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Paul, Thomas Kline and Maddy taking a look at the 3000 year old Greek and Roman site of Empuries on their course two years after Thomases first energy enhancement cpourse here below.


Hello!  My name is Thomas Kline and I am 21 years of age. For 8 years now I have been studying a “Collective Martial Art” consisting of mostly Hung Gar Kung Fu and Ninjitsu under my very experienced and excellent teacher Bill Bruley who is a 5th degree black belt in his art.


  I am now at my 3rd degree black belt, and I knew that I needed to add on to my art, looking mainly towards the Spiritual aspect.


      When I first arrived in L’Escala in Spain, from America, I didn’t really know what to expect, except for what I had read about on their website.  I must say I really got what I had bargained for!


I had tried practicing meditation and yoga here and there before, but never knew what was really out there to experience. 


After learning just the first stage of Energy Enhancement, I immediately felt the energy rushing through me!


It truly was quite an experience!  I could’ve spent months upon months to get to where I am after only 1 week with Satchi and Devi!  


The feeling of bringing up blockages and grounding them was another life changing experience I had out here! 



I never knew that the pains that I was physically and emotionally feeling were caused by these energies (blockages) keeping me from being just who I’m made to be!     My blockages were mainly around the 2nd and 5th chakras.  When they were removed one by one, I could sense that I felt more at ease and pains were actually going away revealing more and more blockages to be sorted out!  


Also, being initiated into Reiki 1 by Devi and learning her unique exercises really helped in the process of bringing up blockages and removing them!    


During one of my meditations, I really could feel that I was completely in line with the energies of the universe, which gave me such a feeling of ecstasy!  Then I knew that I could never turn back on my practices!  I am definitely going to stick with the techniques I have learned out here! 


There really are no words I could use to make you completely understand what I experienced, except that you should come and find out for yourselves what it’s like to learn how to completely better yourself and the world around you!


         I hope my words could at least inspire one of you to take the first step in Energy Enhancement by coming out to stay with Satchi  and Devi and learning something you can take with you FOREVER!!   Wishing you ALL the best in  life,      





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