Meditation Energy Enhancement

Energy Enhancement Meditation and the Ego Strategies of the Violator, Interrogator, and the Star


These Strategies are where separate intelligences are split off from the central stem of your Soul and are Archetypes created and used by the Hurt Inner Children.

Hurt Inner Children split off from the Central Soul personality when the person gets traumatised by the painful and corrupt actions of life.

These Hurt Inner Children flow in and out of your consciousness and it is these split personalities which use the Strategies like the Violator, the Poor Me and the Selfish Competitive Star in order to get the attention and the Love of everyone around them.

The problem is that these ego strategies always hurt the people around them. Eventually they stop working and the people around them throw them out. With ego strategies, if you are rich everyone puts up with them, their job depends on it, but no-one likes them.

Without someone pointing out the discrepancies in your behaviour, you probably will not notice them..

As Gurdjieff said, "The person that says I will get up early in the morning is not the same personality who throws the alarm clock out of the window!!."

As the False Negative Emotions of Anger, Manicism, Seeking Sympathy and Attention, Depression and Fear are Eliminated, Emotional Integration with the Intelligence results in Willpower and the Power of Doing.

This higher functionality is the result of healing these Strategies!

The Interrogator Strategy

This one is always asking questions to get your attention. It is the forerunner of the Violator Strategy because it is so invasive. The Interrogator does not want the answer, all it wants is your attention and your energy.

The Violator Strategy

Further than the interrogator and the star, this person uses powerful hurtful means to get your attention and energy. Verbal abuse, Physical abuse. Rape. A Violator needs the acquiescence of a Poor Me in order to create the energy sucking polarity he craves.

A good violator will use this technique to break blockages and generally test out your emotional state

One of my favourite Strategy Jokes...

Masochist, "Beat me, Beat me!" Sadist, "NO!!!!"

Remember the Vampiric Strategy Sub-Personality does not care one jot about its host, YOU!!


By asking questions or telling jokes. "Daddy, look, I got ten out of ten at school today!" There are many ways to be a star. But ask yourself why they are doing it? If all they want is attention. If they have no selfless inner purpose. Then this is just another selfish strategy, developed when they were a child, to gain your attention.

Further, in extremis the star becomes a jealous and vindictive tyrant. They try to destroy all competition.

As Gengis Khan said,- "It is not enough that I succeed, everyone else must fail." These stars become surrounded by many poor me's who need help so that the Star can be seen to be "Generous" and people who say "Yes". These people will confirm you as a Star. They are no Competition, No Threat.

However if a Bad Star sees someone as competition, then they will try to destroy that person by saying bad things about them. Destroying their reputation and in extremis, killing them.

Stalin was said to be always asking if the people around him were geniuses. If he thought they were a genius, a threat to his ego and his power, then they would "disappear" and end up dead in a concentration camp, a Gulag in Siberia.

Stars always want to teach and never to learn. They are not good students, not respectful of the teacher or the teachings, always competing and thus never learning or just being.

Once the Star has been healed of all its negative energy on the Meditation Energy Enhancement Course, then it can become a Good Star!!

A Good Star encourages all people to become stars. It does not see anyone as competition because it understands that this world to evolve, it needs everyone to become a strong personality, evolved and creative.

Every Man and Woman is a STAR!!

All the inner child and its strategy cares about is to perform its robotic programmed function of gaining attention and love and energy from everyone around them. The Strategies of the Vampire.

However, to remove these sub-personalities completely, the more Advanced techniques of a Synthesis of Ancient Meditational Techniques are absolutely necessary:-

It needs an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques for Gaining More Energy - Meditation, Shaktipat, Energy Circulation, The Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Elemental Paths Of The Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, The Art Card Of The Thoth Tarot, Access To Kundalini Energy, Strong Psychic Protection, Learn The Merkaba, Pyramid Protection, Power Tower Protection, Create The Antahkarana, Soul Fusion, Monadic Infusion, Logos Infusion. The Painless Removal Of Stress, Trauma And Negative Emotion

Leading onto the more advanced Techniques of The Karma Clearing Process. Karma Cleaning Process, Learning how to clean The Karma From Past Lives, Future Life, Future Lifetimes, Integrating Soul Fragmentation And Retrieval of Inner Children, Selfish Ego Sub Personalites, Life Destroying Strategies, The Aloof, The Interrogator, The Violator, The Selfish Competitive Star, The Vamp Or Don Juan, The Pleaser, The Blamer, The Critic, The King, The Self Destructor, All The Destructive Vows From This And Past Lifetimes,.

Which results in The Creation Of Self Love, Love And Service.

Ponder on this

Director Satchidanand, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation.

He helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible, FASTER!!!



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