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Here is the Testimonial of Alan Dolan who came to L'Escala for a week of Energy Enhancement Level One.....

Been here a week,  leaving tomorrow, what to say ????

Didn’t have too many expectations other than having a fairly chilled out week doing some yoga and meditation which I most certainly got.

However I didn’t bargain for…..

How nice this part of Spain is 

Devi’s banana and ginger shakes and, of course……

Energy Enhancement !!!!!!

L’Escala and environs is something of an education if your experience of Spain to date has been high rises and package tourists….forget all that …instead think….roman ruins…beautiful villages…..terrific beaches ….bucolic countryside…...fabbo sunsets …. and more than a few good bottles of grape juice…… short, something of a revelation……..not a stuffed donkey in sight …honest!  


Biggest surprise of the week goes to Energy Enhancement….

Kind of difficult to summarise but I find it to be a pretty effective method of self-analysis combined with a strategy for dealing with whatever ‘shows up’ as a result of all the digging…………from a personal viewpoint it allowed me to work on two areas which although I was aware of, I didn’t really have much of a clue as to how to deal with ………….one of the blockages in particular was kinda heavy (see gay men and their mothers volume 1 chapter 23) but being with Satchi and Devi made it do-able………..not going to say too much about your would-be hosts ‘cos I don’t want to make them blush ……….think I’ll leave it at….. ‘Inspired and Inspiring’

Picture of the Sunset taken outside of L'Escala Cafe 1869 as the sun sets over Empuries and the Pyrenees, by Alan Dolan!!

Will I come back for Level 2???????

I believe the phrase is …."You bet your butt!!"

Alan Dolan

Communications Person , Well known aerospace company, Riyadh, The Magic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


PS. Did I mention the banana and ginger shakes ????

Salvadore Dali, Narcissus.

A bony hand reaches out of the Earth holding the Sol Symbol, Egg, Symbolising the Higher Self/Soul, the body dies, but the Soul lives on! To the left we see Narcissus looking at his beauty reflected in the water. The selfish ego preening, not realising his immanent death or his Higher Self. The dog is decrepit and rotting. The people are talking, not realising we can see through them in their nakedness. The God/Statue is on the Board as in a Masons temple.


The Extraordinary Salvadore Dali Museum, created by this flawed Genius, is based, 45minutes away from L'Escala, in Figueres. Salvadore Dali lived just north of  L'Escala in Cadaques. His famous museum with many of his paintings is 30 Minutes away from L'Escala in Figueres. Trips available on request!!!


Come and visit us in L'Escala NOW!!, for Your experience of Energy Enhancement.




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 Happy Meditation!

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