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"I love God, the Creator of my soul and all other phenoma."

God is the Totality of Existence. God is the whole show. All things are made by God and from God. God is the absolute, the individual souls, the manifest phenomena, and all that can possibly exist. There is nothing but God.

God, the Creation, and all souls eternally exist.

God creates all time/space/matter phenomena. This is why the scientists cannot fully understand this small aspect of God's Creation that we call "our universe." The scientist is interested in finding "the theory of everything", yet however hard they try, this theory is not possible without including God as the central theme. At the quantum level all Newtonian physics breaks down and the scientist is baffled by seemingly impossible and bizarre behaviour of this physical universe. However hard the scientist researches, God only allows them to find that which God wants them to find. The path of the scientist eventually leads to God realization, as do all other lifestyles that souls experience. Ultimately, the scientist is unknowingly on a spiritual path that finds God by studying the Creation.

On the level of the soul, God carefully places each soul into God made circumstances. At the death of the physical body the soul is placed into other bodies and circumstances, meeting all souls in different situations, and having unlimited lives which are all for the good of the soul, via the medium of learning and enjoyment.

After many lives, a soul realizes itself as a God made soul and then realizes and perceives the unlimited love and joy of God within all aspects of Creation. The God realized soul understands that it has unlimited lives in unlimited situations and thus is happy to accept God, God's ways, and the nature of soul and Creation.

God is the immortal creator of all various, diverse and myriad phenomena. All sentient beings, all universes, and all experiences of variety and multiplicity are created by God. God's creative principle is the illusionary, dreamlike imagination (maya) that is experienced as the Creation. In reality, there is only God. Everything is God - relative (as variety, diversity, and multiplicity) and absolute (as unity).

Love is God's supreme order to all souls and it is through love that we are healed and know God, meaning, happiness, reality, and peace. We cannot intellectually know or understand God, it is ONLY through LOVE, learning and practicing love, that we can rise above all ignorance, depression, barbarianism, selfish egotism, and all forms of vice.

The only way to understand God is to LOVE. This is God's supreme order to all souls. If you want to know God then you must learn and practice love. Only through the heart can we truly experience God.

what is GOD?

The common opinion concerning God is that God is the eternal, immortal, and the all-knowing/intelligent/loving/wise/good Creator Being. All Creation of variety and multiplicity is God's Creation, all souls have their source and substance in the immortal and indestructible life and love that is God.

Common opinion suggests that God is:

  • Everything
  • Totality and Unity of Existence
  • Immortal
  • All knowing
  • The creator Being of all variety and diverse phenomena
  • All powerful
  • All loving
  • All wise
  • Eternal

The God paradigm suggests that Life, Universe, and Everything is actually a beautiful and divine creation, created by God's all loving will and creative principle (sometimes referred to as "the mind of God"). Thus, we are all made in the "imagination" of God. The variety is God's imagination (God's mind) and the Unity of it all is God.

The God paradigm is not perceived by fallen souls who are blinded by their egotism and denial of God.


According to the God paradigm (the view of life with God as the Creator Being), each individual person is a soul.

  • The soul is lovingly created by God.
  • The soul is beautiful, pure, loving, benevolent, and wise.
  • When the soul choose God and Love, then the soul reflects all the good qualities of God.
  • When a soul choose atheism then we psychologically separates ourselves from God, then the soul "falls" from LoveWisdomGoodness experiences, and begins a slow descent into the disease, corruption, and depression that slowly becomes "a living hell."
  • The fall from God consciousness is called "athestic egotism."
  • The soul is a part of God, so denying God is to psychologically separate ourselves from the eternal and magical nature of God and God's sweet love.
  • The soul lives before and after this current body/mind experience.
  • The soul transmigrate to other lives after leaving the body.
  • When the soul leaves this current life, it takes with it the mind, desires, aversions, and characteristics that it has developed in this life.
  • The soul is duty bound to sort out all its problems and issues. These problems plus the soul's characteristics are called "karma" or "karmic propensities."
  • The soul reincarnates into another body depending upon its karma sown in previous lives.

Egotism is the experience of the Fall in which the soul forgets the reality of "God and Soul", loses control over the mind and atheistic egotism becomes "the master of the house." The individual becomes full of atheism, neurotic fear, clinging to bodily life, possessive attachment, selfishness, disharmony, disease, and vice.

By the quality of freewill, the individual psychologically separates itself from living with God (here on Earth and perhaps in other parts of the Creation also) - being God conscious (aware of God) - and thus undergoes "the Fall" towards "a living hell" that is characterized by some of the following experiences:

  1. Psychological separation from the God paradigm
  2. Steady build up of holistic pain and insanity due to the separation.
  3. Egocentric pride
  4. Arrogance
  5. Vice and the seven deadly sins
  6. Build up of holistic tension
  7. Inability to relax
  8. Neurotic guilt and shame (due to denial of God and soul)
  9. Separation from love, care, and kindness
  10. Restlessness
  11. Boredom
  12. Neurosis
  13. Persistent (neurotic) fear and anxiety (due to pain of separation)
  14. Alienation
  15. Mental disorder
  16. Emotional disorder
  17. Physical disease
  18. Personality disorder
  19. Manic/depression
  20. Holistic discomfort
  21. Greed and lust: selfish and desperate grasping at sense gratification
  22. Selfishness
  23. Corruption
  24. Perversion
  25. Loss of an anchor in conscience
  26. Holistic disorder
  27. Hellish experiences
  28. Panic at life slipping by
  29. Regret
  30. Generally feeling bad
  31. Depression
  32. Criminal activity
  33. Suicide


Subscribers to the God paradigm believe that a soul can completely recover from the fall into egotism by steadily returning to the God paradigm by a process of healing, faith, trust, study, discipline, and experience.

God and The Creation

When I forget who is "I" then all hell breaks loose!

God gives first, last, and always. God gives life to the Creation. Even when we fall, God picks us up again, and gives us abundant future lives. From love, wisdom, goodness, and all good qualities, God gives, and gives, and gives...

When we view life without God and through senses that are only concerned with fulfilling endless selfish desires and aversion, then we fall and we experience the despondency and darkness of the fall. This fallen state goes on lifetime after lifetime until finally the soul return to God and goodness.

"The Universal Self who is the Source, Substance, Center, and Experiencer of the entire world and Universe."

Everything is the Universal Self - even the shadow of doubt concerning the reality of The Universal Self is still part of The Universal Self. Finer than sound, light, or thought, the absolute nature of the Universal Self is pure, unalloyed bliss and peace. The experience of the absolute nature of the Universal Self is the annihilation of the subject/object experience - there is no subject or object and no variety, diversity, or multiplicity.

It's another word for 'God' - the noun 'God' being a word label that we use to label "The Universal Self that is Everything." Not a dim and distant being, not something separate and removed from the experience of variety and multiplicity, but the everpresent, vibrant, enjoying experiencer of the entire Universe. It is the Universal Self that is the universal center of all things, all creatures, and all experiences. There is no separation between the Universal Self and the experience of variety and multiplicity. The multiplicity is an imaginative emanation - a dream - appearing to the Universal Self. The dream is all the multiplicity and the dreamer is the one, universal Self that is the identity of the entire dream. The true identity and center of all sentient beings is the one, universal Self - the dreamer of the whole multiplicity dream of the multitudes of Creations and all characters, souls, and events that take place.

The Universal Self (Siva/God) and the multiplicity experience of variety and many (Shakti/Creation)

The body and brain, mind, world-stage-characters (souls), events, dramas, and all multitude of experiences are Siva's dreamlike experiences and they are not to be taken personally by the character that is being experienced.

Everything is the will and imagination of the Universal Self. The whole Universe is God's experience and we just play our little parts in the big picture. When we forget about the shared universal self and unified center of all existence, then we lose the enlightened perspective and experience of life. The Universal Self forgets about its eternal and infinite nature due to delusionary misidentification with the experiences of the body/brain/character and Universe. This shadow of delusion that appears to the Universal Self is called "Avidya" - forgetfulness and ignorance of the It's own real nature. It is this "Avidya" that is removed by study (sadhana) and experience (Yoga/Samadhi) into the nature of the Universal Self. This sadhana is just a process of remembering the real nature of Self - eternal, infinite, all powerful, all imaginative, and the true experiencer of all possible variety, diversity, and multiplicity.

Time, space, energy, matter, and all variety are emanations from the Self, they are imaginative and creative expressions of the Universal Self. So nothing is ever gained or lost by the experience of multiplicity and variety. Although this fullness (the relative creative universe/prakriti/shakti) comes from That fullness (the Absolute/Universal Self/Purusha/Siva), That fullness remains infinite.

God wanted to experience multiplicity, diversity, and variety of experience so He thought up the Universe and has populated it with multitudes of experiences for Himself. It is all God's experience and is created on the "what if I do this?" attitude. Whatever is happening is temporary and we must not take it personally. All life is God's movie and that is the truth of the matter.

The whole universe is God's experience of variety and God does not necessarily know the outcome of some of His ideas, but it is God's will to do all things and experience all things that He wants to. So, it is God that is experiencing the idea of the world through the bodies and brains of all the creatures and we must summarize that God has an infinite imaginative power to do anything that It wants.

So, it is God that is dreaming, imagining, investigating, and experiencing all diverse and various phenomenon in all the Universes that He can imagine.

We, the children of the almighty, are dutiful bound to serve God's will and His desires some of which are made manifest in the World and it's experiences. So, it is God that works through everything for His own experience. Sometimes God is having experiences but sometimes He is remembering Himself and becomes all blissfully loving towards His creation and all creatures within it. But, as said, God sometimes is very absorbed in His experiencing of all His own multiplicity and diversity and forgets His loving nature towards the world and it's creatures.

When God is in the mode of full absorption into the experiences of the world and universe then He is temporarily forgetting Himself as the Lord of it all. He does this so that He can be completely absorbed into this experience of multiplicity and variety and avoid this experience from being tainted by any concept of Himself outside of the experiences and characters. As said, this is done on purpose by God, to give Him 100% absorption into the experience.

God also creates many people and techniques to remember Himself when the experiences of variety get a bit intense. So, He has created religion, spiritual teachers, books, media, priests and swamis, and other things to remind Him of what He really is. Then after a while He becomes interested in various and diverse experiences and dreams up and gets all involved in His creation.

Our duty is to serve God and the Creation with love, wisdom, beauty, health and happiness. To remember at all times that this is God's world and God's Universe and it is all for God's enjoyment and experience.

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