Meditation Energy Enhancement

Energy Enhancement and Emotional IQ


You can heal all inner sub-personalities, split personalities and remove the destructive strategies from your life by absorbing them back into the central soul personality.

The Correct use of the Strategies

Once, through the use of an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques, the Energy Blockages of the sub-personalities or strategies like the poor me and the violator or the selfish competitive star within the body have been removed, it is possible to consciously choose to use the Strategies to teach, to test, or just to get things done for a good cause.

I remember seeing my spiritual master, Swami Satchidananda test out a Yogi one day. He came asking him to sign a piece of paper saying that he personally knew him as a good Yogi. At this Swami became very angry, "You want Me to sign this?!!!" and he started on a very long diatribe. At the time I was trying to deal with my Violator. And this Anger was making me feel very uncomfortable.

As within, So without. We only get upset at that which we also have inside. Otherwise, why get upset? If one finger points, there are always three fingers pointing backwards!!


So I interposed myself. I asked a question of Swami in mid flow of his anger. He calmly turned towards me and answered my question with great sweet patience as you would to a child. "Are you satisfied with my answer?" "Yes Swami." He then turned to the Yogi and laid into him verbally, again.

It is through experiences like this, that we see what it is possible to do with a large emotional IQ. And what is necessary to do.

We do not get angry with children, and yet it is necessary sometimes to act angriness, so that we can appropriately exercise them in a strong NO!! Better that a parent gently give a child boundaries. Stop them becoming a spoiled brat. Than the Universe say NO!!, to them when they are older, when they can become completely crushed by some hard thing, - bereavement or their girlfriend leaving them, perhaps. (an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques gives techniques to totally stop the pain of bereavement)

We need to develop a strong emotional IQ.

An Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques will Remove Strategies and Negative Emotions, and the creation of a strong Emotional IQ!!

We see people working out in the Gym to get very big muscles, to get very strong. And yet, If you say anything bad about these people, they will get uncontrollably angry and chase you around the Gym. Or they will swear undying vengeance and become your mortal enemy.

They are not mentally or emotionally strong.

The removal of the Energy Blockages of the Strategies and the Negative Emotions can give you this mental and emotional strength.

An Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques Will Give You A Large, Stronger Emotional IQ

It needs an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques for Gaining More Energy - Meditation, Shaktipat, Energy Circulation, The Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Elemental Paths Of The Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, The Art Card Of The Thoth Tarot, Access To Kundalini Energy, Strong Psychic Protection, Learn The Merkaba, Pyramid Protection, Power Tower Protection, Create The Antahkarana, Soul Fusion, Monadic Infusion, Logos Infusion. The Painless Removal Of Stress, Trauma And Negative Emotion

Leading onto the more advanced Techniques of The Karma Clearing Process. Karma Cleaning Process, Learning how to clean The Karma From Past Lives, Future Life, Future Lifetimes, Integrating Soul Fragmentation And Retrieval of Inner Children, Selfish Ego Sub Personalites, Life Destroying Strategies, The Aloof, The Interrogator, The Violator, The Selfish Competitive Star, The Vamp Or Don Juan, The Pleaser, The Blamer, The Critic, The King, The Self Destructor, All The Destructive Vows From This And Past Lifetimes,.

Which results in The Creation Of Self Love, Love And Service.

Please do not just accept what is said above. This is our experience, but you will need to look more deeply into it for yourself.

Ponder on it

Director Satchidanand, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation.

He helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible, FASTER!!!



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