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"My soul is love. I love and appreciate the gift of human life and the Creator of it all."

Summarizing soul realization

For the God realized soul, the body is a vehicle, life is a golden gift, and God is everywhere.

If you realize and accept that God - the eternal and unlimited Creator of all - has made you, then you will realize that God can make you again, and again, and again. You realize that the appearance of all life is God's will and idea and that all souls are lovingly and thoughtfully created by God. God's gift of life is unlimited, so don't blindly accept that "one life is all you get then you die."

God makes each soul as a unique being. All souls are unique, created by God, and have unlimited life. This is something to feel happy about.

"I like being me," said the spiritually realized soul, "It's great to be me and I hope all souls feel the same way about themselves."

An essential part of spiritual living is for us (the souls) to understand, accept, and receive God's extensive and thoughtful gift of life - in this and future lives.

Life is what the soul makes of it. It is the souls responsibility to purify our heart and mind and discover all the good qualities that exist within.

Without a doubt, it is good to know soul, virtue, love, and God.

The individual soul is the passenger and experiencer of the body/mind instrument. The soul is bound to God's law of karma (action and consequence). What we sow, so shall we reap, in this and future lives.

The soul perceives and experiences through the medium of body/mind instruments and takes rebirth in future lives, the conditions of which are dependent upon our holistic behaviour (thoughts, attitudes, actions) in this and previous lives.

The soul is not the body/mind instrument but is infused into the instrument and directly experiences through the instrument. The type and qualities of the instrument, and the conditions and experiences of each life, are dependent upon our previous behaviour that interacts with God's laws of karma.

Soul realization is not an excuse for vice, nihilism, or cavalier rogue behaviour. Soul realization is about realizing God, God's will of love, and the wisdom in following "the good path" of consciously aware spiritual growth and spiritual lifestyle.

I choose to relate to myself as a soul that is part of God's Creation. The physical body is a vehicle that I am currently infused with although I am a soul and not the physical body. I wear this body lightly. I am not attached to it as the soul lives on after the body dies. This human life, the world, and the universe is God's will and I am part of this Creation. I accept this human life and I accept God's will in creating all things.

"To know God and Love, all the soul need do is reject atheism, heal the past, and remove all selfishness and vice from our life."

Until we realize that we are a spiritual soul and that our nature is love, then we will suffer the torments born from the spiritual ignorance of atheistic egotism - namely the seven deadly sins (vice) and the deluded temptation to indulge in them.

All God realized souls inform us that this is worth its weight in gold.

All goodness, health, balance, and wisdom arises out of love. All love arises from the soul, all souls arise out of God's eternal and undying love and creative power, the love and power that creates everything.

The enlightened soul, purifying the mind from negative tendencies and realizing the physical body as an instrument, is committed to life knowing that all life is God's will.

Knowing the nature of soul and God is the end of all sorrow and the beginning of "the divine romance."

Eventually, all souls become enlightened. This is something else to feel happy about.



- Each soul is a drop in the Eternal Ocean of God -

The soul is not:

The soul:

Whatever we have or have not, whatever we experience or do not, however our life unfolds, if we are disconnected from soul and God then we will always base our happiness upon our achievements, our relationships, our attachments, our love to and from others. Without soul and God awareness, we can never really feel at peace, at one, or understand the good path of spiritual living.

- The embodied soul's home in the heart center -

Until we are identified with our soul and in deep communion with God, then we will perceive this life as a once-only fleeting flicker. Our heart and mind may fall into degenerate habits, egotism, perversion, corruption, vice, despondency, disappointment, disgust, self-dislike, narcissism, sorrow, depression, nihilism, despair, panic, and neurotic fear.

When we are disconnected from soul, God, and the realizations of reincarnation, then we can become sick in one or more areas of life.

We will fail to understand the beautiful and extensive gift that is God's gift of life to each soul - a gift that is eternal, a gift that can be accepted with love, peace, happiness, and deep appreciative thanksgiving.

God creates the Universes, the planets, the habitable worlds that populate the universe, all life forms, humanity, and the soul. Then God places the soul into the Creation and eventually, after many lives in differing life-forms, the soul enters the human experience. The Creation, and all the experiences within it, is God's beautiful gift to the soul. In the human form we can understand this gift more fully and learn how to form a loving relationship with God, other Souls, and the Creation. We can spend as much time as we like learning about and enjoying the human experience before we move on to other life-forms.

God's golden gift to the soul is life in the Creation - and the ability to learn about God.

Once we understand this then we are free to enjoy God's gift of our existence as souls.

God has created us and given us the gift of many, many lives to live, to love, to learn, to grow, to improve, to live with God in the extensive Creation, Heaven, and on Earth. This gift, if properly understood, is indeed a cause for appreciation and thanks.


"...the short passage on this Earth, which we know as life, is but a moment in the course of our evolution, a day in the life of the soul. Although we can at present only see and comprehend that one day, sometimes our intuition and experience tells us that birth was far from our beginning and death is far from our end.

Our soul, which we really are, is immortal, and the bodies that we inhabit are temporary instruments that we use..." - Dr Edward Bach.

When the physical body expires, the soul leaves the earthly vehicle and takes with them their personal higher equipment of the heart and mind. The higher centers (chakras 4 - 7) are an integral part of the soul, whereas the lower centers (chakras 1 to 3) are the temporary vehicle of the physical body.

The animation above shows us the process of integrated incarnation. The soul experiencing the gift of the body, worldly character, and the lifetime it provides, leaving the body at the time of expiration, and taking on another body via reincarnation.

Another physical body is given (by Universal Law) to the soul depending upon a mixture of:

  1. The soul's desires that are active in the heart and mind.

  2. The soul's karma: previous activities.

Contrary to ignorant and misguided opinion upon the matter of reincarnation, being repeatedly GIVEN the gift of life is an act of God's love and forgiveness. We have made a mess of many previous incarnations. We have adopted ignorant, selfish, harmful, and abusive attitudes. We have made many errors in our learning. This is completely natural for there is much to learn and many lives must be lived before we can see the real sense of getting on God's good path.

God gives the soul the gift of life. In the process of learning, the soul makes many mistakes. This is natural. This is part of the learning process. Due to the God given gift of freewill we make mistakes and God, being all loving and forgiving, gives us "all the lives in eternity" to learn from our mistakes and finally realize the sense of spiritual living - the soul living in accordance with God's will.

So, let's not adopt an ignorant attitude towards reincarnation, moping around cursing God and Life and completely missing the gift.

Reincarnation is one of God's greatest gifts to all souls. It shows His permanent love, kindness, and forgiveness.

"My dear child," smiles God, "You have made many natural mistakes. This is ok. Now, have another go and see if you can get it right and live in love."

"Oh," smiles God sweetly, "You didn't get it right that time either. Go on, have another life and keep going until you get it right and live in love."

When we get life right - spiritually aware and living in love - then we realize what a beautiful gift life is, and how beautiful, loving, kind, and forgiving God really is.

In this light, the soul realizes that there is abundant "time for every purpose under (and in) heaven" and in this realization the soul discovers humility, the reality of the gift of life, trust in God, and a lessening of selfish grasping (greed) and other forms of selfish vice.


"As we reap, so shall we sow, in this and future lives."

Knowing this, it makes sense to purify our lives and begin living a spiritually aware lifestyle in the mode of LoveWisdomGoodness.

When we see dreadful things happening in the World and we have the observation and capacity to improve situations, then we should make this improvement activity part of our life.

From a spiritual perspective, it is easy to sit back and claim that all negative events are a product of the individual soul's karma. Although there is truth in this perspective, if God calls us, through our conscience, to get involved in some education and improvement activity, then we must realize that this is also part of our karmic duty.

There is no need to be too worried about "a bad life" or negative experiences as these are an inevitable part of "working out our karma on planet Earth." God has created this World (one of many) and the process of life on Earth as a soul school in which we work out many negative karmic behaviours, consequences (from previous lives), relationships, and habits. It's a soul school that has been beautifully and perfectly created for this purpose.

This is not an excuse to perform selfish and bad deeds, for each soul must face the consequences of our actions through the law of karma and the process of reincarnation. God loves us and wants us to be good and happy. It is all done for our education and "the good of our soul." If we can remember this then we will quickly progress.

Sometimes, negative karmic experiences can seem a bit like a punishment, but we are actually receiving an important soul lesson that is showing us the error of the type of behaviour and attitude that is given us the negative experience.

To overcome these, and other, problems, we need to realize our soul and its relationship with God.

  • The soul is a reflection of God that plays within the Creation.

  • The soul is "made in the image" of God.

  • At the level of a distinct sense of individualized consciousness, the sense of "me", then the soul is a created child of God.

  • At the deepest level (my Father and I are one), the soul is God experiencing Itself in multiplicity.

  • The soul is not the body nor the mind. The body, heart center, and the mind are instruments for the use of the soul.

  • Whilst embodied, the soul's home is in the heart center.

The soul can leave the physical body, at the time of death or voluntarily by learned skill, and travel to other TimeSpaceEvents within the Creation. The soul can even replay a previously experienced life, if we feel so inclined, or have some lessons to learn. The soul is given many options, from an almost infinite set of options, concerning it's next incarnation experience. These options depend upon the soul's karma and the decision of "The Administration of Heaven", and, of course, God.

The soul is a deep sense of who you are, as an individual, that remains constant and is not dependent upon or modified by the changes in the body, the heart, the mind, or external conditions.

The soul is a deep sense of your:

  • Uniqueness

  • Temperament

  • Character

  • Preferences

  • Soul work

  • Connection with God


Soul works are the activities that work for the health, welfare, and happiness of all.

Soul work is always in harmony with and works for God and the Creation.

For example, my soul work is to:

  1. Educate
  2. Enlighten
  3. Entertain

When I am in alignment with my soul, then I these activities happen naturally for me.


Confusion, disorder, and misery arise when the soul loses control over the mind, and egoism arises.

If the speculating, wayward mind or the ego becomes dominant then the soul is hidden behind these disorders and the person appears to act - in attitude, behaviour, mentality, and temperament - contrary to the goodness and harmony of their soul. Misery and downfall are the results. This condition can be healed by understanding the mind, egoism, conditioning, and restoring the soul into control.

There are many approaches to healing and therapy.

I believe that the complete cure to soul-disorder is to simply get in contact with your soul and to try to follow its guidance and natural temperament.

This can be achieved when we remember the nature of soul-work:

Soul work is always in harmony with and works for God and the Creation.

Soul work is always performed in the sattvic mode, the heart centered mode of goodness, social conscience, balance, humility, and love of God and Life.

When we are not doing our soul-work then we are most probably being controlled by the mind or the ego.


One evening, a neighbor observed a friend outside a local shop, down on his knees and obviously looking for something.

"What have you lost?" the neighbor asked.

"My house key." replied the friend.

Both men looked for the key. After a few minutes the friend asked of his neighbour;

"Where did you drop the key?"

"Outside my front door." replied the neighbor.

"Why on Earth are you looking for it here then?" asked his friend.

"There is more light here."

Your soul is within you - within the heart center - and only you can connect with it. Don't compare yourself unjustly with others because every soul is unique.


When the soul is established in God awareness and God living, then the soul gains genuine autonomy and freedom. We realise that we must play God's game by God's rules - spiritual living in the mode of LoveWisdomGoodness. We purify our lives, realize our soul, and the extensive gift of many lives.

The sin, vice, and prejudice of deluded souls does not affect the God centered soul.


When we experience "an unlucky lifetime" then this is a life that is deeply involved with lessons concerning:

An unlucky life is not to be excepted in a defeatist or fatalistic manner. It is a great learning experience. The main lesson is to find God and the LoveWisdomGoodness that is the very Heart of God.


7. A part of my (universal) Self, which is eternal, comes down to this world and attracts nature's qualities. The mind and senses are animated by the individual soul (jiva) which is a part of Me. Thus, I (God as an individual soul), move about and perceive in this world of nature.

8. The true Self, who is the Lord of All, enters and leaves a physical body as an individual soul; when s/he goes on, s/he takes with him the mental and sense capacities (of the individual soul - karma).

A small portion of God, manifests itself as the individual souls, and then expresses itself through the body, senses, mind, world, and Creation.

God is the Source and Ultimate Experiencer of All Variety and All Souls.

Very simply, all the individual souls are one of God's experience of multiplicity and variety. All souls are God's way of expressing and experiencing variety, free will, diversity, and multiplicity.

The body and the mind are instruments that the soul is given for experiences of learning and enjoyment. The soul is neither the body or the mind. The soul is a unique individual that is in turn an experience medium for God to experience multiplicity and variety.

God and the individual soul inhabit and relate to one another in the heart center.

God and the individual soul inhabit the heart center of the individual.

Like two birds in a tree, the Spirit and the Soul are together in a Divine Relationship with one another.

God and the individual soul inhabit the heart center of the individual.

If the soul wants to find the Spirit (God, the Universal Center) then it must look within the heart center.

All the individuals are souls. Whilst Siva (God) dreams of Shakti (the Creation), then all souls are always in existence - all souls are part of existence, like cells in the body of life. The souls have many lives fulfilling and satisfying many desires and wishes, and developing - over many life times - all good and great qualities.

Most of the time we (the souls) forget our previous lives and are born refreshed but with qualities, skills, attitudes, karmas, and memories of experiences from previous lives.

When God stops dreaming about multiplicity and variety then the experience of Shakti simply disappears and there is only the experience of unity - the annihilation of the experience of variety.

It is entirely by the desire, will, and imagination of Siva (God) that multiplicity and variety appear. If Siva wants to dream of Shakti then that is It's will.

What is the nature of Shakti (variety and multiplicity)? In the light of God, Shakti is pure experience. There is no ultimate goal or purpose, it is just a dream of the experience of variety, therefore there is nothing to get selfishly attached to. It is the delusionary fear of loss that provokes panic and grasping which in turn shadows and spoils the true nature of the "shakti experience." This fear is the ultimate lesson that all souls eventually learn and overcome.

In the light of God, there is no ultimate death only Eternal Life. All Shakti has it's source in Siva - all experiences and expressions of variety are emanations of the eternal and undying Source.

Message from GOD to All souls
  1. Do not fear or worry for I have created the entire Universe and all experiences and I am always with you.

  2. You have 100% free will, that is why you often get into painful situation, trouble, and sorrow - but these experiences are your own making. I am always with you offering wise counsel.

  3. I have created everything and there is no need for lamentation or sorrow. I have given you eternal life and when this life ends you receive a fresh new life in fresh new circumstances. So wear the body as a loosely fitting garment. Love it, take care of it, enjoy it, but do not be attached to it for it is not a permanent home, it is an experience.

  4. When the body dies, you (the soul) are given a great amount of choice in choosing your next life and the type of body that you would like to experience. You can even have the same body, and/or the same life again if you so choose (and you are free from negative karmas).

  5. If you (the soul) have performed many negative activities (negative karmas) in your life and you have not been forgiven then you will need to make amends for these activities in future lives.

  6. All people that you meet are souls and do not lament the passing of life for all souls are resurrected and you can meet everybody again in better circumstances.

  7. So don't rush through this life. There is no need to rush through any life because I (the Universal Spirit of All Life) can create the entire cosmos again whenever and however I so wish. I can do anything and if a soul wants an entire life experience re-created this can be done. So don't lament, don't worry, don't grasp, don't cling in sorrow to life, and there is no need to rush around in fear of death - for life is eternal and I (the Spirit) can do anything and give anything and everything to all souls.

  8. Learn to enjoy each life. In truth, you (the soul) improve in each life. So take it easy, but don't be lazy.

  9. The wise soul, realizing Me (God) as all things, makes their life a loving and devoted offering to Me.

Qualities of the soul
  1. All souls are created and maintained with God's unconditional and all undying love.

  2. The soul is a medium of God's expression and experience and all experience is ultimately God's experience.

  3. The soul and the character being played in the world are not the true Identity of the Self - they are observable phenomenon. We can learn to observe the soul and character and realize that nothing in the Creation (Shakti) is the True Universal Self - which is formless, blissful, and unified and is beyond the experience of subject and object.

  4. The soul is God expressing itself as many varied and diverse individuals.

  5. The soul is the part of a person that enjoys realizing and lovingly serving God in All. The soul is the part of us that is directly born from existence and untainted by ignorance of humanity - ignorance that only exists in the heart and mind, ignorance that can be cleared from both heart and mind to allow the light, love, enjoyment, and wisdom of the soul and spirit to shine through.

  6. The soul does not die when the body dies but it takes it's heart and mind with it. Once the soul leaves the body then it is given the opportunity to take on other bodies, dependent upon the qualities and desires in it's heart and mind.

  7. At any point in time, the soul can appeal to God for changes in circumstance and experience. Sometimes these wishes are granted but only if they serve the healthy development of the individual soul. This is why sometimes prayers and requests are not answered as God realizes that these would not bring lasting happiness to the individual soul.

  8. Each soul has it's own unique and individual mind. The mind is not the soul. The soul is separate to it's individual mind and uses the mind as a tool for diverse and varied experiencing. The perceptions, memories, knowledge, and experiences of the soul's mind are it's store-house of activities from all it's lives. These impressions in the soul's mind are it's "karmas" (activities).

  9. The soul has a degree of free will. This is God's way of experiencing free-will in multiplicity. Soul's free will is also a gift of the highest love from God to the individual soul.

  10. Soul Contracts: Individual soul's make agreements with each other, with the administration of Heaven, and with God for the satisfaction of their desires. Sometimes the agreement cannot be met, or there is some form of delinquency on the part of the soul, and negative karmas are credited to the guilty soul. These negative karmas (soul debts) must be met in future lives or pardoned by the administration of Heaven or God. Sometimes a soul must do some work for God and Heaven as part of their life activity.

  11. God (the highest, universal Self) can remove all negative "karmas" (memories of activities) and "soul debts" from the soul's mind. God can also bless the soul's mind with miraculous and wonderful sensations, skills, abilities, and experiences.

  12. The existence of all souls is completely dependent upon God.

  13. The experience of separation between a soul and God, is completely dependent upon the way the soul thinks and feels. God is always everpresent, it is only the soul that consciously separates itself from God and the Love of God. This separation is possible due to God giving all souls free will. Sometimes the experience of separation is very painful to the soul and the soul gradually finds its way back to it's ultimate and universal Self.


The currently experienced Creation is an imaginative emanation from God. What we are currently experiencing is only a very small part of that creative possibility. It is all God's show.

When we realize the immortal, eternal, and infinitely creative qualities of our Father (God), qualities that create and sustain the creation and all life within it, then the soul is enlivened and experiences the peace, joy, and love of life that this realization brings. This realization is not an excuse for prodigal recklessness and abuse of gifts and power. This realization does not mean to live our life in the modes of tamas (sloth) and rajas (selfish grasping - greed). When we realize God and the nature of the Creation, then we must proceed to establish a sattvic (balanced), heart centered, humble, and spiritual lifestyle that enables us to skillfully serve God and the Creation.

Each individual soul is created by God and is given the gift of playing in the Creation. So here we discover the trinity of God, Soul, Creation. This is the real meaning of the trinity of Father (God), Son (Soul), and Holy Ghost (Creation).

Why is the Creation called "The Holy Ghost?" The real nature of the Creation is that of illusion (maya). The Creation is made from the imagination (mind) of God.

Although matter may appear as solid and concrete, we all know that it is not as it first appears. This observation is well known by both scientists and enlightened souls. The scientific approach can never fully understand the nature of the Creation nor discover its "basic substance" because the basic substance is actually God's imagination. When scientists investigate the nature of the Creation they always discover that it's deepest nature defies all logic. This has become evident in the fields of Quantum physics. Scientific research is great and God is very happy that we are playing in the Creation.

When the soul is separated, by its own choice, from God awareness then it is very usual for that soul to become egotistical and start believing that it is living by only its own means and that it can make claim to all its own achievements as purely its own efforts, forgetting that all qualities and attributes of its being are provided by God. This is technically classified as "the sin of pride" and God allows all these things and continues to smile at the play of the souls.

It is God's greatest desire that souls learn how to play and enjoy responsibly. That is why we are alive and within the Creation. It is God's will and the gift of freewill and awareness is God's greatest gift to each soul.

God thinks it all up and sets the whole Creation into motion.

As the soul gets closer to God awareness then we begin to perceive God's interest and joy concerning the Creation and all that is happening within it.


On perceiving the abuse of the gift of life and freewill, God feels tremendously sad at the behaviour of the fallen souls, and immediately has put into action the creation of "soul schools" and "soul hospitals", planet Earth being one of these environments. This is God's perfect solution to the problem of the Fall. God gives each soul the quality of freewill as the greatest gift. "I want them to be free," says He, and thus He will not cripple His children by the removal of the quality of freewill. "I have not created my beautiful children to be robots or zombies," says He. "If there is confusion and delusion in their hearts and minds then I shall create environments for them to work things out."

"I know the hearts and minds of all my children. If they stray then I shall gently guide them back to health and happiness."

Such is the beauty, kindness, forgiveness, love, and will of God. Reincarnation is God's gift to all souls and we must learn to appreciate how much God loves us and wants us to learn how to live the good spiritual life.


If we are sincerely trying to overcome our own negative habits (delusions/vice) then we must realize that "change takes time" and we "cannot win them all." There will be times when we relapse into some holistically negative habits but we will discover that we recover quicker each time and improve our ability to distinguish between good and bad habits.

Don't be too hard on yourself and realize that "we cannot win each day." There will be bad days and relapses along the path to holistic health and spiritual living.

Steady, conscious, and gradual improvement is preferable to "fits and starts."


The soul is the experience of being an individual.

All souls are created from the very heart of the Creator. 

The pattern of the fall and resurrection is as follows:

  1. Fall (from God awareness and heart centered, spiritual living)
  2. Repentance
  3. Redemption
  4. Resurrection
  5. Spiritual living


The soul misuses the power of freewill and attempts to live against God and the Creation. The deluded soul rejects God and believes that its own existence has nothing to do with God, and thus clings to the physical body and things in the world believing that "I am this physical body, I only have one short life, there is no God, I must grab all experiences before I die, and there is no need to consider other lives."

This is how we fall.

Eventually, maybe after many lives, the soul begins to experience and perceive a spiritual dimension to life usually by becoming more aware of little clues like;

  1. Unusual coincidences
  2. Providence
  3. Receiving protection and safety
  4. A deeply uncomfortable feeling of conscience (that we often attempt to throttle by intoxicants and escapist behaviour)
  5. Spiritual media and people appearing in our life
  6. Vivid dreams
  7. Unusual experiences
  8. A deep sense of dissatisfaction with our current lifestyle
  9. Current lifestyle begins to erode

These are all great signs that deep in our soul we want to know more about GodSoulCreation and that this deep and often unconscious prayer is being answered.

It is difficult for God to approach the fallen soul without frightening them to death. This is why God must gauge the situation and be gentle. When we are fallen, we are often in such a bad way that the appearance of goodness and purity in our lives can actually cause extreme aversion and anger within us. These are symptoms of our shame and guilt. So God approaches indirectly through many various channels, like books, films, conversations, people, unusual experiences, and dreams.


There are two ways to confess our misdeeds resulting from our spiritual ignorance:

Indirectly via the medium of other people or therapeutic activities

Directly by dialogue with God and the Administration of Heaven (angelic souls)

The process of confession and repentance involves a review of our life and sincere determination to "right our wrongs" and rid ourselves of negative habits in all areas of life. This does not mean embracing a "neurotic positivist approach" (which is another fault), but it does involve a desire to embrace a holistically healthy and spiritually aware lifestyle.


Through a process of healing, understanding, and forgiveness, the soul is shown how to live a spiritually aware lifestyle.


The process of creating and maintaining a balanced, holistically healthy, and spiritually aware lifestyle.

We can use the seven center system for guidance in this matter.

The simple seven center system categorizes human life into seven key areas:

  1. The physical body
  2. Sexuality
  3. Vitality
  4. Social considerations and love
  5. Communication
  6. Mind: logic and imagination
  7. Spiritual considerations

We can use this system to create and maintain a balanced, holistically healthy, and spiritually aware lifestyle.

The soul that has been separated from God for a while, might do some meditation or have some spiritual experience and think "I am God."

This is Self realization. Full self-realization is to realize that everything is God. Of course, in terms of social relationships, we must realize that not everybody shares this belief or experience, so be careful how you interact with non-spiritual others.

  1. Accepting and Appreciating God's gift of Life

  2. Creation

  3. Egoism

  4. Emotion

  5. Flowering of The Individual

  6. God

  7. Heaven

  8. Individual and Existence

  9. Karma

  10. Heart and Soul

  11. Mind

  12. Personality and the seven centers

  13. Personality disorder

  14. Purification of the soul

  15. Spiritual lifestyle