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chakra psychology

Third Chakra Issues


To be able to do, to be able to act, and to be confident, skillful, and efficient, is to have a certain power in life. There are really only two approaches to power. Use and abuse.

Those who have no power or self-control over their own selves and their processes and functions, those who are living in the world of the ego, they try to attain power so that they can use name, fame and position to control and dominate other people. This is the way of the ego.

The ego manifests as all negative human traits. Tyrants, status orientated people, domineering, overbearing, dismissive, selfish orientated, control addicts, lust for power for it's own sake, and people who gain and use power in a totally egotistical way, are all abusers of power. These are all symptoms of the unintegrated lower self. The animal part of a person "red in tooth and claw."

We need to learn to identify negative and troublesome chakra programs in ourselves and in the other people in our lives. This will help us understand human behaviour and personalities. Knowing that human behaviour is a product of the programs in the seven chakras, then we can truly "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

We can learn to understand human behaviour at the deepest level and this makes our relationship with our own personality and our relationships with others so much easier - lighter.

Knowledge is power, and with chakra wisdom we can learn to protect ourselves from other peoples problems, other people's negative energies. We are less inclined to become victims of circumstance. In terms of the third chakra, we learn how to assert ourselves properly and in a civilized manner. Thus we never become a doormat for selfish, infantile, overbearing and domineering people. We begin to "know our self" and thus the boundaries between ourself and others become clearer - especially concerning the family and intimate relationships. We can understand human behaviour and master our lives.

Once we have understood and begun to master ourselves using the seven chakra system and the Techniques of Energy Enhancement, then we become a true human being. We become a whole and integrated person. Once we begin this process, then we relate to power in a different way. As we understand and dissolve our greed, lust, and selfishness, as we open the heart chakra, as we heal our past pains and mistakes, as we understand and connect with the higher self, then we can begin to use our will power in relationship to the higher self. We reduce and eventually abandon abusive and egotistical behaviour and begin to realize the benefits of friendly and cooperative behaviour.

With the Integration of the Chakras we learn to use power for the benefit of all beings.

"Who is the happiest person? The one who brings happiness to others."



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