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DAVID came to us for an Energiser a few weeks ago. Now he is coming back for Energy Enhancement Level One and Level Two and Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training. From working in a Bank he is moving to the Cayman Islands to Bank, Account and Teach Yoga. We said why not teach Energy Enhancement Levels One to Four also so with the above program, so he will.

David has suffered badly from exzema since at the age of 21 working during the holidays at an asbestos factory to support himself at University, he came down with the dread disease. He has struggled against exzema for 7 years.

We removed many blockages from David on his Energiser so this allowed him to move on towards removing his toxins. And also the effect of having his blockages removed persuaded him that perhaps we had something to teach him.

He wrote this to me after the Energiser course here in Spain.

"How are you. Hope all is well. Everything with me is excellent. Since I came back from Spain, I have been a different person. The breathing, diet etc. Read lots of interesting stuff in nexus magazine about toxins and I am also reading David IckeĀ“s books - The Robots Rebellion and The Truth Shall set you Free.

Through my new organic (pesticide free) vegetarian diet eating as much organic as possible, my skin has cleared up. I now know that having learned stuff from Nexus magazine about Eczema, toxins have been the major factor with my Eczema. I have been cleaning myself out by having blended organic fruit before I go to asleep and soon as I get up in the morning. This along with vegetarian food ( no meat whatsoever ) has ended up making me feel lighter. I did a fruit farst for 2 days 2 weekends ago and this cleared a lot of my urgent toxins out of me.

I am prepared for the 2 weeks now and I can not wait."


Here is a testimonial fom David Strom whose Two Level Energy Enhancement Course, plus Yoga Teacher Training finished recently.
David is 28 years old and after getting his degree went to work in a bank. He is now going to live in the Cayman Islands working in banking, and consciously start to practise teaching Yoga and the first few levels of Energy Enhancement. Hopefully becoming a full teacher in time.

We are very proud to have helped a very talented individual and to have got over some very special problems with him during the course.

"Anyway here is my testimonial


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the
cure for Eczema,

Sunshine, Olive Oil with Lavender, Good organic diet
and Energy Enhancement!

A combination of the above four totally wiped my
eczema. For that, I have to thank Satchy and Devi as
without them, it would not be possible.

Any of you who come across their web-site let me
assure you is not an accident but a call for you to
reach to your full potential and evolve.

I had previously been on a shortened energiser which
brought an immediate turnaround in myself and the
clearance of blockages. This manifested in the way
people started viewing me at work and were warming to
the new energies which had been relesed due to clearing
blockages on the Energiser. That was just the start.

Completing Level 1 and 2 of Energy Enhancement as well
as Reiki 1 and 2 and the Yoga Teacher Training brought
about a number of experiences which I feel obliged to
tell you all.

The first was with Stage 3, Level 1 of Energy
Enhancement being the Grounding of Negative Energies.
Satchy and Devi carefully and precisely guided me
through the techniques and thorugh clearing blockages
through the base of my spine, the Kundalini Energy was
able to flow up and my spine and I started jolting
backwards and forwards while in a sitting meditation.

Satchy advised me to straighen my back further to lock
on to the energy and then, I was able to feel the warmest glow
along my spine. This stage is essential for everyone
on this planet as we all absorb negative energies from
everything around us and we need to be able to ground
these and transmute to positive energy.

This jolting backwards and forwards effect around the
base of my spine was again achieved through the EE Reiki
attunement given Free with the EE and again was just showing the Kundalini Energy being able to flow a bit more freely up my

This effect maximised whilst doing the Saluation of
the Sun, a yoga exercise with Devi. All through the
exercise I could feel the Kundalini Energy flowing to
my head which kept bringing out uncontrollable smiles.

But then at one point whilst stretching from the base
of the spine, I aligned so straight from the centre of
the universe to the centre of earth that the energy
shot straight through me and I shook so violently that
I need to lean on Devi for support before falling to
the floor! Devi even was able to feel the energy in
the room by the tingles along her arms. She said I had
received a blessing from god.

My other main experience occurred while I was at the
ancient volcanic hot springs of Alhama de Granada, detoxifying.
Satchy, Devi and I had
started an organic fruit fast to clean out toxins.
This is something I recommend just before starting the
course and on the course as through being purified,
you will experience me as your energy levels will be
maximised. No baulky food, no toxins would be entering
the body so you are able to free up bodily resources
which would otherwise be used to break down the food
and toxins. The extra energy can be utilized
to healing and clearing blockages.

Anyway at the springs, through the detoxifying again
the Kundalini energy was freely flowing up and down my spine and I began to feel myself projecting up away from my body! I got scared and then came back fully back into my body.


Satchy and Devi advised that I was
consciously able to do something which we do through
meditation in leaving our bodies and going to the
higher astral planes. The feeling through the
experience was something I had felt before when I was
a 6 year old so it was a good thing.

Satchy and Devi through their instruction provide the
tools in a caring, compassionate way as they genuinelycare about your progress. They learn things from thestudents as well so they are learning as well. My lifehas a new meaning in which I can jnow consciouslyevolve and raise myself to a new energy level.

Go and do the course. It will be the best thing you have ever done.



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