Meditation Energy Enhancement
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 >> Initiation 2 - Energy Circulation
 >> Initiation 3 - The Grounding of Negative Energies
 >> Initiation 4 - Accessing the Universal Energy Source
 >> Initiation 5 - Grounding Toxins in Food
 >> Initiation 6 - Protections
 >> Initiation 7 - Auric Protections
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 >> Meditation Energy Enhancement Level 4

how to use and strengthen the energies of the Heart by healing your toxins.

Learn how to Heal the toxins in your meals, the food you eat, and also to dissipate your Toxic Overload, the toxins already stored within your body.

Learn how to get a direct knowledge about the purity of your food, our fuel. This knowledge can be used to improve your diet and to Heal your Body.

Pollution, toxins in our food, come from bacteria, heavy metals like lead and aluminium, also from Toxic chemicals like those which mimic the Hormone Oestrogen, Xeno-Oestrogens are 3000 chemicals acknowledged to be highly cancerous by all scientists. Common chemicals which act exponentially more poisonous in concert. All cancer is caused by these chemicals.

Like Pesticides- DDT and the Organophosphates, like Pthalates from tin cans, or plasticisers like the common chemical nonyl phenol.

Like Dioxins, the unchangeable products of Incineration.

David Strom

came to us for an Energiser a few weeks ago. Now he is coming back for Meditation Energy Enhancement APPRENTICE LEVEL One and APPRENTICE LEVEL Two and Meditation Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training. From working in a Bank he is moving to the Cayman Islands to Bank, Account and Teach Yoga. We said why not teach Meditation Energy Enhancement APPRENTICE LEVELs One to Four also so with the above program, so he will.

David has suffered badly from exzema since at the age of 21 working during the holidays at an asbestos factory to support himself at University, he came down with the dread disease. He has struggled against exzema for 7 years.

We removed many blockages from David on his Energiser so this allowed him to move on towards removing his toxins. And also the effect of having his blockages removed persuaded him that perhaps we had something to teach him.

He wrote this to me after the Energiser course here in Spain.

"How are you. Hope all is well. Everything with me is excellent. Since I came back from Spain, I have been a different person. The breathing, diet etc. Read lots of interesting stuff in nexus magazine about toxins and I am also reading David Icke´s books - The Robots Rebellion and The Truth Shall set you Free.

Through my new organic (pesticide free) vegetarian diet eating as much organic as possible, my skin has cleared up. I now know that having learned stuff from Nexus magazine about Eczema, toxins have been the major factor with my Eczema. I have been cleaning myself out by having blended organic fruit before I go to asleep and soon as I get up in the morning. This along with vegetarian food ( no meat whatsoever ) has ended up making me feel lighter. I did a fruit farst for 2 days 2 weekends ago and this cleared a lot of my urgent toxins out of me.

I am prepared for the 2 weeks now and I can not wait."


In this Initiation we also learn how to get more Energy from Heart Healing, Grounding the Negative Energies of the Air we Breathe.

50% of toxins get into the body from the air we breathe from the hundreds of Incinerators which gather in Hospitals and Universities throughout the world, burning Industrial waste from all the major cities. Also council rubbish which could be recycled instead. Thus meningitis for students at university and Flu for everyone else.

"Small" incinerators now have almost no controls. Small incinerators are defined as those burning only one ton an hour – almost 10,000 tons a year! Many of them are being built, particularly in Hospitals and then run by a private company bringing in industrial waste from all over the world, so that instead of one point source, now no matter where the wind comes from, it is poisonous.

Rubbish is shipped in to Incinerators from hundreds of miles away because it is not economically viable to run an incinerator at less than capacity.  From the whole of Europe to Southampton and Bournemouth. From Athens to the beautiful and once unspoilt island of Santorini.

 Now the cities are all exporting their pollution to the Tourist centers and to the countryside.

"We only go on Holiday for a change of Pollution!"

Large incinerators are so highly controlled that no company can afford to build them but the "small" ones have no controls at all, they can even burn plutonium in them and no-one would know.

Toxins in our bodies are eliminated quickly by Colds and Flu. If they are not eliminated then we can get Cancer or Heart Disease or Multiple Sclerosis or M.E.

Incinerators produce kilos of Xeno-Oestrogens like Dioxins which can kill in doses as small as one millionth of a gram, which is more toxic than Plutonium. They pollute the air and all the land they spew out over.

The Fallout from Incinerators is toxic. Food grown in that land whether organic or not will be Toxic!

Industrial Oil is now burnt in power stations and diesel engines. Special Companies now create worse oil from the industrial oil  by putting dangerous toxins in it so that these toxins can be burnt. It has been proved that cancer and heart disease increase for 40 miles around the power stations, ceramic factories etc which use this polluted oil as fuel.

Badly refined petrol creates exhaust from Cars .

All of this Air Pollution causes the 15% rate of Asthma in modern Society.

When we know. When we have direct knowledge of our environment we can then make strong efforts to improve our food and air quality which can vastly increase our Energy, save us from debilitating disease and even save our lives.

These Meditation Energy Enhancement techniques can teach us how to dissipate these toxins from our bodies from all the food we have ever eaten and from all the air we have ever breathed.

Meditation Energy Enhancement Initiation Five shows you how to remain Young and Active all your life by giving you Power over Toxins.

After all that, THE USE OF MEDITATION ENERGY ENHANCEMENTAPPRENTICE LEVEL ONE INITIATION FIVE, - Meditation Energy Enhancement recommends the use of Healthy Non-Pesticided, Vegetarian - no meat or fish, Food and no nitrate mineral water.



 >> Meditation Energy Enhancement Level 1
 >> Initiation 1 - Meditation
 >> Initiation 2 - Energy Circulation
 >> Initiation 3 - The Grounding of Negative Energies
 >> Initiation 4 - Accessing the Universal Energy Source
 >> Initiation 5 - Grounding Toxins in Food
 >> Initiation 6 - Protections
 >> Initiation 7 - Auric Protections
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