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Spiritual Adventures through Energy Enhancement by Dhiren Raichura

Here I am sitting down putting my thoughts on paper and wondering where to start. Its about the amazing Energy Enhancement course that I am currently on.

I shall start with sharing my experiences of the Energy Enhancement course with other like-minded people who wish to better their lives by transforming their lives and the lives of others around them and eventually making a difference in every bodies lives they touch.

Before I start sharing my experience with you all, please let me take this opportunity to introduce who I am.


My name is Dhiren Raichura ( ). I live in London, UK and am a Music Producer, Composer, Singer, Songwriter and a musician. I was born in Malawi, Africa. My Father was my first teacher when I was 5 years old and grew up eventually learning and playing various musical instruments such as Percussion (Conga, Bongo, Drums, some Indian rhythmic instruments and other small orchestral percussive instruments), Keyboards (Harmonium, Accordion, Piano and Synthesizer), Strings (Guitar, Bass, Buzouki, Mandolin, Persian Rabab, Arabic Oud, Wind (Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute) whioch really helped me in my orchestrating various styles of music.

I have had the fortune, with God's grace, to work as a session musician for the BBC in the pioneering Indian cultural programme “ Nayi Zindagi Naya Jeevan” in the early 1980's and composed music for numerous television productions such as “Into Music for BBC 2 , “Chalte Chalte” for Granada Television , “Panchayat” for Zee TV and scoring the documentary film “ Badalte Rishte” for Healthwise Productions which went to receive an award.

I also had opportunity engineer and master the film soundtrack of “Bandit Queen” , for the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has also produced 2 albums working with the music of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

I have also had the good fortune to accompany some of India and Pakistan's great artists, including Lata Mangeshkar, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Manna Day, Ustad Raiz Khan, Hariharan, Ghulam Ali, Pankaj Udhas, Noor Jahan, Abida Parveen, Talat Aziz, Parvez Mehdi and many more.

I have always been interested in Yoga, meditation and growing spiritually from a very young age and spirituality played a major part in my upbringing. Although I am from a Hindu background I respect all religions and faiths and believe they all have the same message to take us to merge with God. But ultimately I am a follower of the Religion of Humanity and to make a difference in the lives of almost everybody.

However, there had come a time in my life when I nearly turned an atheist. This was due to some calamities that came my way. But I now know that once God connects with you, he will never let you fall. He will always be there testing you, coaxing you and lifting you from a fall.

In the year 1989 I was blessed to meet my Guru and Guide – Shri Sathya Sai Baba. My spiritual growth accelerated in the next few years with Sai Baba's blessings, and to help me grow further, I feel he guided to eventually meet my second Guru – Shri Shiv Krupanad Swami. This happened around October 2004 which was the same time when I met the woman of my life and I fell in love with her. She has been a catalyst in my spiritual growth since after meeting her, I met Shri Shiv Krupanand Swami and eventually had the grace of God to enrol on the Energy Enhancement course. The course is run by Satchidanandji, a modern day Guru, and assisted by Devi Diyani, a chakra clearing dance expert and Reiki Master.

My Experience in the Energy Enhancement course

Coming back to the Energy Enhancement course, let me start by telling you about one of my exciting experiences. I have done many courses but the Energy Enhancement course I feel is completely different. Firstly, the contents, I feel are inspired by higher forces and deep spirituality. I also feel that the teachings are at a level where you get a direct experience when you work on the exercises. The teachings come from world renowned Guru's, Religions and topics such as Satchidananda, Maha Rishi, Sai Baba, Gurdieff, Bhagavat Gita, The Bible, Zen Buddhists, Sufism, Mantras, Yoga Sutras by Pattanjali various sources.

My adventurous journey began when I met the love of my life about 8 months ago. Although I have known this person for over 18 years and also knew her when we were neighbours during our childhood days, I only realized that I loved her just 8 months ago….surprise surprise!!! As the time went by, I fell more and more in love with her. I knew it was pure love from the heart and unconditional but during one of my exercises in the Energy Enhancement course, I felt a strong energy of love I have never felt ever in my life. This is when I really felt and knew what love was. Everybody could see it and at one point when I shared about my experience, Devi noticed and pointed out how huge my aura looked. Now I really know what love is……….

Awakening and Clearance of Chakras

How this is done is you learn how to connect with the Universal Energy (some call it the Higher Energy, Spiritual Energy or God), and by having a direct connection with the Universal Energy you begin to clear and activate your 7 chakras (there are 7 power centres in your body and those chakras above the physical ones) and start removing blockages from your physical and your psychic bodies (aura). These blockages prevent people from growing spiritually. The Energy Enhancement course has helped me strengthen myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually whilst building my psychic self. By doing this, you create a more harmonious life between yourself and every body around you. As Michael Jackson sang in his song “Lets make this world a better place for you, me and every body else” .

 Kundalini Alignment

The awakening of the Kundalini Energy starts from the base chakra and as it rises it continues to pierce into all the seven charkas as I was told by Honey Kalaria. And when I performed this exercise, what I experienced was a powerful energy shooting into my base chakra and rising through my body, feeling like a large column of white light, piercing through each chakra at a rapid speed and shooting out of my crown chakra. The feeling was so strange. I was hot but felt cold at the same time. My hands, arms and legs were shaking and shivering and yet I was not cold………what a strange feeling and I felt connected.

My Past Life Insight

 In an exercise about past lives, I saw a time when I was a Samurai Warrior in Japan. I had seen the same vision in a regression but it was little more in depth this time around. What I had seen in the regression was that I had returned home from a hard days work and when I got home, I saw my Geisha wife all dressed waiting for me but there was no food on the table. As the history suggests, Geishas were homemakers and their lives were spent in looking after the home and the family and bear children. So when I saw there was no food on the table, without hesitating, I took my Samurai sword out and took her head off. The vision I saw during my Energy Enhancement course was much more profound deep. As I went deeper into my lives, I also met my 5 Spiritual Masters and my Guardian Angels and my Higher Spirits.

What happened next was something I had not seen in my regression. I saw that I got Judgemental, Impulsive and Angry. In that anger, I judged her and took her head off with my sword!! in an impulse. But besides that, my Masters asked me to take a step back and try and find out the reason my food was not cooked and give her a chance to explain. I replayed the whole scene and came to the point where I was about to get angry and do the sin but something held me back. This time I asked her what had happened that my food was not yet cooked. She said she very ill and couldn't even manage to get out of bed the whole day but made a special effort in getting ready for me when I returned home. Had I done this, I would have not taken her head off and neither would I have gathered any negative karma from the whole episode. This exercise taught me to always be in control of my feelings and take time out to examine the situation before taking action.

Our Personalities and Strategies

In the beginning I wasn't sure where all the exercises were leading to, but then I started having some profound experiences. During the course we performed an exercise at looking in depth at ourselves, and the different personalities we develop over the years. These personalities or Inner Children have names like Insecurity, Jealous, Envy, Anger, Lust, etc which are known as Strategies. These Inner Children and these Strategies work hand in hand and in some ways, control our lives.

When I looked within myself, I initially saw 3 of these inner children – Insecure, Judgemental and Anger. You can imagine how amazed I was when I saw this. It all happened during an exercise of a past life when I was a Samurai Warrior in Japan that I shared about earlier. This exercise showed me how these inner children had developed and basically ruled my life so I started grounding them and clearing them so they would not disrupt my life in the future.

How was the course for me?

  • Teachings – In the teachings of Energy Enhancement course I learned about chakras and cleaning them from blockages. This process of cleaning the chakras has to be done on going. I saw all my charkas had some degree of blockages and got to work in getting them cleared. The first one I tackled was the Throat chakra, which I was told, relates to Self Expression, Creativity and Success. As you can imagine, I was not about to compromise on my self-expression and neither was I going to compromise on my success or my creativity. What I saw was a big dark blockage. As I was clearing the chakra, I suddenly felt my throat choke and I started coughing. The process was to encircle the chakra with white energy and ground the chakra so the blockage is removed. After this I felt so free and energized. When singing the Heart Sutras, I started bellowing out and I didn't even feel insecure in doing that.
  • Students and Teachers – There were other students from different backgrounds who were attending the course. I remember there was a Reiki Master who was also a Buddhist Monk, there were Sathya Sai Baba devotee, a Hare Krishna Devotee, Honey, her Father Natwarlal and myself. It was comforting to see that people from all walks of lives and from different faiths being a part of the same course and all having their own experiences during the course.
  • Variety – What I mean by variety is that during the course we were also having a lot of fun in experiencing the different types of cuisine and we also saw a few films which were spiritual in the way the story was told. These movies were major block busters and I had seen some of these but never saw them from this “new” point of view. After going through the course and seeing the movies from this new perspective, I got to realize there was much more to the movie than just an extra-ordinary story. To give a few names, The Matrix, Dracula, American Beauty and the likes of The Lord of the Rings. These are all spiritual movies with very profound messages and that is the reason they were so popular. Satchiji said that these movies are “Touched by God” for the profound message it carries.

The other benefits I experienced was the teachings from different faiths and authors as mentioned earlier.

The different people I was fortunate to meet were Nipoon and his wife Florence, Roberto and others (who were from Rosario ), Santan (from South Africa ), Ramiya (from Rosario ), Vanessa (from London ). It was such a delight to be amongst these people. Such warmth and love within them. Nipoon was one of them who had such admiration for Florence that every time she shared her experience, he would just glare at her with a big smile. Just showed so much love. That way there was a connection amongst all the participants and by the end we became like a family. It was so difficult to part when the course came to completion.

With this I come to an end to this article. All that I have said and all that I have expressed is just not enough to really express how profound the course was. I am sure I speak for all who attended this course. Although it was very intense, its even more difficult to maintain the programme ongoing simply because you are back into your everyday normal life………..but something seems so different about you and everybody seems to notice that……and that's what this is all about…………

Life is beautiful,

Life is love,

Life is what you have,

And not what you wish,

Life is touching someones heart,

Life is expressing love,

Life is all things,

And all things are LOVE

LOVE is all there is and will ever be……….



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