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World Peace by Meditation: The End of Poverty and Anger, Stress, Tension, Depression, Sorrow, Hate


One of the worlds greatest Meditators, says Governments can't eradicate poverty from the Earth. Neither can they bring peace. "To resolve problems through negotiation is a very childish approach,"

A few hundred meditators on either side of a conflict is all that's needed to create an aura of peace. "We create world consciousness and coherence. Therefore, fighting will stop all over," "Don't fight darkness. Bring the light of Meditation, and darkness will disappear."

Eliminate poverty? End war and create world peace? The unifying field that Albert Einstein sought has been within us all the time, in the "unbounded consciousness" of the mind. "There is one unity, unified wholeness, total unified consciousness,"

Tear down major structures and cities -- the White House and the United Nations among them Heal the energies and rebuild them according to energetic architectural plans that harmonize construction with nature.

Send meditation groups to world hot spots as psychic shock troops whose combined positive energy will dispel negativity, reduce crime, ease conflict and promote world peace.

Buy billions of acres in 100 developing countries for labor-intensive farming, providing employment and income for the world's poorest people by feeding the First-World market for organic food.

Meditation is a 20-minute twice daily routine in which the meditator silently focuses on a sound, or mantra, to induce relaxation and "Dive Into A State Of Pure Consciousness And Tap Into The Deepest Resources Of The Brain And Intelligence."

With Meditation "Anger, Stress, Tension, Depression, Sorrow, Hate, Fear -- these things start to retreat," said American movie director David Lynch of "Twin Peaks" renown, who has practiced Meditation for 32 years. And for a filmmaker, having this negativity lift away is money in the bank. When you're suffering you can't create.

Most scientists agree Meditation can ease stress, high blood pressure, pain and insomnia. Meditation has gained legitimacy. The National Institutes of Health has had a Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine since 1998 to research these practices.

There are now over 600 published Scientific Studies on the Benefits of Meditation.

Here is the Recent News on Meditation.

Study: Meditation may boost brain activity
Regular meditation has been touted as a stress reducer for years, but a recent study says practitioners benefit from a brain boost as well.

Meditation embraced
Meditation is being embraced within medical circles as a powerful healing tool.

Scientists to check Nepal Buddha boy
Scientists in Nepal are to examine a meditating teenager who is said to take no food or liquid

Director aims to boost meditation
Director David Lynch wants $7bn (3.98bn) to introduce meditation to US schools in a bid for world peace.

Meditation to tackle depression
Psychologists appeal for volunteers to take part in a study using practices to prevent suicidal depression.

Meditation 'brain training' clues
Meditating monks are giving clues about how the brain's basic responses can be overridden, researchers say.

Buddhists can move to centre
Claims that a new Buddhist meditation centre would be too 'noisy' for local residents is rejected by councilors.

School pupils learn to meditate
Pupils whose school burnt down have found a new home at a therapy centre which specializes in meditation.

Vicar opens Indian-style retreat
A clergyman opens a multi-faith retreat encouraging people of different religions to meet and meditate.

Seaside town greets Buddhist nun
A Westen Buddhist nun relocates to north Wales to begin meditation classes at a Colwyn Bay centre.

Buddhist's battle to meditate
A Buddhist is forced to apply for planning consent to practice meditating in his own wood.

Meditation for 'Christmas rage'
Buddhists offer shoppers an oasis of tranquility at the BBC Big Screen to calm those Christmas nerves.

Buddhist monk helps rugby club
A Buddhist monk is drafted in to teach Caerphilly rugby club how to improve their game through the art of meditation.

Helping patients to relax
Kidney patients are being given a new way of relaxing before their treatment - meditation CDs.

Meditating on a cinema first
A new venture offers groups of people the chance to meditate in the darkened comfort of the multiplex.

Meditation lessons for pupils
A Buddhist charity offers meditation lessons to high school pupils in Cardiff in a move to help them de-stress.

Meditation 'good for brain'
Scientists say they have found evidence that meditation has a biological effect on the brain and immune system.

Caveman meditates to survive
A man who was picked to live like a hermit in a Staffordshire cave survives by meditating.

Thai prisoners reform through meditation
Thai authorities plan to expand a meditation course for prison inmates, after participants in a trial programme responded so positively.

India's meditative model jail
Delhi's Tihar jail, where staff and inmates have taken an holistic approach to reform and rehabilitation.

Meditate your way to success
Teachers are searching for ways to tackle classroom discipline. One experiment in California is having significant results.

Meditation mapped in monks
Snapshots of monks' brains provide clues as to what goes on inside the head during meditation.

Pupils meditate before lessons
Schools in Portsmouth are hoping meditation sessions will help reduce bad behaviour in the classroom.

Yoga 'can help asthmatics'
A type of meditation based on yoga may ease asthma

Harrison fans unite in meditation
Fans, friends and family of George Harrison take part in a minute's meditation as a mark of respect to the former Beatle.

Innerspace meets cyberspace
Researchers say virtual reality meditation could deliver inner peace more effectively than the traditional yoga mat.

Meditating against pain
A stress reduction specialist is setting out to teach hospital patients to deal with cancer, HIV and depression.

Prisoners benefit from meditation
A form of meditation is being successfully used to improve the behaviour and well-being of prison inmates, says a study.

Another Chinese spiritual group 'faces suppression'
A Hong Kong-based human rights group says the Chinese government is about to launch a campaign to suppress another another spiritual and meditation group similar to the Falungong movement.

China's perplexing crackdown
Beijing correspondent Duncan Hewitt wonders why the Falun Gong meditation movement is seen by the authorities as such a grave threat to society.

Chief Minister wants more yoga
The chief minister in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu, has asked his ministers and officials to adopt yoga and meditation to improve performance and reduce stress.

China raps US in sect row
Beijing has told the United States to stay out of its affairs after China was criticised for planning to prosecute leading members of the meditation sect Falun Gong.

Beijing justifies sect clampdown
Chinese leaders say the recent crackdown on the Falun Gong meditation sect was vital to maintain social stability.

Meditation lowers blood pressure
Transcendental meditation may be one way to keep the heart healthy, say researchers who have discovered how it keeps blood pressure low.

'Meditation could end Kosovo conflict'
The Natural Law Party in Wales has unveiled its campaign for the assembly elections by saying meditation could end the Kosovan conflict as well as problems of health and poverty in Wales.

School for winning poets
A school that teaches meditation shows the way on National Poetry Day, with prizes for four inspired pupils.

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