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Amy Zantras Testimonial


Biography, What  I did up to now

 I, Amy Zantras, 28 years old, grown up in the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland am having the most life changing experiences  in the Energy Enhancement course here in Escala, Spain. I am being taught how to get to know my true self in a very safe and resourced way, by meditation.

 I am learning to appreciate who I am and not feel guilty or afraid of what I am able to do. I feel my self as a very talented being.

 Until now in my life I always reached what I wanted to, I just really found ways to make things work.  I noticed that many talents were given to me.

 I teach sports like kajaking, archering, climbing, surfing, waterskiing, snowboarding , skydiving, aerobics and feel that I could do even more as I am moving into Yoga Teaching and going on a six months course in India to do this.

 The last 7 years I helped to build up and manage a water sports school and was manager of the beach bar.

 I studied cranio-sacral therapy for 3 years and want to increase my knowledge and interest by visiting a 6 month yoga teachers training in India this year.




Amy Zantras Energy Enhancement Course

 Last year I had a big ski accident which I know I survived only by a miracle. I believed, and believe even more now, in higher forces which are guiding me.

 There is this light (I experienced it in an Energy Enhancement meditation where we worked in our timeline) which was given to me as a 3 year old which I know will show me where my soul life path goes when I become more successful at seeing deeply into the themes of all my past lives, and of removing all the ego, karma and just plain negative energies from my psyche.

 Insights which were really profound these last 3 days during the Energy Enhancement Course were the finding of inner children sub-personalities and their strategies.

 I am looking back in past life times finding messages and inner children which picked up strategies to keep me off the spiritual path. Being afraid of using my knowledge and talents in a meaningful way, being abandoned and homeless, wanting to be loved by my parents, especially my father, and wanting to be happy are the ones I found up to now.


Reflection on My Energy Enhancement Course

They make all sense when I reflect them in my present life.

 Strategies to get attention from my parents or in society explain why I thru my self in all these sports and all various scenes of “sex,  drugs and rock an roll



Going to a private International Finishing School in Switzerland, with many “jet set” people,  I  felt exposed to the fact of showing who I am. This fear caused me to create an ego which took me away from my life path in two ways, each of which caused a disaster and led me back to my life path, here and now on the Energy Enhancement course.

 Living in a relationship which bound me to my job and a safe home. Becoming a workaholic and my own slave, making my ego happy and not my true Self.


Insight from My Energy Enhancement Course

The first ego was being a blond, tall, sports interested girl I had some plus points already, but I got even more if I could show off a rich or famous partner or even to my school friends I could show how many I could actually have. I slipped in to this scene very easily and do appreciate now that I pulled myself out of this  path early enough.

 I saw during the Energy Enhancement Course that 50% of my Boyfriends at that time between the ages of 15 and 21 came from group who psychically take peoples energies and the leader of the group was the first of them who implanted the blockages in my shoulders which takes the energies.

 I saw in Past lives three groups who also implanted these vampire type of blockages, again in my shoulders. These first was from Egyptian times 3000 years ago and using the Energy Enhancement techniqes I was able to remove and ground this implant blockage.

 Also in the middle ages a group with black hoods, like monks, gave blockages to me and also in the same times a group of people dressed similar as Knights. Using the techniques of Energy Enhancement I was able to remove and ground these implant blockages which also were in my shoulders.

 The second ego was that at school I showed off how good I am at sports. Being a natural talent at sports I misused the fact of using it to get attention. The end result of this sport pride was my accident in the mountains. And this fact I also connect to the relationship to my dad, of wanting attention and his love. I thought he would love me, if I am good at sports and bringing home trophies from sports or as rich and famous boyfriends. Him being a hotel manager and being in contact with lots of people was happy to show what a “great daughter” he has and projecting this thoughtform on to me.

 Another ego of pleasing people, like my Boyfriend and my father, to make sure that I am being loved. Pleasing by doing what they want, and forgetting about myself, my purpose and my powers.

And even having a serious long lasting relationship, to show how good I am.


 Energy Enhancement Meditation Result


 The result of the removal of all these implant blockages was a complete loss of all pains in my shoulder, which was the contribution of all past life times and boyfriend experiences. Before the course I did not believe that these pains can be removed, thinking that this is part of  perform sports. But also the injuries and remaining pains of the last years accident, when I fell one hundred meters from the top of a cliff, high at the top of a Mountain in the Alps.

This fall was my Wake up!! Call and eventually caused me to see deeply into my parental relationships and their effect on my early life decisions, break my seven year relationship of work and to my boyfriend partner and come on the Energy Enhancement Course and go to India, to find my life path!!

My yoga, using Energy Enhancement Techniques, has become more flexible and strong as the pain blockages in my body from all these past life memories and blockages much more than I have mentioned above have been removed.

Also using the Energy Enhancement techniques in Yoga, allowed me to achieve perfection, strength and flexibility in asana more quickly.


Conclusions from My Energy Enhancement Course

Knowing that a relationship can also be possible on a exchanging level and not on a level of misuse. If there is Love and a purpose to it, it can grow and give you significance. No excuses and reasoning is necessary.

Getting the insight of understanding that there can be a life without pain after my accident. We are meant to be happy and not carry around the weight we don’t want.

Feeling more energy, especially being around people and being more myself are the benefits I could experience personally, now, of the grounding of this fact. Examples…

I do not need to use the sports in an egotistical way, but rather finding a significance in them. In the case of Yoga by practising to be a Yoga Teacher its meaning and significance is that I will be able to help so many people by its virtue now and in the future. My Sport will have a purpose.

All of the themes of my life above have been shown to me directly in the Energy Enhancement Meditations.

All of the negative energies which caused me to have all these ego difficulties, taking my life in wrong directions, have been grounded into the center of the earth using the advanced Energy Enhancement Techniques.

The Implants, the Energy Blockages in my Chakras, the Pain Blockages in my shoulders and in my legs and hips in the meditations, are all well on the way to being removed.

I am now on the way to healing myself and my life, thanks to Energy Enhancement Advanced Blockage Busting Techniques.


My future, Meaning and Significance.

I am now on a path to find more meaning and significance to my life, because I know there is far more to life than what I reached until now. There is peace with myself and my surrounding. There is another home. OM!!

For the energies in the Centre of the Universe, The Life energy, Our Father who art in Heaven…. My relationship with the Energies of God.

Thank you!!

Amy Zantra's Yoga Experience



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