Energy Enhancement - The ONLY Solution..

Energy Enhancement gives the original techniques which form the basis of every religion on this planet and which therefore Speed Up!! the Process of meditation many times. The techniques work like they were meant to work before they were removed by those who followed the founder of every religion and the spiritual technology was lost; Everywhere!!



Brighten Your Spiritual Light!!



Create Your Buddhafield!!



As all matter has energy, our entire beings radiate our personal energy - channeled from the Chakras above the Head into the Crown Chakra - in an aura. You can have a stronger aura then by further removing ALL Energy Blockages. - a process ending in Enlightenment

Each of us is surrounded by energy and light. In some circles, this enveloping energy is called the aura, and it radiates our inner spiritual energy from our Higher Chakras out to the world.

The Aura flows in from the Chakras above the head and from Kundalini Chakra below the base chakra and it surrounds our body and reflects our condition.

People who are healthy and happy, with Educated, improved with many Angels Chakras, have strong, bright auras, and people who have Energy Blockages are ill or in distress have weak dark auras.

The aura can expand when energy increases or becomes stronger, and it can fade as a person's inner power wanes due to Energy Blockages.

The aura is a very personal expression of our unique personality, body, and character.

It increases as we create more DNA strands which are expressions of more spiral Antahkarana connections with the Chakras above the Head - The Soul Chakra, Monad, Logos, Sirius and Avatar of Synthesis Chakras act as parallel processors of the mind higher than the intellect increasing our Intuition and Wisdom - The Chakras above the head are Prajna Paramita from the Heart Sutra of the Buddha - "All Sages and Saints live from Prajna Paramita".



The Heart Sutra of the Buddha talks about this as, "Prajna Paramita" - The Highest Wisdom "All Sages and Enlightened Saints have lived from this chakra above the head for Thousands of Years!!" - Heart Sutra

And just as we can change our physical health and vitality, we can improve our aura by removing energy blockages and connection with the Chakras outside the body whose highest expression, an infinity of chakras above the head, is God or one of the 10,000 names of God yet all with the same meaning and significance.


How does man connect with God?

What is the psychic mechanism whereby we do that?

Which meditations achieve that connection with minimum fuss and Speed up the Process!!??

The answer to all these questions is Energy Enhancement Meditation!!

To achieve that God connection with minimum fuss and Speed up the Process, we must invest - we must be prepared to invest time, effort, and perhaps a little money.

It is possible to feel or sense your own aura.

Move your hands back and forth, closer to and away from your body.

You may soon realize that there is a different energy level closer to your body.

You may feel a little heat or resistance from blockages.

Give it a try.

You may be very surprised at the results.

Sometimes, the people around us sense our aura.



Spiritual growth and the stronger energy and aura that come with it are important to protecting yourselves from negative energies and influences.

Negative Vampire people who are consumed by Negative Energy Blockages which create worry or anger or who are seriously ill can actually drain our aura of its energy.

People who have implant blockages can do much more serious harm, so it's important to maintain a strong healthy spirit and a vibrant glowing aura.

In order to grow spiritually and increase your personal energy and aura, you must first clear your mind and body of energy blockages which create negative thoughts and feelings that can weaken us and make us vulnerable to negative energies outside us - in other peoples auras in the Mall or from Family and Friends.

This phase of spiritual healing involves Energy Enhancement Meditation Initiations, introspection and careful self-examination of our spiritual strengths and weaknesses.

Wherever we find Energy Blockage created anger, jealousy, resentment, or lust, we must find ways to reduce and eliminate them from our mind and heart. Then it's important to replace these negative energies with positive ones.

If we ever have a negative thought or emotion we must consciously replace it with its opposite positive replacement - so says the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali of Raja Yoga when talking about the technique of Pratipaksha Bhavana.

Identify the causes for the negative thoughts and emotions. Now, take an honest look at them and determine whether they're justified. In fact, no negative thought or feeling is justified for a person who hopes to grow spiritually.

Replace those energies with positive ones.

If you are angry at a person or event, look at the part you played in the situation and what you can do to resolve it.

If you are envious or jealous, allow others to follow their own hearts, even if it means separation.

If you hold a resentment, learn forgiveness.

And if you feel lust, learn respect and self-restraint.

However we must remove, eliminate all Energy Blockages so that we never ever have another negative thought or emotion.

The only positive emotions are Love and Goodwill.

When all Energy Blockages are gone through the use of the Seven Step Process of Level Two of Energy Enhancement, not only have we removed all disease, negative thoughts and negative emotions.

When we have forgiven all trespasses done against us automatically by the removal of Energy Blockages in all our Karmic friends who we have been working with in each of our incarnations over many lifetimes on this planet then these achievements will be found to be a prerequisite to Enlightenment or Illumination!!

Of course, this is a process.

To learn the techniques of Energy Enhancement Level One - Gain Energy! and Level Two Remove Energy Blockages and gain all the benefits of Speeding UP!! your Process in the Energy Enhancement Buddhafield to raise Energy Levels and do work on the Aura will take a dedicated One Month Course with Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani.




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You can't change overnight, and to pretend you have will subvert your effort.

Be persistent and patient.

Don't use this to beat yourself up or undermine your self-esteem.

Recognize that all of us can improve, and do what you can to replace your negative energies with positive ones.

You will continue this self-improvement process throughout your life.

Once you've gotten a good start, go on to the next phases of your effort.

Because the aura reflects your overall condition, it is important that your body is strong and healthy, too.

Poor diet, polluted Food and Air, stress, exhaustion, and illness can deplete your spiritual energy and give you a weaker darker aura.

Make some important lifestyle changes.

Filter your Air and water

- Air conditioning used in most hot countries will purify most things from your air.

- A good activated carbon air and reverse osmosis water filter to remove fluoride (see the Harvard study on Fluoride - cancer and a 20 IQ point drop - especially for children) and uranium accompanied fluoro-silicic acid - big filters, will cost you less than a refrigerator!!

- This is needed especially in poisonous cities surrounded by fuctories and incinerators. In particular, incinerators, foundries, ceramics, plastics fuctories can create dioxins which give all the symptoms of a heart attack just by breathing them. Most heart attacks really start from these poisonous fumes!!

Avoid foods and substances that contain poisonous pesticides and genetically modified food..

"The world's leading lectins and plant genetic modification expert, UK-based Arpad Pusztai was vilified and fired from his research position at Scotland's Rowett Research Institute for publishing industry-unfriendly (MONSATAN) data he was commissioned to produce on the safety of GMO foods.

His Rowett Research study was the first ever independent one conducted on them anywhere. He undertook it believing in their promise but became alarmed by his findings.

The Eugenic (there are too many people) Clinton and Blair governments were determined to suppress them because Washington was spending billions promoting GMO craps and a future biotech revolution. It wasn't about to let even the world's foremost expert in the field derail the effort. His results were startling and consider the implications for humans eating genetically engineered foods.

Rats fed Monsatan GMO potatoes or Roundup pesticide (R) had smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, damaged immune systems, and showed structural changes in their white blood cells making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed non-GMO potatoes. It got worse. Thymus and spleen damage showed up; enlarged tissues, including the pancreas and intestines; and there were cases of liver atrophy as well as significant proliferation of stomach and intestines cells that could be a sign of greater future risk of cancer. Equally alarming - this all happened after 10 days of testing, and the changes persisted after 110 days that's the human equivalent of 10 years." - Engdahl - The Seeds of Destruction

... and therefore interfere with healthy functioning. Wash your vegetables in Sodium Chlorate or Vinegar to remove all pesticides. Organic food can be better if it was grown away from incinerator fallout.

Avoid meat from cows or chickens who have been fed pesticided grains or Monsatan frankenstein food which when eaten by rats kills them in three months (Engdahl - The Seeds of Destruction) or dioxins as animals and chickens concentrate these poisons in their bodies.

Remember the Revenge of the Cows is cancer and ill health!!

Avoid rancid processed oils; get recent cold pressed oils. Use good butter. Avoid frying and add fresh new recent cold pressed oils on the plate. Cleave to quality brands and names. Avoid oils that are fake and contain engine oil. Avoid old and therefore rancid oils. Get Organic Oils. Avoid foods and substances that contain poisonous pesticides. All these poisonous foods interfere with healthy functioning.

Limit or eliminate tobacco, and drugs both legal and illegal - don't anaesthetize yourself with drugs so as to avoid the body warning you about your energy blockages, targetting them for removal.
Don't become Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd).

Remember pharmaceutical Companies invented and sold a drug as safe using all the trials with the advertising name of "Hero" so as to sell it well.

The result was Hero-in!!

As with Statins which have side effects which degenerate the brain and nervous system, these guys will sell you anything and falsify all the test results just to make a buck!!

Avoid eugenic (there are too many people) vaccines containing the autism creating IQ reducing neurotoxin adjuntivant mercury or aluminium or the sv40 monkey cancer virus.

Adopt a healthy balanced diet that minimizes fast foods and processed meals. Be sure that you have the proper balance of different types of foods, and increase your consumption of good pesticide-less vegetable protein from legumes or beans and nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Take care of your self-esteem.

Be a good person.

Never tell yourself you're not a good person.

Never engage in negative self-talk.

It's not true, and it's very harmful.

Taking care of yourself also involves social relationships and mental stimulation.

Become a renaissance man!!

Dump the box!!

Dump Mainstream Fake Media - total Lies from the Father of Lies.

Start to investigate your world so as to understand where the evil comes from.

We have some good books to increase your knowledge of Oligarchy, Geopolitics, Psychology, Science, History, Economics, Art, and Music.

"A man who does not know history is doomed to repeat it!!" - Winston Churchill

- short works and articles you can read very quickly on this site!!

Traditionally things which create Illumination and the channeling of the energy of genius have been..

1. Jnana - knowledge of God, the passion/samyama for knowledge - the history of science, the history of history etc.

2. Bhakti - Love and Devotion which traditionally also includes Music, Composition, Sacred Dance and Art.

3. Karma - Action for the benefit of all as a good servant to all.

4. Mantra - Repetition of meaningful words, or the Rosary.

5. Hatha - Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, and Bandha.

6. Raja Yoga - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali written 5000 years ago and its Eight Limbs of Yoga or Illumination specify Meditation, Samadhi and Samyama in order become good and remove all energy blockages and achieve the complete freedom of Enlightenment or Kaivalya.



THE YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI - Dropping the Sub Personalities of the Artificial Mind, Removing  All the Energy Blockages of the Ego Through the Inflow of the Infinite Energies of the Universe of Samadhi, Through the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Samyama



Enlightenment created by one technique necessarily leads to expertise in all techniques.

Enlightenment is stopped by the darkness of Inherited Energy Blockages and Implanted Energy Blockages.

Begin to re-establish and nurture old relationships. Get involved in your community. Participate. Take a course or attend a concert. Enrich your imagination, and share the adventure with those you love.


Remember, though, that negative people's energies can harm you as you absorb their negative energies and energy blockages through migration. Avoid bad people who are cynical or pessimistic. They may be the very ones you're learning to protect yourself from.

Spiritual development and psychic self-defense involve being able to recognize those vampire-like people, places, and events that drain your spiritual energy and weaken your aura. As much as possible, eliminate these negatives from your life and mind. "Stay away from evil" Jesus

There are Energy Enhancement Initiations, tools and techniques you'll find very valuable in your spiritual development effort. They require education and practice, but they're tremendously powerful. Some objects are good for eliminating the negative and nurturing the positive.

One tool helps you identify, perhaps even see, your aura. Take a crystal hanging from a string in your right hand and rotate it around your body. You will feel vibrations through the string as the pendulum swings. Another way to find your aura is to light a candle and slowly close your eyes. You may be able to see your aura in different colors that cling to your body.


<> Practice these exercises, and you'll be come more aware of your aura and the messages it gives you about your spiritual condition.

An Energy Enhancement Course will increase your psychic vision so that you can avoid problems and target Energy Blockages for removal!!






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Energy Enhancement recommends that you start with a video Course - practise a little and take advantage of asking questions of Satchidanand by email. Or just come on the Live Course Straight away, you get the Videos to practice in advance, For Free! Enormous benefits above the normal Meditation Course come with just a few Initiations, Meditation, Kundalini Kriyas, Alchemical VITRIOL - Grounding Negative Energies, and Contact with an ineffable source of Energy, Light and Love, the Soul!

Definitely, failing to plan is planning to fail.










If the Map is Correct, the Results will Follow..

Energy Enhancement has decoded The Kundalini Key in All the Worlds Major Religions which give the key to Accelerate the Process of Illumination.

The Kundalini Key shows how all Humanity Connects to the Universe through Energy Connections From the Base Chakra to the Center of the Earth of Kundalini Chakra.

The Kundalini Key shows how all Humanity Connects to the Universe through Energy Connections From the Crown Chakra to the chakras above the Head of the Central Spiritual Sun.

Students of Energy Enhancement who use this map Develop Psychic Vision, "Yoga is the development of Psychic Vision" - Swami Satchidananda; which Enables them to GAIN ENERGY, ELIMINATE ENERGY BLOCKAGES, CLEAR ANCIENT KARMA AND MASTER ENERGY CONNECTIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS



If the Map is Correct, the Results will Follow..










Chakras above the Head - The Buddhist Thirty-one Planes of Existence and Energy Blockages

Buddhist Stream Entry Part 1 Meditational Alignment with a Stream of Energy From Heaven to Earth - The Antahkarana

Buddhist Stream Entry Part 2: Stream entry and After - Meditational Alignment with a Stream of Energy From Heaven to Earth - The Antahkarana

Sole dominion over the earth,
going to heaven,
lordship over all worlds:
	the fruit of stream-entry
	excels them.
— Dhp 178 



The Katmandu Bodhinath Stupa where the hemisphere of the white base represents the Earth and the tower above represents the Antahkarana Kundalini Key.. - A Tower representing the Infinity of Chakras above the head where getting your Body and Mind into alignment in Meditation, with the energies from the center of the Universe through an infinity of Chakras above the head ("lordship over all worlds")< style="background-color: #FFFF00" 3813" 3812" 3811" 3810"> through the body to the center of the Earth Chakra, Kundalini Chakra and below that ("Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven"), using Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditation Techniques will Enlighten you.

A Stream Enterer is a person who aligns his body and mind with this stream of Energy the Infinity of Chakras above the head where getting your Body and Mind into alignment in Meditation, with the energies from the center of the Universe through an infinity of Chakras above the head  through the body to the center of the Earth Chakra, Kundalini Chakra and below that in Meditation.

Dharma or Dhamma is the Conscience acquired by one who enters into the Stream of Energy from Heaven to Earth and also into the higher Chakras above the head, the Soul Chakra gives conscience, the Jhanas, and gradually wears away his Energy Blockages.  The gaining of Spiritual Energy of Level 1 of Energy Enhancement brightens up all the faculties, usually supplying sufficient Energy to awaken the Dharma Eye of Psychic Vision.

Nirvana, or Illumination follows as the good effects of that Alignment in Energy Enhancement Meditation and its consequent removal of All Energy Blockage Impurities

Nibbana names the transcendent and singularly ineffable freedom that stands as the final goal of all the Buddha's teachings.

If nothing is happening in your Meditation, Whats Up!! Some people sit for 20 Years without any discernable Change. Energy Enhancement Advanced meditation Techniques Speed Up the meditative Process.

What follows is the good effects of that Alignment in Energy Enhancement Meditation an its consequent removal of Energy Blockage Impurities..

In Buddhism, as in every major religion after the founder dies, there seems to be a loss of information such that the initial impulse of the religion is lost and only the partial and inessential remains.

For example,

1. It is obvious from the Kundalini Key shape of the Stupa, - in that the hemisphere is the earth and the tower the Antahkarana with all the heavens, Jhanas, or Chakras above the head  - was one of the keys to the success of the original buddhist meditations.

Thuparama Stupa Sri Lanka Kundalini Key - Hemisphere Earth with Kundalini Earth Chakra and tower Antahkarana


2. It is obvious that a stream of Energy Exists from Heaven to Earth and that only when a person consciously aligns himself with that energy that he becomes a stream enterer and when he gets the access to the chakras above the head in Samadhi or Jhanas, such that he gets access to so much spiritual energy that his Dharma Eye - Psychic vision opens that he becomes a stream winner.

What we have left below is what happens when a person has access to all the above information to help his practise. He becomes Good and Does Good. He activates Yama and Niyama from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, knows the 10 Commandments. But these saintly powers of goodness only can come from one who is in tune with the energies of the Universe. For that we need the Kundalini Key symbolised by the shape of the Early Buddhist Stupas or the Dome of the Taj Mahal (Alchemical Sufism) or the Dome of the Capitol in Washington (Masonic). For that we need Meditation and Samyama. For that we need Energy Blockage removal!!

It is good that the student knows that he has to become good and that he has to make himself good, but without Spiritual Energy and without energy blockage removal techniques, no wonder people meditate for 20 years and never get anywhere.

It is impossible to get all the good results below just by telling yourself to be good. The blockages will just laugh at you and however much you try to resist them, the temptations will always be too much and you will backslide, and you will fail.


You need Energy Enhancement.

Energy Enhancement gives the original techniques which form the basis of every religion on this planet and which therefore Speed Up!! the Process of meditation many times. The techniques work like they were meant to work before they were removed by those who followed the founder of every religion and the spiritual technology was lost; Everywhere!!

Krishna - Christ

"When virtues decline and the evils flourish,
I give myself birth to protect the good and destroy the sinners.
In every age I appear for establishing righteousness."
Krishna - Bhagavad Gita
In every age there is a need for renewal of the original spiritual impulse in order to provide more Happy Enlightened Beings for the benefit of Humanity, for the benefit of the World, For the benefit of the Universe.
Energy Enhancement is that renewal of the original spiritual impulse.





It is necessary to have the aim of being a good person.

How else are we to know when we are not good?

But the attainment and maintenance of Goodness and Illumination depend only on Vairagya or as it is normally translated, Discrimination. However, Vairagya as symbolised by the pictures of Manjushri pictured with his Sword of Vairagya gives a much more active technique in the removal of Impurities, Effluent, Sin or as we call it in Energy Enhancement - Energy Blockages.. than mere meditation, or words..


Manjushri Manjusri Sword Vairagya Discrimination


The BUDDHIST suttas describe thirty-one distinct "planes" or "realms" of existence - the chakras above the head  - which can be visited in Meditation in order to access their high spiritual energies and into which beings can be reborn during this long wandering through samsara. These range from the extraordinarily dark, grim, and painful hell realms below the base all the way up to the most sublime, refined, and exquisitely blissful heaven realms.

Existence in every realm is impermanent; in Buddhist cosmology there is no eternal heaven or hell. Beings are born into a particular realm according to both their past kamma and their kamma at the moment of death. When the kammic force that propelled them to that realm is finally exhausted, they pass away, taking rebirth once again elsewhere according to their kamma. And so the wearisome cycle continues.

If the Map is Correct, the Results will Follow..


".... When I was getting the better of the energy blockage I felt the spaces in which I meditated expand.  I got an explosion of energy down the right hand side of my body.  The energy was bumping around in my base chakra; in fact my whole body was pulsating with the energies.  It felt as though there was static electricity all along my arms making the hairs stand up on end.  As the energies grew stronger I felt lighter, happier and freer.  My heart opened out to send blasts of energy out which returned back to me." ENERGY ENHANCEMENT STUDENT VANESSA GRAHAM




"Of this base metal may be filed a key

That will unlock the door they howl without"




<> The shape of a key or keyhole is the Key of the Gaol of the Naqsbandhi Sufis or the cave of Plato and is taken from the figure below. The round base of the key symbolises the Earth and the shank of the key symbolises the Antahkarana or the Holy Spirit connection between Earth and God, the Father.






And after giving our student a pre Energy Enhancement method of Grounding Negative energiesÖ.

"As for my back, I did my best with the counterclockwise movement of my body as I understood it from Devi Dhyani and it was fascinating. I went out to my rental houseís little backyard (which unfortunately is mostly concrete) and found a patch of dirt to stand on barefoot. As I moved my body counterclockwise I felt the magnetism of Mother Earth drawing out the negativityólike a whirlpool (or a flushing toilet!). I pretty much let my body move the way it wanted to and a couple of times it stopped and went into spontaneous Tadasana pose which felt like all the negativity was shooting down to the center of the Earth where it could be instantaneously transmuted by the Fire. There was corresponding relief to the physical pain in my lower back/right hip as well. Such a blessing!

The next day the pain seemed to return, although not as strong so I tried the counterclockwise movements again, this time inside on my hardwood floor because it was raining and cold outside. I was surprised that the effect was the sameóvery powerful. Afterwards I had that ďspongyĒ feeling (donít know how to describe it) like Iíd been meditating or in a high process for some time. I did a long soak in a tub of hot water with sea salt, baking soda and white vinegar that also seemed to calm the energy and alkalize the physical body, removing just about all the pain.
The difference in my mental state without the constant fierce pain is remarkable. I want to learn how to do this grounding the proper way because I can see it will be a lifelong practice."

If the Map is Correct, the Results will Follow..


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Meditate with the first Initiation of Energy Enhancement and Gain Super Energy, the psychic powers of perception. Leap into eternity with a quantum shift of energy from the Sky. Fuse with the higher chakras above the head which work at a higher and faster frequency.

It strengthens the psychic circuits and decreases the resistance to the flow of Energy. It helps to build the psychic body, as Gurdjieff called it, "The Body Kesdjian".

The chakras above the head connect with Atman, God, Allah, Nirvana - any of the 10,000 names of the one Highest Energy. Even Buddha when asked about God said Nirvana - Nothing - Emptiness. When you achieve an empty mind then automatically you get in touch with Energy, Intelligence, Genius, Purpose, Peace, Happiness - the Mind of God!!

For Thousands of Years Meditation has been the practice of choice of all seekers of Truth. All those who seek an Accelerated Evolution.

Energy Enhancement easily transmutes all negative energy. The techniques of Energy Enhancement show you how to QUICKLY AND EASILY TRANSMUTE YOUR STRESS because it works at the level of Energy which underlies AND IS THE BASIS of all Life.

Ancient and Successful Energy Enhancement Techniques like the Kundalini Kriyas, the Supra Galactic Orbit, VITRIOL and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus can Speed up the Process of Enlightenment.

Meditation is a fast for the mind. It dissolves trauma caused Energy Blockages which produce negative energy, emotion and useless thoughts which are merely the symptoms of Energy Blockages. An empty mind is one filled with Super Energy; a perceptive instrument for Intuition and Wisdom.


The Ultimate in the Control of your own Mind.


Most people find it easy to have many thoughts, but you only have control over something when you have the power to stop it.



Our mind is so full of thoughts that it is necessary to learn how to press the stop button, so that one thought can have maximum power when you want it. To learn how to access Wisdom and intuition. To access the Unconscious, the Alpha, Beta and Delta levels of our own mind.



Meditation is a fast for the thoughts of the mind. All our painful memories are thoughts filled will negative emotion. As we learn how to stop giving energy to a thought, so it gets smaller, less powerful. It eventually disappears. 




The true control over our minds, as known for many thousands of years, comes when we have the power to stop all our thoughts. When this occurs then we gain the Energy to access our intuition and Soul life path. When we can do this then any thought we have becomes so much more powerful. We begin to have the ability to make things happen. The power of doing. The clarity to hold and accomplish anything we set our minds to.  


To control something, one must be capable of stopping it, said Karl Popper the famous philosopher who wrote, "The Open Society and its Enemies" and Frank Herbert who wrote the DUNE series of Science fiction. 




Energy Enhancement Meditation taught here is based upon ancient Zen Techniques in a Synthesis of many advanced methods from Hindu Masters as well as practical hints and tips from several Masters of Meditation from many traditions, some of which have never been taught previously, giving the most advanced practical techniques on how to enter into the state of meditation and including the Buddhafield of Energy to get there. 



To Square the Circle





"Of this base metal may be filed a key

That will unlock the door they howl without"






If the Energy Enhancement Map is Correct, the Results will Follow..


Learn Methods of Accessing Infinite Energy. 



The Energy of the Soul. The Energy of the Monad. The Energy of the Logos. the Energy of the Avatar of Synthesis. Perhaps access to Ascended masters and our past lives.



The Alchemical Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus describes the Profound Guided Meditation of the Macrocosmic Orbit of the Chinese Alchemical Taoists, the Sufi Alchemists and of Energy Enhancement.

 The Emerald Tablet describes an Ancient Map of how man connects with Universe.

The Emerald Tablet describes a circulation of Energy from Heaven to Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the Earth via the Moon. As extension to the Taoist Orbits and the Kundalini Kriyas

In these ancient books the Moon sometimes represents the base chakra, just to put those who are not ready off the scent.


Without lie, certain and most true:

What is below is is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below, to accomplish the miracle of the One thing.


In truth, and without Lie, And just as all things have been from the one, so also they are born from this one thing by adaptation.


THE HOLY TRINITY - HERMES TRISMEGISTUS.. Its father is the sun father, its mother the earth The connection between the two, the holy spirit or ananda has borne it. This one thing is the father of all things.


Its power is perfect, after it has been united with the earth.


In the center of the earth is the Nuclear fire/philosophers stone which separates, transmutes, purifies, the subtle from the dense, positive spiritual energy from negative energies with gentle heat and much devotion.


In great measure, The Macrocosmic Orbit, The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit, it ascends from earth to heaven, descends again toward earth, and receives the force, The Energies of External Chakras, of the things above and below.


Thus you will possess the glory of the world, all DARKNESS shall flee away from thee as we Ground, Transmute all the Negative Energies in the Center of the Earth.


This is the force of all force, it will overcome everything subtle, and penetrate everything solid.

For this reason I am called Hermes Trismegistus "Hiram Telat Machasot"- one in essence, but three in aspect. In this trinity is the wisdom of the whole world.

The tablet closes:

And so I have been called: Hermes Trismegistus - thrice greatest, having the three parts of the philosophy of the world – THE HOLY TRINITY and SAT CHID ANAND, - THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

If the Energy Enhancement Map is Correct, the Results will Follow..


The arousing of Kundalini Energy which alone can supercharge the human bodies with Super Energy leading towards the removal of Energy Blockages and Illumination, EnLightenment requires the correct map.

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that, 'Energy Flows from High Energy to Low Energy"

Thus in the giving of Energy we require..

1. An element of High Energy Flux Density - in this case.. The Fusion power of the Sun representing the Chakras above the head

2. An Area of Low Energy Flux Density in this case the Earth represented by the Fission Power in the Center of the earth is a lump if Uranium Kilometers in Diameter which has powered this Planet for Four Billions of Years so that the earth resembles an egg with its eggshell crust and its Molten Liquid Lava Interior. The Erth represents all the chakras beneath the base chakra also.

The elements of Agnihotra are the fire in the pyramedal or Horn Shaped Copper Pot representing the Fire in the center of the Earth. The Horn shaped, pyramedal shaped pot is representing the Cornucopia - The Horn of Plenty - of the base Chakra.

The other element is the Sun - Surya as the ceremony is done at Sunrise or Sunset.


A Brahmin priest making offerings of ghee (clarified butter) into a sacred fire at Sunset or Dawn. Agnihotra (अग्निहोत्र) is a Vedic yajŮa (ritual or sacrifice) performed in orthodox Hindu communities. It is mentioned in the Atharvaveda (11:7:9) and described in detail in the Yajurveda Samhita and the Shatapatha Brahmana (12:4:1). The Vedic form of the ritual is still performed by Nambudiri Brahmins of Kerala and by a small number of Vaidiki Brahmins in South Asia. Modern versions of the Agnihotra are promoted by various individuals and groups as a non-sectarian ritual for the healing and purification of the atmosphere and as a primary source of vibhuti or sacred ash.

The symbolism of Milk or Ghee Clarified Butter is the already flowing spiritual energies from Heaven to Earth or Kundalini Energy - The Chi of the Universe.

The symbolism of the burning of the Horse-Shit is the burning of Sin, or Energy Blockage or the Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass of Congealed pain energies.

As the Kundalini Energy Ghee starter begins to burn so it also consumes the Sin, or Energy Blockage or the Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass of Congealed pain energies. The resulting flame travels back towards the sun in the Reciprocal Maintenance action which supports the whole universe. Simply by enering into that stream of Kundalini Energy - Becoming a Stream Enterer - can we burn all our Sins, or Energy Blockages or the Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass of Congealed pain energies within our System.

The Result is the purified Immortal Diamond - Vajra Body which can never die.

The result is the pure white purified ash of Vibuti from which all energy blockage Pain has been burnt.



You remember xxx? well it turns out that he is the keeper of the part of the ley line between the medieval church in Wooton and Canterbury Cathedral and as we thought he is under constant psychic attack to keep him from realising this and doing the work he is meant to be doing in keeping the line free and clean.


After a meditation with him recently we talked about the possibility of increasing the energy of the line in accordance with the information given by David Ike on the need to raise the frequencies of the planets energy in order to facilitate the expansion of the collective human consciousness and so decided to try to do this using the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process on the line.

I had a few days to think about this and in doing so kept coming back to the Cathedral and kept seeing it with my Energy Enhancement acquired psychic vision as a large block on the line.

Last night we came together again in meditation and decided to look at the Cathedral and began the seven step process to try to clean the block.

The effect was staggering. I saw a huge black block of negative mass and began to ground it and slowly the light came in, then there was a huge amount of light, brilliant white and moving at incredible speed, ( I had asked all the ascended masters for help ) it began to fill out the Cathedral and went into the graves below and along the passageways and filled every inch of the place to a depth of hundreds of feet and the whole place was bursting at every opening with brilliant light.

 About 50 minutes had passed and we were still at it. I watched as persons in white robes came and pointed white staffs together in a circle and the power and light was awesome, it sped along the ley line towards us and went up the spire in the medieval church in Wooton village and also came out of the floor and into both xxx and I as we sat. I kept going back along the line to check if I was really seeing this and every time it was the same.

 When I opened my eyes I saw xxx sitting opposite me grinning from ear to ear and I asked him what had happened to him. He said that when he started and saw a huge mass of dark and thought it was too much to take on but went ahead anyway, he then saw light begin to come in and 7 other ley line keepers came in the points of an octagon and he made up the final point.

He was under the impression that they had been waiting a long time for him to arrive. Then there was a huge amount of energy in white light and the whole place was grounded and cleaned by all eight of them.

Then he saw something astounding. behind every keeper appeared hundreds of thousands of light warriors as far as the eyes could see, He said they were like an ocean of warriors and he was humbled and awestruck by the sight. He realised who he was for the first time in his life, he was told that there were eight ley lines converging at the Cathedral and that the negative mass which had been planted there had been stopping the lines from connecting together, this was his octogon completed and he was told it was not time yet to increase the vibration of the energy flowing through the line.


xxx has changed from being scared and depleted and under constant PSYCHIC attack to a warrior of huge importance in three short weeks due to Energy Enhancement Reiki Healing.

As I said there is important work to be completed. You don't get much better than this and this is just two of us doing our thing on the night of the spring equinox.

Love and Light.











email for details...







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 1. Initiation  1 Meditation

Meditation Introductory Talk With Instructions
Introductory Talk Heart Sutra Heart Sutra 1- Heart Sutra 2


 2. Initiation 2 Energy Circulation Part 1

Introductory Talk - The Initiation
Students Questions


 3. Initiation 2 Energy Circulation Part  2

Students Experience - Initiation Part 2
Students Experiences Part 2

 4. Initiation 3 The Grounding Of The Negative Energies

Introductory Talk - The Initiation
Students Experience

 5. Initiation 4 Macrocosmic Orbit  1

Introductory Talk - The Initiation
Talk After The Initiation

 6. Initiation 4 Macrocosmic Orbit  2

Students Experiences


 7. FREE Sacred Dance Pink Floyd and Gurdjieffs Sacred Dances


Swami Devi Dhyani at the Lavarden Theatre

in 5.1 Surround sound

PINK FLOYD, DAVID GILMOUR, Brick in the Wall, High Hopes, Sorrow, Comfortably Numb. One World! Do not listen to the words, listen to the Soul Energy of the Guitar solos. They say NO! This shall not be. I AM! THE SACRED DANCES OF GURDJIEFF, NATACHA ATLAS

 8. FREE Sacred Dance Led Zeppelin and Ravels Bolero

Swami Devi Dhyani at the Lavarden Theatre

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LED ZEPPELIN, JIMMY PAGE, ROBERT PLANT, THE LONDON METROPOLITAN ORCHESTRA, MORROCAN ORCHESTRA Since I've Been Loving You, Friends, Kashmir - the theme is that of moving on from the Pain of Relationships of Since Ive been loving You, through the Mastery of Relationships onwards to the Center of the Universe, the Highest Heart at the top of the Himalayas, Kashmir, Let me take you there! RAVELS BOLERO, IN THE STYLE OF FLAMENCO AND THE WHIRLING DERVISHES OF RUMI - IN THIS DEVI TURNS PERHAPS 800 TIMES!


 9. FREE Text Backup Comprising the whole of Year One of the Online Course

Books, Articles, Text Backup to Each Initiation on the DVD, Yoga, Pranayama, Audio Talks by Swami Satchidanand, Previous Video Course, Broadband Downloadable in MPEG4, codec included. and Free Sacred Dance Videos.




This ADVANCED YOGA COURSE DVD now given FREE with the Energy Enhancement DVD Course










for details of Energy Enhancement Yoga teacher Training with your Energy Enhancement Course



This DVD now given FREE with the Energy Enhancement DVD Course Or you can buy it separately on this page!!





I felt very emotional and started to shake and cry as the waves of negative energy released through my body down to my feet and then to 'ground'. This reaction completely surprised me as I thought Yoga was all about stretching the muscles, developing agility and finally achieving calm. Anna Andersen on her Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training Course













If you are tired of all the many systems of meditation which leave questions unanswered and where the path to enlightenment is ill defined and uncertain then donít delay end the suffering as soon as possible Ė learn Energy Enhancement.





Some of the course members from The Energy Enhancement September
 Course with Satchidanand. Jean, Thomas, Amy and Vanessa.


"Next, I came across a particularly stubborn blockage to remove, and knew that I would have to prepare myself well during meditation. I consciously sourced as much energy from above to flow through my body, and in doing so, rather than my body being filled with golden light, I had somehow tapped into an immense source of white light. As well as feeling this increased energy stream through my body, I realised I had involuntarily suspended breathing somewhere near the top of an in breath. My body felt like a beacon of light, with more than enough energy to direct toward a blockage and watch it dissolve in an instant.

Since that time I am always connected to and able to source the white light from above my head. Many times during this process I just forget to breathe as though my breathing is just naturally suspended. I am now living in the Light!!

My energies are naturally far higher than when I arrived on the Energy Enhancement course just two weeks ago. I am experiencing the fruits of meditation which normally arrive, if they do, after twenty years of meditation and it has only taken me two weeks."

Thomas Blair September 2005 Course in Spain


Come for an Energy Enhancement YOGA & Yoga Teacher Training Retreat











Being an Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher gives you the ability to Ground all the Negative Energies of your Students as they release their negative energies in your Yoga Classes. Usually, if you do not have the talent, the Siddhi or psychic power to do this through many lifetimes of work on yourself, you will become ill in your first year of teaching.

This is the difference between Energy Enhancement and "Normal" Yoga.


Increase Your Spiritual Energy!!

For those wanting to do more than just get an Energy Boost with our Energy Enhancement Course, this Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training Course presents the opportunity to learn techniques towards a Yoga Teaching Training qualification and learn Meditation Techniques from Energy Enhancement.


We Teach Yoga as a Support to the Meditative Energy Enhancement Process

Everyone will be given the information on preliminary techniques for Energy Enhancement which are Yoga, pranayama and Energy Enhancement Meditation techniques from the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course. Those seeking a yoga qualification can put more intensity into the learning of Yoga and Meditation. From the totality of these techniques including meditation, you will pick up methods applicable to you and your clients condition.

This yoga teacher training course gives depth to an Energy Enhancement retreat. Even if you never intend to teach you will gain for yourself from being taught what and how to teach Yoga and practise Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques. To gain the opportunity to have meaningful work wherever in the world you chose to live.

Courses in The Energy Enhancement Center in Spain.

Or on Energy Enhancement Courses in Peru and India.

Or, Let us Come to you Wherever  you live in the World


7am - 11am The Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation Techniques starts early with sessions in Yoga, meditation, chanting and then theory

11am Breakfast

12pm-4pm The afternoon is free for rest, self study, sauna or beach and sharing. 

4pm Main Meal

6pm -10pm The evening session is like the early session with sessions in Yoga, meditation, chanting and then theory. "And so to bed..."






I got the great opportunity to be a student of satchis advanced yoga class.


After practising yoga by myself over two years with many advanced teachers I really was astonished by the effect i got after just this one Energy Enhancement class.


I would like to tell you about different benefits i got from this 2 hour experience.



Already at the beginning of the class  i appreciated the introduction to hear what Journey we will go on for the next 2 hours. The Introduction told me....


My body and my mind got prepared by letting them know that this will be a very individual journey and that i do not need to pass my own limits. i need to find the border of what i can do and feel and breathe in to this posture.


To improve i do a little more just before i come out from the posture. i work with the strength and the flexibility of the body to attain a perfect balance within and without. The breathing i use as a tool to deepen the relaxation in between the postures. And in the posture itself it helped to find my limits and to release the tension points using breathing, visualisation of the Golden Light and Advanced Energy Enhancement Techniques.


During the whole lesson i was to keep the eyes closed, to get more attention and focus on myself and to not get distracted.



During the lessons i did not feel any sense of time. The work i did went so deep and conscious that there was no time to think really.


Between the relaxations i did postures within my own capacity and conscious breathing, and noticing the point of tension which i tried to release by breathing into them or using the energy enhancement techinques.


In the relaxation, which for me is just as important as the posture itself, i got time to sense the body and its reaction on the action  i did from the posture. To come to the point of consciousness and unconsciousness helped me to release even more tightness, which i sometimes could even feel in the repetition of the posture, by getting further in to it.


The soothing and present voice of Satchi gave me a stability, confidence and a sense of being taken care of in the lesson.




After the lessons i did a meditation which was more powerful and focussed than my normal meditation. The moment i closed my eyes i fell in to a deep focused potent meditation. I felt this strong power of goodness and willpower in me with which i could work effectively.


I spent the whole ninety minutes deep in meditation just sitting on the floor without any cushion and I did not notice it until after an hour when I stretched my legs. So deep!!


The whole time I spent getting in touch and sourcing the universal energy field and the connection was just so much bigger and more intense than my normal meditation.


Satchi said I spent my time in Samadhi, a very concentrated and higher level of meditation. This is the purpose of the Energy Enhancement Sequence of Yoga Postures which can be used by any level of practitioner from beginners to the more advanced, in the Satchidanand Buddhafield.



The rest of the evening i felt like a rocket which was ready to leave. Strong, powerful, resourced, energy, myself.


Thank you so much for a great experience and another insight of how powerful yoga actually is. Feeling that yoga is another path to the fullfillment of finding the true self, absolutness, kaivalyam.


This DVD, A VIDEO RECORDING OF THE ABOVE EXPERIENCE, now given FREE with the Energy Enhancement DVD Course






i am really glad i met you and devi. all your knowledge and teachings have had a life Changing impact on me, which will let me see the world with new eyes again and not only eyes as i learnt but also from different chakras. thank you.

i arrived safely in india. went to shop already some indian clothes, but first of all i energetically cleaned my room with the monks chanting and put some energy enhancement protection columns around it. the moskitos - i could not really be bothered about these, but i will get the moskito net for the bed and for the windows too, to be sure to be sure.

of course i already checked the food. they put me already on quite a diet and they always serve rice, which drops down as a rock using the Psychic Power of energy enhancement initiation 5, so I know all rice here in india contains pesticides. some stuff goes up , but not a lot, so i will go for the bananas instead and always have some in my room from now on.

i feel as if i am not quite arrived yet. i do not quite realise that i am here in india in an ashram yet for the next six months, learning more about yoga even if the horns on the street outside keep reminding me.

i am always off on thursdays and also will have some time in between to do some Energy Enhancement meditation. i also did meditation before going to bed and it is helpful for me to still write down stuff i grounded in my spiritual diary, to just know what i work on next.



one of the next Energy Enhancement meditations will also be the situation of leaving the Energy Enhancement September 2005 course. Of being attached to an Energy Enhancement place where i felt comfortable and felt at home. Of having people around me that are understanding and sharing and open and willing to improve or be more happy. i will let you know what happens, you might probably know already, but i let you know anyway.

so here i go! with lots of helpful knowledge ( i had a good flight grounding the negative energies a lot, and actually not being so tired when i arrived).

SATCHI, i wish you a great birthday.

i send you light and love

Amy or Kaivalyananda ( i still have to get used to this name...

Devi Initiating Amy as Swami Kaivalyananda (The Freedom of Enlightenment) IN THE ORDER OF ENERGY ENHANCEMENT



Amy Zantras Testimonial and YOGA on the ENERGY ENHANCEMENT COURSE


Biography, What  I did up to now


I, Amy Zantras, 28 years old, grown up in the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland am having the most life changing experiences  in the Energy Enhancement course here in Escala, Spain. I am being taught how to get to know my true self in a very safe and resourced way, by meditation.


 I am learning to appreciate who I am and not feel guilty or afraid of what I am able to do. I feel my self as a very talented being.


 Until now in my life I always reached what I wanted to, I just really found ways to make things work.  I noticed that many talents were given to me.


I teach sports like kajaking, archering, climbing, surfing, waterskiing, snowboarding , skydiving, aerobics and feel that I could do even more as I am moving into Yoga Teaching and going on a six months course in India to do this.


The last 7 years I helped to build up and manage a water sports school and was manager of the beach bar.


I studied cranio-sacral therapy for 3 years and want to increase my knowledge and interest by visiting a 6 month yoga teachers training in India this year.



Amy Zantras Energy Enhancement Course


Last year I had a big ski accident which I know I survived only by a miracle. I believed, and believe even more now, in higher forces which are guiding me.


There is this light (I experienced it in an Energy Enhancement meditation where we worked in our timeline) which was given to me as a 3 year old which I know will show me where my soul life path goes when I become more successful at seeing deeply into the themes of all my past lives, and of removing all the ego, karma and just plain negative energies from my psyche.


Insights which were really profound these last 3 days during the Energy Enhancement Course were the finding of inner children sub-personalities and their strategies.


I am looking back in past life times finding messages and inner children which picked up strategies to keep me off the spiritual path. Being afraid of using my knowledge and talents in a meaningful way, being abandoned and homeless, wanting to be loved by my parents, especially my father, and wanting to be happy are the ones I found up to now.



Reflection on My Energy Enhancement Course


They make all sense when I reflect them in my present life.


Strategies to get attention from my parents or in society explain why I thru my self in all these sports and all various scenes of ďsex,  drugs and rock an rollĒ


Going to a private International Finishing School in Switzerland, with many ďjet setĒ people,  I  felt exposed to the fact of showing who I am. This fear caused me to create an ego which took me away from my life path in two ways, each of which caused a disaster and led me back to my life path, here and now on the Energy Enhancement course.


Living in a relationship which bound me to my job and a safe home. Becoming a workaholic and my own slave, making my ego happy and not my true Self.




Insight from My Energy Enhancement Course



The first ego was being a blond, tall, sports interested girl I had some plus points already, but I got even more if I could show off a rich or famous partner or even to my school friends I could show how many I could actually have. I slipped in to this scene very easily and do appreciate now that I pulled myself out of this  path early enough.


I saw during the Energy Enhancement Course that 50% of my Boyfriends at that time between the ages of 15 and 21 came from group who psychically take peoples energies and the leader of the group was the first of them who implanted the blockages in my shoulders who takes the energies.


I saw in Past lives three groups who also implanted these vampire type of blockages, again in my shoulders. These first was from Egyptian times 3000 years ago and using the Energy Enhancement techniqes I was able to remove and ground this implant blockage.


Also in the middle ages a group with black hoods, like monks, gave blockages to me and also in the same times a group of people dressed similar as Knights.



Using the techniques of Energy Enhancement I was able to remove and ground all these implant blockages which also were in my shoulders.


My shoulder pain which I thought was due to my major accident  disappeared when I did all this.



The second ego was that at school I showed off how good I am at sports. Being a natural talent at sports I misused the fact of using it to get attention. The end result of this sport pride was my accident in the mountains.



 And this fact I also connect to the relationship to my dad, of wanting attention and his love. I thought he would love me, if I am good at sports and bringing home trophies from sports or as rich and famous boyfriends. Him being a hotel manager and being in contact with lots of people was happy to show what a ďgreat daughterĒ he has and projecting this thoughtform on to me.


Another ego of pleasing people, like my Boyfriend and my father, to make sure that I am being loved. Pleasing by doing what they want, and forgetting about myself, my purpose and my powers.

And even having a serious long lasting relationship, to show how good I am.



Energy Enhancement Meditation Result


 The result of the removal of all these implant blockages was a complete loss of all pains in my shoulder, which was the contribution of all past life times and boyfriend experiences.



Before the Energy Enhancement Course I did not believe that these pains can be removed, thinking that this is part of  performing sports. But also because of injuries and remaining pains of the last years accident, when I fell one hundred meters from the top of a cliff, high at the top of a Mountain in the Alps.


This fall was my Wake up!! Call and eventually caused me to see deeply into my parental relationships and their effect on my early life decisions, break my seven year relationship of work and to my boyfriend partner and come on the Energy Enhancement Course and go to India, to find my life path!!



My yoga, using Energy Enhancement Techniques, has become more flexible and strong as the pain blockages in my body from all these past life memories and blockages much more than I have mentioned above, have been removed.


Also using the Energy Enhancement techniques in Yoga, allowed me to achieve perfection, strength and flexibility in asana more quickly.


Conclusions from My Energy Enhancement Course



Knowing that a relationship can also be possible on a exchanging level and not on a level of misuse. If there is Love and a purpose to it, it can grow and give you significance. No excuses and reasoning is necessary.


Getting the insight of understanding that there can be a life without pain after my accident. We are meant to be happy and not carry around the weight we donít want.


Feeling more energy, especially being around people and being more myself are the benefits I could experience personally, now, of the grounding of this fact. ExamplesÖ


I do not need to use the sports in an egotistical way, but rather finding a significance in them. In the case of Yoga by practising to be a Yoga Teacher its meaning and significance is that I will be able to help so many people by its virtue now and in the future. My Sport will have a purpose.


All of the themes of my life above have been shown to me directly in the Energy Enhancement Meditations.


All of the negative energies which caused me to have all these ego difficulties, taking my life in wrong directions, have been grounded into the center of the earth using the advanced Energy Enhancement Techniques.


The Implants, the Energy Blockages in my Chakras, the Pain Blockages in my shoulders and in my legs and hips in the meditations, are all well on the way to being removed.


I am now on the way to healing myself and my life, thanks to Energy Enhancement Advanced Blockage Busting Techniques.



My future, Meaning and Significance.


I am now on a path to find more meaning and significance to my life, because I know there is far more to life than what I reached until now. There is peace with myself and my surrounding. There is another home. OM!!


For the energies in the Centre of the Universe, The Life energy, Our Father who art in HeavenÖ. My relationship with the Energies of God.


Thank you!!



Meditation and Meditation Techniques, Asana, Pranayama and Kriyas on the Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation Course

Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus:-

A full set of notes is given as part of the course for those intending to teach as well as for those who just want to know more.

  Plus you need to buy five set books:-

1. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda

2. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Sri Swami Satyananda

3. Hatha Yoga by Theos Bernard.

4. The Living Gita by Sri Swami Satchidananda

5. The Energy Enhancement Book - available online at this site

You can get them from or some of the specialist spiritual book sites on the web.

The Syllabus includes:-

1. The Seven Major Chakras and the 13 Chakra Parallel Processing Super Computer Human Model including chakras outside the body - Psychic Physiology. Any stiffness, disease or injury indicates a blockage or negative energy held in the chakra nearest to the problem. Also the psychological function of the chakras.

 Each chakra is a parallel processor of the mind. Only one chakra is intellectual. The other six comprise the unconscious, the subconscious, the id, the child, the adult and the emotions. 

Yoga and Energy Enhancement teaches you how to integrate all these parts to give you more ENERGY!!,  the psychic powers and Genius. The power of Enthusiasm. The power of Doing.

2. The 6 Yogas of Integral Yoga-

1. Hatha Yoga including Postures, Posture sequences and their effects towards calming or vitalising chakras, Classical sequences for use in class.

2. Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas. Cleansing Kriyas- We will give the opportunity to practise the cleansing technique of Shankharprakshalana at the end of the course.

3. Mantra Yoga- Chanting of the Heart Sutra, Om Shanthi and Hari OM and the necessity of their use for cleansing and strengthening the Subtle Bodies when working strongly in retreat.

4. Raja Yoga- The complete methodology of Meditation,-The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a set book, and the 8 limbs of Yoga, techniques towards Meditation, onwards towards the Energy Enhancement Techniques of Samyama, the 9th limb of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

5. Jnana Yoga- the Yoga of Realisation.

6. Bhakti and Karma Yogas- The Bhagavad Gita is a set book which teaches how to increase Bhavana or enthusiasm (entheosiasm) and the benefits of Opening the Heart and surrender to the will of the Universe itself.

Year 1 SOL Certification of a Three year course

Comprises one retreat.

Year 1  enables you to teach yoga as a student. Teaching yoga as a student is necessary for learning to become a Yoga Teacher safely. Our students are our greatest teachers. Their questions teach us more about ourselves and yoga than anything organised. Also, many people want to treat their yoga seriously and do not necessarily want to teach but merely deepen their practise. This too is possible.

To: "Satch idanand" <> >From:"anna andersson"  

>Subject: Re: feedback of Yoga Teacher Training Course in December 1999 >Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:06:29 -0800

> >Dear Satchi!

So finally did I get my act together and wrote you a little testimony of the course!

" I suspect all of us who visit the worlds of Jonathan Seagull will never want to return"> Ernest K. Cann - Author of "The High and Mighty"

Coming back to London from my yoga course in Mallorca with Satchi & Devi, I not only had a desire to go back and continue my personal development through the wide range of courses they have on offer, but also to return to the space inside myself that they had guided me to.

When I decided to go away and do a Yoga Teacher Training course with Energy Enhancement, I had no idea what was waiting around the corner!

Not only Satchi & Devi was expecting me, but also a needed change in my life!

The ten days together taught me the beautiful philosophy of yoga but more importantly, it gave me a deeper understanding of myself, my past and future, my present and immediate surrounding.

They both helped me to release tensions and blockages, to breathe and feel free!

They showed me a side of life that we all know about, but which most of us have forgotten and need guidance to re - member and find again!

Through patient and unselfish love they gave me ten unforgettable days that has changed my life, my way of seeing, thinking, breathing, living!

Thanks Satchi & Devi for teaching me how to fly - you will always be my Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

In our presenceAnna spontaneously had experiences of spiral energy flows around her spine and saw a Light Brighter than 10,000 suns. Just with Energy Enhancement Stage One.

Once you get there, all you need to do is to stay there.

In our presence we gave her energy and healed blockages her chakras and the living energies which were upsetting her Energy system - with the techniques we teach you in Energy Enhancement Levels One and Two!



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The Three Levels of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course give the most benefits of any course of Meditational Self-Development available anywhere in the World today. 

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If you want to Speed Up the Meditative Process, rather than sitting with no result, Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditative Techniques including the Kundalini Kriyas and the Five Taoist Elemental Pathways of the Chi, is for You!!!!

The Soul of Meditation

Meditation and The Soul of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course, Retreats and Seminars


Whether you are a Management Corporate Executive, any sort of Alternative Practitioner, meditator, yogi or anyone who wants to evolve, - become better, smarter, more evolved, more empathic, more successful; this course will enable direct experience of superior life performance.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques are the quickest and easiest methods of healing available, leading to Ultimate Happiness. They are the most advanced course of meditation using psychic powers to Get in touch with your Life path, Ground negative Energies, Access Universal Energies, Integrate the separated selves, and Master Relationships and Mediation. They enable Three Initiations towards your Ultimate Freedom -  Illumination, Nirvana, Emptiness, -  Enlightenment.

Energy Enhancement is a unique system to exponentially increase your energy by mastering theThe_Teacher.jpg (91237 bytes) mind, accessing your inner peace, improving your health, mastering relationships, creating synchronicity and luck, and improving your success.

Energy Enhancement is a Course of selfless, highly advanced, meditation techniques which can quickly increase the speed of the normal mind.

By decoding ancient symbols thousands of years old, we are able to pass on many hidden lineages of Advanced Secret Meditation Techniques from many  sources of Human Evolution:-

Taoism and the Tao - The Five Elemental Pathways of the Chi. Taoist Alchemy. The Secret of the Golden Flower. The Microcosmic Orbit. The MacrocosmicOrbit. 

Hinduism -The Kundalini Kriyas and Kundalini Yoga leading to Nirbija Samadhi of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali using Samyama, the ninth limb of the 8 (Astanga) Limbs  of Yoga.

Yoga - Advanced Hatha Yoga, but also Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Gnani Yoga!!

Buddhism -
Advanced Secrets to Accelerate the Process of Your Meditation and Advanced techniques for increasing Meta, The Opening of the Heart.

Zen - Find the Spring at the Top of the Mountain. Zen is the Hybrid of Buddhism and Taoism. One of our teachers was Zen Master Hogen whose name means Master of the Tao.
Greek Myth and the
guided meditations of enlightenment, the 12 Labours of Hercules.

Sacred Dance including Dancing through the Chakras and the Secrets of the Sufi Whirling Dervishes of Jallaluddhin Rumi.

  The Western Mystery Tradition and Merlin

 The Hidden Inner Meditations of Alchemy including VITRIOL, the Secret of the Philosophers Stone the Grounding of Negative Energies and Access to your Genius.

The Truth is One

The Paths are Many 

The SOL Symbol, from The Synthesis of Light - SOL, contains 12 petals which in India symbolises the Chakra, Lotus of the Heart Center. Each petal contains a Symbol of one of the Major Religions of the World. The Masters of each Religion teach some techniques of Enlightenment - Gifts, Jewels of the World, Pearls of Great Price.

The Age of Aquarius, the Year 2000, the New Milennium, is the Age of Synthesis.

Energy Enhancement Synthesises, brings together these gifts for the first time in one Course.-

To Enable Your Evolution


The Energy Enhancement Course is one on the Leading edge of Evolution.

With more energy you can cope with stress, speed up your mind, be in your deep peace, and handle all your relationships with your family and friends.


There are Three Levels of Energy Enhancement Teaching, each Level is a Meditation Course having Seven Meditational Stages which can be taken in a Week-Long Course.

Also one REIKI Initiation is given free with each Level. You can become a Reiki Master with Energy Enhancement Meditation.

Each Level is entirely independent of the others and complete in itself. You do not have to take every Level, but the Levels must be taken in the order of One, Two, Three.

Energy Enhancement Meditation is the latest and most advanced meditation course based on years of research, bringing together hidden techniques over 5000 years old. They are to be used for the benefit of Humanity for the next Millennium.

This is the Beginning!!!

This is the Synthesis of Light!

The Synthesis of Light is a Non-Profit Organisation teaching the most advanced, evolutionary methods of meditation from the best evolutionary sources for the benefit of the World and Higher.   Bursaries are available for those who wish to study.  Although One Level can be taught in a week, 3 year long courses are available for further study in India and Majorca. Also the Energy Enhancement Home Study Course or The Energy Enhancement E-Book is the beautiful start of Ancient Practises which will benefit Your Life in so many different ways!


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Brenda Wilkinson, Co Durham.

You have both made me think about life in a very different way and I thank you both with all my love.


Energy Enhancement works first to remove our own personal stuff. It gives us a good clear out! Then it works to clear our primary relationships. Then it gives access to strong Universal energies and then gives the techniques to master dependancy in all your relationships. It accelerates your movement to more energy!






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Subject:  RE: Getting back again.
Date:  Wed, 08 Mar 2006 21:28:59 +0000
Dear Satchi

Yes, everything, all the DVD course and Online Course Downloads are here, all together they arrived, mighty excited i might add and all is downloaded and well.

Im getting stuck straight in, its amazing, because the very first time i got the sitting position correct. I could feel the energy flowing up my spine and over my head incredible heat and a real tingling in my face and a feeling of elation i cant describe and i did this while using sound for each chakra, when i struck the heart chakra tone my chest just expanded and it felt like it was being lifted up and the whole room seemed full of energy and and and what a feeling, phew. It was heaven.

I was sitting still  for about an hour and it felt like only a few minutes i think i just arrived.

I think i now have all the little pieces of my jigsaw, its taken a long time searching and im also seeing the numerous times when i was shown the direction but i was unable to see, There seems to be so much that i have missed and i wonder how come i was this blind for so long.

I wanted to say "Thank You" For your patience, For your time and most of all for being here on the planet at this time.

May Peace and Love always be your friends.

Don And Anne.


When I came to see Satchi at the airport for the first time I was struck by his energy but it was the second time, when he was talking to another student when meeting us off the train at Figueres that I really started to feel the Buddhafield of Energy Surrounding him. Suddenly I started yawning like the big healer guy in "The Green Mile" and then tears started from my eyes and I felt I was getting rid of a lot of Painful memories from the past.  Olympia Panza 2004


"Once this stage was reached I had tremendous energy!"


Phillip Chester Course Report

I am a Change manager working directly to the Managing Directors of several fortune 500 companies.

Satchi (Satchidanand, Picture right) has asked me to explain how I see the Energy Enhancement Level One at the end of my two weeks in Spain, and in particularly how it compares with other techniques that I have expertise or significant experience of; for example NLP, Aikido, Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Mantak Chia and the like.

My energy has been particularly low at the end of my last project, and my Homeopath has tried to get rid of an energy problem in lower half and a liver virus. I am an interim manager and work as Finance Director on short contracts to work with the Managing Directors of many international companies to resolve often serious business problems.

Philip SAYS,..... I need to work with a lot of energy for a concentrated period of time, often in very negative situations, mainly larger American Fortune 500 International companies. I like the job, but need the ability to retain my energy to build up new thought forms in the company and to stay healthy and relaxed. I also want to work with better quality organisations and people.

 My low energy at the end of the last project was the catalyst to make me want to learn Energy Enhancement, as I read the
E- Book of Meditation Energy Enhancement  
some two years before. I need something that I would be able to practice easily daily, and which would prevent the same thing happening again. Attracting better projects with better people would be a help too.


My feeling and expectation from before coming on the course that energy enhancement is THE Core energy technique, has been met. 

Energy   Enhancement techniques can be applied to any of the above disciplines and it will improve them all.


It allows you to raise your energy levels, and as importantly, shows you
how to keep it and to protect it from being siphoned off by others. (People with low energy normally siphon off or vampirise high energy from people like myself. This is called healing).

The energy techniques given in Energy Enhancement have never been explained to me in Aikido (even Ki Aikido), Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga or on any meditation course that I have been on like Transcendental Meditation, and have only been partly taught to me previously by Taoist master Mantak Chia and on Tantra Courses. Mantak Chia I found particularly confusing; Chi Gung I found awkward.






Satchi and Devi have given so much of themselves that I do not know where to begin.

Dr Thomas Fluellen and Swami Devi Dhyani in Granada

So I have been give the necessary tools to use in my everyday life to further me on my spiritual quest. My knowledge has been greatly increased in the area of herbalism, homeopathy, acupressure, all of which are more effective with the EE techniques. I have been shown the necessary yoga positions to focus upon to combat poor posture and the healing of a past shoulder injury. At the end of the course I can even keep my knees on the floor in meditation for an hour at a time now, showing the unblocking work done on my Base chakra and its Kundalini energy, whereas when I started I would have thought this was impossible.

I have been taught to test for pesticides in my food and understand the effect they are having on my health and the environment. I have been given methods, EE Initiation 5, to eliminate toxins when they are in my system. I have also been shown how to cook healthy energising food that will improve my life.

Devi has given me Reiki l and 2 initiations, which have been beautiful experiences and I will be able to practice them with those in need.

Satchi and Devi have given so much of themselves that I do not know where to begin. Their care and love has been with me throughout the past two weeks for which I am eternally grateful. They have openly shared their special gifts and knowledge, which has filtered into my life to make it more whole, which has helped me progress on my spiritual path far quicker than I expected.



Swamis Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani at the Alhambra in Granada, Southern Spain







My name Is Don Minihane and I live in South East Kent England and I want to share with you the experiences I have had on the E E course here in Rosario Argentina with Satchi and Devi on the four week course which I started on the 7-1-07.


I need to make this clear from the outset. I have no vested interest in giving this testament nor have I been badgered into writing this nor have I received any payment for it. I am doing this because I am aware that those of you that take the time to read this will instinctively know the truths written within it. I do not like bullshit nor have I any desire to add to the already gigantic mountain of bullshit that we are expected to swallow on a regular basis from so called experts and masters on these matters like the ones all over the place giving Reiki initiations in one go and masters in a few days.


If you consider carefully that Dr Usui was a devout Buddhist dedicated to meditation, learning and teaching and spent some 21 years in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, meditating every day with the Monks, in pursuit of the truth before he rediscovered Reiki, then you know that there is a lot of bullshit going on and these people are doing terrible damage to the beauty and the dedication of a master like Dr Usui.


If that strikes a chord please read on.


First a little background on me to give you an idea as to where I am coming from and why I am here in the first place. I am 46 years old married for 25 years with two grown children and have recently become a grandfather to a beautiful boy.

I have had an interest in martial arts since I was a very young lad and have indulged in several different styles over many years. I have also had an on and off interest in Chi Kung and have practiced the art of chi breathing now for a number of years without much success in the movement of energy throughout the body system.

I also have an interest in Reiki and have already been attuned in level one and two in the Usui Reiki system in England by a decent honest and spiritual Reiki master seven years ago. I practice on friends and family and on anyone that asks me for a treatment. I have had some wonderful and humbling experiences while doing Reiki however I do not ask for or make money from the treatments I give. I have a small business that makes me my money.

 My Life

I have also had several experiences in my life that are not common to most people which defied explanation throughout my life and no matter who I asked about these experiences I was never supplied with a satisfactory answer to any of it that made sense to me. These experiences were of a very frightening and disturbing nature and not of this world. At this point all I am willing to say is that the level of fear I experienced was light years beyond the fear of loosing your physical life here on this plane. These attacks began when I was a very small child and continued into my adult life and those closest to me were also targeted. You can believe me when I tell you that I do not frighten easily and am made of sturdy stuff and have survived against incredible odds with my physical and mental abilities intact. I can assure you that there is far more to this existence than even I suspected and this physical life experience here is only the tip of the iceberg and the rest is the best kept secret in the entire universe while at the same time common knowledge to those who are in the know. It was while searching for the answers to my many difficult and seemingly crazy questions that I came upon Satchi and Devi.


I first contacted Satchi just over one year ago and hit him immediately with a big question that I knew would either get a real answer or a load of waffle or bull shit like all my previous attempts over the years or no reply at all as they dived for cover. I had by now got most of the bullshit answers you could possibly get so I became expert in smelling shit at every corner and knew exactly what to ask to eliminate the idiots and charlatans of this world. At this point I was expecting more of the same.


Satchi wrote back to me and the answer he gave me was the first real and tangible result I got in over 35 years of searching. I was so shocked that it took me a long time to assimilate the answer as the implications were so profound it shook me to the very foundations of my existence and I knew for the first time in my life that what I was experiencing was real as he described in detail what I knew, citing his own experiences as example. It would appear that I had found someone who really knew what they were talking about.


Over the following months I tested him again with yet more of my questions and got a proper answer every time, answers that you instinctively know to be true and correct. Bit by bit my life began to make sense and the reasons for my rather unique experiences became clear to me. I began to understand this life of mine and resolved to go and see this man and his amazing wife Devi to undergo the Energy Enhancement course that you are looking at so I flew half way around the world to spend a month in the home of these very special people who welcomed me with open arms and much warmth even though I arrived at their door at 3am in the morning.


Now for what happened in my first weeks here in Rosario.


On the first day of the course I worked with Devi and we did some grounding of the negative energies within me and as we rotated anticlockwise I noticed the energy in the room was changing and within a few minutes it began to rain energy all over us. I had this experience before while doing a Reiki session but nothing like this; this was like an energy storm in the room, absolutely amazing. Day one was off to a flying start, literally. That evening Satchi began the first initiation in EE and showed me how to sit correctly and explained why, aligning me with the energies of this beautiful planet we inhabit. The experience was profound and I understood for the first time where I was and more importantly why I was here.


At the point of writing this I am now in the second week of the course with two and a half weeks still to go. I feel like I am in a time warp so much has happened. On day four of the course I was sitting meditating trying to circulate the energy up the spine and over the head and down the front when I started to vibrate at a tremendous pace. I honestly thought, any minute now and I am going to take off across the floor or shoot up into the ceiling such was the force of the energy trying to get through the blockages in my spine. I started to experiment with this, lean ever so slightly forward, vibration stops, get back into right angle with the ground, vibration starts again. I was vibrating like a pneumatic drill, lean forward it stops get in the upright position off we go again. I had read about this in books by Mantak Chia in the teaching of Chi Gung but was never able to get anywhere and here I am in day four vibrating like a Kundalini flying yogi, far out. I feel like I have been living in ignorance my whole life. The blockage in my spine was very strong and Satchi said donít worry we will soon get rid of that and you know what? I have no reason to doubt him. He said that will be number one of many blockages implanted in my energy body over many lifetimes. There is much work to be done but it will be done he assured me. He was right.


On day five we learned a technique for spotting food and drink with pesticides in it and Satchi and Devi told us about the way pesticides react with the body making us tired and energy less slowly killing us off. This was quickly brought home to me when I later ate some fruit that had been contaminated with pesticides and felt totally drained of energy afterwards. I had to go and lie down and promptly fell asleep for two hours. The effect of the pesticides in the food staggered me and made me realise that we go through our lives trusting these sons of bitches that make vast fortunes feeding us mass produced crap. In reality what is happening is we get used to the shit in the food and the body does its level best to try to compensate. They are giving all of us the death of a thousand cuts. No wonder we get cancers and every other god forsaken disease on the planet. O what it is to be waking up.


I also had my first re initiation to Reiki today from Devi, one of four in level one. Devi told me that there has to be four initiations in level one to make sure that the attunements are solid and will remain with me. This is for all you people that have had Reiki attunements or are thinking about it. Do not throw away your money and energy on garbage one day affairs with a touch on the body with your eyes tightly shut wondering what is going on and feeling little or nothing, the placebo effect I call it. I am paying for it so it must be happening. The lead in to the initiation was very intense, lots of meditation, chanting sutras and Energy Enhancement techniques to make one ready for this most wonderful of gifts and when it came it was most profound A real and tangible experience. Devi is one powerful woman and is immersed in respect for what she does. Defiantly no bullshit here, just pure unadulterated energy, blesses you Devi, itís your birthday today and you have my complete respect and trust, what a woman. Happy birthday Devi may the cosmos smile on you forever.


At this point I have to deviate slightly so you can share with me  something that happened last night that has blown me away and here I am hoping that you will respect whole heartily this most personal and staggering experience which I am about to tell you.

Please feel free to comment on this or recount any of your own similar experiences.


I have been awake most of the night wondering if I should write about this or not and I have come to the decision that it should be told because it must be told. It has huge implications for anyone wondering what is really going on in this existence of ours.


If you have any doubts about the authenticity of this Energy Enhancement course then this will set your minds straight and thatís for sure.


To fully appreciate the implications of this account I am going to have to give you more private information about my life so you can see how things pan out over eons and multiple lifetimes and why and how things happen.


I was born in Highgate in London in 1960 the year of the rat, of Irish and Scottish decent; mother Irish and father Scottish neither of which I have ever seen. I was born out of wedlock so I was considered a bastard and was given up to the catholic nuns in London and was removed from my birth country to a catholic adoption home in Ireland to be adopted in to a nice catholic family. I was just one year old. This was a horrifying experience as I spent the first ten years of my childhood being kept and treated as an animal being severely abused both mentally and physically, battered like a rag doll which left me with many physical scars to this present day, specifically so, to the base chakra the crown chakra and the throat chakra. I looked like a famine victim. Despite the horror and against all odds I survived and retained most of my grip on my mental and physical health and I managed to escape at the age of twelve with the help of a kind local farmer who gave me shelter protection and a home for a number of years. I then made my way alone in the world and have never seen a single blood relative in my entire life to date.


I arrived here in Rosario and met the other course members and one, a lady of Irish decent, whose family came here in 1850, three years after the great famine in Ireland seemed familiar to me and she also looked me up and down and I could see there was some kind of connection here. She was roughly the same height and when younger would have had the same kind of hair and I noticed that her hands were the same size as mine. She is twelve years older than me and also born in the year of the rat. I dismissed it as nothing as you do.


Then two nights ago we were all meditating with Satchi and Devi looking for energy blockages in ourselves and I had a realisation of how traumatised I was as a baby and began to feel a great sadness so began to weep a bit and this woman came to my assistance and helped me through it giving me this love I have not experienced before stroking my head and treating me like a small child and I let her do it because it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. I didnít feel embarrassed about it because it felt so right in its place. She has only a few words of English and I have only a few words of Spanish but it didnít seem to matter. There was no need for communication, and then later on she said that I felt like her son and we laughed and joked that she could adopt me.


Then last night we were all with Satchi and Devi again, meditating, looking for energy blockage in ourselves and specifically so in areas that were hurting or where we had hurt ourselves in the past or where we were hurt by others and this lady had decided to deal with a pain in her abdomen she felt from time to time. We were using the seven step technique given by Satchi to ground and destroy the energy blockages which is a very effective and powerful way of ridding oneself of the blockage. After we do the exercise Satchi gets everyone to recount the experience and this lady who is very psychic and has great visionary ability began to describe what happened. She said that she found herself back some 400 years in Ireland as a very young and beautiful girl with long blond hair who painted played the harp and was riding and hunting.


I had brought with me from England a set of water colour pencils given to me by my wife to doodle with. As I donít paint I had given them to this lady as a present on the second day of knowing her.


She had a very lovely young suitor whom she was going to marry and was totally in love with this man. Then she said there was another powerful man a provincial governor who wanted also to have her and he had killed her chosen suitor and had also killed his own wife so he could be free to marry her, a dowry of 100 head of cattle was paid to her father. Her own father in this life time was the bastard priest (the words of the man who married her) who married her off in that time. In effect she was sold and two people were murdered so this could take place. On her wedding day to this monster she took the dagger they used for killing the pigs and plunged it into her self and committed suicide. This was the pain she was feeling in her side. Satchi asked why this had happened and to go back and find out some more. She went back and saw an image of me and asked why I was there and was told by the governor that I was programmed to be her son in that lifetime and her murdered love was to be the father. Since then she has never had any children in her life for 400 years and it seems that I have never had a mother in 400 years either. She cried and I cried and we hugged and cried in each others arms and then we started to laugh and laugh and cry and laugh and laughed some more and there was such a release of energy and everything became so clear. I had come 12000 miles around the world to find the last mother I was supposed to have and Satchi said, O that is quite normal on Energy Enhancement courses. It happens a lot. It appears we have healed the ancestral line going back 400 years in one sitting. Now I and this woman can move on to new families in the next life or maybe if I go for it I will reach for enlightenment and finish the journey. We were both destroyed by nasty black people for 400 years who have stayed with us and continued to have their black tentacles rooted in us both for all of this time. Now after this I asked where this happened and she said in the south west of Ireland. I nearly fell over I was taken to the south west of Ireland and there I was nearly destroyed. We looked at the map of Ireland and I asked her where. She pointed to a place and then I got pictures off the internet and she recognised the little island in Muckross Lake near Killarney in county Kerry where her love was murdered and I have married a woman from a few miles from there who is also born in the year of the rat and we have been there often as a couple. Even our children have been there. You can look this up for yourselves and view the lake and the little island and muckross house. What a story and she has never been anywhere near this place in her life. So you see, nothing is quite what it seems and we go on and on forever.  


After that diversion I have to get back to the course and I have to say that there is so much happening that you could write a whole book on the various experiences that have happened in the short three weeks that I have been here.


I am now in the last week of the course and I feel like a totally different person. I have regained myself and have been given from nothing having no psychic vision at all at the start of the energy enhancement course, a clarity of psychic vision that is breathtaking.

I am totally de-stressed and have expanded in every way. I feel stronger and fitter and much more mentally agile than I have ever felt in my life. The fog and confusion of life has gone and I feel that I have just received the inside information on everything. I am ready for anything and am wide awake. I am full of the most incredible energy imaginable and have Energy Enhancement Reiki that is so powerful it staggers me. I know a thing or two about Reiki and had a very strong Reiki connection before I got here, now I have a connection that is beyond description and I have yet to undergo the second initiation this week and then the masters. I have opted to take this as an extra and for anyone who is interested, I believe this is beyond anything you will ever experienced anywhere.

I am now equipped with life tools and healing tools that one only dreams of and there is nothing out there in the world that will ever faze me again. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to come here, because this experience has changed me, for the good of me and for all those that I will touch when I leave here. I am so excited and canít wait to start exploring my new found talents.



One effect of Energy Enhancement that surprised me is other peopleís reaction to me; they are somehow more attracted to me and want a part of me, especially the girls. Now that is an effect I was not prepared for but I am not complaining in fact itís very enjoyable indeed. People recognise that you have something different and they are naturally attracted to this like bees are to nice flowers, so guys and girls this is not to be missed, you wonít buy this kind of attraction in a bottle, or find it behind the wheel of some fancy car while being covered in expensive clothes and thatís for sure. Energy Enhancement is a babe magnet, but thatís not what itís about, on the other hand, if that is what floats your boat then go for it.


I wanted to expand more on the Energy Enhancement side of the course and it is difficult to explain this to anyone who has no knowledge of energy or how it all works. I have tried to get on with Chi Gung and while I respect and admire the system of Chi Gung I feel that it is over complicated and long winded. The microcosmic and macrocosmic orbit is a wonderful internal exercise and is not to be misunderstood or demeaned in any way but the techniques of Energy Enhancement like the Supra galactic Orbit supersedes Chi Gung and leaves it trailing light years behind.


"To expand, I was sitting in meditation the other night and was happily destroying blockages in me using the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement taught by Satchi and Devi when I was staggered by something new. I watched as negative energy transmuted into white light and travelled down to the centre of the earth then returned up my spinal column and carried on into outer space to the centre of the universe and then returned back to me through the crown chakra and down the front of my body through the throat centre then the heart centre and the solar plexus, on to the genitals and in to the perineum, through to the centre of the earth and returned back up my spine and so began this new orbit of energy.  

The effect was something else; it shot through me at incredible speed. This carried on and got denser and more powerful as I discharged more of the negative energy within me. This energy took the form of bands of light that followed each other in waves travelling at equal distance apart and as I discharged and transmuted more negative energy the bands got closer together and I found that I could control the speed at which they travelled through the body. Satchi calls this orbit the Supra Galactic Orbit which travels up the ANTAHKARANA into the centre of the universe and down through the centre of the earth passing through the front of the body on the downward sweep and returning up the spine on the outward sweep. I was complete."    



I want to say something about the inner children in all of us as this has been the subject of much meditation and discussion on this course. I want to tell you how tricky and clever these inner children are and the havoc they cause in our lives. Satchi says they destroy you, lifetime after lifetime and he is right. I thought I had dealt with much of the inner children within me as I have had lots of Reiki over the years but Reiki has the effect of keeping the inner children under control but they still persist and become experts at hiding within. I found this out when I went hunting for them. I used the seven step process of Energy Enhancement to find them and transmute them into positive inner children. There were hundreds and hundreds of them collected over every lifetime and all hiding in me and they used every trick in the book to stay hidden including leading me down roads of fantasy to put me off finding them. It was quite an eye opener and I have to be on constant alert to make sure that I am not being used by one of these inner little monsters. If even one of these inner children escapes it can slowly destroy the good work and soon will bring you back to the old ways and very quickly you will not be full of light and heart anymore.


I owe Satchi and Devi a great debt for seeing these inner children in me and for pointing them out to me. This is work in progress as the inner children have to be constantly watched and as Satchi says. Do a bit of weeding in your garden of light every day.  I tell you there are a lot of supposed ways of dealing with the inner children being banded around and probably they are someway effective, but believe me there is nothing out there like the process of  this energy enhancement, course for both finding them and transmuting them. Satchi keeps reminding us that only the ego gets hurt and he is spot on.


Devi gave my first attunements in Reiki two yesterday and I wanted to share this experience with you. This is one of two attunements I will have for Reiki two. I will have the second one today. I had spent the day preparing for the experience from very early in the morning meditating on the terrace of the house in total seclusion in beautiful sunshine. (I am so tanned its disgusting and I am going back to England to the beautiful winter weather. I am so looking forward to that, not) Anyway back to the experience. Devi called me about four o clock as she too had been preparing in meditation. When Devi began the process of the attunement it started to rain energy almost immediately and I could see swirls of white and golden energy coming down over us in like whirlwinds of energy. The peace and ambience in the in the room was astonishing and beyond description. I felt blessed and was aware that we were not alone and had been given help again. I was rooted to the chair for nearly an hour after the attunement and didnít move a muscle. It was beautiful and I felt so privileged to be part of this and to be accepted into Reiki in this beautiful way. I would like to thank you Devi for this beautiful and profound experience. I am looking forward to the second attunement today and will let you know how it went. O yes, I forgot to say that when I point my left hand to the floor and rotate it in an anti clock wise direction I feel energy powering into the ground in spirals.   




Well, here I am after the second attunement and this was a bit of an eye opener to say the least. Over the month I have been here I have got rid of a lot of energy blockages within my system and was under the impression that I might have cleaned them all out, silly me, you seriously have to watch that ego.

Devi and I prepared ourselves for the second attunement and began the process. It was as expected very strong energy flowing around the room and as Devi worked I began to feel the energy inside me very forceful and very strong and was nearly knocked sideways off the chair.

I managed to hang in there until she had finished and then had to lie down. I was out for three and a half hours. I didnít even manage to make it to the bedroom but collapsed in a heap on the bed reserved for such outcomes.

Devi had found a blockage between me and the centre of the earth and blasted it into infinity and it was such a release it stuck me on my back for three and a half hours. I woke up feeling a bit sheepish and realised that I still had work to do.

Devi grinned at me and said a blockage I found, she is amazing and it wouldnít be difficult to fall in love with this woman. I FEEL TOTALLY DIFFERENT AGAIN. Thank you Devi for everything you have done for me.


Satchi has been teaching us about the mastery of relationships over the last few days and it is another astonishing eye opener. The techniques he has thought us are brilliant and work immediately and what is amazing is that you can prove it there and then and watch the results happening before your eyes.

I donít want to give this info away here as it is very personal. It is sufficient to say that if you have or had any relationships with people that were not to your liking or affected you badly then this is the place to come to wipe that negative crap away in one sitting.

Satchi taught us how to disconnect from you, every one you have ever come into contact with in this life time and all past life times and then how to reconnect the relationships you want to keep into a higher connection and transmute the ones you donít want.

(Note, it is impossible to cut connections, however, you can reduce the amount of energy which flows down them... Satchidanand)

He also showed us how to clean each others blockages in every energy centre in the body using only the power of the mind. This is seriously powerful stuff, not to be messed about with and demands the utmost integrity.

As we practiced on each other we came very quickly to realise this. I could literally feel the energy moving inside each chakra as the other person worked within me from several meters away and when I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to them and could see where the blockages were within their chakras.

I could force the energy from my centres into their centres and clean their centre bringing the energy full circle back to me. You could tell the state of their chakras by the amount of energy returning to your own centre and this was achieved by mind power only.

Before I came here Satchi said he would teach me to do it in this way and I was sceptical about this claim. I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly powerful Reiki sessions on people without going any where near them and distance healing over any distance is a piece of cake, incredible stuff.



Miriam, Don, Satchidanand, Devi Dhyani, Oscar, Norma - on the Argentina January 2007 Energy Enhancement end of course celebration!!


Satchi, please accept my total respect and gratitude for everything you have imparted to me over the short four weeks I have been here. You are a huge light in this world and long may you shine. For everyone reading this, get your asses over to see these people, your lives will be changed forever and we donít get many chances in this world to be able to achieve that and there are defiantly not many people in this world like Satchi and Devi who can do the business like this.

Jade Buddha on the Argentina January 2007 Energy Enhancement end of course celebration!!



You will be pleased to know that i have started meditation classes and have hired two separate venues. one in Wooten and the other in Saint Margarets near Dover. I have 24 people signed for meditation classes and several others signed for Reiki treatments.


 i am going baldheaded for change and i am unstoppable. I did a talk on Sunday at a Mind Body and Spirit day in Deal from 10 to 5 pm and it was a complete success, the organisers asked me to give a talk for one hour on meditation and energy blockages which i did and loads of people just sat there and were enthralled, they just kept on asking questions and i would always refer to what you said.


What has odd was the amount that i remembered in every minute detail.

It was as if i was channelling you, energyenhancement was talked about a lot and the response was impressive. I gave the website out to loads of people and did a big collage in a frame with you in your white atire. Many people commented on you and said that you gave them a good feeling. Of course i was in there too along with loads of quotes from your talks.


It was a good changing day and i realised my potential and felt my own power and strength and light, (Some people were crying again) it was a good day, i was very enthused and very alive.


Thank you Satchi and Devi. I will change everything now and change an incredible amount of people while doing what i really want to do, meditate and reach for enlightenment and bring as many people towards the light as i can. All thanks to you two.



 email for details


Hello Satchi and Devi.

How is everyone, I hope all is well in Rosario, I have been thinking about everyone a lot and just wanted to touch base and let you know what is going on here with me.

It is over a month now since i finished the course and it feels like a lifetime ago.

There has been an unusual occurrences, i am a little confused as to what exactly is going on so i thought you might cast some light on the issue, the how's and why's so to speak.

I helped a mother and daughter recently that were being attacked on a fairly regular basis by Dark Forces, both are very open and both see and feel entities, they also said that the husband of the mother is a nasty BM. (her words to me without prompt) Anyway i got a phone call from the daughter yesterday to say that they had been driving along in the car and they both got attacked and could get out of the car when they stopped.

Then she said that I appeared sitting in the back seat and spoke through the mother to the daughter giving precise instructions on what to do and the attack stopped.

I have had another incident with xxx who i am helping back to health with Energy Enhancement Reiki. he said that one night recently he was attacked in his bed and he asked for help and i appeared in a flash with two other people and i made everyone stand back to back and put a huge swirling mass of white energy around everyone and the attack was blocked. This was on top of the ley line running to Canterbury.

I have been doing a lot of work on this line trying to help xxx, (which is succeeding very well ) and last night while meditating with xxx the room was full of white sage like beings of white light with long staffs and they were banging them on the floor, as if to say get on with it we haven't got all day.

The energy in the room was huge and xxx found himself facing an energy blockage which looked like a reptile (no prompting or previous knowledge of reptiles)
the energy in the room turned to white and totally transmuted the energy blockage reptile and then he found his mother as the energy blockage reptiles helper. She has been making him ill since he was a little boy. He is gaining all his strength back and is now aware that he is the keeper of this ley line, I guess this is why they are trying to fuck him. This came to him in a meditation and has helped with his recovery.

His blood tests show him returning to normal. The drugs he is taking should not be having an effect yet but he is returning to normal. I have seen him six times in all, about 2 to 3 hours each time. I am very pleased that i have been here for him and that i can do these things. Its all your good work.

I was wondering a bit about the appearing in places that i am not in and wondered if you could explain this as i am a bit baffled by this turn of events. I feel i should be able to explain myself what is going on but i am perplexed.

The battle continues.

Love and light.



Hi Don,

Remember when I said that you, like many of the very spiritual people who come to see us are like an iceberg. one tenth above the water and nine tenths beneath. I said, you do not know who you are.

Well, these things like appearing to other people on the astral plane are sort of normal once you have done the Energy Enhancement Course and practised a lot. They happen to me and Devi. We too appear to others of our students to help and heal.

We also hear of them occurring to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Sivananda, Don Juan and many others. If you are successful spiritually then this will happen to you. Why should they have all the fun?

It also means that you are on the way to becoming an ascended Master when you leave this planet. But please do not get egotistical and prideful about this. It is normal. And before you become enlightened I know you have many tests to come, and you know what they are. But the astral body is becoming prepared for this kind of work. It is a sort of success!

Just because you have psychic powers does not mean that you are perfect. Lots of bad people pretending to be good have psychic powers and use them for all sorts of evil deeds.

Enlightenment means you have been well tried and tested as being good and doing good deeds. You have to be there before you can be initiated as enlightened and stay there. Before that Initiation of Enlightenment we can all fall. And only after enlightenment can you become initiated as an Ascended Master with further Initiations after Enlightenment.

The other point is that you had no idea that this was happening. You had to be told about it. Perhaps the Psychic power is owned by one of your inner child sub-personalities which needs to be healed and integrated with your Soul before you can start to use this consciously?

Every Psychic Power is an Angel but if it has a dark core of Pain or Negative Karmic Mass, then it will be an egotistical inner child sub-personality and will try to destroy your life in some way by either leading you on the path of pride or on the path of darkness.

Every human being has these sub-personalities, and every human being is learning the necessity of purifying them and integrating them with the higher levels of the Antahkarana like the Soul, so as to prevent the possibility taking of these bad paths.

Some people say, "Why", because these paths can be interesting and exciting. But in the end, in every previous lifetime, you need to see that destruction has been the end of every egotistical path. Only just before Enlightenment can you Really Know that!

The first Sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali says, "After all that, here are complete instructions on Enlightenment"

Its the, "After all that" After much experience of these egotistical paths.

Just try the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process on the two events as they were reported to you and see what happens. Tell me what you find.

This Work with the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process on the two events previously mentioned may well precipitate Enlightenment. One of the major bars to Enlightenment is the fact that our one soul personality is not Fused with the Soul and therefore cannot know what the soul is really doing and why, The Initiation of Enlightenment, given by Ascended Masters is to create this fusion through the application of incredibly intense energy. This is spiritual alchemy, when true gold is formed out of lead.

The Initiation after Enlightenment is when the Soul and Soul Infused personality Fuses with the Monad, which is when you will become a Monad Infused Personality... and so on up the ladder of the chakras above the head, Initiation by Initiation.


Love, Light and Purpose,




Satchi, please accept my total respect and gratitude for everything you have imparted to me over the short four weeks I have been here. You are a huge light in this world and long may you shine. For everyone reading this, get your asses over to see these people, your lives will be changed forever and we donít get many chances in this world to be able to achieve that and there are defiantly not many people in this world like Satchi and Devi who can do the business like this.


I am going back to England in a few days time and I wanted to sum up how I feel about this incredible journey I have been on here in Rosario with Satchi and Devi...









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At the Very Center is the Heart Chakra radiating Peace and Light outwards.. like the Sun...

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Testimonial From Gary Spaid a Wealth Counselor in Vail Valley, Colorado, USA.

So, what did we get? I can say that practicing the technique of Stage 4 of Level One of Energy Enhancement meditation with Devi and Satchy gave more power to the top down approach of Meditation. I had an experience of the MAGIC!! that I so longed for in my meditation.

Sitting in the flame of Kundalini and seeing my karma burn up was a POWERFUL experience.



Introduction to the Path of Yoga





Energy Enhancement   Enlightened Texts     Yoga    Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

(Note - Yoga Here always refers to Enlightenment. The true meaning of Yoga, in the ancient days, was union with the Soul, or Enlightenment)

(Note - The Mind with its excess thoughts and sub-personalities is stopped in its normal functioning. When these thoughts cease, we are at last able to connect with the chakras above the head, the Soul, the Monad and the Logos, etc - to receive intuitions which are the thoughts of the soul, the still small voice. When the mind and the Soul become fused through the application of intense psychic energy on Initiation, we become Enlightened.)

(Note, the Modifications of the mind are the Virtual Machines which live within the mind computer. All selfish desire comes from sub-personality modifications which live within the Mind space together with the One Soul Infused personality. As we reduce the modifications, so we become One, Enlightened.  "There can only be One" - Highlander)

Notes by Satchidanand


We live in a deep illusion -- the illusion of hope, of future, of tomorrow. As man is, man cannot exist without self-deceptions. Nietzsche says somewhere that man cannot live with the true: he needs dreams, he needs illusions, he needs lies to exist. And Nietzsche is true. As man is he cannot exist with the truth. This has to be understood very deeply because without understanding it, there can be no entry into the inquiry which is called yoga.

The mind has to be understood deeply -- the mind which needs lies, the mind which needs illusions, the mind which cannot exist with the real, the mind which needs dreams. You are not dreaming only in the night. Even while awake, you are dreaming continuously. You may be looking at me, you may be listening to me, but a dream current goes on within you. Continuously, the mind is creating dreams, images, fantasies.

Now scientists say that a man can live without sleep, but he cannot live without dreams. In old days it was understood that sleep is a necessity, but now modern research says sleep is not really a necessity. Sleep is needed only so that you can dream. Dream is the necessity. If you are not allowed to dream and allowed to sleep, you will not feel in the morning fresh, alive. You will feel tired, as if you have not been able to sleep at all.

In the night there are periods -- periods for deep sleep and periods for dreaming. There is a rhythm -- just like day and night, there is a rhythm. In the beginning you fall into deep sleep for nearabout forty, forty-five minutes. Then the dream phase comes in, then you dream. Then again dreamless sleep, then again dreaming. The whole night this goes on. If your sleep is disturbed while you are deeply asleep without dreaming, in the morning you will not feel that you have missed anything. But while you are dreaming, if your dream is disturbed then in the morning you will feel completely tired and exhausted.

Now this can be known from the outside. If someone is sleeping you can judge whether he is dreaming or asleep. If he is dreaming, his eyes will be moving continuously -- as if he is seeing something with closed eyes. When he is fast asleep, eyes will not move; they will remain steady. So while your eyes are moving, if your sleep is disturbed in the morning you will feel tired. While your eyes are not moving, sleep can be disturbed, in the morning you will not feel anything missing.

Many researchers have proved that human mind feeds on dreams, dream is a necessity, and dream is total autodeception. And this is not only so in the night: while awake also the same pattern follows; even in the day you can notice. Sometimes there will be dream floating in the mind, sometimes there will be no dreams.

When there are dreams you will be doing something, but you will be absent. Inside you are occupied. For example, you are here. If your mind is passing through a dream state, you will listen to me without listening at all, because your mind will be occupied within. If you are not in a dreaming state, only then you can listen to me.

Day, night, mind goes on moving from no-dream to dream, then from dream to no-dream again. This is an inner rhythm. Not only that we continuously dream, in life also we project hopes into the future.

The present is almost always a hell. You can prolong it only because of the hope that you have projected into the future. You can live today because of the tomorrow. You are hoping something is going to happen tomorrow -- some doors of paradise will open tomorrow. They never open today, and when tomorrow will come it will not come as a tomorrow, it will come as today, but by the time your mind has moved again. You go on moving ahead of you: this is what dreaming means. You are not one with the real, that which is nearby, that which is here and now, you are somewhere else -- moving ahead, jumping ahead.

And that tomorrow, that future, you have named it in so many ways. People call it heaven, some people call it moksha, but it is always in the future. Somebody is thinking in terms of wealth, but that wealth is going to be in the future. And somebody is thinking in terms of paradise, and that paradise is going to be after you are dead -- far away into the future. You waste your present for that which is not: this is what dreaming means. You cannot be here and now. That seems to be arduous, to be just in the moment.

You can be in the past because again that is dreaming -- memories, remembrance of things which are no more Or you can be in the future, which is projection, which is again creating something out of the past. The future is nothing but past projected again -- more colorful, more beautiful, more pleasant, but it is past refined.

You cannot think anything else than the past. Future is nothing but past projected again, and both are not. The present is, but you are never in the present. This is what dreaming means. And Nietzsche is right when he says that man cannot live with the truth. He needs lies he lives through lies. Nietzsche says that we go on saying that we want the truth, but no one wants it. Our so-called truths are nothing but lies, beautiful lies. No one is ready to see the naked reality.

This mind cannot enter on the path of yoga because yoga means a methodology to reveal the truth. Yoga is a method to come to a non-dreaming mind. Yoga is the science to be in the here and now. Yoga means now you are ready not to move into the future. Yoga means you are ready now not to hope, not to jump ahead of your being. Yoga means to encounter the reality as it is.

So one can enter yoga, or the path of yoga, only when he is totally frustrated with his own mind as it is. If you are still hoping that you can gain something through your mind, yoga is not for you. A total frustration is needed -- the revelation that this mind which projects is futile, the mind that hopes is nonsense, it leads nowhere. It simply closes your eyes; it intoxicates you; it never allows reality to be revealed to you. It protects you against reality.

Your mind is a drug. It is against that which is. So unless you are totally frustrated with your mind, with your way of being, the way you have existed up to now, if you can drop it unconditionally, then you can enter on the path.

So many become interested, but very few enter because your interest may be just because of your mind. You may be hoping now, through yoga, that you may gain something, but the achieving motive is there-you may become perfect through yoga, you may reach to the blissful state of perfect being, you may become one with the brahman, you may achieve the satchitananda. This may be the cause why you are interested in yoga. If this is the cause then there can be no meeting between you and the path which is yoga. Then you are totally against it, moving in a totally opposite dimension.

Yoga means that now there is no hope, now there is no future, now there are no desires. One is ready to know what is. One is not interested in what can be, what should be, what ought to be. One is not interested! One is interested only in that which is, because only the real can free you, only the reality can become liberation.

Total despair is needed. That despair is called dukkha by Buddha. And if you are really in misery, don't hope, because your hope will only prolong the misery. Your hope is a drug. It can help you to reach death only and nowhere else. All your hopes can lead you only to death. They are leading.

Become totally hopeless -- no future, no hope. Difficult. Needs courage to face the real. But such a moment comes to everyone, some time or other. A moment comes to every human being when he feels total hopelessness. Absolute meaninglessness happens to him. When he becomes aware that whatsoever he is doing is useless, wheresoever he is going, he is going to nowhere, all life is meaningless -- suddenly hopes drop, future drops, and for the first time you are in tune with the present, for the first time you are face to face with reality.

Unless this moment comes to you... You can go on doing asanas, postures; that is not yoga. Yoga is an inward turning. It is a total about-turn. When you are not moving into the future, not moving toward the past, then you start moving within yourself -- because your being is here and now, it is not in the future. You are present here and now, you can enter this reality. But then mind has to be here.

This moment is indicated by the first sutra of Patanjali. Before we talk about the first sutra, a few other things have to be understood. First, yoga is not a religion-remember that. Yoga is not Hindu, it is not Mohammedan. Yoga is a pure science just like mathematics, physics or chemistry. Physics is not Christian physics is not Buddhist. If Christians have discovered the laws of physics, then too physics is not Christian. It is just accidental that Christians have come to discover the laws of physics. But physics remains just a science. Yoga is a science -- it is just an accident that Hindus discovered it. It is not Hindu. It is a pure mathematics of the inner being. So a Mohammedan can be a yogi, a Christian can be a yogi, a Jain, a bauddha can be a yogi.

Yoga is pure science, and Patanjali is the greatest name as far as the world of yoga is concerned. This man is rare. There is no other name comparable to Patanjali. For the first time in the history of humanity, this man brought religion to the state of a science: he made religion a science, bare laws; no belief is needed.

Because so-called religions need beliefs. There is no other difference between one religion and another; the difference is only of beliefs. A Mohammedan has certain beliefs, a Hindu certain others, a Christian certain others. The difference is of beliefs. Yoga has nothing as far as belief is concerned; yoga doesn't say to believe in anything. Yoga says experience. Just like science says experiment, yoga says experience. Experiment and experience are both the same, their directions are different. Experiment means something you can do outside; experience means something you can do inside. Experience iS an inside experiment

Science says: Don't believe, doubt as much as you can. But also, don't disbelieve, because disbelief is again a sort of belief. You can believe in God, you can believe in the concept of no-God. You can say God is, with a fanatic attitude; you can say the quite reverse, that God is not with the same fanaticism. Atheists, theists, are all believers, and belief is not the realm for science. Science means experience something, that which is; no belief is needed. So the second thing to remember: Yoga is existential, experiential, experimental. No belief is required, no faith is needed -- only courage to experience. And that's what's lacking. You can believe easily because in belief you are not going to be transformed. Belief is something added to you, something superficial. Your being is not changed; you are not passing through some mutation. You may be a Hindu, you can become Christian the next day. Simply, you change: you change Gita for a Bible. You can change it for a Koran, but the man who was holding Gita and is now holding the Bible, remains the same. He has changed his beliefs.

Beliefs are like clothes. Nothing substantial is transformed; you remain the same. Dissect a Hindu, dissect a Mohammedan, inside they are the same. He goes to a temple; the Mohammedan hates the temple. The Mohammedan goes to the mosque and the Hindu hates the mosque, but inside they are the same human beings.

Belief is easy because you are not required really to do anything -- just a superficial dressing, a decoration, something which you can put aside any moment you like. Yoga is not belief. That's why it is difficult, arduous, and sometimes it seems impossible. It is an existential approach. You will come to the truth, but not through belief, but through your own experience, through your own realization. That means you will have to be totally changed. Your viewpoints, your way of life, your mind, your psyche has to be shattered completely as it is. Something new has to be created. Only with that new will you come in contact with the reality.

So yoga is both a death and a new life. As you are you will have to die, and unless you die the new cannot be born. The new is hidden in you. You are just a seed for it, and the seed must fall down, absorbed by the earth. The seed must die; only then the new will arise out of you. Your death will become your new life. Yoga is both a death and a new birth. Unless you are ready to die, you cannot be reborn. So it is not a question of changing beliefs.

Yoga is not a philosophy. I say it is not a religion, I say it is not a philosophy. It is not something you can think about. It is something you will have to be; thinking won't do. Thinking goes on in your head. It is not really deep into the roots of your being; it is not your totality. It is just a part, a functional part; it can be trained. And you can argue logically, you can think rationally, but your heart will remain the same. Your heart is your deepest center, your head is just a branch. You can be without the head, but you cannot be without the heart. Your head is not basic.

Yoga is concerned with your total being, with your roots. It is not philosophical. So with Patanjali we will not be thinking, speculating. With Patanjali we will be trying to know the ultimate laws of being: the laws of its transformation, the laws of how to die and how to be reborn again, the laws of a new order of being. That is why I call it a science.

Patanjali is rare. He is an enlightened person like Buddha, like Krishna, like Christ, like Mahavira, Mohammed, Zarathustra, but he is different in one way. Buddha, Krishna, Mahavira, Zarathustra, Mohammed no one has a scientific attitude. They are great founders of religions. They have changed the whole pattern of human mind and its structure, but their approach is not scientific.

Patanjali is like an Einstein in the word of Buddhas. He is a phenomenon. He could have easily been a Nobel Prize winner like an Einstein or Bohr or Max Planck, Heisenberg. He has the same attitude, the same approach of a rigorous scientific mind. He is not a poet; Krishna is a poet. He is not a moralist; Mahavira is a moralist. He is basically a scientist, thinking in terms of laws. And he has come to deduce absolute laws of human being, the ultimate working structure of human mind and reality.

And if you follow Patanjali, you will come to know that he is as exact as any mathematical formula. Simply do what he says and the result will happen. The result is bound to happen; it is just like two plus two, they become four. It is just like you heat water up to one hundred degrees and it evaporates. No belief is needed: you simply do it and know. It is something to be done and known. That's why I say there is no comparison. On this earth, never a man has existed like Patanjali.

You can find in Buddha's utterances, poetry -- bound to be there. Many times while Buddha is expressing himself, he becomes poetic. The realm of ecstasy, the realm of ultimate knowing, is so beautiful, the temptation is so much to become poetic, the beauty is such, the benediction is such, the bliss is such, one starts talking in poetic language.

But Patanjali resists that. It is very difficult. No one has been able to resist. Jesus, Krishna, Buddha they all become poetic. The splendor, the beauty, when it explodes within you, you will start dancing, you will start singing. In that state you are just like a lover who has fallen in love with the whole universe.

Patanjali resists that. He will not use poetry; he will not use a single poetic symbol even. He will not do anything with poetry; he will not talk in terms of beauty. He will talk in terms of mathematics. He will be exact, and he will give you maxims. Those maxims are just indications what is to be done. He will not explode into ecstasy; he will not say things that cannot be said; he will not try the impossible. He will just put down the foundation, and if you follow the foundation you will reach the peak which is beyond. He is a rigorous mathematician -- remember this.

The first sutra:



NOW THE DISCIPLINE OF YOGA. Each and single word has to be understood because Patanjali will not use a single superfluous word.


First try to understand the word "now". This "now" indicates to the state of mind I was just talking to you about.

If you are disillusioned, if you are hopeless, if you have completely become aware of the futility of all desires, if you see your life as meaningless -- whatsoever you have been doing up to now has simply fallen dead nothing remains in the future, you are in absolute despair -- what Kierkegaard calls anguish. If you are in anguish, suffering, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go, not knowing to whom to look, just on the verge of madness or suicide or death, your whole pattern of life suddenly has become futile. If this moment has come, Patanjali says, NOW THE DISCIPLINE OF YOGA. Only now you can understand the science of yoga, the discipline of yoga.

If that moment has not come, you can go on studying yoga, you can become a great scholar, but you will not be a yogi. You can write theses upon it, you can give discourses upon it, but you will not be a yogi. The moment has not come for you. Intellectually you can become interested, through your mind you can be related to yoga, but yoga is nothing if it is not a discipline. Yoga is not a shastra; it is not a scripture. It is a discipline. It is something you have to do. It is not curiosity; it is not philosophic speculation. It is deeper than that. It is a question of life and death.

If the moment has come where you feel that all directions have become confused, all roads have disappeared; the future is dark, and every desire has become bitter, and through every desire you have known only disappointment; all movement into hopes and dreams has ceased:


This "now" may not have come. Then I may go on talking about yoga but you will not listen. You can listen only if the moment is present in you.

Are you really dissatisfied7 Everybody will say "yes", but that dissatisfaction is not real. You are dissatisfied with this, you may be dissatisfied with that, but you are not totally dissatisfied. You are still hoping. You are dissatisfied because of your past hopes, but for the future you are still hoping. Your dissatisfaction is not total. You are still hankering for some satisfaction somewhere, for some gratification somewhere.

Sometimes you feel hopeless, but that hopelessness is not true. You feel hopeless because certain hopes have not been achieved, certain hopes have fallen. But hoping is still there: hoping has not fallen. You will still hope. You are dissatisfied with this hope, that hope, but you are not dissatisfied with hope as such. If with hope as such you are disappointed, the moment has come and then you can enter yoga. And then this entry will not be entering into a mental, speculative phenomenon. This entry will be an entry into a discipline.

What is discipline? Discipline means creating an order within you. As you are, you are a chaos. As you are, you are totally disorderly. Gurdjieff used to say -- and Gurdjieff is in many ways like Patanjali: he was again trying to make the core of religion a science -- Gurdjieff says that you are not one, you are a crowd, not even when you say "I", there is any "I". There are many "I's" in you, many egos. In the morning, one "I"; in the afternoon, another "I"; in the evening, a third "I", but you never become aware of this mess because who will become aware of it7 There is not a center who can become aware.

"Yoga is discipline" means yoga wants to create a crystallized center in you. As you are, you are a crowd and a crowd has many phenomena. One is, you cannot believe a crowd. Gurdjieff used to say that man cannot promise. Who will promise? You are not there. If you promise, who will fulfill the promise? Next morning the one who promised is no more.

People come to me and they say, "Now I will take the vow. I promise to do this." I tell them, "Think twice before you promise something. Are you confident that next moment the one who promised will be there?" You decide to get up early in the morning from tomorrow -- at four o'clock. And at four o'clock somebody in you says, "Don't bother. It is so cold outside. And why are you in such a hurry? We can do it tomorrow." And you fall asleep again.

When you get up you repent. And you think, "This is not good. I should have done it." You decide again that "Tomorrow I will do;" and the same is going to happen tomorrow because at four in the morning the one who promised is no more there, somebody else is in the chair. And you are a Rotary Club: the chairman goes on changing. Every member becomes a rotary chairman. Rotation is there. Every moment someone else is the master.

Gurdjieff used to say, "This is the chief characteristic of man, that he cannot promise." You cannot fulfill a promise. You go on giving promises, and you know well you cannot fulfill, because you are not one: you are a disorder, a chaos. Hence, Patanjali says, NOW THE DISCIPLINE OF YOGA. If your life has become an absolute misery, if you have realized that whatsoever you do creates hell, then the moment has come. This moment can change your dimension, your direction of being.

Up until now you have lived as a chaos, a crowd. Yoga means now you will have to be a harmony, you will have to become one. A crystallization is needed; a centering is needed. And unless you attain a center, all that you do is useless. It is wasting life and time. A center is the first necessity, and only a person can be blissful who has got a center. Everybody asks for it, but you cannot ask. You have to earn it! Everybody hankers for a blissful state of being, but only a center can be blissful. A crowd cannot be blissful, a crowd has got no self. There is no atman. Who is going to be blissful.

Bliss means absolute silence, and silence is possible only when there is harmony-when all the discordant fragments have become one, when there is no crowd, but one. When you are alone in the house and nobody else is there, you will be blissful. Right now everybody else is in your house, you are not there. Only guests are there, the host is always absent. And only the host can be blissful.

This centering Patanjali calls discipline -- ANUSHASANAM. The word "discipline" is beautiful. It comes from the same root from where the word "disciple" comes. "Discipline" means the capacity to learn, the capacity to know. But you cannot know, you cannot learn, unless you have attained the capacity to be.

One man once came to Buddha and he said... He must have been a social reformer, a revolutionary. He said to Buddha, "The world is in misery. I agree with you." Buddha has never said that the world is in misery. Buddha says, "You are the misery," not the world. "Life is misery," not the world. "Man is misery," not the world. "Mind is misery," not the world. But that revolutionary said, "The world is in misery. I agree with you. Now tell me, what I can do? I have a deep compassion, and I want to serve humanity."

Service must have been his motto. Buddha looked at him and remained silent. Buddha's disciple, Ananda, said, "This man seems to be sincere. Guide him. Why you are silent?" Then Buddha said to that revolutionary, "You want to serve the world, but where are you? I don't see anyone inside. I look in you, there is no one.

"You don't have any center, and unless you are centered whatsoever you do will create more mischief." All of your social reformers, your revolutionaries, your leaders, they are the great mischief creators, mischief-mongers. The world will be better if there were no leaders. But they cannot help. They must do something because the world is in misery. And they are not centered, so whatsoever they do they create more misery. Only compassion will not help, only service will not help. Compassion through a centered being is something totally different. Compassion through a crowd is mischief. That compassion is poison.


Discipline means the capacity to be, the capacity to know, the capacity to learn. We must understand these three things.

The capacity to be. All the yoga postures are not really concerned with the body, they are concerned with the capacity to be. Patanjali says if you can sit silently without moving your body for few hours, you are growing in the capacity to be. Why you move? You cannot sit without moving even for few seconds. Your body starts moving. Somewhere you feel itching; the legs go dead; many things start happening. These are just excuses for you to move.

You are not a master. You cannot say to the body, "Now for one hour I will not move." The body will revolt immediately. Immediately it will force you to move, to do something, and it will give reasons: "You have to move because an insect is biting." You may not find the insect when you look. You are not a being, you are a trembling -- a continuous hectic activity. Patanjali's asanas, postures, are concerned not really with any kind of physiological training, but an inner training of being, just to be -- without doing anything, without any movement, without any activity, just remain. That remaining will help centering.

If you can remain in one posture, the body will become a slave; it will follow you. And the more the body follows you, you will have a greater being within you, a stronger being within you. And, remember, if the body is not moving your mind cannot move, because mind and body are not two things. They are two poles of one phenomenon. You are not body and mind, you are body-mind. Your personality is psychosomatic -- body-mind both. The mind is the most subtle part of the body. Or you can say the reverse, that body is the most gross part of the mind.

So whatsoever happens in the body happens in the mind, and the vice versa: whatsoever happens in the mind happens in the body. If the body is non-moving and you can attain a posture, if you can say to the body "Keep quiet," the mind will remain silent. Really, the mind starts moving and tries to move the body, because if the body moves then the mind can move. In a nonmoving body, the mind cannot move; it needs a moving body.

If the body is non-moving, the mind is non-moving, you are centered. This non-moving posture is not a physiological training only. It is just to create a situation in which centering can happen, in which you can become disciplined. When you are, when you have become centered, when you know what it means to be, then you can learn, because then you will be humble. Then you can surrender. Then no false ego will cling to you because once centered you know all egos are false. Then you can bow down. Then a disciple is born.

A disciple is a great achievement. Only through discipline you will become a disciple. Only through being centered you will become humble, you will become receptive, you will become empty, and the guru, the Master, can pour himself into you. In your emptiness, in your silence, he can come and reach to you. Communication becomes possible.

A disciple means one who is centered, humble, receptive, open, ready, alert, waiting, prayerful. In yoga, the Master is very, very important, absolutely important, because only when you are in a close proximity of a being who is centered your own centering will happen.

That is the meaning of SATSANG. You have heard the word SATSANG. It is totally wrongly used. Satsang means in close proximity of the truth; it means near the truth, it means near a Master who has become one with the truth -- just being near him, open, receptive and waiting. If your waiting has become deep, intense, a deep communion will happen.

The Master is not going to do anything. He is simply there, available. If you are open, he will flow within you. This flowing is called SATSANG. With a Master you need not learn anything else. If you can learn satsang, that's enough -- if you can just be near him without asking, without thinking, without arguing: just present there, available, so the being of the Master can flow in you. And being can flow. It is already flowing. Whenever a person achieves integrity, his being becomes a radiation. He is flowing. Whether you are there to receive or not, that is not the point. He flows like a river. If you are empty like a vessel, ready, open, he will flow in you.

A disciple means one who is ready to receive, who has become a womb -- the Master can penetrate into him. This is the meaning of the word satsang. It is not basically a discourse; satsang is not a discourse. Discourse may be there, but discourse is just an excuse. You are here and I will talk on Patanjali's sutras. That is just an excuse. If you are really here, then the discourse, the talk, becomes just an excuse for your being here, for you to be here. And if you are really here, satsang starts. I can flow, and that flow is deeper than any talk, any communication through language, than any intellectual meeting with you.

While your mind is engaged, if you are a disciple, if you are a disciplined being, your mind is engaged in listening to me, your being can be in SATSANG. Then your head is occupied, your heart is open. Then on a deeper level, a meeting happens. That meeting is satsang, and everything else is just an excuse, just to find ways to be close to the Master.

Closeness is all, but only a disciple can be close. Anybody and everybody cannot be close. Closeness means a loving trust. Why we are not close? Because there is fear. Too close may be dangerous, too open may be dangerous, because you become vulnerable and then it will be difficult to defend. So just as a security measure we keep everybody, never allow to enter a certain distance.

Everybody has a territory around him. Whenever somebody enters your territory you become afraid. Everybody has a space to protect. You are sitting alone in your room. A stranger enters in the room. Just watch when you become really scared. There is a point. If he enters that point, beyond that point, you will become scared, you will be afraid. A sudden trembling will be felt. Beyond a certain territory he can move.

To be close means now no territory of your own. To be close means to be vulnerable, to be close means whatsoever happens you are not thinking in terms of security.

A disciple can be close for two reasons. One: he is a centered one; he is trying to be centered. A person who is trying even to be centered becomes unafraid; he becomes fearless. He has something which cannot be killed. You don't have anything, hence the fear. You are a crowd. The crowd can disperse any moment. You don't have something like a rock which will be there whatsoever happens. Without a rock, without a foundation you are existing -- a house of cards, bound to be always in fear. Any wind, any breeze even, can destroy you, so you have to protect yourself.

Because of this constant protection, you cannot love, you cannot trust, you cannot be friendly. You may have many friends but there is no friendship, because friendship needs closeness. You may have wives and husbands and so-called lovers, but there is no love, because love needs closeness, love needs trust. You may have gurus, Masters, but there is no disciplehood because you cannot allow yourself to be totally given to somebody's being, nearness to his being, closeness to his being, so that he can overpower you, overflood you.

A disciple means a seeker who is not a crowd, who is trying to be centered and crystallized, at least trying, making efforts, sincere efforts to become individual, to feel his being, to become his own master. All discipline of yoga is an effort to make you a master of yourself. As you are, you are just a slave of many, many desires. Many, many masters are there, and you are just a slave -- and pulled in many directions.



Yoga is discipline. It is an effort on your part to change yourself. Many other things have to be understood. Yoga is not a therapy. In the West many psychological therapies are prevalent now, and many western psychologists think that yoga is also a therapy. It is not! It is a discipline. And what is the difference? This is the difference: a therapy is needed if you are ill, a therapy is needed if you are diseased, a therapy is needed if you are pathological. A discipline is needed even when you are healthy. Really, when you are healthy only a discipline can help then.

It is not for pathological cases. Yoga is for those who are completely healthy as far as medical science is concerned, normal. They are not schizophrenic; they are not mad they are not neurotic. They are normal people, healthy people with no particular pathology. Still, they become aware that whatsoever is called normality is futile, whatsoever is called health is of no use. Something more is needed, something greater is needed, something holier and whole is needed.

Therapies are for ill people. Therapies can help you to come to yoga, but yoga is not a therapy. Yoga is for a higher order of health, a different order of health -- a different type of being and wholeness. Therapy can, at the most, make you adjusted. Freud says we cannot do more. We can make you an adjusted, normal member of the society -- but if the society itself is pathological, then? And it is! The society itself is ill. A therapy can make you normal in the sense that you are adjusted to the society, but the society itself is ill!

So sometimes it happens that in an ill society a healthy person is thought to be ill. A Jesus is thought to be ill, and every effort is done to make him adjusted. And when it is found that he is a hopeless case, then he is crucified. When it is found nothing can be done, this man is incurable, then he is crucified. The society is ill itself because society is nothing but your collective. If all the members are ill, the society is ill, and every member has to be adjusted to it.

Yoga is not therapy; yoga is not trying in any way to make you adjusted to the society. If you want to define yoga in terms of adjustment, then it is not adjustment with the society, but it is adjustment with existence itself. It is adjustment with the divine!

So it may happen that a perfect yogi may appear mad to you. He may look out of his senses, out of his mind, because now he is in touch with the greater, with a higher mind, higher order of things. He is in touch with the universal mind. It has happened always so: a Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna, they always look somehow eccentric. They don't belong to us; they seem to be outsiders.

That's why we call them avatars, outsiders. They have come as if from some other planet; they don't belong to us. They may be higher, they may be good, they may be divine, but they don't belong to us. They come from somewhere else. They are not part and parcel of our being, mankind. The feeling has persisted that they are outsiders; they are not. They are the real insiders because they have touched the innermost core of existence. But to us they appear.


If your mind has come to realize that whatsoever you have been doing up to now was just senseless, it was a nightmare at the worst or a beautiful dream at the best then the path of discipline opens before you. What is that path?

The basic definition is,



I told you that Patanjali is just mathematical. In a single sentence, NOW THE DISCIPLINE OF YOGA, he is finished with you. This is the only sentence that has been used for you. Now he takes it for granted that you are interested in yoga, not as a hope, but as a discipline, as a transformation right here and now. He proceeds to define:


This is the definition of yoga, the best. In many ways yoga has been defined; there are many definitions. Some say yoga is the meeting of the mind with the divine; hence, it is called yoga -- yoga means meeting, joining together. Some say that yoga means dropping the ego: ego is the barrier; the moment you drop the ego you are joined to the divine. You were already joined, only because of the ego it appeared that you were disjoined. And there are many, but Patanjali's is the most scientific. He says,


Yoga is the state of no-mind. The word "mind" covers all -- your egos, your desires, your hopes, your philosophies, your religions, your scriptures. "Mind" covers all. Whatsoever you can think is mind. All that is known, all that can be known, all that is knowable, is within mind. Cessation of the mind means cessation of the known, cessation of the knowable. It is a jump into the unknown. When there is no mind, you are in the unknown. Yoga is a jump into the unknown. It will not be right to say "unknown"; rather, "unknowable".

What is the mind? What the mind is doing there? What it is? Ordinarily we think that mind is something substantial there inside the head. Patanjali doesn't agree -- and no one who has ever known the insides of the mind will agree. Modern science also doesn't agree. Mind is not something substantial inside the head. Mind is just a function, just an activity.

You walk and I say you are walking. What is walking? If you stop, where is walking? If you sit down, where the walking has gone? Walking is nothing substantial; it is an activity. So while you are sitting, no one can ask, "Where you have put your walking? Just now you were walking, so where the walking has gone?" You will laugh. You will say, "Walking is not something substantial, it is just an activity. I can walk. I can again walk and I can stop. It is activity."

Mind is also activity, but because of the word "mind", it appears as if something substantial is there. It is better to call it "minding" -- just like "walking". Mind means "minding", mind means thinking. It is an activity."

I have been quoting again and again Bodhidharma.

He went to China, and the emperor of China went to see him. And the emperor said, "My mind is very uneasy, very disturbed. You are a great sage, and I have been waiting for you. Tell me what I should do to put my mind at peace."

Bodhidharma said, "You don't do anything. First you bring your mind to me." The emperor could not follow he said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Come in the morning at four o'clock when nobody is there. Come alone, and remember to bring your mind with you."

The emperor couldn't sleep the whole night. Many times he cancelled the whole idea: "This man seems to be mad. What does he mean, 'Come with your mind; don't forget?'" The man was so enchanting, so charismatic that he couldn't cancel the appointment. As if a magnet was pulling him, at four o'clock he jumped out of the bed and said, "Whatsoever happens, I must go. This man may have something; his eyes say that he has something. Looks a little crazy, but still I must go and see what can happen."

So he reached, and Bodhidharma was sitting with his big staff. He said, "So you have come? Where is your mind? Have you brought it or not?"

The emperor said, "You talk nonsense. When I am here my mind is here, and it is not something which I can forget somewhere. It is in me." So Bodhidharma said, "Okay. So the first thing is decided -- that the mind is within you." The emperor said, "Okay, the mind is within me." Bodhidharma said, "Now close your eyes and find out where it is. And if you can find out where it is, immediately indicate to me. I will put it at peace."

So the emperor closed his eyes, tried and tried, looked and looked. The more he looked, the more he became aware there is no mind, mind is an activity. It is not something there so you can pinpoint it. But the moment he realized that it is not something, then the absurdity of his quest became exposed to himself. If it is not something, nothing can be done about it. If it is an activity, then don't do the activity; that's all. If it is like walking, don't walk.

He opened his eyes. He bowed down to Bodhidharma and said, "There is no mind to be found." Bodhidharma said, "Then I have put it at peace. And whenever you feel that you are uneasy, just look within, where that uneasiness is." The very look is anti-mind, because look is not a thinking. And if you look intensely your whole energy becomes a look, and the same energy becomes movement and thinking.


This is Patanjali's definition. When there is no mind, you are in yoga; when there is mind you are not in yoga. So you may do all the postures, but if the mind goes on functioning, if you go on thinking, you are not in yoga. Yoga is the state of no-mind. If you can be without the mind without doing any posture, you have become a perfect yogi. It has happened to many without doing any postures, and it has not happened to many who have been doing postures for many lives.

Because the basic thing to be understood is: when the activity of thinking is not there, you are there; when the activity of the mind is not there, when thoughts have disappeared, they are just like clouds, when they have disappeared, your being, just like the sky, is uncovered. It is always there -- only covered with the clouds, covered with thoughts.


In the West now, there is much appeal for Zen -- a Japanese method of yoga. The word "zen" comes from dhyana. Bodhidharma introduced this word dhyana in China. In China the word dhyana became jhan and then chan and then the word traveled to Japan and became zen.

The root is dhyana. Dhyana means no-mind, so the whole training of Zen in Japan is of nothing but how to stop minding, how to be a no-mind, how to be simply without thinking. Try it! When I say try it, it will look contradictory, because there is no other way to say it. Because if you try, the very try, the effort is coming from the mind. You can sit in a posture and you can try some japa chanting, mantra -- or you can just try to sit silently, not to think. But then not to think becomes a thinking. Then you go on saying, "I am not to think; don't think; stop thinking," but this is all thinking.

Try to understand. When Patanjali says, no-mind, cessation of mind, he means complete cessation. He will not allow you to make a japa, "Ram-Ram-Ram." He will say that this is not cessation; you are using the mind. He will say, "Simply stop!" but you will ask, "How? How to simply stop?" The mind continues. Even if you sit, the mind continues. Even if you don't do, it goes on doing.

Patanjali says just look. Let mind go, let mind do whatsoever it is doing. You just look. You don't interfere. You just be a witness, you just be an onlooker not concerned, as if the mind doesn't belong to you, as if it is not your business, not your concern. Don't be concerned! Just look and let the mind flow. It is flowing because of past momentum, because you have always helped it to flow. The activity has taken its own momentum, so it is flowing. You just don't cooperate Look, and let the mind flow.

For many, many lives, million lives maybe, you have cooperated with it, you have helped it, you have given your energy to it. The river will flow awhile. If you don't cooperate, if you just look unconcerned -- Buddha's word is indifference, upeksha: looking without any concern, just looking, not doing anything in any way -- the mind will flow for a while and it will stop by itself When the momentum is lost, when the energy has flowed, the mind will stop. When the mind stops, you are in yoga: you have attained the discipline. This is the definition: YOGA IS THE CESSATION OF MIND.


When the mind ceases, the witness is established in itself.

When you can simply look without being identified with the mind, without judging, without appreciating, condemning, without choosing -- you simply look and the mind flows, a time comes when by itself, of itself, the mind stops.

When there is no mind, you are established in your witnessing. Then you have become a witness -- just a seer-a drashta, a sakchhi. Then you are not a doer, then you are not a thinker. Then you are simply being pure being, purest of being. Then the witness is established in itself.


Except witnessing, in all states, you are identified with the mind. You become one with the flow of thoughts, you become one with the clouds: sometimes with the white cloud, sometimes with the black cloud, sometimes with a rain-filled cloud, sometimes with a vacant, empty cloud, but whatsoever, you become one with the thought, you become one with the cloud, and you miss your purity of the sky, the purity of space. You become clouded, and this clouding happens because you get identified, you become one.

A thought comes. You are hungry, and the thought flashes in the mind. The thought is simply that there is hunger, that the stomach is feeling hunger. Immediately you get identified; you say, "I am hungry." The mind was just filled with a thought that hunger is there; you have become identified and you say, "I am hungry." This is the identification.

Buddha also feels hunger, Patanjali also feels hunger, but Patanjali will never say that, "I am hungry." He will say "The body is hungry"; he will say, "My stomach is feeling hungry"; he will say, "There is hunger. I am a witness. I have come to witness this thought, which has been flashed by the belly in the brain, that 'I am hungry.'" The belly is hungry; Patanjali will remain a witness. You become identified, you become one with the thought.



This is the definition:


When mind ceases, you are established in your witnessing self. In other states, except this, there are identifications. And all identifications constitute the samsar; they are the world. If you are in the identifications, you are in the world, in the misery. If you have transcended the identifications, you are liberated. You have become a siddha, you are in nirvana. You have transcended this world of misery and entered the world of bliss.

And that world is here and now-right now, this very moment! You need not wait for it a single moment even. Just become a witness of the mind, and you have entered. Get identified with the mind, and you have missed. This is the basic definition.

Remember everything, because later on, in other sutras, we will enter details what is to be done, how it is to be done -- but always keep in the mind this is the foundation.

One has to achieve a state of no-mind: that is the goal.




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