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"To expand, I was sitting in meditation the other night and was happily destroying blockages in me using the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement taught by Satchi and Devi when I was staggered by something new. I watched as negative energy transmuted into white light and travelled down to the centre of the earth then returned up my spinal column and carried on into outer space to the centre of the universe and then returned back to me through the crown chakra and down the front of my body through the throat centre then the heart centre and the solar plexus, on to the genitals and in to the perineum, through to the centre of the earth and returned back up my spine and so began this new orbit of energy.  

The effect was something else; it shot through me at incredible speed. This carried on and got denser and more powerful as I discharged more of the negative energy within me. This energy took the form of bands of light that followed each other in waves travelling at equal distance apart and as I discharged and transmuted more negative energy the bands got closer together and I found that I could control the speed at which they travelled through the body. Satchi calls this orbit the Supra Galactic Orbit which travels up the ANTAHKARANA into the centre of the universe and down through the centre of the earth passing through the front of the body on the downward sweep and returning up the spine on the outward sweep. I was complete."    





Please remember that Lisabeta had done meditation before coming on the Energy Enhancement course but never been able to sit for more than 45 min, and Swami Sivananda used to say, if you can sit still without moving for three hours, the chances are that you are enlightened.

Well, perhaps Lisabeta is not enlightened, but if you see her now as we did when we met again, last week, one year after her course with us, you would definitely see an energy glow around her. She looks just glowing with energy, relaxed and wonderful. A big smile all over her face!


We are talking about Energy Enhancement Level Two when we work on the parts of the mind which split off when something terrible happens, like your mother and father leaving you or dying when you are young or if you get attacked or abused.

These "Inner Children" which split off from the central stem of the personality need to have their pain and negative energy grounded and healed, and they need to be brought back into the central stem of the soul. Soul Retrieval.

There can only be one.

And that is the Soul Infused personality.

The act is very similar in action to the Shamanistic "Soul Retrieval" where the Shaman acts to heal and bring back the split off parts of the Soul to the sound of a Drum.

The difference is that in Energy Enhancement we teach you how to do it for yourselves.

You don't always have to be depending on a Doctor or Shaman and paying their fees. Yet we are always here for you.

There are energy centers higher than the Soul on the way to the "Spring at the top of the Mountain".

One, the Group Soul is called the Monad and consists of all the souls on this planet which comprise the group and the reflections of those souls.

As I often say, Enlightenment is only the First Dan. That is when you become a Soul Infused personality, when you have to integrate all the sub-personalities back into the Soul Central Stem, yet the next Initiation or Dan is where you become a Monad infused Personality.

In order to become a Monad Infused Personality, similarly to the Soul infused Personality, where you have to heal and take back all those painful subpersonalities or Inner Children, we instead, at this stage, have to heal all members of our Soul Group.

We have to make them Enlightened!!

THIS IS The the force behind a Guru!!

This act becomes more important than life and death, as we activate the archetype of the Boddhisattva, who promises that when he becomes enlightened he will not leave this planet. Instead he will wait until all the people on this planet have become gone on into existence before him.











My name Is Don Minihane and I live in South East Kent England and I want to share with you the experiences I have had on the E E course here in Rosario Argentina with Satchi and Devi on the four week course which I started on the 7-1-07.


I need to make this clear from the outset. I have no vested interest in giving this testament nor have I been badgered into writing this nor have I received any payment for it. I am doing this because I am aware that those of you that take the time to read this will instinctively know the truths written within it. I do not like bullshit nor have I any desire to add to the already gigantic mountain of bullshit that we are expected to swallow on a regular basis from so called experts and masters on these matters like the ones all over the place giving Reiki initiations in one go and masters in a few days.


If you consider carefully that Dr Usui was a devout Buddhist dedicated to meditation, learning and teaching and spent some 21 years in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, meditating every day with the Monks, in pursuit of the truth before he rediscovered Reiki, then you know that there is a lot of bullshit going on and these people are doing terrible damage to the beauty and the dedication of a master like Dr Usui.


If that strikes a chord please read on.


First a little background on me to give you an idea as to where I am coming from and why I am here in the first place. I am 46 years old married for 25 years with two grown children and have recently become a grandfather to a beautiful boy.

I have had an interest in martial arts since I was a very young lad and have indulged in several different styles over many years. I have also had an on and off interest in Chi Kung and have practiced the art of chi breathing now for a number of years without much success in the movement of energy throughout the body system.

I also have an interest in Reiki and have already been attuned in level one and two in the Usui Reiki system in England by a decent honest and spiritual Reiki master seven years ago. I practice on friends and family and on anyone that asks me for a treatment. I have had some wonderful and humbling experiences while doing Reiki however I do not ask for or make money from the treatments I give. I have a small business that makes me my money.

 My Life

I have also had several experiences in my life that are not common to most people which defied explanation throughout my life and no matter who I asked about these experiences I was never supplied with a satisfactory answer to any of it that made sense to me. These experiences were of a very frightening and disturbing nature and not of this world. At this point all I am willing to say is that the level of fear I experienced was light years beyond the fear of loosing your physical life here on this plane. These attacks began when I was a very small child and continued into my adult life and those closest to me were also targeted. You can believe me when I tell you that I do not frighten easily and am made of sturdy stuff and have survived against incredible odds with my physical and mental abilities intact. I can assure you that there is far more to this existence than even I suspected and this physical life experience here is only the tip of the iceberg and the rest is the best kept secret in the entire universe while at the same time common knowledge to those who are in the know. It was while searching for the answers to my many difficult and seemingly crazy questions that I came upon Satchi and Devi.


I first contacted Satchi just over one year ago and hit him immediately with a big question that I knew would either get a real answer or a load of waffle or bull shit like all my previous attempts over the years or no reply at all as they dived for cover. I had by now got most of the bullshit answers you could possibly get so I became expert in smelling shit at every corner and knew exactly what to ask to eliminate the idiots and charlatans of this world. At this point I was expecting more of the same.


Satchi wrote back to me and the answer he gave me was the first real and tangible result I got in over 35 years of searching. I was so shocked that it took me a long time to assimilate the answer as the implications were so profound it shook me to the very foundations of my existence and I knew for the first time in my life that what I was experiencing was real as he described in detail what I knew, citing his own experiences as example. It would appear that I had found someone who really knew what they were talking about.


Over the following months I tested him again with yet more of my questions and got a proper answer every time, answers that you instinctively know to be true and correct. Bit by bit my life began to make sense and the reasons for my rather unique experiences became clear to me. I began to understand this life of mine and resolved to go and see this man and his amazing wife Devi to undergo the Energy Enhancement course that you are looking at so I flew half way around the world to spend a month in the home of these very special people who welcomed me with open arms and much warmth even though I arrived at their door at 3am in the morning.


Now for what happened in my first weeks here in Rosario.


On the first day of the course I worked with Devi and we did some grounding of the negative energies within me and as we rotated anticlockwise I noticed the energy in the room was changing and within a few minutes it began to rain energy all over us. I had this experience before while doing a Reiki session but nothing like this; this was like an energy storm in the room, absolutely amazing. Day one was off to a flying start, literally. That evening Satchi began the first initiation in EE and showed me how to sit correctly and explained why, aligning me with the energies of this beautiful planet we inhabit. The experience was profound and I understood for the first time where I was and more importantly why I was here.


At the point of writing this I am now in the second week of the course with two and a half weeks still to go. I feel like I am in a time warp so much has happened. On day four of the course I was sitting meditating trying to circulate the energy up the spine and over the head and down the front when I started to vibrate at a tremendous pace. I honestly thought, any minute now and I am going to take off across the floor or shoot up into the ceiling such was the force of the energy trying to get through the blockages in my spine. I started to experiment with this, lean ever so slightly forward, vibration stops, get back into right angle with the ground, vibration starts again. I was vibrating like a pneumatic drill, lean forward it stops get in the upright position off we go again. I had read about this in books by Mantak Chia in the teaching of Chi Gung but was never able to get anywhere and here I am in day four vibrating like a Kundalini flying yogi, far out. I feel like I have been living in ignorance my whole life. The blockage in my spine was very strong and Satchi said don’t worry we will soon get rid of that and you know what? I have no reason to doubt him. He said that will be number one of many blockages implanted in my energy body over many lifetimes. There is much work to be done but it will be done he assured me. He was right.


On day five we learned a technique for spotting food and drink with pesticides in it and Satchi and Devi told us about the way pesticides react with the body making us tired and energy less slowly killing us off. This was quickly brought home to me when I later ate some fruit that had been contaminated with pesticides and felt totally drained of energy afterwards. I had to go and lie down and promptly fell asleep for two hours. The effect of the pesticides in the food staggered me and made me realise that we go through our lives trusting these sons of bitches that make vast fortunes feeding us mass produced crap. In reality what is happening is we get used to the shit in the food and the body does its level best to try to compensate. They are giving all of us the death of a thousand cuts. No wonder we get cancers and every other god forsaken disease on the planet. O what it is to be waking up.


I also had my first re initiation to Reiki today from Devi, one of four in level one. Devi told me that there has to be four initiations in level one to make sure that the attunements are solid and will remain with me. This is for all you people that have had Reiki attunements or are thinking about it. Do not throw away your money and energy on garbage one day affairs with a touch on the body with your eyes tightly shut wondering what is going on and feeling little or nothing, the placebo effect I call it. I am paying for it so it must be happening. The lead in to the initiation was very intense, lots of meditation, chanting sutras and Energy Enhancement techniques to make one ready for this most wonderful of gifts and when it came it was most profound A real and tangible experience. Devi is one powerful woman and is immersed in respect for what she does. Defiantly no bullshit here, just pure unadulterated energy, blesses you Devi, it’s your birthday today and you have my complete respect and trust, what a woman. Happy birthday Devi may the cosmos smile on you forever.


At this point I have to deviate slightly so you can share with me  something that happened last night that has blown me away and here I am hoping that you will respect whole heartily this most personal and staggering experience which I am about to tell you.

Please feel free to comment on this or recount any of your own similar experiences.


I have been awake most of the night wondering if I should write about this or not and I have come to the decision that it should be told because it must be told. It has huge implications for anyone wondering what is really going on in this existence of ours.


If you have any doubts about the authenticity of this Energy Enhancement course then this will set your minds straight and that’s for sure.


To fully appreciate the implications of this account I am going to have to give you more private information about my life so you can see how things pan out over eons and multiple lifetimes and why and how things happen.


I was born in Highgate in London in 1960 the year of the rat, of Irish and Scottish decent; mother Irish and father Scottish neither of which I have ever seen. I was born out of wedlock so I was considered a bastard and was given up to the catholic nuns in London and was removed from my birth country to a catholic adoption home in Ireland to be adopted in to a nice catholic family. I was just one year old. This was a horrifying experience as I spent the first ten years of my childhood being kept and treated as an animal being severely abused both mentally and physically, battered like a rag doll which left me with many physical scars to this present day, specifically so, to the base chakra the crown chakra and the throat chakra. I looked like a famine victim. Despite the horror and against all odds I survived and retained most of my grip on my mental and physical health and I managed to escape at the age of twelve with the help of a kind local farmer who gave me shelter protection and a home for a number of years. I then made my way alone in the world and have never seen a single blood relative in my entire life to date.


I arrived here in Rosario and met the other course members and one, a lady of Irish decent, whose family came here in 1850, three years after the great famine in Ireland seemed familiar to me and she also looked me up and down and I could see there was some kind of connection here. She was roughly the same height and when younger would have had the same kind of hair and I noticed that her hands were the same size as mine. She is twelve years older than me and also born in the year of the rat. I dismissed it as nothing as you do.


Then two nights ago we were all meditating with Satchi and Devi looking for energy blockages in ourselves and I had a realisation of how traumatised I was as a baby and began to feel a great sadness so began to weep a bit and this woman came to my assistance and helped me through it giving me this love I have not experienced before stroking my head and treating me like a small child and I let her do it because it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. I didn’t feel embarrassed about it because it felt so right in its place. She has only a few words of English and I have only a few words of Spanish but it didn’t seem to matter. There was no need for communication, and then later on she said that I felt like her son and we laughed and joked that she could adopt me.


Then last night we were all with Satchi and Devi again, meditating, looking for energy blockage in ourselves and specifically so in areas that were hurting or where we had hurt ourselves in the past or where we were hurt by others and this lady had decided to deal with a pain in her abdomen she felt from time to time. We were using the seven step technique given by Satchi to ground and destroy the energy blockages which is a very effective and powerful way of ridding oneself of the blockage. After we do the exercise Satchi gets everyone to recount the experience and this lady who is very psychic and has great visionary ability began to describe what happened. She said that she found herself back some 400 years in Ireland as a very young and beautiful girl with long blond hair who painted played the harp and was riding and hunting.


I had brought with me from England a set of water colour pencils given to me by my wife to doodle with. As I don’t paint I had given them to this lady as a present on the second day of knowing her.


She had a very lovely young suitor whom she was going to marry and was totally in love with this man. Then she said there was another powerful man a provincial governor who wanted also to have her and he had killed her chosen suitor and had also killed his own wife so he could be free to marry her, a dowry of 100 head of cattle was paid to her father. Her own father in this life time was the bastard priest (the words of the man who married her) who married her off in that time. In effect she was sold and two people were murdered so this could take place. On her wedding day to this monster she took the dagger they used for killing the pigs and plunged it into her self and committed suicide. This was the pain she was feeling in her side. Satchi asked why this had happened and to go back and find out some more. She went back and saw an image of me and asked why I was there and was told by the governor that I was programmed to be her son in that lifetime and her murdered love was to be the father. Since then she has never had any children in her life for 400 years and it seems that I have never had a mother in 400 years either. She cried and I cried and we hugged and cried in each others arms and then we started to laugh and laugh and cry and laugh and laughed some more and there was such a release of energy and everything became so clear. I had come 12000 miles around the world to find the last mother I was supposed to have and Satchi said, O that is quite normal on Energy Enhancement courses. It happens a lot. It appears we have healed the ancestral line going back 400 years in one sitting. Now I and this woman can move on to new families in the next life or maybe if I go for it I will reach for enlightenment and finish the journey. We were both destroyed by nasty black people for 400 years who have stayed with us and continued to have their black tentacles rooted in us both for all of this time. Now after this I asked where this happened and she said in the south west of Ireland. I nearly fell over I was taken to the south west of Ireland and there I was nearly destroyed. We looked at the map of Ireland and I asked her where. She pointed to a place and then I got pictures off the internet and she recognised the little island in Muckross Lake near Killarney in county Kerry where her love was murdered and I have married a woman from a few miles from there who is also born in the year of the rat and we have been there often as a couple. Even our children have been there. You can look this up for yourselves and view the lake and the little island and muckross house. What a story and she has never been anywhere near this place in her life. So you see, nothing is quite what it seems and we go on and on forever.  


After that diversion I have to get back to the course and I have to say that there is so much happening that you could write a whole book on the various experiences that have happened in the short three weeks that I have been here.


I am now in the last week of the course and I feel like a totally different person. I have regained myself and have been given from nothing having no psychic vision at all at the start of the energy enhancement course, a clarity of psychic vision that is breathtaking.

I am totally de-stressed and have expanded in every way. I feel stronger and fitter and much more mentally agile than I have ever felt in my life. The fog and confusion of life has gone and I feel that I have just received the inside information on everything. I am ready for anything and am wide awake. I am full of the most incredible energy imaginable and have Energy Enhancement Reiki that is so powerful it staggers me. I know a thing or two about Reiki and had a very strong Reiki connection before I got here, now I have a connection that is beyond description and I have yet to undergo the second initiation this week and then the masters. I have opted to take this as an extra and for anyone who is interested, I believe this is beyond anything you will ever experienced anywhere.

I am now equipped with life tools and healing tools that one only dreams of and there is nothing out there in the world that will ever faze me again. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to come here, because this experience has changed me, for the good of me and for all those that I will touch when I leave here. I am so excited and can’t wait to start exploring my new found talents.



One effect of Energy Enhancement that surprised me is other people’s reaction to me; they are somehow more attracted to me and want a part of me, especially the girls. Now that is an effect I was not prepared for but I am not complaining in fact it’s very enjoyable indeed. People recognise that you have something different and they are naturally attracted to this like bees are to nice flowers, so guys and girls this is not to be missed, you won’t buy this kind of attraction in a bottle, or find it behind the wheel of some fancy car while being covered in expensive clothes and that’s for sure. Energy Enhancement is a babe magnet, but that’s not what it’s about, on the other hand, if that is what floats your boat then go for it.


I wanted to expand more on the Energy Enhancement side of the course and it is difficult to explain this to anyone who has no knowledge of energy or how it all works. I have tried to get on with Chi Gung and while I respect and admire the system of Chi Gung I feel that it is over complicated and long winded. The microcosmic and macrocosmic orbit is a wonderful internal exercise and is not to be misunderstood or demeaned in any way but the techniques of Energy Enhancement like the Supra galactic Orbit supersedes Chi Gung and leaves it trailing light years behind.


"To expand, I was sitting in meditation the other night and was happily destroying blockages in me using the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement taught by Satchi and Devi when I was staggered by something new. I watched as negative energy transmuted into white light and travelled down to the centre of the earth then returned up my spinal column and carried on into outer space to the centre of the universe and then returned back to me through the crown chakra and down the front of my body through the throat centre then the heart centre and the solar plexus, on to the genitals and in to the perineum, through to the centre of the earth and returned back up my spine and so began this new orbit of energy.  

The effect was something else; it shot through me at incredible speed. This carried on and got denser and more powerful as I discharged more of the negative energy within me. This energy took the form of bands of light that followed each other in waves travelling at equal distance apart and as I discharged and transmuted more negative energy the bands got closer together and I found that I could control the speed at which they travelled through the body. Satchi calls this orbit the Supra Galactic Orbit which travels up the ANTAHKARANA into the centre of the universe and down through the centre of the earth passing through the front of the body on the downward sweep and returning up the spine
on the outward sweep. I was complete."



I want to say something about the inner children in all of us as this has been the subject of much meditation and discussion on this course. I want to tell you how tricky and clever these inner children are and the havoc they cause in our lives. Satchi says they destroy you, lifetime after lifetime and he is right. I thought I had dealt with much of the inner children within me as I have had lots of Reiki over the years but Reiki has the effect of keeping the inner children under control but they still persist and become experts at hiding within. I found this out when I went hunting for them. I used the seven step process of Energy Enhancement to find them and transmute them into positive inner children. There were hundreds and hundreds of them collected over every lifetime and all hiding in me and they used every trick in the book to stay hidden including leading me down roads of fantasy to put me off finding them. It was quite an eye opener and I have to be on constant alert to make sure that I am not being used by one of these inner little monsters. If even one of these inner children escapes it can slowly destroy the good work and soon will bring you back to the old ways and very quickly you will not be full of light and heart anymore.


I owe Satchi and Devi a great debt for seeing these inner children in me and for pointing them out to me. This is work in progress as the inner children have to be constantly watched and as Satchi says. Do a bit of weeding in your garden of light every day.  I tell you there are a lot of supposed ways of dealing with the inner children being banded around and probably they are someway effective, but believe me there is nothing out there like the process of  this energy enhancement, course for both finding them and transmuting them. Satchi keeps reminding us that only the ego gets hurt and he is spot on.


Devi gave my first attunements in Reiki two yesterday and I wanted to share this experience with you. This is one of two attunements I will have for Reiki two. I will have the second one today. I had spent the day preparing for the experience from very early in the morning meditating on the terrace of the house in total seclusion in beautiful sunshine. (I am so tanned its disgusting and I am going back to England to the beautiful winter weather. I am so looking forward to that, not) Anyway back to the experience. Devi called me about four o clock as she too had been preparing in meditation. When Devi began the process of the attunement it started to rain energy almost immediately and I could see swirls of white and golden energy coming down over us in like whirlwinds of energy. The peace and ambience in the in the room was astonishing and beyond description. I felt blessed and was aware that we were not alone and had been given help again. I was rooted to the chair for nearly an hour after the attunement and didn’t move a muscle. It was beautiful and I felt so privileged to be part of this and to be accepted into Reiki in this beautiful way. I would like to thank you Devi for this beautiful and profound experience. I am looking forward to the second attunement today and will let you know how it went. O yes, I forgot to say that when I point my left hand to the floor and rotate it in an anti clock wise direction I feel energy powering into the ground in spirals.   




Well, here I am after the second attunement and this was a bit of an eye opener to say the least. Over the month I have been here I have got rid of a lot of energy blockages within my system and was under the impression that I might have cleaned them all out, silly me, you seriously have to watch that ego.

Devi and I prepared ourselves for the second attunement and began the process. It was as expected very strong energy flowing around the room and as Devi worked I began to feel the energy inside me very forceful and very strong and was nearly knocked sideways off the chair.

I managed to hang in there until she had finished and then had to lie down. I was out for three and a half hours. I didn’t even manage to make it to the bedroom but collapsed in a heap on the bed reserved for such outcomes.

Devi had found a blockage between me and the centre of the earth and blasted it into infinity and it was such a release it stuck me on my back for three and a half hours. I woke up feeling a bit sheepish and realised that I still had work to do.

Devi grinned at me and said a blockage I found, she is amazing and it wouldn’t be difficult to fall in love with this woman. I FEEL TOTALLY DIFFERENT AGAIN. Thank you Devi for everything you have done for me.


Satchi has been teaching us about the mastery of relationships over the last few days and it is another astonishing eye opener. The techniques he has thought us are brilliant and work immediately and what is amazing is that you can prove it there and then and watch the results happening before your eyes.

I don’t want to give this info away here as it is very personal. It is sufficient to say that if you have or had any relationships with people that were not to your liking or affected you badly then this is the place to come to wipe that negative crap away in one sitting.

Satchi taught us how to disconnect from you, every one you have ever come into contact with in this life time and all past life times and then how to reconnect the relationships you want to keep into a higher connection and transmute the ones you don’t want.

(Note, it is impossible to cut connections, however, you can reduce the amount of energy which flows down them... Satchidanand)

He also showed us how to clean each others blockages in every energy centre in the body using only the power of the mind. This is seriously powerful stuff, not to be messed about with and demands the utmost integrity.

As we practiced on each other we came very quickly to realise this. I could literally feel the energy moving inside each chakra as the other person worked within me from several meters away and when I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to them and could see where the blockages were within their chakras.

I could force the energy from my centres into their centres and clean their centre bringing the energy full circle back to me. You could tell the state of their chakras by the amount of energy returning to your own centre and this was achieved by mind power only.

Before I came here Satchi said he would teach me to do it in this way and I was sceptical about this claim. I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly powerful Reiki sessions on people without going any where near them and distance healing over any distance is a piece of cake, incredible stuff.


Satchi, please accept my total respect and gratitude for everything you have imparted to me over the short four weeks I have been here. You are a huge light in this world and long may you shine. For everyone reading this, get your asses over to see these people, your lives will be changed forever and we don’t get many chances in this world to be able to achieve that and there are defiantly not many people in this world like Satchi and Devi who can do the business like this.


I am going back to England in a few days time and I wanted to sum up how I feel about this incredible journey I have been on here in Rosario with Satchi and Devi...






Whether you are a Management Corporate Executive, any sort of Alternative Practitioner, meditator, yogi or anyone who wants to evolve, - become better, smarter, more evolved, more empathic, more successful; this course will enable direct experience of superior life performance.





Siva Samhitã, iii, 10-19: "Now I shall tell you how easily to attain success in Yoga, by knowing which the Yogis never fail in the practice of Yoga. Only the knowledge imparted by a Competent Teacher through his lips is powerful and useful; otherwise it becomes fruitless, weak and very painful.


 And this is why - by coming into the Buddhafield of Energy surrounding Energy Enhancement Satchidanand obtained through many years of meditation with many enlightened masters, you obtain Shaktipat- an infusion of energy to help you get into a permanent state of meditation.





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