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My name is Chris. I am 57 years old. I live near Brighton, Sussex, UK. I have been married to Vanessa for 28 years, and I have a married daughter - Melissa, and a 22 year old son Alexander. I also have a 1 year old granddaughter - Isabelle. After 33 years continuous service in a stressful environment of an Operational Management position I elected for early retirement in 2001. I have recently started some part time work, which is stress free and enjoyable. 

I have just completed Level 1 of the Energy Enhancement course in L'Escala, Spain. The full course consists of four parts - Levels 1 to 4.
This is a short testimonial of my experience during those seven days. It is intended for the benefit of anyone who knows me and wishes to read it, but essentially it is for myself, my wife Vanessa, and the course leaders - Satchi and Devi. 

First, it is important to say why I am here on the course as I have not previously had any personal knowledge, experience, practice or training in meditation. Nor had I the desire to go in this direction, but I also knew the situation could not stay as it was. I see myself and I know that I faced the greatest challenge of all my fellow students, each one of which is at a further advanced level than me. I was concerned that this lack of previous knowledge would also affect the other course members and course leaders as I was aware that I did not want to be a burden or slow things down whilst I tried to keep up.

In real terms I only have the little knowledge which I have gained from Vanessa, although I have met Satchi and Devi on two previous occasions, both here in Spain, and earlier this year In Argentina when Vanessa completed all Levels of Energy Enhancement.

It is always a pleasurable and lasting experience to see them and to be in their company is a benefit on its own. I trust them totally, and when Vanessa first met them in May 2003 it was a difficult time for us in our relationship and I feel that the two weeks she spent with them at this time helped us to move forward together in a similar, albeit not exactly the same direction, instead of an opposing one which was developing before she came on the course.

Also, I am here to support Vanessa in her spiritual life and her path to enlightenment, but also to try and understand and experience for myself, and most of all benefit from following such a path. I wanted and tried hard to be focussed and open minded. Otherwise, there is no point in being here we needed to join together on a spiritual path. I have come to realise that we cannot continue as husband and wife without some changes in our lives, and since her journey is like an unstoppable train, then it is I that must jump off the platform and board the train - NOT UNDER IT.


The first thing that I noticed from day 1 was the total calmness and atmosphere of the surroundings, also the dedication of everything and everybody involved. I wanted some of that for myself. I thought this sounds and feels good. The sessions were each individual initiations into 'Meditation Energy Enhancement' and all concentrated on different forms of meditation, connecting with the energies and recognising that we all have blockages to feel and to find, and to ultimately deal with. Blockages, whatever they might be, deep rooted, small or large, lasting or temporary, past or present, acceptable or unacceptable, need to be seen, identified, blasted away or destroyed.

I especially liked Satchi's talks, sometimes at great length, but always with passion and an in depth knowledge of a very complex subject.
The techniques learned in week 1 included:
-  How to sit in a correct position and to be in line with the energies to get connected.
-  How to breathe properly by breathing in golden light and sending round the body.
-  How to meditate correctly and get a full flow of energies How to clear ones mind of useless thought forms.
-  How to connect with the centre of the earth, and to the centre of the universe.
-  How to identify blockages and what they feel like.
-  How to protect oneself by building pillars of protection, but at the same time not to isolate oneself and to allow two way movement. In other words not a solid and impenetrable wall.
-  How to judge the food that we eat - is it good or bad food? How to avoid food that contain pesticides.

All of these things were a benefit to me in a greater of lesser degree. I achieved and experienced some of everything, but clearly not as much as others. This disappointed me but I knew as I have already stated, that a was a totally 'green' student.

The two initiations from Devi, performed on different days were really special. She has definitely got what it takes with her spiritual strength and connection, the attunements were a very pleasant experience and as they were personal on a one to one basis, were a highlight of the whole week for me.


Well, hopefully I haven't. The option of continuing to Level 2 and beyond was always open. However, with my limited knowledge and zero past experiences I know that Level 1 was as much as I could assimilate at one time. Secondly, I had set myself a personal target that I must feel a wow factor. I now realise this was an impossible target for me to achieve as a novice to meditation but I am very pleased with all that which I have so far achieved and will continue the practice and develop further my own path to enlightenment.

I wish to do this with Vanessa on a united front, perhaps in contrast to past ways of conflict and disharmony. It has changed my outlook on life and relationships. I will strive to dump any negative emotions. anger, fear, frustrations, pain, downwards into the centre of the earth, and I will move forward and develop positive thought forms of love, kindness, pleasure, contentment, caring, etc. by pulling on all those energies and techniques that I have learned from the course.

The whole experience has made me less dismissive and more understanding of what a spiritual life means, but also that I have a long path ahead of me, which will be challenging and rewarding of me.

My thanks go to both Satchi and Devi for their patience, understanding, kindness, sharing and caring to me on my short stay here, and also to Vanessa for the six weeks she has been in their care and company going deeper into finding Inner Children and learning to be an Energy Enhancement Teacher of Level One and Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training Year One. Who knows, I might return?


Below are some of the pictures of our time together with Devi and Satchi at Iguazu Falls, One of the seven modern wonders of the world, in Argentina in February




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