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Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes. We had pizza on the beach and a wonderful afternoon.


After the EE course 3 years ago I kept doing the meditation excersises I had learnt there.

I am normaly a happy person, except from this deep life crisis coming sometime without warning- always with an overtaking feeling of There Is No Meaning With My Life.

My experienses, after Satchis suggestion that I look in the past lifes for the reason to my depressions, was as follow:

I went back to a past life, and got a very clear picture of a woman sitting in a dark, cold, cavelike cell chained up. Me. I´ve been sitting there for
years, every day being the same and with a strong despair and an overwelming feeling of; really there is no meaning with my life...

I healed that past life using the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Level 2 and felt much better- but still, there was something more...

In to another past life, this time I was another woman, in Amerika during the Wild West time. Me and my husband lived on a farm far away out in the dry country side, no neighbors, no real road out to the farm, so  nobody passing by. It was a lonely life, no children, my husband and I didn´t speak much. Every day the same- I was filled of the feeling-; really there is no meaning with my life...

Do I need to tell you that since then I havn´t had any more of those depressions...!




Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes

Well, in the middle of a Three Level Energy Enhancement Course and Energy Enhancement Yoga Teacher Training Course we had some experiences with Lisabeta from Sweden. She is an incipient Priestess with psychic energy gifts which can be amazing until training makes them useful.

Lisabeta has been to Peru for Training with a Shaman on the Inca Trail.

Yesterday she had a wonderful experience after the Yoga session. I was playing the Gyuto Monks from Tibet whose job it is to use their Chanting of Prayers and Mantras to expel and exorcise entities and negative energies from the surroundings.

The recording was made in Saint John the Divines Cathedral in New York in the presence of the Dalai Lama. The beautiful Digital Recording was paid for and organized by Richard Gere the actor and Mickey Hart, the drummer from the Grateful Dead. The disk is available on rykodisk.

Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes. We had pizza on the beach and a wonderful afternoon.

It is interesting that there in the Cathedral talked my teacher Swami Satchidananda on many occasions. He was invited to talk there because he so impressed the rector of the Cathedral with his presence and Energy of Enlightenment but also because he received the Martin Buber award for World Peace due to his efforts in the Ecumenical field.

How can this World come together as One, in Peace and Harmony, if the Religions of this world are still fighting one another?

The Truth is One, He said, The Paths are many.

We use the energy of the Gyuto Monks whose heartfelt prayer, Negative Thoughtforms, entities and human delusions are endless, we vow to end them all!! and so they stay on this planet from lifetime to lifetime, dedicated to the Enlightenment of all beings. We use their chanting to clear the negative energies released from the energy bodies of our clients through the Energy Enhancement purification process.

So after the yoga we were meditating with the chanting of these monks in the background and the Energy Enhancement techniques in the foreground.

Lisabet reported that she felt the energies coalescing in her Solar Plexus going round and around, and then they shot down into a blockage she felt for the first time in her Abdominal Chakra. Then the Kundalini Energy started to travel powerfully all around her body up into the center of the Universe and down into the center of the Earth.

She felt goose pimples all over her skin. The energy was coursing and rushing through her body in very strong waves for at least 30 minutes and when it was time for lunch she did not want to come out of it, she was laying on her back and couldn´t stop laughing of happiness!

Usually such Kundalini experiences are just adjuncts to the process of clearing energy blockages.

Said Sufi Master Saadi, When the energy is flowing correctly, there is no movement!

And these powerful sensations are just Kundalini energy flowing through a blockage resistance as the blockage is in the process of being removed.

We tend to remove Energy Blockages in waves. At first we remove all the easy blockages and then as we go deeper into Energy Enhancement we raise our energies higher and stronger, deeper blockages become candidates for expulsion. Like the layers of an onion we expel all blockages. The more powerful blockages hide until sufficient energy is there to remove them. The last and most powerful blockage is removed just before enlightenment. And that one is a Doozy!!

And when we gain energy enough Energy Enhancement Energy, up pop the blockages.

And when you feel them, that is when we can heal them!!

When you see them, you can free them!

So, the next day this abdominal blockage came to the presence of our minds by creating all sorts of negative energies and thoughts.

Abdominal blockages are caused by disappointment in relationships in this and past lifetimes. They travel with us from lifetime to lifetime until we learn how to heal them, They draw similar experiences to you until the negative energy of the blockage becomes insupportable.

To those that have, more will be given.

Until the blockages are removed through evolution and training. And eventually these blockages become a matter of life and death.

Until, To those that have not, it will all be taken away!

All your blockages are removed.

Blockageless you become a serious candidate for the Third Initiation of Enlightenment. You get energized through Initiation and then become Enlightened. This is the Energy Enhancement process.

Not only through the first initiation of Opening the Heart. Or the Second Initiation of the Mastery of Relationships and the Third Initiation of Enlightenment itself, becoming a Soul Infused Personality. But also further initiations of the Fourth Initiation, becoming a Monad Infused Personality. And more!!

Enlightenment is only the first Dan. You then become fit to learn by

This is the Energy Enhancement Process of progressive blockage
removal and Initiation.

We meditated the next day and I felt a painful Vitriolic ball of fire in my belly. I was feeling the Energy Blockage of Lisabet which was just waiting for time, place and energy for it to become available for removal.

And Lisabet became so tired and painful she lay on her side in a Foetal position.

As our other student and I continued to meditate we used Second Level Energy Enhancement techniques to Ground and remove Lisabetas Abdominal Energy Blockage. She actually saw an angel in her mind coming to help her remove the strong anger she felt, so she was delighted when she found out that the "angel" was Satchi

A good training for our other student as all teaching comes through psychic experiences like this on the course. Things just happen and through the experience of doing, because as we are just reminding you of what you already know, you Grow.

Picture from September 2006 when Lis came to visit and ask for our help with some Inner Children coming from past lifetimes. We had pizza on the beach and a wonderful afternoon.

Eventually on the Energy Enhancement Course we move on into enlightenment experiences like Lisabeta from Sweden.

In one of the last mailing list broadcasts I told of Lisabeta's process for getting rid of one of her energy blockages. Usually the first energy blockages on the energy enhancement course are the easiest. The one we described last time was heavy but manageable, and came towards the end of the course after many similar experiences, particularly when you see what this blockage removal led to...

On the last day of her course, after 4 weeks of Energy Enhancement blockage removal, Lisabeta was getting ready for her Yoga Teacher Training tryout. She was going to give another lesson in Yoga to us.

Well as she was preparing she decided to do a little meditation and when she sat, she just felt all this energy which made her want to sit even more.

She felt herself ascending higher and higher like her head was going up into the center of the universe and she was breaking through one of her old barriers, like her head was pushing through the top of an egg.


As she broke through this barrier, she felt fingers brushing through her hair with a sweet indescribable energy for what seemed like a long time. Well, we were trying to get her to come to the yoga class. Talking to her and telling her to come out of it. But she could not hear us, she did not want to. She was in bliss. Gentle fingers brushing slowly through her hair.  

She stayed in this state for two hours without moving!

Please remember that Lisabeta had done meditation before coming on the Energy Enhancement course but never been able to sit for more than 45 min, and Swami Sivananda used to say, if you can sit still without moving for three hours, the chances are that you are enlightened.

Well, perhaps Lisabeta is not enlightened, but if you see her now as we did when we met again, last week, one year after her course with us, you would definitely see an energy glow around her. She looks just glowing with energy, relaxed and wonderful. A big smile all over her face!



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