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May that one being protect us both
May that one being delight in us both
May we grow in strength together
May our study together give rise
to the light of intellience
Maythere be no discord between us

The ancient vedic texts (Upanisads, Patanjali's Sutras, Bhagavad Gita) were written in sanskrit thousands of years ago, before then it was an oral tradition whereby it was passed by word of mouth from teacher to pupil.  The teachings are immortal and are just a relevant today as they were long ago.  Their beauty transends time and I feel priviledged to have come into contact with them.  I was pleased to find the sanskrit font for my computer and I wonder if the sages of long ago could have forseen this.

I have chosen to include my favourite peace recitation, as when I first heard it I instantly knew it would be special to me and to many other who will hear it.


Besides sanskrit being beautiful to look at and being meditative to write down.  Its essense lies in its sound.  I have been very fortunate to have an expert to teach me and I have been quite entranced by its sound.  As when it is pronounced properly the sound carries its meaning.  Often I have been deeply touched on hearing a particular word and when it is translated for me it has a special meaning that I can relate to.  It is as though an inner knowing has heard it before.
I asked my sanskrit teacher who has been a sanskrit scholar for thirty five years to do a short introduction of the subject for me.  My thanks go to Peter Harrison.


In the beginning was the Word”, and, in one form or another, all the great traditions of the world agree with this statement, so clearly it has some importance, but what is its importance to us?

Our voice is our very first principle of our Self expression. Even body language, facial expression, movements and whatever else you can think of, are shaped and moved by the resonances of our mental processes. Sound reflects Being with Absolute accuracy.

Furthermore, every sound that we make resonates in every cell of our bodies, affecting us, whether we realize it or not. Indeed it is better if we are aware of the effect of the sounds we make, physically or mentally, both within ourselves and in the environment around us.

Ancient Traditions, more in touch with the basics of Being and less reliant on technology, knew this well and made some effort to preserve this knowledge.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Vedic/Sanskrit Tradition, which developed Sciences to protect the Wisdom of the Veda which began with simple sound. Here every sound phoneme available to the human instrument was analyzed and observed to generate, from its resonance, its own particular form of energy. The pure articulation of the sound was examined, and the effects of distortions observed. The syntax by which the sounds flowed together in harmony came next, the science of rhythm and metre, the interplay of sound and silence, the efforts involves and the relationship with the flowing patterns of human breath and energy.  All this comprised the science of Chandas, from which we derive the English Chant and the (seductive)  French  chanteuse. This reflects  Sama Veda, the Veda of Peace and Harmony which is echoed in the Old Testament Psalms.

Precise syntax gives rise to Grammar, which in Vedic/Sanskrit Tradition is the Self evident explanation for all activity in creation. This takes us in to the next science which, from the foregoing, determines meaning. With some understanding of meaning comes the possibility of Self Examination and Self awareness, which, naturally leads to Liberation in Joy, which is the highest purpose of Human existence.All this can be made available through the careful and intelligent connection with your own voice.




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