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A message from Lydie on past life meditation

Message from L.B.

Dear Cheris,

I am writing to see when I could come and see you!!!! Finally! I also talk to Elisabeta about it and will see if we could come together.

I am thinking about coming to see you by bus from Barcelona ...stopping directly en la escala...i think it is the easiest.

Also i wanted to ask you about Reiki 3. Last year you said that we would finish it this year, as we didn't have time last year...but my question in how much time do we need for it. can it be done in one day?

So waiting for an answer to be able to plan my trip! However i am thinking this sunday afternoon...till monday afternoon...

Otherwise how are you?

I am working a lot on my meditation and i am doing incredible healing on my present life, in different little girls, and teenager. At the same time with consciousness, i believe that i am also healing past life. You would be proud of me i have been a very good girl. So good work, that i can see the changes already...and feel amazed by them!! Wahe Guru!

" L.B. is talking about Energy Enhancement Level Two when we work on the parts of the mind which split off when something terrible happens, like your mother and father leaving you or dying when you are young or if you get attacked or abused.

These "Inner Children" need to have their pain and negative energy grounded and healed, and they need to be brought back into the central stem of the soul.

There can only be one. And that is the Soul Infused personality.

The act is very similar in action to the Shamanistic "Soul Retrieval" where the Shaman acts to heal and bring back the split off parts of the Soul to the sound of a Drum. The difference is that in Energy Enhancement we teach you how to do it for yourselves. You don't always have to be depending on a Doctor or Shaman and paying their fees. Yet we are always here for you. There are energy centres higher than the Soul on the way to the "Spring at the top of the Mountain".

One, the Group Soul is called the Monad and consists of all the souls on this planet which comprise the group and the reflections of those souls.

As I often say, Enlightenment is only the First Dan. That is when you become a Soul Infused personality, yet the next Initiation or Dan is where you become a Monad infused Personality. In order to become a Monad Infused Personality, similarly to the Soul infused Personality, where you have to heal and take back all those painful sub personalities or Inner Children, we instead, at this stage, have to heal all members of our Soul Group.

We have to make them Enlightened!! THIS IS The the force behind a Guru!!

This act becomes more important than life and death, as we activate the archetype of the Boddhisattva, who promises that when he becomes enlightened he will not leave this planet. Instead he will wait until all the people on this planet have become gone on into existence before him.



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