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Meditation and Spirituality Students Testimonials

"The feeling was so strange. I was hot but felt cold at the same time. My hands, arms and legs were shaking and shivering and yet I was not cold………what a strange feeling and I felt connected...." more Dhiren meditation testimonial

Dhiren Raichura (UK)
International Composer, Singer, Musician and recording artist

" Where do I begin? Firstly, I felt it would be great to share my experiences of the Meditation Energy Enhancement course with other like-minded people. The following information is for those interested in growing spiritually, and wanting this world to become a better place - starting from improving themselves! Once on the course, my exciting adventurous journey began! In my life I have done hundreds of courses but the Meditation Energy Enhancement Course I found to be completely different. Firstly, the contents and the teachings seem to be inspired by higher forces and had a deep base in spirituality..." more Honey meditation testimonial

Honey Kalaria (UK)
Bollywood Actress/Owner of Diva Entertainment

"The energy techniques given in Meditation Energy Enhancement have never been explained to me in Aikido (even Ki Aikido), Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga or on any meditation course that I have been on like Transcendental Meditation, and have only been partly taught to me previously by Taoist master Mantak Chia and on Tantra Courses.... " more Philip meditation testimonial

Phillip Chester (US)
Executive fund manager for several fortune 500 companies

Jean Meditation Testimonial

"I have experience of many forms of meditation and practices for self improvement including: Transcendental meditation (TM) 12 years, Kriya Yoga 9 years, Sushila Buddhi Dharma (SUBUD) 7 years, and more recently the Sedona Method and the Course in Miracles. The Energy Enhancement programme encapsulates and expands all of these systems, it is complete and no questions are left unanswered..." more Jean meditation testimonial

Jean (UK)
Charter Engineer

Amy Zantras meditation testimonial

"My yoga, using Energy Enhancement Techniques, has become more flexible and strong as the pain blockages in my body from all these past life memories and blockages much more than I have mentioned above have been removed..." more Amy meditation testimonial

Amy Zantras (Switzerland)


Chris Graham meditation testimonial

"The two initiations from Devi, performed on different days, were really special. She has definitely got what it takes with her spiritual strength and connection, the attunements were a very pleasant experience and as they were personal on a one to one basis, were a highlight of the whole week for me. I especially liked Satchi's talks, sometimes at great length, but always with passion and an in depth knowledge of a very complex subject..." more Chris meditation testimonial

Chris Graham (UK)

"When I was getting the better of the energy blockage I felt the spaces in which I meditated expand.  I got an explosion of energy down the right hand side of my body.  The energy was bumping around in my base chakra; in fact my whole body was pulsating with the energies.  It felt as though there was static electricity all along my arms making the hairs stand up on end.  As the energies grew stronger I felt lighter, happier and freer.  My heart opened out to send blasts of energy out which returned back to me..." more Vanessa meditation testimonial

Vanessa Graham (UK)



More Testimonials



Truly a life giving experience... - Thomas Blair, UK

Blockage gone, PAIN GONE... - Norma McDonald

I felt a channel of light was streaming in, I could feel it in my whole body... - Gerhard Esparel-Schlintl, Austria









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