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To: "Satch idanand"  >From:"anna andersson" 

>Subject: Re: feedback of course in December 1999 >Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:06:29 -0800

Dear Satchi!

So finally did I get my act together and wrote you a little testimony of the course!

Pls. tell me if it's OK - I'm happy to change it!:

" I suspect all of us who visit the worlds of Jonathan Seagull will never want to return" Ernest K. Cann - Author of "The High and Mighty"

Coming back to London from my yoga course in Mallorca with Satchi & Devi, I not only had a desire to go back and continue my personal development through the wide range of courses they have on offer, but also to return to the space inside myself that they had guided me to.

When I decided to go away and do a Yoga Teacher Training course with Energy Enhancement in Majorca, I had no idea what was waiting around the corner!

Not only Satchi & Devi was expecting me, but also a needed change in my life!

The ten days together taught me the beautiful philosophy of yoga but more importantly, it gave me a deeper understanding of myself, my past and future, my present and immediate surrounding.

They both helped me to release tensions and blockages, to breathe and feel free!

They showed me a side of life that we all know about, but which most of us have forgotten and need guidance to re - member and find again!

Through patient and unselfish love they gave me ten unforgettable days that has changed my life, my way of seeing, thinking, breathing, living!

Thanks Satchi & Devi for teaching me how to fly - you will always be my Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

In our presence Anna spontaneously had experiences of spiral energy flows around her spine and saw a Light Brighter than 10,000 suns. Just with Energy Enhancement Stage One.

Once you get there, all you need to do is to stay there.

In our presence we gave her energy and healed blockages her chakras and the living energies which were upsetting her Energy system - with the techniques we teach you in Energy Enhancement Levels One and Two!


Anna Andersson, London >



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 Happy Meditation!

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