not meditate whilst lying in bed? Why do we have to put ourselves through this uncomfortable trial?

Why, whenever you come to the Ashram of a Master, do they have no chairs? Chairs are not a new invention. They are pictured from 10,000 years ago on hieroglyphics in the Egyptian Pyramids. The Romans reclined on them.

Why, whenever you come to the Ashram of a Master, do they say sit. Sit in meditation. Sit listening to them as they talk to you for hour after hour. In India, they say that it is bad manners to show your feet to the Guru. In other words, "Sit!", "Do not move". Why?

P9315457.JPG (26377 bytes)The answer lies in the sitting bones of the hips. The source of the Base Chakra whose symbol in Hindu literature includes the Kundalini serpent coiled, sleeping, three and a half times around a Shiva Lingam. The Shiva Lingam corresponds to the Spine. The Kundalini serpent corresponds to a higher level of energy, which is needed to clean the negative energy or pain from all the rest of the Chakras. If you are selfishly sleeping, kundalini energy is only active in the lower three chakras. The fourth chakra, the heart is not yet active. The first Initiation of Alice Bailey, The Opening of the Heart, has not yet been taken. Kundalini Energy only becomes active when the base chakra becomes active by its being or its starting to be cleaned. And how do we start to clean it? By sitting!!

Sitting places the legs, knees and hips, all attached to the base Chakra, under a slight strain, which causes all the negative energy to become activated. Thus, we start training in the Grounding of Negative Energies just by sitting!

Hindu and Zen Masters always sit and expect all their students and guests to sit with them, sometimes for hours whilst they wait for the Master or whilst the Master talks. They do not allow you to show your feet to the master. They say that bad energy comes out of the feet and it would be very bad manners to show your feet to them. Thus, through compassion, they insist on activating all your negative energy in the base chakra, only when it becomes active can it be Grounded.

The Sufis say that bringing an unformed man into the presence of the wise, is like throwing a dead dog into a pool of rose water.

We feel the waves of negative energy emanating from the sitting student. The amount of Grounding a Master must do for His students beggars belief. We even connect with our students at distances of thousands of miles to do this. Ask, and it shall be given unto Ye. Masters sit and through them doing the job, the student gets the idea on the psychic plane and starts to do it for himself.

Energy Enhancement gives you this information right from the start. Energy Enhancement says that this is the task and gives you the techniques, stronger and stronger to allow you to complete your task.

Because this lack of enlightenment, this unhappiness, this lack of function is YOUR problem. You need to solve it through YOUR efforts. Masters are simply a resource to enable you to do your job. The energy is always there. Are you open enough to receive it?

Trying to get into a state of meditation starts to open a crack in the door so that the Light can shine in.

Energy Enhancement techniques start with sitting meditation but graduate on to more advanced guided visualisations of the Kundalini Kriyas and the five Elemental paths of the ki, Chi of  the Taoist Masters, including "The Earth Path". And those of Alchemy- The creation of the Philosophers Stone– from VITRIOL, "The right leading of the Released Kundalini Energy along the Path of the Soul!

This is the first Four Stages of Level One of Energy Enhancement taught right at the beginning.

Zen Masters sometimes sit, for 15 hours a day with their students. Normal Seshein or Retreat or literally "A time when we try Harder" makes students sit in Zazen Literally "Sitting Meditation", for 6-8 hours per day for a week.

I could sit for sessions of 30 minutes when I first started to sit. After one week with Zen Master Hogen, I could sit for one hour. I could feel him cleaning my base chakra every time I sat for years after our first meeting.

Can you feel my breeze blowing?

Even from 10,000 miles. (Haiku- Zen Master Hogen.)

Yes Master Hogen I can! And all thanks to you! For all your blessings upon me.

How Long should I Sit?

Well, when I asked this of Zen Master Hogen, he sat with a stern expression on his face and said "Ten Thousand Years"

If like the poet and mystic, William Blake you can "See heaven in a grain of sand and Eternity in an hour", which only occurs in advanced states of meditation called Samadhi, then you know that ten thousand years can happen at any time in an instant.

But for beginners we normally say make a bargain with yourself. Choose some easy length of time - 5, 10, or 20 minutes and sit for this length of time twice a day without fail. Repetition is the Mother of perfection. On a bad day sit for that length of time, on a good day when your meditation is going really well, sit for longer. You can change the amount of time you want to sit at any time.

When I visited Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he was giving Darshan twice a day. Each time we had to sit cross-legged in the boiling Indian sun for hours whilst waiting for him. I used to meditate at this time but many westerners became annoyed and left. They did just not understand his compassion. His methodology.

This cleaning and relaxation of the Base Chakra is the start of Enlightenment. Swami Sivananda said that if you could sit for 3 hours in the Lotus posture without moving, then it is possible you could be enlightened.

However you do it, it is necessary for the Base Chakra to get a good clean out.

These techniques and methodologies are ancient and successful methods used for thousands of years and over the next Stages of Energy Enhancement we are going to do that and even more.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step. Day by Day we need to digest our negative energy sip by sip. Evidence of Digestion is the number of thoughts we get in the mind. Lots of thoughts is evidence of this digestion. As we progress and our negativity gets less and less, so the thoughts die down.

First Mastic. Then Mystic.


How to get into a State of Meditation - Tips and hints

Our download gives all these tips and hints. Our personal teaching, Face to Face. Transmits certain energies.

First we can prepare by using Mantra. Like using the The Heart Sutra or other Mantras like Om Shanthi or Hari Om or Om Nama Shivaya.

Then Meditation is in Four parts all of which are essential and are a part of Meditation:-

1. The Body and Posture.

Given above.

2. The Breath.

This calming of the breath is a whole chapter in itself. Problems with breathing are evidence of negative emotions held within the Body-Mind. As we perfect our breathing so we digest these negative energies.

The practises we give in our Yoga Teacher Training Course go deeply into these practises of Pranayama.

However, evidence that we have completed the training is perfection of the breath. As we strive to increase the length of our outbreath, so we start to digest these negative Emotions.

I teach about this extension of the outbreath, only breathing into the abdomen. And out of it using the muscles of the abdomen and of the Diaphragm. This concentration on the outbreath and breathing into the abdomen. On squeezing the muscles of the abdomen back towards the spine, very slowly and gently as we breathe out, starts us working on the second chakra, the chakra of relationships. The psychic sexual connection. The chakra where all the emotional pain of disappointment is stored, needing to be released.

We are connected, usually in all our close relationships, by energy connections from second chakra to second chakra. From abdomen to abdomen. And all the other chakras likewise. These connections are like taut elastic bands. When they are cut by death or people leaving us, then sometimes they spring back into the abdomen creating psychic emotional damage and pain.

As we concentrate on breathing then we will feel the pain again as it is released into the bodymind. Thus we start to digest it just by breathing. Our emotional self will not want to feel this pain and will say all manner of things to prevent us from healing ourselves but, no pain, no gain!

Perfection in breathing usually denotes emotions free from pain.

We count each out breath, from one to three, or from one to ten. If we lose count we start again at one.

This concentration on the length of the outbreath - make each outbreath as long as possible. On counting each outbreath from one to three or from one to ten, if you lose concentration start again at one. Each count of the breath, Oooonehhhhhhh, Twoooooohhhhhh etc  should last for the whole outbreath, not speaking or making any noise but but doing this in our minds.

These techniques takes energy away from the Thoughts in our minds. Each unwanted thought is a symptom of negative energy, a symptom of something which happened to us but has not yet been digested. If we concentrate on the thought so the thought will grow larger. If we take our minds away from the thought, so the thought will grow smaller, wither and eventually die. It will never come back.

3. The Mind

As the Thoughts come let them come. Don't push them away.

As the Thoughts go Let them go. Don't hold on to them.

Each thought is an energy. A symptom of some negative energy trapped in your Body-Mind. If you concentrate on the thought, so you will add energy to it. It will grow. As you take your attention away from the thought. So it will die.

Concentrating on techniques like the posture of the body. On extending the length of the out breath. On counting each out breath or using your Mantra.

Try to be like a mountain with your roots deep into the Earth and your head right up into the center of the Universe.

As the clouds of thought are blown across the face of the mountain. So the mountain is absolutely unmoved.

As the clouds thought are blown past the face of the mountain. So the Mountain is absolutely unmoved.

So we digest the Thought - Negative - Energies.

Later, we learn Ancient Techniques which will speed up this process.

4. No Mind.

As we progress we come across times when, as we try to meditate, so there are no thoughts in our mind. At these points we should forget our posture, our breathing and counting and just be in the alignment with the energies from the center of the Earth  out into the Center of the Universe. This is the point of Samyama, when we can start to use the vast energies of Energy Enhancement to progress further, faster.

However, when thoughts start to come again, concentrate on the posture, the breathing and the mantra. they are aids to getting into a state of Meditation. Like a ladder we use them to climb from lower to higher. When we are high, we can throw away the ladder.

Do not worship the ladder.

Do not get caught!

The Energy Enhancement Course


Energy Enhancement Meditation Course - MeditationheadEnergy Enhancement is a Course of selfless, highly advanced, meditation techniques which can quickly increase the speed of the normal mind.

It is a unique system to exponentially increase your Energy by Mastering the Mind, accessing your Inner Peace, Improving your Health, Mastering relationships, creating synchronicity or Luck, and removing obstacles to Success.

The Synthesis of Light, by decoding ancient symbols, thousands of years old, is able to pass on many hidden lineages of Advanced Secret Meditation Techniques from many  sources:-

Taoism- The Five Elemental Pathways of the Chi, Hinduism-The Kundalini Kriyas, Buddhism-The Opening of the Heart, The Western Mystery Tradition and the Secret Meditations of Alchemy including VITRIOL, the Grounding of Negative Energies and Access to your Genius.

To Enable Your Evolution.

There are Three Levels of Energy Enhancement Teaching, each Level having Seven Meditational Stages. Also one REIKI Initiation is given free with each Level. You can become a Reiki Master with Energy Enhancement.

Each Level is entirely independant of the others and complete in itself. You do not have to take every Level, but the Levels must be taken in the order of One, Two, Three.

The Three Levels of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course give the most benefits of any course of Meditational Self-Development available anywhere in the World today. If you want to Master Energy Meditations to get more Energy and to handle it better, this course is for You!

The Soul of Meditation

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Whether you are a Management Corporate Executive, any sort of Alternative Practitioner, meditator, yogi or anyone who wants to evolve, - become better, smarter, more evolved, more empathic, more successful; this course will enable direct experience of superior life performance. We provide meditation techniques and meditation energy leading to advanced experience.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques are the quickest and easiest methods of healing available. They are the most advanced course of meditation using psychic powers to Get in touch with your Life path, Ground negative Energies, Access Universal Energies, Integrate the separated selves, and Master Relationships and Mediation. They enable Three Initiations towards your Ultimate Freedom -  Illumination, Nirvana, Emptiness, -  Enlightenment.

Energy Enhancement Meditation is the latest and most advanced meditation course based on years of research, bringing together hidden techniques over 5000 years old. They are to be used for the benefit of Humanity for the next Millennium.

This is the Beginning!!!

This is the Synthesis of Light!

The Synthesis of Light is a Non-Profit Organisation teaching the most advanced, evolutionary methods of meditation from the best evolutionary sources for the benefit of the World and Higher.   Bursaries are available for those who wish to study.  Although One Level can be taught in a week, 3 year long courses are available for further study in India and Majorca. Also the Energy Enhancement Home Study Course or The Energy Enhancement E-Book is the beautiful start of Ancient Practises which will benefit Your Life in so many different ways!

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Energy Enhancement

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses - Taoist Alchemy

The Dragon Serpent symbolises Kundalini Energy circulating around the Stone, The Shiva Lingam, The Philosophers Stone of Chinese Alchemical Taoism. The Same Guided Meditation in many cultures. The Circulation of the Energies. The Worm Orobouros.

Is a series of advanced selfless meditation techniques which can increase the speed of the normal mind.

Is a unique system for the next millennium, the result of years of investigation, direct holistic experience and integration from many sources including Taoism, Kriyas, alchemy and meditation.

These highly advanced techniques are not generally available. Fragments of the Energy Enhancement system are available by word of mouth from different systems but it can take years of investigation, a lifetime, to put all these various parts together in synthesis, in one integrated system.

The Secrets of the Worlds Meditations have been decoded, from Symbols left behind for Thousands of years by the Worlds major Religions, then used in the Energy Enhancement course.

More can be found in the Energy Enhancement E-Book available from us from our email address, found from the Autoresponder Form.

 Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses 

People wonder how any series of techniques can give access to the powers over the self, described here. These wonderful techniques have been used by people for over 5000 years and are the basis of every effective self-development effort since then.

The use of Energy Enhancement Techniques increases your Inner and Outer Wealth. The removal of stones in the path of the internal river allows more water, more energy to flow externally. This is the secret of Abundance.

Their use increases your integration, Your synchronicity - Your luck!

Mystical powers have been at the core of every successful person in the world. The powers of intuition, of access to the higher mind.

Every successful person in the world uses these powers to some extent whether they are conscious of it or not. Geniuses like Einstein used to get all of his best ideas in a state of complete relaxation, meditation, in the bath. He used to stay there in a state of profound relaxation, coming out with the formula E=MC squared. He wasn't just playing with his rubber duck!

Very few businessmen, scientists, artists and geniuses have a complete and natural access to these higher powers though indeed, people of highly developed minds run organisations everywhere. Through their powers of intuition and concentration they lead the evolutionary processes of the world. This whole world is run through the powers of the mind, concentration and meditation.

You too can learn To access these powers over the self for yourself, and for the benefit of everyone around you.

Learn how not to become drained of energy by others at a lower energy level. Learn how to fill your body with the energy of health. Learn how to become sensitive to the toxins in food and prevent the degenerative diseases of old age. Learn how not to pick up fear, sadness and anger in the presence of others. Learn how not to pick up colds or flu, or to higher energy conditions which create a heightened sensitivity almost of psychic pain. Instead learn how to reach your inner peace.

Energy Enhancement is the Turbocharged next step for those people who want to empower themselves to enter into their own essence. Who know they want to increase their energetic rate. Their Energy, Power, Memory, Clarity, Luck, Financial Stability, Management Ability and Freedom. Who want to Master the potential pain involved in all our relationships.

Each Energy Enhancement Stage is easily and quickly learned. The techniques teach a tremendous release of Energy, training you in its use and teaching how to access more Energy Strength, Power, Freedom. and Intelligence.

Far Faster than meditation, the Stages allow you to choose how Quickly you progress.

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Master Satchidanand

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Of the Energy Enhancement Course Level One

Meditations for Accessing Infinite Energy. 

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Learn about your Energy. How to Get More Energy. How to keep your Energy. How to Use your Energy. For Greater Success. For Better Health and More Energy and Strength in Later Life. For a More and Greater Life.



Learn Ancient Taoist Practises showing how to Ground and transmute Negative Energies. To Reduce Stress and gain a Positive Mental Attitude. To prepare for a new step forward, a Change for the Better in your life.



As Within, So Without. The Removal of the Stones in the Path of the Energy inside Your System is the Secret of Abundance and Plenty and success Outside.



Learn the Ancient Secrets of the Philosophers Stone to improve and strengthen your willpower and personality and to reduce selfishness, the Ego itself.



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Ancient Techniques in the midst of the negative thoughtforms of daily Life for Protection and Mental and Emotional Stability.



Meditations for the Mastery of Energy Protection.



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Learn The Meditation Techniques of Enlightenment itself.


 Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses

Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 1.

Energy from Meditation, The Grounding of Negative Energies, and Connection with the Higher Self.

Level One, Stage One is an Initiation in Energy Enhancement Meditation -

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Master Satchidanand

"Energy Enhancement gives you Energy and Peace. It Quickens the Meditative process, makes it faster, because now, Enlightenment is not enough!"





Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses buddha.gif (25722 bytes)

Energy Enhancement Meditation-

Level 1. Stage 1.


Learn Energy Enhancement Meditation, the method of choice for over 5000 years, of all discerning Self Development Trainees.


The Ultimate in the Control of your own Mind.

Most people find it easy to have many thoughts, but you only have control over something when you have the power to stop it.

Our mind is so full of thoughts that it is neccessary to learn how to press the stop button, so that one thought can have maximum power when you want it. To learn how to access Wisdom and intuition. To access the Unconscious, the Alpha, Beta and Delta levels of our own mind.

Meditation is a fast for the thoughts of the mind. All our painful memories are thoughts filled will negative emotion. As we learn how to stop giving energy to a thought, so it gets smaller, less powerful. It eventually disappears. 

The true control over our minds, as known for many thousands of years, comes when we have the power to stop all our thoughts. When this occurs then we gain the Energy to access our intuition and Soul life path. When we can do this then any thought we have becomes so much more powerful. We begin to have the ability to make things happen. The power of doing. The clarity to hold and accomplish anything we set our minds to.  

Energy Enhancement Meditation taught here is based upon ancient Zen Techniques in a Synthesis of many advanced methods from Hindu Masters as well as practical hints and tips from several Masters of Meditation from many traditions, some of which have never been taught previously, giving the most advanced practical techniques on how to enter into the state of meditation. To Square the Circle. To Stop the Mind.

Meditation is a prerequisite to the further advanced states of Energy Enhancement and just this Energy Enhancement Meditation is enough to gradually lead you towards your Ultimate Clarity, your Ultimate peace.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 1. Stage 2.

Energy Circulation.


Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Worm Ourobouros

The Worm(Dragon) Ourobouros, The Yin Yang sign, the Zen Circle and the Ancient Hindu Swastika are Ancient  symbols which show the guided meditation of Energy Circulation. The Kundalini Kriyas. The Five Elemental paths of the Chi of the Taoist masters.


This technique cleans all the Chakras. Helping all parts of the mind including the Unconscious, to become more calm and still. To remove the stones in the path of the watercourse. To remove blockages to the flow of your energy.

It teaches how to cleanse the psychic body so that our psyche becomes sensitive and our energy more powerful. It strengthens the psychic circuits and decreases the resistance to the flow of Energy. It helps to build the psychic body, as Gurdjieff called it, "The Body Kesdjian".


This technique of Energy Circulation and Grounding is referred to in the 12 Labours of Hercules. Ancient teachings in the form of stories which enable "The Son (Hercules) of God (Zeus)" to get married to the daughter of the king of the underworld.

To integrate the Crown Chakra with the Base Chakra or how to become Enlightened.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Worm, Kundalini Dragon

All ancient myths refer to hidden levels of meditation.


Throughout history, simple stories and symbols containing many levels of meaning have usually not been destroyed by the prevalent Religion as have been the competing religions temples and texts. In particular The Herculean Labour of the cleaning of the Augean stables refers to the cleaning of the Base Chakra with a River of Energy.


The Fifth labour of Hercules.

Exerpt from the E-Book -The Energy Enhancement Book, available by download.

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In the past, psychologists have only worked on one painful experience at a time by providing a meaningful theory by Freud or Jung and then examining the problem. Through understanding the problem, it is released and the client adjusted back into society in his proper place. He may still be neurotic because only one problem has been solved.


The same with ancient lives. We may travel back to, see and fix one life problem in one of our past lives, but what about the other thousands of life-times, each with their own traumas, deaths and problems.


Energy Enhancement Techniques teaches how to remove All of the traumas, deaths and problems as simple negative energy. You do not have to see the problems. They are simply grounded as Negative energy. Learn how to simply, "Ground the last dregs of your VITRIOL!"


There is an ancient Greek myth about Hercules, (a Son of God, Zeus), wanting to marry Persephone the Daughter of the King of the underworld. The Crown Chakra wanting to combine with the Base Chakra. Shiva combining with Shakti. A Human Being becoming Enlightened.


He needed to ask her father's permission. When he did, her father was pleased to marry his daughter to the son of Zeus, but first he must perform 12 tasks. The 12 labours of Hercules. The fifth task was to clean out the Kings stables - The Augean stables. Hercules said, "No Problem," but when he saw the stables, he realised what a mountainous task he had taken on. There were thousands of horses and they had been creating manure for hundreds of years. Just like we, ourselves, create and absorb pain and Karma over thousands of lifetimes.


At first, he tried to dig the manure, examining every turd. Just like the psychologists and past life therapists of today. But after one month he had got nowhere. He had only cleared a small hole in a mountain of shit.


After much thought, he then projected to change the course of the river Styx, the river we cross when we die, through the stables. When he did this, the stables were quickly cleaned as the river washed all the manure away.

Deep Rivers of Energy lie hidden deep within us. As we learn to access and then to use them. So, All our History. All our pain can be dissipated and washed away


In the same manner, our first Level of Energy Enhancement teaches basic methods whereby the mountains of manure within us can be removed, painlessly, without examining every turd. The whole mountain can gradually be moved and our History painting which has been painted brushful by brushful, day by day, can be returned to the clean white sheet we were when we were born. We are full of a lot of History not only from this life, but also from previous lives. Our Energy Enhancement can truly remove this Personal History so that all painful memories can be dissipated and our energies can then start to flow in their natural courses, once again.

It is not enough to pick up one piece of shit and examine it and say "Ah yes, this was the pain I absorbed when my father died. Or in that lifetime when I continued on such a stupid path."

We need to be able to digest, transmute it all!

An enlightened being is sometimes given the title Paramahamsa. This refers to an ancient Hindu myth of when the world was young, the whole of the surface was covered with water. The mischievous Gods mixed milk and poison in the water and stirred it all together. Paramahamsa was the name meaning the Great White Swan. This enormous Swan, is said to have had the ability to put its beak deep down into the water and draw out pure milk. It had the capacity to discriminate and draw in only the milk, which is the reason it remained white, and reject the poison water. Not only that, a Paramahamsa, an enlightened being, has the capacity of changing water into wine, poison into milk, Yin into Yang, black into white.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses reikiTao.gif (428 bytes)

This Yin Yang drawing symbolises the process whereby we too can do the same. It shows how to keep free of negative influences and energies by transmuting them (The secret of the Philosophers Stone is given in Energy Enhancement Stage Three) within our energy systems. The function of a Paramahamsa. The Function of an Enlightened being. The function of Energy Enhancement Level 1.


Energy Enhancement Stage Two - The Circulation of the Energy, is an Indispensable tool for those wishing to evolve.

Also the Labour involving the Hydra. The Hydra symbolises the mind, its heads the many thoughts we have which need to be dissipated.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Kundalini Dragon imag6.gif (9599 bytes)As in the "Lord of The Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien where each of the Rings is a powerful symbol of a Chakra, he says:-"One Ring to Rule them all and in the Darkness Bind Them." The only way to control this energy is by throwing the One Ring to the bottom of a deep volcano. See the next Stage- "The Grounding of Negative Energies."


The Dragon always Symbolises Kundalini Energy.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses isener3.gif (4674 bytes)The method of Energy Circulation is an ancient and hidden technique preserved in Taoism and Hindu Kundalini Kriyas. It is the most gentle and effective tool for all those who want to increase their energy, their evolution, their genius.


With this technique, your evolution will increase with every energy revolution to create a revolution in your evolution.


The Synthesis of Light Symbol

 Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses

 Meditation Courses The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Symbol from the Synthesis of Light- Satchidanand

Master Satchidanand

"Energy Enhancement gives you Energy and Peace. It Quickens the Meditative process, makes it faster, because now, Enlightenment is not enough!"


Level 1.Stage 3.

The Grounding of Negative Energies.

Not only that, but also - Free up your energies!

Learn these advanced meditational techniques which show how to Transmute stress, pain and negative energy which is held psychically inside you.

Energy Enhancement Stage Three is a Practical Guided Meditation which will put you in touch with your own earth energy connection.

The Fulcrum point, the evolutionary stage, we are learning about here is that of when the child was in the Womb up till the age of Four Months. At this time the baby is learning to integrate the interior and exterior of its body. Sometimes this integration is faulty and Yoga, dance, massage and other Pre - Energy Enhancement Techniques can help with this stage. Even fairly well integrated, everyone needs to improve this connection.

"As within" said Hermes Trismegistus "So Without". The baby, so used to the soul connection and not understanding its new role of learning how to raise the Energy Vibration of the Earth, needs to learn to integrate the Earth connection. If there is a problem with this stage of integration then it is indicated that from an early age the child and then the adult will feel fear with its food and with its security and with just not wanting to be here, sometimes even hiding from reality. The fear of having nothing. The fear of death, even when this is not likely to happen, can cause you to take the stupid slave-like path in life. As Jesus Christ said -"Look at all the lillies in the field. They toil not, neither do they spin...."

Also, Integration of the Earth connection will remove all fear, it will help us to be practical, to help give us the capacity to "DO", to help us make our vision a practical reality.

The Earth Connection helps the baby to know that it will return to the Soul whether it is successful with its integration with the Earth or not. Helps it to learn to Master the physical environs of this planet. Major problems from this stage will make problems with making this Earth connection but this integration needs to start to happen before for progress to be made.

Even with no major evolutionary "Fulcrum Point" problems, every student needs to strengthen this earth connection because it is your base and foundation upon which can be built the Temple of Solomon, symbolising Evolutionary Integration. Symbolising all your levels of the Auric Body which need to be fed and created, so that we can function at our full capacity. Learn to build your house on the Rock; The Philosophers Stone or Pietra from which came Peter the Apostle.

It is the Contact with inorganic matter, the earth, the Inorganic beings of Don Juan and Carlos Castenada from where we get the energy to build our psychic bodies and to access the Soul Plane.

The Grounding of Negative Energies is an Ancient, further and more advanced technique going on from Energy Circulation. It is the Earth Circulation of the Five Elemental Taoist Circulations- Paths of the Chi.

It is the First Formula of Alchemy - the hidden meaning of VITRIOL which gives the hidden Meditational meaning of the Philosophers Stone.

VITRIOL is a Latin word which means Acid. The acid which can dissolve all negativity.

"Solve et Coagule" (SEC or Dry out the Emotions- get rid of your fear, pain, anger, jealousy and negativity etc.) said the Alchemists, or "Dissolve to Integrate". The Integration of all the Chakras ends in complete freedom, Kaivalya or Enlightenment. We can use this meditational formula to Ground all Negativity.

Each letter in the word VITRIOL stands for another Latin word which together form the First Formula of Alchemy. Meditation Course- Energy Enhancement. The Art Card of the Tarot gives the secret of VITRIOL, the most important formula, Guided Meditation, of Alchemy. The Secret of Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Stage Three.

A Guided meditation encoded for centuries in the word VITRIOL - a guided meditation given in the Art Card of the Tarot, THOTH Pack, (See the words in a circle behind the figure on the card left) showing what is and how to activate "The Philosophers Stone" The "Occultem Lapidem" which is the catalyst which changes Base metal into Gold. Not the metal Gold, the Element Gold or "Fools Gold" as the Alchemists used to call it. The Enhancement of the pure Golden Spiritual Energy of the Crown Chakra and the transmutation of the Negative Energy slowing down the Base Chakra, or Base metal(lead) into pure Spiritual Golden Energy.

Learn how to Ground Negative Energies. Learn how to transform the stress, the Negative Energy, of daily life, which arises in you or that which you pick up from other people. The stress which arises from the painful memories of the past. The pain of broken relationships. The pain of bereavement, the pain of divorce, the pain of abuse. The pain which causes fear, sadness, anger and grief. Learn how to gain this energy to heal yourself and others.


This is "The Secret of the Golden Flower" a book translated from Ancient Chinese Taoist sources by Jung. The Launch pad of Enlightenment and the Creation of Genius!


The Synthesis of Light Symbol

 Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Symbol

DANCE001A JPG.JPG (20678 bytes)Master of  Energy Enhancement, Devi Dhyani

Energy Enhancement will help you get everything you need and will make you enjoy everything  you have!



Energy Enhancement Level 1.

Stage 4.

Energy from Accessing the Universal Energy Source.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Soul of Meditation

Gain Energy!

Learn Methods of Accessing Infinite Energy. The Energy of the Soul. The Energy of the Monad. Perhaps access to Ascended masters and our past lives.


Here we are concerned not only with the amount of Energy, but also with the quality, the height of the vibration of the energy which alone determines the height of our Evolution. As my Master Roshi Hogen says "The spring at the top of the Mountain."

Illness is caused by a lack of energy. We can only heal ourselves when we learn to fill ourselves with energy by these methods. We can only heal ourselves when we learn to fill ourselves with energy. Illness is only caused by a lack of energy.

Energy is a glow. Energy is beauty. Energy is health. Energy is happiness. Energy is concentration and memory and your ability to respond. Learn practical methods to access these Infinite Energies.

Gain Energy! This Stage is the most important Stage of Energy Enhancement. Other Stages teach us about the Negativities and attitudes which stop this highly Energetic Soul Connection. Other Stages teach us how to use this Higher energy in the correct way.

In this Stage we learn Methods of Accessing the Infinite Energy of the Higher Mind. Easy and practical meditations based upon Ancient Methodology of 5000 years duration whose track record of success is greater than any other system!

By accessing this energy we get in touch with our Intuition, our Direction, our Soul Path. We access the energies of Initiation which take us ever Higher.

. . . .