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Olympia Panze felt the energy flow from Satchidanand to him.

When I came to see Satchi at the airport for the first time I was struck by his energy but it was the second time, when he was talking to another student when meeting us off the train at Figueres that I really started to feel the Buddhafield of Energy Surrounding him

Suddenly I started yawning like the big healer guy in "The Green Mile" and then tears started from my eyes and I felt I was getting rid of a lot of Painful memories from the past.

Satchi taught us meditation and the Circulation of the Energies in order, as he said, "To improve our psychic vision" During these initiations I saw all my Energy Blockages in colour!! I saw my abdomen filled with blackness and thought back to my first periods, filled with pain, my inability to breathe properly and the problems I have with digesting food.

I saw all the brown clouds of pain filling my lumbar region and the problems with the throat chakra making me understand my problems with communication and the Peter Principle, we always do that which we most need to learn, which caused me to become a journalist and an arabian belly dancer teacher.

Satchi saw/felt them too and asked if I would like some healing because he explained that normally he liked to teach the Removal of Blockages Techniques of Energy Enhancement Level 2 and let the students heal themselves, but because I was going before he could teach that, he thought that a little band aid would be helpful because he felt that the abdominal blockages were not made in this lifetime but had come to me from my previous lifetimes.

I lay on my back and Satchi placed his hands over my abdomen and I drifted off to a place of peace. I imagined myself lying on the grass in the sunshine. I saw Satchi as an energy there too, blowing through me like the wind. In this space I was a man, and not a woman as I am in this lifetime, and very focused and filled with anger. Many images of women relationships passed in front of me some of them pregnant and I saw that I had no respect for the women in my life. I was wounded in the right side of my belly and I was dying.

As Satchi healed my belly I felt the pain of the wound I was dying from and people watching me said that this pain was reflected in my face. Finally the pain was gone and Satchi said that was enough for now. The previous lifetime had been healed and I had been brought face to face with attitudes in a previous lifetime, anger and a lack of respect, being mirrored in this. I saw how my irritation and anger was taking me away from my infinite peace and how these attitudes were reflected back at me in my relationship with my husband.

It was interesting that the relationship chakra, the abdomen, the place I was wounded was reflecting my previous attitudes and the Karma of those previous lifetimes was being given back to me so that I would be taught never have those attitudes again. I want to learn from my mistakes.

Satchi says you only get visions if you need to learn something.

Satchi explained that the intellectual level thought that it could solve everything just like this.. "I should not get angry!!" but that the intellectual level did not have the power to make that promise because its links with the emotions were broken, blocked and faulty.

He explained that the intellectual level similarly says, "The whole world should be filled with peace." Yet for 10,000 years there have been one or two wars every year.

The Techniques of Energy Enhancement allow the mind to have the power to implement its decisions through the Removal of Negative Emotions. The removal of Energy Blockages, which create physical disease in the body and negative emotions in the mind.


Satchi explained that if we had the power to heal our own blockages, we also had the power to heal the blockages of others. The power to do this comes from an integration of the body, emotions, mind and spirit created through the Core Energy Techniques of Energy Enhancement within the Energy Enhancement Buddhafield.

Satchi explained that the higher levels of Energy which create the Energy Enhancement Buddhafield and the Energy momentum to heal the students and raise their Energy Levels so that they can do likewise came from His connection with his teachers, Zen Master Hogen from Japan, Swami Satchidananda from Yogaville in the USA but previously a disciple, a Yogiraj, of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh.

" There is a transmission of Energy from Master to Disciple which occurs in silence. The preparation for this is the student's responsibility but the Energy always finds its place. It is the Energy of Initiation, which confirms the student in his enlightenment, but before this Initiation, "you need to be there before you can stay there.

Indeed, many people go searching for Integration and Enlightenment from technique to technique and teacher to teacher whereas a true student can learn anywhere. We need to increase that studentness within ourselves. We need to learn to be a true student. The ability to learn. The ability to ask. The ability to receive.

One lack of respect for the teachings. One negative word, ONE BLOCKAGE, and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart. One negative word can destroy the silence of a moment.

Swami Satchidananda talked of the time when Swami Sivananda died and of the Energy Initiation, which came to him at that time even though he was in Celon and Sivananda was dying in Rishikesh. He felt that some of Sivananda's fire had been given to him at that time.

Each Spiritual Master is a gift from existence, working in his own personal individual way to express his gift, his way, his energy channeled from the universe itself. They are individuals with strong personalities, "Personages!!" unselfishly aiming their lives at the benefit of humanity, the world and the Universe.

Even the intellect gets confused because the intelligent energy of existence, above the intellect, is the guiding force and initiator. Each spiritual master is as different from the others as a rose is different from a lily.

Just smell the perfume. Are they not the flowers of the Universe itself?

As Jallaluddin Rumi said around 1200AD, " Take what is in my hand! ' "

Satchi explained that these energy initiations had come to him also.

He had the last and his only interview with Sri Yogendra of Bombay. Sri Yogendra died that same night saying that at the age of 96, it was difficult for him to hold in his energy. And this from a man who in his prime they used to put in darkened rooms where people used to go to see the prana, bioenergy, rushing blue over the surface of his body.

In the interview, Satchi said he could only sit at the masters feet and say nothing.

Yogendra glanced at him and he was drawn to sit. Rooted to the spot. Yogendra talked of the time he was in New York, healing the children of millionaires. It was there in the 1930s where he gained the money to build his ashram in Bombay, "They used to appreciate me there and gave me a black stallion to ride around on in Central park." Satchi heard him say at the end of the interview that the people of England had good hearts, and this from a Master who in his early years had had the reputation of beating up students who took liberties, showed a lack of respect!!

And then afterwards the energy.. Sent to him by Yogendra, which he was given during the interview. WHOOM! WHOOM! Up and Down. Down and Up. From Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven. ENERGY!! with great noise for 24 hours!!

Satchi attended his only and last Satsang with OSHO. During the Satsang, Satchi had the experience of seeing Osho's aura. Satchi's mind just stopped, during the satsang when Nivedano hit the drum. As it stopped he saw the physical aura of Osho, Yellow, Black and horrible just one inch away from his skin, I suppose this is what killed him, Satchi said.

But then the spiritual aura came out, white and filled with light up to 10 feet away from Osho and then Whoof!! It spread out over the whole of the Buddhahall and filled it with white light. Satchi said he just sat there, tears falling down his face for what seemed forever.

Osho died 2 days later.

And then at the "Satchidananda" Ashram of the Bendictine Father Bede Griffiths on the banks of the River Cauvery in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. more energy phenomena. Father Bede, a famous monk who exemplified the urge of the Benedicines to Ecuminise, to explore the Energies of the Hindu Religion, had his first heart attack 2 days later at the age of 96 and died 3 months later.

And then 2 days before Swami Satchidanand died at the untimely age of 89, Satchi felt the transmission of Energy from his Master. Filled with white light for 3 days in a row, in the middle of the night for hours, unable to sleep.

" Masters take no heed of which religion they are born into. They become channels for the light despite, or rather because of, the general low energy level of the world and its corruption and mixedness. It is their job to raise the energy of their students and of the world in the few short days before they leave this planet. To leave it a better place than when they came. "

As I leave after a couple of days in the company of Devi Dhyani and Satchidanand I look forward to my future training with them Learning Energy Enhancement Levels One, The Connection with Energy!! Energy Enhancement Level Two, The removal of Blockages and Energy Enhancement Level Three, the Mastery of Relationships and the Psychic Sexual Energy Connection, this August



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