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The Alhambra And The Alchemical Trinity Meditation - Many Sufi mystics came from organisations with names like the builders or the lock makers (Naqshbandhi).

A Plan of a pool at the Alhambra Granada shows The Key and the Lock. When you go to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, you come across many symbols of Sufism. Above is the plan of the Pool of water (Rectangle) in front of one of the beautiful buildings there. And a fountain (Circle) with a water channel between the two. The water from the fountain comes out of the little circle in the center of the bigger circle and flows through a channel into the pool. And here below is a picture of that fountain at the Alhambra of Granada when we used to live near there, with one of our Students, Dr Thomas Fluellen, whose Energy Enhancement Testimonial is available at Energy Enhancement.

The symbolism is obvious given what has just been told about the meditational symbolism sword in the stone and St Michael in an earlier chapter of the Energy Enhancement Book, available to Download Online at Energy Enhancement.

The large circle of the fountain above is the Earth. The little circle in its center is kundalini energy which flows in every direction from the Kundalini chakra in the center of the earth, but is then channelled through the Antahkarana, the channel, into the pool, the ocean of bliss, the Soul, the central spiritual sun of Gurdjieff. This represents the Trinity.

The fountain and the channel looks like a Key, does it not? Therefore here is the key of the Lockmakers, the Sufi Naqshbandi.

The Secrets Of Energy Enhancement On The Nature Of The Energy Flows Of The Universe And Humanity Come From Deep And Ancient Sources.

The Parallel Processor Model Of A Human Being. Super Computers gain speed through the number of processors connected. Each Chakra is a processor gaining more intelligence the higher they go. As more processors are connected, so a human being gains more wisdom. The communication bus connecting the chakras together is the Antahkarana.

Established Established in the connection with God is Enlightenment. Each Incarnation is Unique and dependant on the Quality and Quantity of the connection. Of the size and function of the Spiritual Body and the components of the Spiritual Body of the Enlightened Person. Established in the soul, sanskrit- Stithyapragnyam.

Roshi Hogen.. As my Master Roshi Hogen says "The spring at the top of the Mountain."

By accessing this energy we get in touch with the path we will take when we die.

By accessing this energy we subordinate everything else in our lives to this higher connection, to this Higher Energy. Then, every lower pleasure is subordinated to this energy. Everything in our lives starts to get put into its correct place..

Everything in our lives is important and should be used correctly, but when these lower things are put in control, when we become addicted to them. Then we have life problems.

Food, Relationships, Sharing the energies of the Psychic Sexual Connection, Sex, Power, Money, Property are all good and necessary when in their proper place.

Put Everything In Its Proper Place. Feeling the orgasmic Higher Energies from the Connection to chakras above our heads makes us understand that everything else in our lives is good... but not that good!!

"Connect, Only Connect", Said Goethe.

The Higher Energies Rule.. Ok!!

We access the energies of Initiation which take us ever Higher.

Energy Enhancement gives the guided meditation talked about above which is also called the Macrocosmic Orbit of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Hindu Kundalini Kriyas, and the Sufi Alchemy of Hermes Trismegistus encapsulated in the Emerald Tablet.

All the same Guided Meditation taught in one initiation of Energy Enhancement together with 28 more ancient and effective techniques to enable you to achieve control of your mind, an enhanced IQ, control over all your negative emotions, anger, fear, depression on the path of the ultimate Samadhi and enlightenment itself.

These meditations separated by thousands of years, miles and countries show the universal nature of these ancient and successful methods now available in this culture, here and now, with Energy Enhancement.

Director Satchidanand, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation.

He helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible, FASTER!!!



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