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An integration of all these functions is necessary so that they can act in parallel. Each function of the brain should work to its limit and is necessary to the super functioning of the whole. One function working alone is very little. Two functions squares the response of the system. With three functions working together the response is cubed!

To be said to have Control of something we must be able to stop it - Similarly with Chakras.



Tsu Hsia asked the Master

‘What sort of a man is Yen Hui?’

‘For kindness he is a better man than I am.’

‘What about Tsu Kung?’

‘For eloquence he is a better man than I am’

‘Tsu Lu?’

‘For courage he is a better man than I am’

‘Tsu Chang?’

‘For dignity he is a better man than I am’

Tsu Hsia rose from the mat and asked

‘Then why do these four serve you?’

‘Sit down, I will tell you.

Yen Hui can be kind but cannot check the impulse when it will do no good. Tsu Kung can be eloquent but cannot hold his tongue. Tsu Lu can be brave but cannot be cautious. Tsu Chang can be dignified but cannot unbend in company. Even if I have the virtues of all the four men together, I would be unwilling to exchange them for my own. My virtue is the Mastery of the functions. The ability to stop as well as to start each function. That is why they serve me without misgiving.’

Karl Popper, the famous philosopher of science, stated that in order for science to be able to prove a theory, one must be able to perform an experiment, which could potentially disprove that theory.


To have power one must be able to stop the source of that power....

The Master in the story, like all Buddhas, demonstrates his integration of all the functions, real intelligence and not just one-sided functionality. The reason why he is a Master. The message is that the master is not attached to any one talent, any one function, and therefore can stop any function at will. He can stop his mind, his emotions, his spirit or any of the talents above. This is true mastery.

Also, it is important to note that our much-vaunted intellect, though important, is only a small part of the whole, the gestalt. The intellect is only one function of the greater whole. One Chakra amongst seven. It is of great importance to know the intellect is not intelligence. 

Intellect is of the mind; it depends on memory, it functions through borrowed knowledge.

All of our educational systems in the world are rooted in intellectual development; hence they all depend on memory. The examinations in our schools, colleges, universities, are not of intelligence. Memory is mechanical. A computer can have a better memory than a man of genius, but the computer has no intelligence.

Intellect is the faculty of knowledge. Intelligence is the faculty of knowing.

Knowledge is always dead; it is information. All of our educational institutions are doing with students exactly what we are doing with our chakra computers, just feeding them more and more information. No computer can answer a question for which it has not already been prepared. Intellect can only answer that which it already knows; it is stale, it is of yesterday.

Intelligence is responsibility, it is a response to a new situation, not out of your past memories but from your present awareness, this very moment. You don’t function as a computer, you don't search for the answer in your memory; rather you simply open your consciousness to the situation with your totality, the gestalt, and allow the spontaneous response, in real time.

Intelligence is response - ability; the ability to respond. The response is going to surprise even you, because it is so new - you are not repeating anything from the past.

There has been a perennial conflict between intelligence and intellect. The man of intellect thinks the he is intelligent because he knows so much. He has accumulated a great heritage of knowledge; he is burdened with all kinds of information, which he cannot get rid of. He does not have the possibility of being able at will to lay down his burden, to stop the fears of the past, the worries of the future, his life programming given to him by his reaction to his parents. Because he wants their attention. Because he wants their Love. Because he wants their Energy he programs himself as a child with selfish strategies to obtain all these things. In this way is created Selfishness and the thoughtform of "The Law of the Jungle" - Kill or be Killed. In this way is programmed selfishness. The whole of our lives can be destroyed by adherence to this thoughtform and the strategies we program ourselves to use in this selfishness. These hopeless, destructive strategies are depicted on three parallel levels by Eric Berne of "Transactional Analysis" fame who wrote "The Games People Play."

The man of real intelligence is innocent; he functions from moment to moment. His functioning has a freshness and beauty but to find intelligence one has to go beyond the intellect.

The intellect is just one function in one Chakra. It works better when it is integrated with the whole. With all Seven Chakras functioning perfectly together. The movement of the body as in the martial arts or in dancing. The emotions as in will power or love. Every improvement of each function. The ability to stop any function at will. Each step towards functional integration adds to our total intelligence. To our Wisdom.

In the ancient texts the mind is likened to a mad monkey which leaps here and there, totally out of control. Our painful memories which we cannot get rid of are the problem; our worries and cares; each negative and uncontrolled thought causes a part of our mental capacity to be blocked.

"And we are here as on a darkling plain

Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,

Where ignorant armies clash by night."

Matthew Arnold

In a computer, what happens when it has too many programs running at one time? - It slows the whole thing down tremendously. It eventually locks up.

It is the same thing with thoughts. The mind's capacity is used up by useless fears and negative thinking. It eventually locks up.


The same thing happens in the human brain as in computers. If we cannot press the ‘OFF’ button. If we cannot consciously purge the useless programs which slow down the conscious and unconscious mind, then eventually the brain gets clogged up.

It stops in a nervous breakdown. Various types of mental breakdown are endemic in our modern high-pressure society. Most of us have seen some of the symptoms within ourselves at some time in our life. The statistics say that 30% of us will have at least one nervous breakdown in our lives.

The same Meditation Energy Enhancement techniques which act as a fast for the mind to expel the ancient long running useless programs and programming, also act to integrate all the functions within the brain giving an exponential increase in Brain Power and awareness. They are simple and of ancient origin.



1. The Understanding of Ancient symbols

The meaning of Ancient Symbols, The Taoist Yin/Yang, The Staff of Aescepulus, The Squaring of the circle, The Worm Ourobouros, The Cross, The Cross of Lorraine, The myths of Hercules, the myth of Arthur and the Knights of the Round (Ourobouros) Table and more! - As guided meditations sent down to us by Masters of the past. Decoded in Meditation Energy Enhancement techniques.

2. The natural sequence of Integration of the Chakras -Relating this to information contained within the Ancient Symbol - Seal of Solomon.

I develop the exposition of the working of these higher chakras through Kundalini Energy, whose functions get more powerful the higher they go, and the correct sequence of their awakening. The Three Initiation towards Enlightenment!

3.The functions of the Mind - The Chakras.

Following on from our last chapter, about the functions of the mind as chakras and the exponential improvement in intelligence as each function is improved and the blockages between them are removed, this will be an exposition of the three lower functions and the General Blockages which everyone will experience. The Relationship between the functioning of the chakras and the 10 Stages of Human Evolution.


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