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Peter and electrical engineer's medication experiences.

Hi, my name is Peter; I am an electrical engineer for my local power company in the UK.

Previous to attending the Energy Enhancement Course I had been initiated to Level 3 Reiki. I have also been suffering over a few years, sensitivity to certain foods, pollutants and pesticides, giving me low-grade health.

We started at 7.30am on day one and Satch and Devi taught us Yogic Breathing, which is quite different from normal breathing. One breathes in through the nose first to the abdomen, then the chest and finally the upper chest, holding for a few seconds. Finally the out breath should be twice the length of the in breath.

Once this technique of breathing was practiced enough, we were taken through various Yoga positions, during the resting period between some of the positions I felt my whole body tingling with energy.

I felt very emotional and started to shake and cry as the waves of negative energy released through my body down to my feet and then to 'ground'. This reaction completely surprised me as I thought Yoga was all about stretching the muscles, developing agility and finally achieving calm.

After the morning session we went down to the beautiful Calla Montgo beach nearby to our Villa. This is not to be missed, golden sand and wonderful warm, clear water. We swam and caught some rays. Yeah!

On the evening of day one we assumed the cross-legged 'easy position', which I never thought, was possible for me. I maintained this position for one hour!

We started Yoga breathing and got into alignment with the earth energy, at first it was difficult to feel the connection. Satch then came over to me and aligned my body correctly, I then immediately felt the energy flow.

This flow became stronger as time elapsed until again I felt strong emotion, first I cried and then I laughed, the energy flow was much stronger and was continually flowing without any effort. I actually felt as if I didn't want to break the connection, although there was a delicious pesticide free meal on the table!

Day two a.m. was even more dramatic, once in meditation I was continually clearing negative emotions, although what they were I do not know, I was shaking and crying.

We also learnt the Hatha Yoga 'master position'; I only thought gymnasts would be able do this one! Negative energy again started clearing but this time during and after the position. I didn't know I had so much dross on board.

The advantage of Energy Enhancement is that you do not have to experience every single negative experience you ever had, it is swept away as a "job lot" so you feel it going, but it is not unpleasant! This is really good, who wants to experience all the bad things again!!

We are off to Roses this afternoon for a sauna and a meal. I am really looking forward to this evening's meditation and Energy Enhancement!

Day 3, a.m., we received a Reiki initiation today, although this was the second time for me it was completely different from the first time back home.

I felt lots of energy flowing while Devi's hands were on my shoulder, I also got a vision of a sword, apparently this could mean breaking of some energy connections, which may have been of a negative nature.

We then continued meditation with the Fire Ceremony. This consists of sending your negative energy down an energy tube for purifying by the 'Atomic Flame' at the centre of the earth. The energy is then returned as 'pure gold' to the body's energy field and this starts an energy circulation, which can then be used to burn through energy blockages.

During this burning I released again waves of negative energy and started shaking and laughing.

Day 3, p.m., connecting to the God energy. Started with meditation pose and circulating energy as in the Fire Ceremony, we then sent our connection out through the earth's atmosphere and out the galaxy and universe by imagining we were in the starship enterprise at warp 10, beam me up Scotty!

We then went on to the Spiritual Sun (soul) and went to its centre. From there through a door and onto the Monad (in charge of many souls) and from the centre of the Monad upwards to God.

One may encounter blockages of negative energy on the way up and have to 'breathe' our energy through them.

I found a very powerful one just before the white light of the God energy, it consisted of a black goo.

I was finding it impossible to fight through, my legs were hurting, my back was hurting from the meditation pose and I was on the verge of defeat. I told Satch and he said that it was probably time to come down again, as soon as he said that it made me want to do the opposite!

I broke through and contacted the God energy. Well what an energy flow took place then! It felt unlike any of the other flows and my negative energy starting clearing good style. I was shaking, crying and then finally laughing. This lasted for a few minutes and then finally subsided.

This energy flow started from myself, to the God energy, from the God energy and back to me and then down to the atomic flame, negative energies purified and sent back up through the body and up again. This is known as the 'macrocosmic orbit' of energy.

Day 4, a.m., feeling quite whacked out today, no energy, found it difficult to maintain yoga poses and was aching all over. We had 3rd Reiki initiation with Devi, felt a lot of energy flow through shoulders. Had breakfast and went for some z's to recover.

Day 4 p.m., did further clearing of negative energies, but this time much more powerful, I had a blockage in the chest and the energy was so intense I felt as if I was having a heart failure! This sensation passes quickly and even after breaking the pose I could feel the energy flow and I broke out into laughter.

Day 5, a.m., talk by Satch about grounding the effects of any food that we have eaten in the past, or are about to eat and have just eaten (stage 5 of Energy Enhancement). Unfortunately lots of meals I had eaten were bad! Lots of grounding to do!

Also more importantly how to ground negative energy blockages within the body. One can with the right technique use the God energy and beams of energy from the third eye and the heart to zap these out of the way. This additional technique is very powerful and level of clearing is much more intense again.

How much more powerful can we go?!



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