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Now a Testimonial From Gary Spaid a Wealth Counselor in Vail Valley, Colorado, USA.

Our Energy Enhancement Course in Vail, Colorado is come to an end. Here in the high Rocky Mountains with brilliant sunshine, snow clad peaks and the aspen trees turning a beautiful shade of Spring green. 


Gary Spaid and his wife Candy kindly invited us to their wonderful house  in Colorado near Aspen so that they could learn Levels One and Two of Energy Enhancement. 

Gary has been a long time practitioner of Transcendental Meditation he says, "When I purchased the Energy Enhancement Video Course I was blown away by the power of the Energy Enhancement Techniques and by the amazing talks of Satchidanand.

 Having practiced meditation for many years and understanding that the technique of meditation is in a large way responsible for my successful practice as a wealth counselor to many lucky people here in Denver and the Vail Valley, I believe that meditation is in a large part responible for all the luck I have created in my life. 

When you have something good you want more, and for me, inviting Devi and Satchidanand here to my house here in the Vail Valley was that next step. 

Also, I was interested in giving my wife, Candy, the necessary tools to improve her asthma and start a life of meditation with me. 

So, what did we get? I can say that practicing the technique of Stage 4 of Level One of Energy Enhancement with Devi and Satchy gave more power to the top down approach of Meditation. I had an experience of the MAGIC!! that I so longed for in my meditation. 

Sitting in the flame of Kundalini and seeing my karma burn up was a POWERFUL experience. 

The emphasis on releasing energy blockages given in Stage 5 of Level One of Energy Enhancement is a bottom Up approach as this gives more power to my meditational energy and creates a Power center, Base Chakra, launch pad of Enlightenment. 

This aspect will give me a steady discipline over the next few years as I use the Energy Enhancement Techniques to enter into my past history, chakras, parts of the body and to create relationship harmony between family, clients and friends as I Ground the Negativity between us!! 

Satchy and Devi told us many extra things, Reiki Initiations and practice, elimination of toxins through herbal cleanses and fasting which we did for a day or two, Yoga to find out where our blockages are, Food to reduce toxins - (they even cooked for us!) and breathing practice to increase our Energy.

They even used Color Light Puncture, Acupressure, Pulse Healing and many different techniques to heal my knee and Candy's asthma. 

Satchidanand was kind enough to let us work on our business daily while they were here, so, although we couldn't get real intense, phew!, we had a steady discipline and energy towards our goal. 

I guess this is the advantage of inviting them to our home for 3 weeks. So I recommend you try this Energy Enhancement for yourself. 

They gave some inner WEALTH to me and Yoga and better relationships to Candy. 

Candy even wants to accompany my daily meditation sessions now!! 

I suggest you try the Video course or the Online Course first before you invite them to YOUR home or go to visit them wherever in the World they are. I guess Spain or India this year. You will not be disappointed."



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