Meditation Energy Enhancement
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The Story of Attachment *

To go Beyond *

10. The Blockages of the Second Chakra - (A Descent into Hell). *

Energetic Food for the Child *

The Need to become Weaned *

The Gathering of Pain in the Second Chakra *

Parents Feed Children with their Energy *

Addiction to being fed Energy *

Meditation Energy Enhancement techniques teach how to connect to infinite external energies. *

Some healers use the same second chakra energy level. They are stuck at that level. *

Bereavement *

  • 11. Strategies to steal Energy from others *

    The Aloof Strategy. *

    The Poor me Strategy. *

    The Interrogator or Star Strategy. *

    The Violator Strategy. *

    Four strategies we all need to know about go in higher pairs of severity. They easily slip from one to the other. *

    The sins of the Father will be passed on to the children unto the ninth generation. *

    Learn how to connect with the Universal Energy Field in EE Level 1. *

    Learn how to Totally destroy these strategies in EE Level 2. *

    The Use of Strategies outside the Family *

    A high organisation or high society is one in which there is less or no fear in its actual mechanisms. *

    12. The Discovery of Sex *

    Addicted to Sex *

    Control of the Energies of Sex *

    The Energy needed to Create a Child *

    Meditation Energy Enhancement and the Function of the Orgasm *

    Frigidity and Penile Flaccidity *

    The Tantric answer to Energy and Semen loss. *

    13. The Electra and Oedipus complexes in the making. The Seduction Strategy. Sexual Abuse. *

    Sexual Abuse and Rape *

    Meditation Energy Enhancement and the Dissolution of Pain *

    The Sexual Abuse Strategy. *

    A Story of Sexual Abuse *

    Meditation Energy Enhancement Protection and Energy Control. *

    Meditation Energy Enhancement, the Heart and the Second chakra. *

    The Opening of the Heart *

    The Removal of Pain in the Second Chakra through Breath Training or Meditation – Energy Enhancement. *

    14. The Third Chakra - Manipur Chakra *

    Competition in the Family. *

    I have heard there was a famous politician. *

    Jealous people are called monkeys. *

    Then there is anger. *

    15. The Higher Chakras *

    Ajna Chakra *

    Ajna chakra is also completely amoral. *

    The Open Society and its Enemies *

    The Crown Princes of Germany *

    Hitler *

    Stalin and Mao *

    Pol Pot *

    Spin, the Battleground of the Mind. *

    Margaret Thatcher, Milton Freidman and JK Galbraith *

    The Psychpathology of Leaders- Hasnamus. *

    What have you done, Mr Sufi? *

    16. Love, the Heart Centre and Society *

    The Problems of Evolution of the UK Society. *

    The Wisdom Connection *

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