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Through Meditation, The Kundalini Kriyas and Soul Fusion, Get A Fault Free Life Of Richness + Peace


Any human being. Any line of work. Whether you are a businessman, an executive, a nurse, a doctor, an engineer, a computer scientist, a salesman, housewife, yogi or student, you are interested in having a fault free life.

A life without defects or mistakes or problems of any kind. A life of richness, internal and external where your meditationally increased energy will produce results!!

For 5000 years sages and saints have been telling you that the mind is limited. It is necessary but it is limited and it is always making mistakes. It is fractured and fragmented and creates many problems. In many cases we seem to be connected to a self destructive saboteur which totally destroys our lives.

Meditation and Energy Enhancement are techniques which can help you come to a mistake free life. You can find the most intelligent man in the world, on the IQ scale, and that man can have no common sense whatsoever and also no heart...

Meditation is the way of going beyond the mind to a place of heart, intuition, of coherence, alignment with the soul or higher self where you can become integrated, one, governed by higher levels of energy.

Also, the energy of meditation can so unify your energetic field that you can produce coherence and alignment and peace in all people which surround you.

The people of transcendental meditation have proved in a great scientific experiment, reported in major scientific journals that when a lot of people meditated together in a city, then that city experienced lower levels of crime. The crime statistics of the whole city on every level were lowered during the process of the meditation.

Just think what a process of daily meditation could produce in your life and in the people around you, your family, your friends. Any meditation you practice will help them also.

The movie, the Last Samurai, was making that point. Human society and politics is governed by the mind. It wants everything and will do anything to get it. But Tom Cruise the star and executive producer of the movie, together with the writer, John Logan, who wrote "Gladiator" were saying that this mix of selfish desire and intellect needs the leaven of the state of meditation.

And when at the end of the movie when Tom was handing the sword soul of the meditation of the Head Samurai to the Emperor, he was handing on the message of meditation. And that meditation so strengthened the courage of the emperor that he became capable of throwing out the bad people in his government.

As above, so below, as leaders throw out bad ministers, so you can remove all your energy blockages.

He is still passing that Sword of Meditation, of the Heart, to you, so that you can cast out all your negative energy blockages! ....

Today no government can promise you security in the face of selfish desire, weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism. They can not prevent!!!

No government can prevent... Has been able to improve the problematic areas of health and education. Dummed down and plain unhealthy. 30% of the people die from cancer and 25% from heart disease. In fact they keep changing methodologies constantly in the hopes that no-one will notice that in the face of all this effort.... Things are getting worse.

And because of this, every three or four years the governments are thrown out a new one replaces them to continue the same policies as the previous government.

No matter who we vote for, the government always gets in! And we, stupidly, because of 10,000 years of history, start full of hope whilst they continue to lie and to fail.

Only the coherence and alignment of the energy of peace from Meditation can start to change the world, your life now and your future lifetimes, creating more luck in your life and preventing wars before they arise.

Only the highest knowledge and aligned consciousness and the energy of peace from your Meditation can start to change your life now and your future lifetimes, giving you more energy, perseverance, good relationships and luck by preventing faults and failures in your life before they arise.

More people are starting to apply Meditation, one of the fastest growing ancient and successful techniques in the world, because it works now and has worked for 5000 years creating in that time all the past spiritual masters to whom we look up to because of their lives of health and goodness and mercy to all.

It needs artists like Geldoff and Bono from U2 to remind us that our happiness is created by the happiness of everyone around us - let's help Africa they say.

Our happiness is bound up in the happiness of others. Who are the happiest people, those who make everyone around them happy.

Governments and the people who run them never have had this point of view. They do not meditate!

This we need to afford through your conscious choice, now. By choosing to practice meditation. Through having a process of meditation every day you can enter into that richer life!!

As meditation becomes the practise of choice in all people, businesses, politicians and government itself, this will change and the whole world will become fault free!!

And even Meditation is not enough, now we need real meditative progress, a speeding up of the process of meditation through advanced meditational techniques.

Meditation and Energy Enhancement which teaches twenty seven ancient and effective techniques beyond simple meditation to speed up the meditative process will progressively give you that fault free life of richness and joy, giving you energy, intelligence and will.

Meditations like the Kundalini Kriyas, the Grounding of Negative Energies, Opening the Heart Center and Soul Fusion will give real results of evolution, coherence, alignment and progress in our lives and in the lives of everyone in the world, fast!!

Internal richness leads to external richness, luck and progress in all areas of your life. Rather than being one who cannot even manage your life, become one who not only can manage your life but also the lives of everyone around you in richness and in health.

In this way, through meditation your life, the lives of your family and friends, your city, country and planet can be benefited as waves of meditational energy are projected and spread to all areas of your life and planet of residence for this life and all your future lives. Start now!!

Satchidanand, Director of Energy Enhancement, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation!



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