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Meditation Course Testimonial - Susan Wade - Nurse - Experiences on the Southern India Tour

From Devi and Sat I have gained Support, friendship, healing and guidance in contacting our source of inner wisdom through the release of old patterns of behaviour - daily practice of meditation and Energy Work.

From the Energy Work I got the importance of daily routine of meditation - time to be alone and get in contact with my higher self, also tune into my thought system and experience how I really feel about issues affecting my life eg. Trust - I find it hard to form close friendships through lack of trust, opening myself up may result in pain. Learning to take risks, trust in guidance from my higher self. If I do experience pain in any relationship - what lessons can I learn from this pain - see it as a teaching/growth experience rather than negative experience which reconfirms to my darker side Just can't trust anybody - told you so!

Hatha yoga - gentle form of yoga which allows you to proceed at your own pace - awareness of stiffness/pain of body joints. Correct breathing into the pain allows the body to relax and the pain to leave - allowing you to master the pain with awareness rather than give up. The chanting was good. I have felt a fire in the heart and heat in the spine after chanting with Devi and Sat in Sai Babas Ashram.

The Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi embraced me with love, gentleness and feeling of inner peace. On walking up the steps into the cave of Ramana Maharshi I was embraced by strong energy - a welcome energy. During meditating in his room (in the cave) I had a strong vision of him entering my forehead. He (Ramana Maharshi) told me it was time to go home.  The vision has reappeared to bring me support during periods of deep inner pain experienced throughout the tour.

In the Ashram of Father Bede Griffiths  I felt strong presence of spiritual energy. The lectures from brother Martin about looking at life and teachings of Christs message through love and not fear, as man likes to believe, has allowed me, as a Catholic, to respect Christs teaching and see him as a teacher of love and wisdom. Happiness is here to obtain in this life, not the next.

Ashram of Sai Baba - Opening of my heart Chakra.
During a healing session with Devi and Satchidanand, a person who wronged me, raped me, 22 years ago, leaving me with pain and guilt, came through Satchidanand in a healing session to say he was sorry for the grief he had caused. This has helped me to release a lot of pent up tension, anger guilt, pain. To be asked for forgiveness awakens the part of you that would like to be forgiven for the times I have wronged people - to look at the areas in my life I need to resolve before I get a true picture of my inner qualities, strengths, accepting guidance within.

The power of forgiveness and to forgive is a very strong quality to possess, a wonderful friend to have.

(Since the course Susan has left UK where she has been working as a nurse for many years having been almost exiled there by the parochial consciousness of New Zealand after her rape. She has now returned home to New Zealand after her spiritual vision in the cave at Arunachala - Ramana Maharshi "It is time to go Home"

Love and Light, Satchidanand.)



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