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Meditation Course Testimonial - Pete Todd- Student, Bournemouth University

After attending a free workshop given by Satchi and Devi I began to practise the exercises I had learned in that class on a daily basis in my student digs. In under a week, I became aware of a NEW type of energy that I was beginning to feel and use. The energy I can best describe as being relaxed and alert at the same time.....

I soon became aware that my energy level was ascending, giving me more energy when I needed it and the ability to relax when needed too. The result being that I began to feel GOOD and began to look at new ways to sustain and expand this good feeling, such as a closer inspection of my diet and my actions in daily life. This in turn lead me to inspect the way I dealt with myself and the world around me, the environment and other living entities.


Thus I realised that just by performing these simple Yogic exercises over a period of a few months, I had begun to look at life again, with a broadening new mind and a sense of GOODNESS.

Each time I attended one of the 3 hour classes, Hatha Yoga followed by Meditation, I felt renewed energy and vitality enter my being, enabling me to keep on growing or simply just to cope well with some of the things that life throws at us.


The meditation classes are rich with techniques to help the aspiring student. Techniques such as breath control, correct posture, visualisation, all taught in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. I never felt any pressure or ill at ease, quite the opposite, in fact any unsuccessful attempts at technique often end in laughter from all and all in good humour.

I found the techniques of meditation an excellent way of grounding negative energies, increasing powers of concentration and the abilities that lead to the type of positive introspection that helps us find our true selves and how to relate in a more meaningful way to the external world.

Energy Enhancement Stage 1. The Grounding of Negative Energies. Whilst performing this exercise for the first time I had a most profound and somewhat startling experience....


In the meditation part of the experience I perceived an intense and bizarre visualisation. In the minds eye I became aware of being in a dazzling white area in which reared a most amazing "cobra-like" snake. The colours, texture and clarity of the image were intensely vivid, more so than television or cinema. Psychedelic is the term I would best use to describe the experience. The snake reared its head up to my face and I could perceive that its tail seemed to emmenate from just beneath my navel. As the image was so vivid and it seemed that the head of the snake would strike my face, I abruptly opened my eyes and came out of the meditation somewhat in a state of shock. Seeing the room and other meditators behaving as normal, I closed my eyes and returned to the meditation wondering what else I might find there. There was no occurrence of such a vivid visualistion during the sitting.


After the meditation I informed Satchi and Devi about the visualisation describing it in detail, and was told that what I had experienced was probably the "Kundalini Snake". Devi showed me some illustrations from books of this Kundalini Snake and my experience and my visualisation were so similar to these illustrations that I concluded that this was indeed what I had experienced.

(Kundalini Energy is the Basis of the healing of Man. The Symbol of this is the Caduceus - snakes intertwined seven times around a magic wand, the spine,- the Symbol which Doctors use as the symbol of their healing powers. We give Energy Enhancement Meditation Course techniques, thousands of years old which can safely and sweetly start this healing process. Satchidanand)

Since I began Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Energy Enhancement under the guidance of SOL, I have experienced a fresh outlook to life, flowered with many valid and meaningful experiences, the start of the journey of Self-realisation, a new relationship with myself, the material world and something which I had never before really considered. That which lies beyond the "normal" perception of life, especially in this post industrial scientific society, where everybody seems too busy in their own pursuits to take time to discover. Some call it Allah Some call it Christ. Others call it Krishna and some do not give it a name. But for want of a better title let us call it the Divine God. And this feels like it is only the beginning.

Many thanks. A thousand blessings and all my love. May SOL and its offspring flourish and expand like the seeds that it plants in the hearts of all who sincerely wish to grow into real human beings.



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